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[News] 101214 Yoochun’s “Noona Fans” Donate KRW10,000,000 To Boy With Burn Injuries

“Noona fans” of Yoochun, from the group JYJ, donated KRW10,000,000 to a boy who had burn injuries.

According to a JYJ official, Yoochun’s fanclub ‘Blessing・Yoochun’ donated KRW10,000,000 to the burns foundation in the Hanlim Institute of Social Welfare on 9 December, for the treatment of 12-year-old Park Hyun Bin, who suffers from burns, scoliosis, and is danger of other secondary disorders.

Park had not been receiving treatment due to his family situation, but thanks to the assistance from Yoochun’s fans, he is now receiving treatment at Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital.

‘Blessing・Yoochun’ is made up of fans who are 10 years and above older than Yoochun; fans who are in their 30s-40s. The official said, “Through voluntary donation, the fans from ‘Blessing・Yoochun’ collected KRW10,000,000. They also visited Park when they made the donation and gifted him with winter clothes.”

‘Blessing・Yoochun’ said, “Henceforth, we also plan to continue doing a broad range of activities in Yoochun’s name. As ‘noona fans’ who love Yoochun, there will be more donation activities and volunteer activities.”

t/n: KRW10,000,000 = ~USD$8,755

Source: [WoW!Korea & YONHAP NEWS]
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  1. NOONA FANS ARE COOL!!!!! (im noona fan too even though sometimes i called them oppa XD)

    • hahaha….

  2. Now i know y i love Cassies so much …. they are not only” crazy” fans but fans with heart of gold!!!!gooooooood jobs!!!!!!!

  3. noona fan jjang^^

  4. “Noona fans” are DAEBAKK!!!! Just damn awesome! O.O

  5. The Noonas and Ahjummas won!!! KBS confirms JYJ’s appearance at the KBS Drama Awards (though it’ll only be one song)!!!! ^0^

    Translation at Allkpop ^^

    • This is the greatest news of the day!!!!!daebak!!!!

    • hell yes!!!! why this isnt here in SYC?? O__O THIS IS JUST GREAT!

    • i’m so happy to hear this!!! :D

      ps: i love the new banner <3

  6. OMG another good news ^^

  7. noona fans are awesome!! ^^

  8. Does anyone know if Yoochun’s “noona fans” have a website? Please~ =)

    • Yes, they have a fan cafe for Chun, only for noona fans, lol ^^. It’s called “Blessing Yoochun” as the article said. And here is the link to their fancafe, in Korean:

      And to think that this fanclub was founded only 3 months ago, they’re really awesome!!!

      • Thank you thank you so much! My friend is gonna be happy! xD
        Yep noonas are really awesome! ^_^
        Thx again!

  9. Daebak!!!

  10. Yoochun’s noona fans ROCK!!!!!

  11. today is full of good news, all the fan activities on behalf of the boys, and JYJ’s performance’s finally confirmed
    hope we could continue just like this toward the coming new year :)

  12. Yoochun’s fanclub is called ‘Blessing….^^
    When did that happen?

  13. WOW! They’re so kind! GO NOONA CASSIES!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  14. KBS confirm to jyj performance in KBS award! its already in Allkpop
    so excited now


    lets make KBS award got highest rating, go cassies!!!!!!!!!

    • REALLY?!!!! like seriously???? YAAAAAAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! my precious oppa is on Korean TV~~~~~

      • yupz
        just check on allkpop


  16. cassies !!! spamn allkpop now <333

  17. Yes, All Cassies let’s support JYJ. Lets make the ratings very very … high so other station will invite them to perform.

  18. noona fans daebak
    auntie fans jjang!

  19. From user anna2851 at the KBS message board:
    드라마 성스 폐인&박유천
    성스 드라마 하면
    잘금 4인방~
    잘금 4인방하면
    선준과윤식을 빼 놓을 수가 없습니다.

    두 커플때문에 드라마 폐인이 생기고
    두 사람중 선준을 연기한
    박유천 때문에 이모 팬들이
    생기면서 나이어린 팬부터
    장녀층까지 생기고 있습니다.

    시상식에서 기쁜 소식 기대 해 봅니다.

