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[News] 101203 Youngwoong Jaejoong Becomes Drama Representative’s Priority Choice… “Appearance is under discussion”

‘Following the step of Micky Yoochun, this time is Youngwoong Jaejoong!”

Member of idol group JYJ, Youngwoong Jaejoong is noted as first priority choice of drama representative to debut in Korean drama thus drawn a lot of attention.

Youngwoong Jaejoong who’s recently been active as an idol is known to be the priority choice of a company representative of an upcoming Korean drama. Although there are number of other popular idols being under consideration, among them Youngwoong Jaejoong is called an ‘instant hit of catch’, a common phrase in the drama industry.

The drama company official, “Youngwoong Jaejoong starred in a Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ just before, and he became highly popular in Japan.” and “The drama public relation considers this popularity of Youngwoong Jaejoong really important as this upcoming Korean drama production is highly targeting Japanese market, thus he attracts their attention and becomes their first priority choice.”

Also, through his previous movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’ and Japanese drama debut ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’, unlike other idols turn actors who are facing controversy in their acting skills, Youngwoong Jaejoong showed a relatively stable performance in his first attempt and received warm reviews from local media, which becomes his big advantage too of getting the cast.

Yet when the representative of Youngwoong Jaejoong commented regarding this issue, “It’s true that there are a lot of offers to him to appear in drama. In fact, we have planned him to act in local TV. However, nothing yet to be confirmed, it’s still under discussion.”

If Youngwoong Jaejoong is actually cast in the drama, then he will be the second JYJ member to act in Korean drama after his fellow member Micky Yoochun who just debuted in KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, the cast of Youngwoong Jaejoong in Korean drama will be a hot topic and attract a lot of anticipation.



  1. Yes Please!!! It’s Jaejoong time!!!

  2. omg yes pleaseeee!! ♥

  3. Yeah! I want to see more jae-acting! ^^
    hopefully he won’t overwork himself though

  4. WOW , great XD , can’t wait for his drama ,, NOW JaeJoong MINE XD ^^

  5. I WANT THIS. i want a jae solo album, i want a jae drama and i want that jae photobook ;_;

    • XD

      can’t get enough of Jae ;~~~;

    • I want only one… that is Jaejoong himself ;-)

      • I was about to say that *Hi5* ^o^
        Cool granny XD

      • me too, actually that was my birthday wish….

    • i second that with Jae in a big box LOL

    • I want all of those too!

  6. nice…!! it was like my dream come true if this happens!! jaejoong-ahh~~ please accept whatever offer that u get. then JYJ will have great opportunity to appear on TV!

    • Please don’t mind if I follow u too. I also use the same username in twitter. Yay! More work for our boys. I’m hoping these producers won’t get swayed by threats against casting Jaejoong. He’s a really great actor. Plus everything he does seemed to sell well. I love him in Heaven’s postman and he’s awesome in his acting in Sunao. I watched it for Eita and Juri, but in the end, Hero became my fave character.

    • lol.. is that you,nod? yayy,i’m excited for this but i’ll just wait for everything to be confirmed first, after all the poseidon thing happens…

      • yea, its me. i used my nickname from twitter..anyone here who has twitter, follow me.. @girlshoutout ^^ btw, i’ll wait for this drama thingy to be confirmed first, don’t wanna get disappointed tho after all the poseidon incidence..

        but i really looking forward for jae’s korean drama!! it will be MAG-EGG-FICENT!!

        Jae as a gangsta, romantic guy or funny/dorky guy?? what u say?

      • I’ll follow you^^ it’s always nice to tweet w/ Cassies ;)
        I have the same nickname for twitter too~

        N I can’t help but get excited for the possibility of JJ acting in a drama soon ><
        we've already seen him as a romantic quiet guy in"Heaven's Postman",n we've seen the cute dorky side of him in"Sunao ni Narenakute"…so I'd like to get me some GANGSTA JAEJOONG 8Q_…w/ a gun n maybe some blood @_@;

  7. dont spread thing called rumors again this time.. *still trauma after poseidon incident

    i will feel happy if jaejoong is CONFIRMED to star in drama

    the cast is CONFIRMED

    everything is CONFIRMED

    *learn from experience

    • exactly : \ not getting hopes high.

    • yeah…. i dont want to be TOO happy yet… was REALLY heartbroken over the poseiden incident… some ‘external’ causes may hinder it…

      but still hoping for the best of course :D

      • All the best to you Jae! I do look forward to Poseidon – all the more so because I know Jae`s going to get another part that`s perfect for him. You can`t keep a star from shining.

      • I am looking forward to Yunho in Poseiden also. But, Jaejoong in a drama? That would be excellent! You are correct YunhoFan – a star has to shine.

      • Thank you, my friend. :) I hope we can watch Jae`s drama very soon.

    • exactly, until everything is confirmed (I wouldn’t set any expectation)

    • But Yunho got casted in the drama. That’s a good thing^^

      And his name is Oh Yun Jae. ROFL.


