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[Pic] Homin – Unreleased Lotte Duty Free

Lotte Duty Free ’09 additional unpublished photos!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Both of them are just sooooo handsome…. Love you ><
and by the way SYC has reached to 34,000,000++ hits already Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

credit: okay_yh
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  1. Woah~ Changmin and Yunho are SO handsome!

  2. oo~~~yunho and changmin❤

  3. I MISS THEM T____T

  4. Very nice indeed. Thanks for posting!

    • Hello friend – Yunho’s characteristic smile? Do you see it?

      • I see it.
        I truly do.
        Thank you, so much!

        Smile on, Yunho!

  5. The 4th pic I saw somewhere before and my reaction was “OMFG SO HOT”.

    No other way about it!

  6. gorgeous I can’t think >///<

  7. awww i miss changmin’s smile like that. miss his mismatched eyes. yunho handsome as ever <33

  8. help me, its like i am starting to forget how gorgeous these boys are. i used to see the 5 men grow in front of my eyes, but since the split, Homin seemed to lay down so low, and i tried to keep my paces fast to catch them.

    aaah. i miss them. i even dreamt about them 5, like a lot.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~ I miss them so much T_T

    • yeah same in here i miss homin so much T________T

  10. Minnie smile ~~~~

  11. they all look damn handsome!
    gods indeed =D

  12. Ohhhhhhhh~ How I miss Minnie’s smile T^T

    BTW, Congrats to SYC..WOHOUUU~

  13. WHy dont they release Jaechunsu pics???


    i cant believe that TVXQ is not together


    miss the 5!

    • why dont you cosider recent JYJ’s lotte duty free without HoMin? Besides, this is old ones, and I can find some released pics without some members like this

  14. IDK why i feel like crying now…. btw.. they look really handsome^^

  15. HoMin!
    Every time I see them I feel like the happiness can last me a year lol.
    I hope January comes soon. I already saved the money to buy their single and I’m waiting. <3

  16. LOL. The 3rd pic YUNHO jacket look so familiar. I rmb i saw it in 1 of DBSK pic before…

  17. WOoOW really they are handsome ^^
    I miss smile them T_T

  18. They look so good…but why were they never released?

  19. Omona so hawt~!

  20. I Love you Oppas XD
    why are you so handsome? why? why?
    My live is incomplete without your smile~

  21. miss you always, mah. Let’s keep ur smile like that.

  22. LUV THEM!!!!!! they look SO HANDSOME~
    nice pics <3
    btw,when was this taken?

  23. Why recently SYC admins always post Homin article and photos VERY late? You even dont post some accounts which I have seen in other popular site. But the admins post JYJ article very quickly.

    Sorry it’s a honest question from me. I love the admins and I really don’t want to be disappointed with them. Please, I can’t get over this if there is no understanding reason.

    And of course admins can ignore this comment if you want. I understand.

    • +1

    • SOOO TRUE!!

      • Well I would guess that because this site is named sharingYOOCHUN, it will obviously have a Yoochun bias. But we know that our mods love Homin too, else this would be a Homin-bash site wouldn’t it?

        SYC unnies, thank you for working hard! The first site I visit every time I switch on my computer! Saranghae <3

    • the admins are only human, with a love of the members just like us fans. they dedicate their time on this site but they can’t fulfill everyone’s wish. Even if the update is a little late, its better than no update at all neh? =)

      besides they all have a life too, n i think jyj is just more active hence the info+news spread faster. it might also depends on the sources they check. all in all, please don’t be disappointed in the unnies. >.< they are doing a great job maintaining SYC.

      SYC Team Hwaiting!

    • even some of the JYJ articles/pictures are also late, yes i believe it depends on the source/feed and not on favoritism…


    • I must agree with lily, it has to depends on the source right? SYC unnies did greatly so far, provide every important news of all and each 5, not just HoMin’s news, sometimes JYJ’s news will be late too.

      * words from Changmin biased here

    • please, don’t start this homin vs JYJ thing again. Admins have done well. They still provide us with many information though they have real life to care about. I really appreciate them. And also, this the first web I visit everytime I’m online.

      Congratz for 34 million hits. As I remember, you hit 33 million not so long ago. It’s just WOW ^^

  24. The way they posed are gorgeous..
    BTW, Congrat for 34,000,000 hits

    • but Yunho’s eye look so sad for me…

  25. I want them back!!! *sighs* The last pic is epic… Father and son. :D

  26. min’s smile is so precious. T^T miss yur smiles minnie.

    yun’s charisma is dazzling. they are gorgeous.

    • ++++++

      love his smile there….


  28. aish so hot.but yeah why this never release before.
    and omedatou for SYC teams.

  29. omgggg….

    *opens bag*


    *pack the 2 inside my bag*

    *zip & lock*


  30. OMGG!! 34,000,000++ hits!!! CONGRATS SYC!! LOVE YA GUYSSSSS!!

    thx fr sharing dear!!

  31. Wahh~!! Changmin and Yunho look so handsome!! <3 ^_^

  32. Yunho’s so handsome >.<

    • changmin too! be mine…!!! >.< cant wait for your album!

  33. yay…i love changmin…yayayayayayayay!!!

  34. oh second picture of changmin is so cute. wow if only changmin of broad shoulders…then he’s like a perfect human….lol…they both so handsome in their suits.

  35. HoMin… T__T looks so gorgeous and handsome as always~~
    i miss u guys <33

  36. So adorable! Min you’re so cute & handsome!!!!!! And our manly Yunho ~~

  37. Okie…..
    So so so so so so so so so CUTE!!!!!!! Minnie arh~ You gotta know how much i missed that smile~! T^T You’re like the innocent cute boy next door~!

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