    If one thinks of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS)
    Jalgeum Quartet
    If one thinks of the Jalgeum Quartet~
    you can’t overlook Sun Joon and Yoon Shik.

    That couple put the nation in to a SKKS sickness
    and thanks to Park Yoochun who portrayed the role of Sun Joon,
    there are so many Auntie fans [of the drama]
    and every day there are more and more fans
    from the youngest to the oldest of viewers.

    I expect happy news to result from the awards ceremony (ie: KBS, if you don’t give Yoochun the Best Rookie Award and Most Popular Award, I will FUCKIN’ BITE YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!!!). *^^*

    • Jimmie, what’s other Korean people thinking about ahjummas demand ? Majority of them think it in positive or negative light ?

      • Probably as no big deal….we’re kind of used to this kind of ‘soft harassment’ from ahjummas. It’s a national expectation…ahjummas in full-on ahjumma mode is a pain in the ass, but there ain’t no power under the Korean sky that would dare defy them *^^*

        I’m just glad that they’re ON JYJ’s side and not against…=_=;;

      • Then, Ahjummas fighting, JYJ fighting ^^

    • Yoochun’s noona fans are really something, now i’m beginning to see a strong following for SKKS and Yoochun in Korea. Even forming a Blessing Yoochun fanclub, this is just amazing.

      Now the boys can finally be on national TV, and being a live show, they will not cut short their performance , will they? or not?

      Go JYJ!!!!!

    • This is hilarious, go go ahjummas fans LOL

    • jimmy thanx for the info

      yeah I’m glad too that ahjumma on their side, I cant imagine if they oposite them
      please make this to be one step to their another perform on TV, I already dying for their dorkyness on variety show,
      I remember when Jaejoong can make everyone laugh cuz his innocent statement even park myong su laugh too

  20. I think it’s delusional to think that the ahjummas have won against KBS they havent. According to the news, KBS invited JYJ to sing the OST of SKKS, but JYJ’s reps negotiated with 2 songs instead. That was why KBS didnt want to and couldnt confirm JYJ’s appearance on their stage. That was when the news broke out. Now JYJ’s agreed with one song KBS went ahead and confirmed their appearance. That was all.

    • In a long run, yes they’re still far from winning. But, this is a first step. Hope after this, many media have the courage to invite JYJ. And I think Ahjummas still demand for 2 songs. Hope somehow (at the last minute KBS let them perform 2 songs).

    • oh come’s jst a figure of speech..

  21. chun and his ajumma’s army!! Glad to here that. This is so good

    i just found out the photo of Jaechun to day. Wonder what kind of interview they went for. They looked good in suit anyway

    • i’m so sad to see the cigarette…but he’s a grown man so…

  22. Vote for Yoochun:

    • vote! thank you! I wish can have tour guy chunnie when I visit Korea …Dreammmmm in day time.

  23. btw love the new banner. Junsu is born to sing and to shine ^^

  24. WOWWW! ^^ this is so sweet <3

    thx for sharing dear!

  25. Noona fans rock!!! they are so great and sweet!!
    and thank you unnie fans for taking care of our blessing baby Yoochun^^

  26. my chunnie rockkkkkkkkks……so so happy today!!!

  27. Wow
    Noona fans are so great
    Keep supporting yc and jyj!

  28. Woww!
    noonas are so toughtful ^^
    im touched~

  29. i’m so proud of his fans…i’m sure they make Yoochun feel good too ^^

  30. So proud as always, Yoochun fans, so sweet of them <3

  31. The Fans so AWESOME! Thank you for you power NOONAS! Chunnie really do good job proud of you both!

  32. hmmm, i wonder if it would’ve been more worthwhile if SYC did something similar with the donated funds rather than buying and distributing cds???

  33. Noona’s n ajumma’s powerrr……….
    so proud of u Yoochun……

  34. Noona fans are awesome! Please continue working hard to support Yoochunnie and JYJ ^_____^

  35. […] T/N: Examples of work Blessing Yoochun has done (1) (2) […]

  36. […] T/N: Examples of work Blessing Yoochun has done (1) (2) […]

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