      • Both our boys are going for drama success! I`m so happy!

  8. This news has totally made my day. I love Kim Jaejoong and I love Korean Drama, it’ll be wonderful if our Jaejoongie act as a main character in a Korean drama :X

  9. Maybe this is one of the “solo projects” they were talking about. In any case, don’t wanna get my hopes up yet (BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT BE EXCITED!!!!! :D) Jaejoong will definitely up ratings for sure :P and hopefully they’ll gain new fans!! yay!

  10. Anxious… I’ll just wait and see since I was sooooooo disppointed last time.

  11. also don’t want to get too happy
    you know how hard things are for them to apear anywhere

  12. best of luck for my bb & hearts~<33
    i'll support you 10000000000000+%
    in whatever your plans are ^^

  13. i want more Jae acting too ^_^ but ya, i will not get carried away until everything is confirmed
    on other hand, my Heaven Postman DVD was shipped today….*excited to get it soon ~~~~ XD

  14. Jae safe street stopped to prevent it from happening as in other hands poseidon and prevent you from doing a drama

  15. i c, so they are talking about Korean drama not Japanese drama!

  16. I wish ,but I know my Jae can not be there ,I’m so sure ,because he is the first one on the black list of SM ,people in that list “WILL NEVER CAN BE APPEARANCE IN LOCAL TV…”and if YUNHO ,and CHANGMIN ia already have the DRAMA waiting for showing ,and the new comeback already set date with both ,our JAE-Idon’t think will have a chance in any KOREAN DRAMA in future …I can bet all of money in my pocket for that ,guys ,and I ‘m so sad ,I want to cry for JAE….

      not my Jae ;~~~~~;
      i want him to be recognized in his homeland too
      why must it has to be like this?? :(

    • T_____T

    • how much money is in your pocket? ;-)
      maybe there’s a way… Chun can have a drama to play, maybe Jae will be able too
      let’s just hope it’s true

    • I dun think so, why is Jae the first one in the blacklist? What did he do? JYJ are all in black list! Noone is an exception!

      Dun be sad! Why r you so sure?

    • What are you talking about? O_O Yoochun was able to appear in a drama and as a lead so why wouldnt Jae be ale to if Yoochun can? And what does HoMin activities have to do with Jaes solo projects? O_o

      • helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo,
        did you ever see our JYJ perfomance a song in the KOREA local TV ,the whole song -any song which we loves so much in their new album BEGINNING ?OR just some flash on some little bit time on the news …after the concert was done?
        I’m still waiting to see ,I wish Chun will bring back an award for his amazing drama …It’s still long way to go ….
        JYJ can not come and sing their song at BLUE DRAGON FILM AWARDS (They have been invited at first ,but something come up they not on the list any more),Jae have been in a movie “HEAVEN’S POSTMAN”,which nominated ,but can not be there too ,so whatelse do you expect to believe in Jae future with another drama?

      • yeah, actually there were a lot of ‘rumors’ about Yoochun being cockblocked at the wrap up of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (you can check soompi’s SKKS thread, around page 300-ish)

    • Oh~ you are going to declare bankruptcy soon X)
      I have faith on my jae ^^

      • You know what ,the truth is I want to be bankruptcy soooonnnnn,I want to see Jae in the drama ,I don’t want THE REPRESENTATIVES OF KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION will be send out ANOTHER NOTE to every local TV ask for stop or do not showing any news ,perfomance of JYJ ,because “JYJ’S ACTIVITIES WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE ON THE HALLYU WAVE…”
        I’m so sick of it.

  17. 1. I hope he can survive sme’s nasty cockblocking.
    2. let’s hope they will pick awesome script like SSK’s. no more fail!idol dramas plz.

  18. Brilliant! I look forward to this…if SM lets it happen.

    But I just saw the first sign today that not even SM is invincible. I’m sure this site will be posting it at some point, but I just got some good and bad news. The good news is that the Fair Trade Commission ruled today that SM’s contracts are fundamentally unfair and thus must be changed. This applies to ALL the contracts of SM artists, including Yunho’s and Changmin’s. Looks like the fear many of you had the Yunho and Changmin won’t be free of SM for another 9 years is vanishing.

    The bad, but predictable, news is that SM requested the court to delay this Sunday’s hearing.

    • @Jimmie
      Great news, thanks…:) I am not so sad about the delay of the hearing because they can’t delay it forever. Soon it will end and I hope JYJ can win. Last year court favored them and now your news about Fair Trade Commission&SM…I hope it will end good soon:)
      I pray that JJ take a role in a drama :)

    • Here’s the documentation, for those who want to read for themselves. And sorry this is all irrelevant to the post on Jaejoong but it kinda came outta me before I could stop myself ^^::

      • thank you for sharing it w/ us
        and giving us some gist about the article

        AT LAST! some progress about the lawsuit,..

      • thanks for sharing..yay!! FTC finally making a decision!!

      • thanks

        Wondering if SM’s failure to comply would result in penalty or invalidation of the contracts if taken to court.

        Its clear and concise that the contracts needs to be changed. Whether or not SM will be forced to change jyj’s contract or jyj will be able to terminate their contract is up to the judge. Hopefully the ruling from FTC will speed up the lawsuit which i expect it to but don’t know how their judicial system works.

      • let’s hope is the begining of good news for JYJ

      • Im going to wait and see what comes from this before I get too excited.

      • @aj
        me too

      • SM keep prolong time…still checking for loophole I think.

      • Jimmy thanks for the info! Glad FTC has done it again!!! But gosh did the court grant SM the delay it requested? On what ground! Haven’t all evidenced and requested document been submitted? Or at least those documents SM was willing to submit, the moron. Is it bidding time to fabricate materials unfavorable to the boys??? Grrrr!!!

      • Oops Jimmie, excuse my spelling fail.

      • Jimmie, thanks so much for your post. Please keep letting us know about happenings in Korea.

        I heard other agencies have told SM they have to do things, but they just stall and never get around to changing. It seems nobody has the will to confront them and bring the police and put them in jail, kind of strong tactics. So we’ll see how much effect the FTC ruling has.

        Hope JJ gets this drama. It will make him happy to be seen in Korea and Japan and will surely make us all happy all over the world.

    • Thanks for the info…

      If FTC can’t be fair… then they should change the name to UTC
      Hehe… okay, I’m happy that FTC finally made the statement about the unfairness
      And the impact is huge… not only JYJ will get it, but ALL? If it’s true then we should be proud of JYJ (and thankful too, in the name of Korean artists) coz they bring the wind of change in certain Korean entertainment business practice.

      As for SM… yeah it’s so predictable. They just wanna prolong the lawsuit. I hope that the boys will be patient and stronger along the time…

    • Please don’t delay it, the more it delayed the more JYJ will be suffering. They already delayed it for a very long time.

    • o. m. g.

    • I thought the next hearing was on the 7th but now that article says 10th, so is it delayed until the 10th or delayed until a later time?

      • I thought that funny too. Perhaps the court secretary made a unilateral decision on scheduling grounds to move it to the 10th. But it doesn’t matter anymore. The court HAS granted SM’s request to delay. Next hearing date To Be Announced. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

      • Actually, scratch that! I just realised I misread. The scanned in document below belongs to the Fair Trade Commission, not the court. So it is FAIR TRADE COMMISSION, I repeat, the FTC, that has delayed the next hearing. I think the court hearing is still on the 7th.

        I’m really sorry guys! But translating legal jargon is tough! >.< I'm trying my best.

    • Thank you for updating news about the case here.
      And I wanna pull my hair after I read your bad news, I mean I’m so waiting for that day to come because I wanna know the progress of the lawsuit. I know that it might not going to end that soon but why SME tries to prolong the lawsuit…geezzzzzz…..this is really tiresome……

      • They’re doing the same with Hangeng’s case. Despite being such a big player in the creative industry, SM always astounds me on how it has ZERO creativity. Expect JYJ to face the same situation as Hangeng.

    • thanks a lot Jimmie, for always updating us on what’s going on the other side of the ocean.

      SM is so predictable that it’s not even bad news anymore for me TT.TT
      still long and winding road ahead of JYJ..sigh..JYJ fighting!

    • sorry to ask coz i’m confused. so the Fair Trade Commission has a different lawsuit than the one which has hearing on the upcoming 7th? coz FTC has already ruled in favor of JYJ. sorry, i’m just not so good with these things.

      • The FTC doesn’t deal with lawsuits, that’s the court’s job. From what I gather, and don’t quote me on this, the FTC is currently looking at the latest deposition that Korean fans’ made regarding KFPCAI’s letter and the deposition made last year (I don’t know by who) on SM’s contracts. The link was an account given by a Korean fan on the FTC’s latest ‘declaration’ on these contracts. Because the FTC is not a court, this does not become the law of the land, but I’m sure it will help the boys in the actual court case *crosses fingers*. Hope this helps ^^ but please note I’m not an expert in Korean law/legal system.

      • wow!!!! thanks alot :) :) it’s really good to have a korean friend here :) :) thanks for all the information :)

  19. Great,finally a korean drama.
    i think he’d be able to express better in his own language ^^
    hope he gets an exciting role this time :)

  20. not gonna get my hope too high but i’m totally excited! :)

    i hope i can see another project from JJ also yoosu. drama or solo, musical, anything ;)

  21. OMG!! this ‘rumor’ just like rumor for Cinderella drama with song hye kyo?? hahaha… be it whoever the casts, as long as JJ is main cast, then im excited!! XD

    • In Cinderella or Poseidon rumor, it refers to certain dramas… so it can be as a way of promotion. But this is not refer to certain drama.
      I just hope that it’s true… but if it is, Jae should not just grab ANY drama offered to him… he must choose the good drama, coz if it’s bad… though he plays good… people will still criticize him! The producer, director, other casts must be put upon consideration…

    • the casting for both is already confirmed and didnt mention Jaejoong at all T-T
      Hes unfortunately not going to star in Poseidon or Cinderella so Im not planning on watching now. lol

      • But Uknow is one of the cast?

  22. OMG!!! I hope this becomes a reality.
    He need to do some solo activities in Korea.

  23. i hope this is the right time for jae to shine in korea since sm have no power to block and interfere in drama right…
    come on jae,just grab this opportunity..i know you can do it…just show that sm and kfc who jyj are…
    and also i has to remind myself not too overexcited of this news..yeah learn from poseidon incident…
    anyway pray for jyj future…

    • I don’t think so. SM have more power more than you think they do.

      Somwhow, I’m happy that the boys walked out from this company. I can’t stand to see them stick with this kind of company forever. This kind of my thought even happened before I know about the lawsuit.

      Their lives are more precious to be jailed. Each of them only have one life and I want them to live it best; stand on their own and learn more about this world by themselves.

  24. I just hope the best for him

    Keep fighting JJ!

  25. Good news finally :) I hope he can act in a drama soon. I want to see him as much as I can :D

  26. Wooooow I can’t wait to see his drama^_^ my jaejoong good luck(;
    Love you…

  27. This must be the solo projects they were referring to! I knew it would be JJ since the Jejung intermodulation photobook came out. More JJ goodies to come yay!!!! But what I really want is for JJ to go rock!! A solo album man!!!! I really want to see him with his crazy blonde hair and rock voice again ;_;

      A rocker JJ screaming with anger
      that’s what I need now
      That’s what I wanna hear now


    • OMG! yes rocker JJ would be awsome! ahhh*dreaming*

    • OMG JJ was born to be a rocker! His stage presence just screams rocker!

    • Yeshhhhhhhh

      • *bites*

      • *woof*

        Don’t be too angry at those comments bb, not worth it.

        Going out byebye wheeee~~

    • Yeah!! I LOVE rocker Jae! Please Jaejoong , please … release a rock single/album for us ><

  28. yes yes yes yes yes!!!!
    I want JeJe’s solo album.



  30. SM don’t stand in the way of Jaejoong!!!! He is an instant hit of a catch!!!! I want him to play an assassin gone good with kind of a playboy personality until he falls fir that one girl and has a sensitive side to him tooo haha

    • ooh, that is soooo precise with my imagination !!! JJ playing bad ass guy, meet a girl he couldn’t conquer and show his sensitive side….oh, i hope he would get a great drama …

  31. Please!! let this go through! I love his acting, can’t wait to see him on the small screen soon!

  32. Ayieeeeeeeee… Much Anticipated!!! i totally LOVE Heaven’s Postman especially his hairstyle there. I like him with dark hair… <3

  33. its only a matter of time ^^
    i just hope that if he does, the broadcast schedule dont collide with yunho’s poisdon or changmin’s paradise ranch ):

    • Poseidon *

  34. Yeee..I hope the boys a more solo activities eps in TV, drama or move. that will help them alot! GoGo JJ !Go JYJ.

  35. I just wish him the good , any thing he choose to do , but rest well boy & don’t strain ur self & sing more XD

  36. Omg I’m sooo “trying not to be happy” but I can’t help it xD
    I want him to be the cool cold hearted playboy who will fall for that girl coz she’s not like the others and she will change him and ahhhhhhhhh
    and oh YEAH I want rocker jaejoong
    plzzzzzz solo album ><

  37. Jaejoong, choose well, choose the best among the pile of offers that you have received ;)
    It’s only a matter of time that Jaejoong mesmerizes the audience through a Kdrama :)

  38. They must be waiting for 2012. Junsu will be doing Elisabeth then so they can’t do any group activity anyway. (Except one type of group activity but we won’t know about that… *cough*threesome*cough* :D :D )

    • I heard Elizabeth has been pushed forward to Oct 2011 :) but no news of casting yet.

  39. There’s something more powerful than a pack promise to blacklist someone, and that is MONEY. For money, big corps or people, will be out for their own benefit, and that is, to use whoever that can make them the most money…which is JYJ!!! The public wants JJ in a drama! So, we will get that.

  40. JJ IN A DRAM IS LOVE! I will wait patiently. I hope he chooses REALLY WELL! I liked Heaven’s Postman but I didn’t really like the storyline of SNN though.

    But Jae’s acting in both was good! I hate watching drama’s with flimsy actors even if they are my bias. My current drama bias in Lee Jun Ki. My dream is JJ beats Jun Ki’s acting one day hehehehe

    I hope he gets the main role. I love JJ and his “special” connection to Japan. I love seeing that even more.


    (I am glad they didn’t list any potential drama’s……Poseidon news was so sad for me as a JJ fan TT___TT)

  41. If that happen it would be great to see Jaejoong in Drama.
    But I will wait till everything is confirmed, I mean officially confirmed.
    So, I’ll take this news as a good sign for Jaejoong though.

  42. hmmm i dun mind seeing jae in a kdrama but i hope he chooses a really good script and character. dun want his debut to be label something typical to idol turn actor. i think jae have experience quite abit from filming and his acting improve alot over the years.

    however, i would love to see him in a musical XD yess shoot me lol. i just really like the ideas of the members doing musicals. but i do think jae have the silver screen look. i want to see how he will sound in musical though hehe.

  43. looking forward to JJ’s korean series…
    please approve it>!!

  44. for those who’ve been wondering…
    from the last court, SM allowed JYJ have their own individual job…
    that’s why junsu and yoochun can have their own solo project,,, and dont forget Jae’s japanese drama..

    i hope it helps..

    SM prevent them to show on tv as JYJ… not as an individual person…

  45. Is it me the only one who’s worried about Jae’s acting??? And before I’m going to say anything, I LOVE Jae, so don’t jump on me ok???

    I’m a hardcore drama fan, this means that I’m quite picky when it comes to acting. I watched both Sunao and Heaven’s postman, and Jae’s acting is not THAT good. He’s ok, he doesn’t suck like other idols *cough* Kim Huyn Joong *cough*, but he’s not THAT good either, just… so so. And serious movie/drama fans, who are objective, say that too. Bias aside, Jae lacks of some factors to be a good actor. I think he should consider taking some acting class.

    And no offense to Ho’s fans but I really hope his drama won’t be a Heading to the Ground sequel.

    And finally, go Jae go! I believe that u’ll chose a good project and shine!!!

    • i’m so worried too! i love Jae but i dont like his acting that much, i hope he will release a single instead.

      • i would love for a single but his acting has improved, he is very serious when it comes down to it and that is something to be admired.
        i think acting would be better

      • i know!^^
        i prefer him as a singer but yeah… i will always support him in whatever he does! go Jeje! <3

    • Jae has potentials. His expression and emotion are spot on. He just need to have more confident and be comfortable in his own skin that’s it.

      Yunho on the other hand, still lacks a lot. He has that dead fish eyes where it lacks all the emotions, and his expression are too over exaggerated. i hope he improve much.

      • Woaaa, no need to say that about Ho. He maybe sometimes overacted, but to say that he has that dead fish is just too much.

        And yes, Jae has potentials, but to say his expression and emotion are spot on is a little bit too confident. In Heaven’s postman and Sunao, his roles are easy to play. But for a drama, as the main lead, he will need much more than that.

      • LOL it’s okay to criticize Jae, but oh no no don’t go there for Ho?

        Whatever, you are free to express your opinion, so am I.

      • This is ridiculous. That’s why I don’t have many friends who are Jae’s fans, even though I’m a Jae’s fan myself.

      • Oh I’m Yunho fan myself.

      • this is so funny! Yunho’s acting is bad I admit! But to say his eyes r like dead fish is just too much! I think Ho overacted in the drama but Jae looked like he overacts all the time even in the real life. And when Ho did not overact, he was quite good!

        and Jae fans r really funny, being proud for nothing, praise him even you know his acting is so so and called other dead fish eyes! I think you should be worried for him now! His acting in DOE was terrible, all he did is looking beautiful in front of the camera. Then in HP, all ppl notice is his face and his hair, the girl saved the movie and in Sunao, he acted so weird. I even laughed when he proposed under the rain, he looked so stiff and awkward! I thought he did improve but I guess I was wrong!

        Jae’s fans need to learn to be more humble from others’ fans! Seem like you get used with the thought Jae being the best but actually he is not! He is quite overated too! Urggg he looked so old, I wonder if he could act in a drama as a young man! his fans must wake up from your dream by now just in case the drama fails, his beautiful face cannot save it either! (err his face is not even beautiful now, you cannot wear a ton of make-up in the drama like he did on stage)
        So be humble, take a step back and wait until the drama comes out to praise! It is not too late!


      • ^
        ^ lol… seriously wth????

        if Jae’s acting was bad he wouldnt be nominated for Blue Dragon awards! i remember he had 2 nominations (best actor / best new actor). And even if his acting was bad hes still much better than Yunho… Yunho’s acting in HTTG is …blehhhhh…lol i cant even put on a word. anyway, Jae’s acting >>>>>>> Ho’s.

      • @cclap:

        I am sorry but when did I say Ho is better than Jae in acting? Ho is sucky I admit but Jae is not good either. It just getting quite ridic when Jae’s fans here spent so much time to praise his acting when his level stops at Bajun Drama not more and he did not even play in any drama as a main lead yet! And even in HP, his acting is merr…., not to mention SNN… He is damn stiff and he is so clumsy that he made mistake everywhere even in a simple MV! So how can you know his acting is good, show me! SNN??? LOL really? HP????????/ Oh stop it! ROFL

        And about the Blue Dragon thingy, again fans r funny, the judge did not choose Jae as a nominator, wth did Jae do to be a nominator when Han Hyo Joo is not one? The poll is just like testing water, FOR FANS ONLY, not legit! Jae is not in any of the nominator list according to the judge~

        So wake up from your dreams honey!

      • Back in banjun drama days YH made the most impression on me because there was flow in his characters; even my friend who doesn’t really like YH that much admitted he had the most potential in acting. But HTTG showcased all his biggest flaws (read:exaggeration). I hope he will manage to get the hang of it; I pray he won’t be too stressed. <3

        2nd for me is YC but has hasn't made much impression on me in terms of acting. He is good at being all emo or restrained but I need to see him in something else which stretches him more.

        Jae has improved a LOT from banjun drama days, he's a lot more watchable. I guess it has to do with him being less self-conscious in front of the camera. I'm so proud of him!!

        He WILL continue to improve!!! Sooooo happy that he's in demand with korean producers. ^______________^

      • @bmaiHo
        Both of them are not THAT good at acting, both are just ok.

        insulting Jaejoong, does it make you feel better?
        if so, I hope you would understand people who might feel better insulting Yunho too

        If people insulting yunho makes you feel bad, I hope you understand that you, insulting jaejoong also make people bad

      • Well the fact that Jae works get recognitions, and him having offer from left to right without SM kissing someone ass speak louder than your or my opinion so muahahaha!

      • I think Yoochun is the best actor in DBSK and no wonder he did great in SKKS, he got credit from viewers and experts!

        About JJ I am not quite sure tho! He was still awkward in Ayumi’s MV esp the scene with the doctor and the crying scene but who know?
        With a good script and production team the drama can still get viewers so why not give JJ a chance?

      • @bmaiHo

        Umm honey, the same can be said for yunho fans…many think he is the perfect man and can do no wrong. They are delusional about the quality of his dancing and singing and his looks. He looks old now too. You make good points but don’t forget to be objective yourself (and I’m not hating just making a comparison before people jump down my throat). In general ALL dbsk fans are overconfident. They think their biases are perfect when they aren’t. Just because you don’t hear those fans talk their shit here doesn’t mean they don’t in other places. Jae is not a good actor but like with anything else you can improve. Frankly, All dbsk fans could use a wakeup call about the “greatness” that is DBSK and their talents in comparison to others. So, please wake up to this reality: No ones fans are any better than the others. Everyone throws shade and tends to overestimates their biases.

    • Don’t worry too much. I know he’s still lacked of many skills to be an actor. I’m kinda picky person too. But I know he can improve more.

      Anyway when I read some of his interview, I think I understand him. If you read his interview in Anan you will understand what I mean.

      To me, Jae’s passion is not like Chun’s. Chun said many times that he wants to act while Jae never expresses something like that. He just said he would try his best when he was given a chance. I think this is enough for you to know that Acting is not his choice of carreer path. He even said the stage is where he belongs to. But at least he tried his best and improved so much in acting compared to the old days. His eyes are not dead any more. Actually I really love his expression in some scenes of HP.

      Sorry for dragging Chun here. I have no bad intension. I love both of them though.

      For me, Jae is the boy who takes quite much time to learn something (I understand why Tamayama who really adores Jae talked about him like that in some interview). But that deosn’t mean he never tries to improve coz’ we can clearly see that he always tries and he can make it better. And I know he knows himself too. I know because I remember when his real mom wrote about what he talked to her in her blog. I almost cried for that.

      As some of you said he really needs more confidence. And ofcourse the only way he can get more confidence is from us fans.

    • I like alot heavens Postman and his character also suits him..yeah it wasn’t too dificult to portray but he did good even when he was so busy traveling and doing Mirotic Promotion…
      His character in SNN was dificult because he was acting as the cute/weird/pitiful guy so diferent to the image we have about him, and also he was speaking in japanese so it was a major challenger for him.
      Then when I see him in Blossom PV (ayumi hamasaki’s single) he really improved alot…i think he also taked acting class in korea before doing “The Beginning” promotions, well this is according to stalker cassies…
      I have big expectations about his acting debut as a main lead in korean drama, this time he is free and he doesn’t have language barrier to pull it off a great acting. ^^

    • I think Jae is generally a decent actor. I think he can do it and he definitely can improve heaps – given the right role and right script and right production.
      It’s because he’s inherently talented and he possesses a lot of artistic talents – I think he can pull off acting just fine.
      Although I don’t think that he’s like Yoochun, who’s a natural when it comes to acting, but I think Jae can learn the trade quite easily and do it just fine.

    • i agree, the acting he shown before was not THAT good. but one thing to note about jaejoong is improvement. from heaven’s postman to sunanare to blosson PV, his improvement was very evident imo.
      so i think we can look forward to better acting the the blossom PV by the time he gets his role.

    • Heh. Fans, remember:

      DBSK are singers not actors.

      • yeah but they are becoming actors now^^

    • LOL XD Dont be worried . Jae improves a lot in whatever he does. I
      really enjoyed HP (his acting was not stiff at all) . About SNN … that
      was really difficult coz the character itself was WEIRD XD . And ah~ i
      love his acting in Blossom!

      Jae is someone who improves , improves and keeps improving
      – When he was younger( school times), his friends always were making fun
      on him saying he was not good enough, but he practiced and now~OH GOD I
      – Banjun drama – HP – SNN – Blossom PV (did not you noticed it?) improve –
      improve -improve!!

      I´m very proud of him ^^ and i´m sure he will be an amazing actor!

      I just hope he choose well his new project

      @bmaiHo sigh~ you are being to rude. You know that what you are saying is
      NOT true ….. Jae´s acting wasn´t bad AT ALL.
      I´m not a drama-shiper so.. as a normal drama viewer I enjoyed his acting
      a lot.
      The critics were good too.

      About Yunnie , well actually i watched only 4 episodes of his drama (I
      just didn´t liked the drama) and … Yunho´s acting was … bad , sorry
      but it´s true. I read that he improved in the latest episodes (Yunho is a
      fighter too , I know he will do his best)

      I´m just happy because I will see more of Jae … and more of
      Jae(whatever it is) makes me feel happy :D
      But, I have to admit that I would prefer a solo single or album (I LOVE
      ROCKER JAE TOO!) … I miss my Jae T__T

      • don’t forget i think his dancing also improve… the reason why JJ become my bias is because he’s always improve… his dance improve a lot i think from the fan cam mission… well he’s not perfect but he always try to improve.. this is what i like from him…

      • lol… thumbs up! ^_^

    • I would totally be excited for his drama if he gets one. I’m sure he would improve a lot with more lessons and preparation. HP and SNN acting was good, not great but good. But I completely fell in love with his character in BLOSSOM. So yes, I’m looking forward to seeing him act again. I think it all depends on the script..

      And I blame the script for HTTG for Yunho, I admit, his acting in the first two eps were horrendous, but I saw major improvement every episode after. It was the script that was lacking, and I wish it just had a better plot for him basically. (which is why i never finished the drama…). But I’m still excited for Poseidon! It seems to be really action-y which is great :D Hot bods!

    • @bmaiho
      let me quote what you just say…
      ‘It just getting quite ridic when Jae’s fans here spent so much time to praise his acting when his level stops at Bajun Drama not more and he did not even play in any drama as a main lead yet! And even in HP, his acting is merr…., not to mention SNN… He is damn stiff and he is so clumsy that he made mistake everywhere even in a simple MV!’

      why don’t we give him a chance… yeah not a main lead yet, but isn’t it great to gather experience? Plus, everyone is learning from 0 right? He always make mistakes here & there, come on… although he has a perfect feature, he is still lacking because he is just a human. I think he knew that he’s still far from being a great actor. So let’s just support him.

      Yes they are praising Jae… a bit too much. I admit that. But it doesn’t mean that you should insult him. yea, yea it’s ok to criticize but the way you say about Jae is too… *sigh* forget it. I just think it’s not good for us, Cassies to fight against each other.

      Ouch! dead fish eyes… it’s just too much. = =’

    i think jaejoong is great at acting!!! i fell for his character in SNN and i want to see more of his acting. please oh please i really hope this is true.
    lets this fangirls dreams come true
    JJ i love you!!!
    *bounced in bed*

  47. omg.. so many comments already, LOL.. :)

    JAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GO AND ACT!!!!!!>3<
    and WHEN IS MY JUNSU'S TURN???:):):)

  49. I can’t believe fans are comparing Jae’s acting ability to that of Yunho’s.

    You might as well compare his to Yoochun pfffffffffft.

    They all worked hard for their dramas and you should appreciate that.

    I don’t get some fans.

    • LOL but dun compare with Yoochun!

    • Don’t go there. Yoochun is no doubt the best actor by far out of TWOSHINKI/Dou ble shinki and JYJ so it’s no use comparing. keke

  50. Korean cassies are being splitted.. some Homin’s fans are calling JJ traitor in a korean article who talks about JJ’s debut in kdrama T.T

    • some of homin fans are always butthurt, wherever they are.

    • Why are they saying JJ’s a traitor if he acts in a drama?

    • HUhhh?????? Non-sequitur!!

      Seriously fans, I’m sorry, get a LIFE!

    • SERIOUSLY??? what on earth was that???

    • LOL~ IA, what on earth was that?! I dont even……

    • traitor? WTH? Why he would be a traitor?
      stupid “fans” … Just ignore them … WE(Jae – lovers) ARE MORE :D KKKKK *evil laugh*

    • they’re calling JJ a traitor??! WTH?!

      what a sick fans ==

    • traitor? ????…

    • traitor? LOL haha seriously biased fans/antis/haters are the most funniest ppl in the world =) i don’t care those k cassies who are homin biased based jyj as long they themselves don’t call themselves cassies ==

    • oh, why??

  51. Wait…So it seems like Jaejoong is always getting an offer for a drama role. LOL I WANNA SEE JAEJOONG IN A DRAMA…NOW~! but i won’t get my hopes too high, esp. after what happened last time.

  52. i am excited but i don’t want to get my hopes up. would rather wait for official confirmation.

    but jaejoong in a drama is a definite WANT

  53. Not going to believe this until it’s confirmed. Although it’s not far-fetched, since they are going to do solo activities.

    I think they’re safer doing solo activities for now than being JYJ, since it’s clear from the court ruling that they’re allowed to do solo activities. I guess it’s just a matter of finding the right drama and a producer whose willing to take the risk.


  55. OK, people need to stop spreading misinformation.
    Court ruling did not only permit Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to do “solo activities only”- where did anyone read that bull? From yet another lousy translator?
    ALL activities as artists/perfomers are allowed and SM is NOT to interfere. What SM has been using as an excuse to block their activities is their supposed “double contract” with CjeS, since per SM court ruling did not void Chunjaesu’s exclusive contract with SM, so per SM technically the three are still under SM. SM has *never*, and I repeat NEVER said anything about how their doing activities as a unit/group goes against the court ruling.
    Even if the three of them are to release SOLO singles in Korea, SM will still block them the same way it’s now blocking JYJ. Don’t compare Junsu’s Mozart musical and YC’s SKKS with JYJ activities and somehow arrive at the silly conclusion that it’s because court ruling did not permit them to do unit activities, so Mozart & SKKS went ahead while JYJ could not appear on TV/radio programs.

    It has NOTHING to do with the law. If JYJ are doing something not allowed by the court KFC wouldn’t have used the excuse about double contract/bad image on hallyu wave etc to tell TV/radio stations to not invite them. IT WOULD HAVE USED THE COURT RULING.

    It has everything to do with the fact that SM has huge influence in the pop music industry, but less in drama and even less in musical.

    Sorry for my frustrated tone, but this piece of misinfo really pisses me off.

    • Thank you for sharing your views – views that I one hundred percent agree with. I’m glad you got that out of your system. It’s terrible harboring frustration over a long period of time…Very emotionally draining.

      And to release a bit of my own frustration, I will add that I’m exceedingly frustrated by how the industry is actually listening to SM and KFC. And how some ‘producers’ are actively making sure JYJ is blocked just to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

      Make sure what doesn’t happen again? That’s right…Make sure no other artist would dare sue their own company under their own prerogative. If you have the balls to block JYJ, just say the reason why in black and white and stop hiding behind vague words.

      Do they really expect everyone to fall into a merry line for the industry to earn the bucks? I feel terrible for all the actual entertainers and artists if this is what they put up with but will never have the voice to say it.

      • @asterfall
        LOL. Yeah I try not to show my true grumpy-old-woman-self unless it’s about something important. Imagine this stupid piece of misinformation gets spreaded fandom-wide (along with other stupid misinfo like SM owns the TVXQ namesake so it has the right to do whatever, NO IT OWNS THE COPYRIGHTS OF THE TVXQ SONGS NOT THE NAMESAKE- sorry, my other pet peeve).

        MTE regarding the Kpop industry, LOL stop broadcasting songs about love, peace, courage, hope and all those good stuffs if all you do is being a lapdog of the big unethical corporates.

        >Make sure what doesn’t happen again? That’s right…Make sure no other artist would dare sue their own company under their own prerogative. If you have the balls to block JYJ, just say the reason why in black and white >and stop hiding behind vague words.

        WORD! I was totally, make sure WHAT doesn’t happen again? Oh you have got to be kidding me. Taking one step further, what a proactive lapdog!!!

        If this stinky kpop industry cannot be changed for the better, then I’d rather see the boys shifting their focus to overseas for a number of years. Though I guess that’s definitely not their preference =( The boys do love their home audience so much!

  56. Stupid SM must look at the back of the beginning making book!
    CJeS(Kim Jeajoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu)
    They don’t sign any contract to anyone.
    It seems like their own biz!!!

  57. wooOoh! Jae in a K-Drama!!
    ..there are poeple here comparing
    Ho&Jae’s acting…
    I don’t know why..but I remember
    Lord Min is in Paradise Meadow XD.
    I’m curious about his acting ^^
    anyways…I hope Jae will choose
    the best Offer–Hwaiting!!

  58. everybody talks only about Poseidon and forgets about Cinderella something, lol

  59. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

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