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[Trans] 101125 Yoo Ah In and JYJ Yoochun show off close friendship that was formed through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

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Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In who proceeded to their own schedule after starring in “SungkyunKwan Scandal” which had ended its broadcast, continued to express concern over each other through Twitter, which attracted many attention.

Last Monday, Park Yoochun left a message for Yoo Ah In on Twitter, saying “You didn’t bring your handphone? Before I went to US, I gave you a call but your phone was switched off.” Afterwhich Yoo Ah In mentioned that “I’m anticipating this coming Saturday, Yoochun-ah, Chunchun, Small Chunchun, Yoo Sweetie”, mentioning many intimate nicknames, expressing his anticipation for JYJ’s 27th November concert and also support for Yoochun.

Hence fans said “Yoo Ah In is also coming this Saturday”, “Both of them seem close”, “I also want to use intimate nicknames for Yoochun”. At the same time, informing Yoo Ah In that there is a flash mob in the concert where audience have to dance to the song “Be My Girl” and mentioned “You must practice the dance before you come, please do not come unprepared.”
Meanwhile, JYJ is rehearsing intensely for the concert.

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  1. lol.. “please dont come unprepared,

    now he must learn the dance.

  2. Finally, there are some heartwarming news. JYJ fighting!!!

  3. lol, i guess the fans have been doing their homework :D i wish i could go on sat/sun… JYJ is gonna b amazing!

  4. LOL. so Yoo Ah In will also dance? haha.. someone should provide a special fancam for him.. you know, he’s hot… ;))

    • I think Kang Sung Pil is also coming to the concert.

    • he must bring SJK n PMY too to the concert
      and we can see the jalgeum4 will dance together ^^

      • oh i hope J4 will reunit soon at least for the concert..missssss them so muchhhhhh….bad withdrawal after skks….

      • OMGSUN YESS!!!! i would doo anything to see that LOL

    • yes! your right..he’s hot and i’m a big fan of him since skk..
      yay! hope someone get a fancam of him while dancing :D

      • yup me too i love him since skss.. i hope he can dance and sing with JYJ in stage ^^

  5. kyaa this is soooooooo cute
    Yoo-sweetie? LOL!!!
    My Geol-Rang couple FTW mwahahah
    I love you Ah-in..learn the dance please..

  6. “You must practice the dance before you come, please do not come unprepared.”

    too cute and funny^^

  7. GEOL OH!! ILU!

  8. don’t steal my man ¬¬
    is already too much to share him with JJ and JS

    • isn’t JJ your man? o_O

      • we are an OT3 :D

      • oh, you have to be at least ot5 then *points at SYC unnies* xD

      • We are an OT3: JaeChunAlou
        the perfect inked OT3!

    • LOL Alou and anya! XXXDDD and the ‘SYC unnies’

    • we saw that LOL

      • don’t get in the middle Unni ¬¬ I respect you, but I fight for my man

  9. love the hear they have some more support, I wish the best to my boys concert.
    can’t wait..

  10. `please do not come unprepared` , fans r so sute XD

    • *cute XDD


  12. I wonder how many celebrities will come to the concert, I mean JYJ have lot of celebrities friend especially jaejoong and yoochun,
    let’s make a list…

  13. lol ^^ they are so Sweet~

  14. love bromance between chun n ahin <33
    lol don't come without prepare be my girl's dance

  15. omg.. i hope Song Joongki & Park Minyoung will also attend !! JALGEUM QUARTET !! ^^

    • i’m sure their invited too, and other skks actors and staff. kangsungpil is definitely going it seems, plus jaejae’s various other celebrity friends. maybe ayu will come again haha, that’ll be awesome. plus his japanese friends.

      • Fukutarou has been talking about the Live the other day, I just didnt understand what he was talking about but he kept mentioning JYJ Live and Jejung.

  16. I wonder if Hyunjoong’ll go for the concert as well.
    Is he in Korea? xD

  17. OMG SO CUTE~~~~~~~~

    AI and YC is so so so so cute 2gether!

    AI called Chun like calling his younger brother <3

  18. I hope many ppl & celebrities will go & support them .

  19. so glad to hear our boys hv many supports…so so happy to read something positive…

  20. […] [Trans] 101125 Yoo Ah In and JYJ Yoochun show off close friendship that was formed through “Su… […]

  21. please drag Soong JoongKi there too, the world needs more of SSK’s beautiful boys interaction <3

    • yes drag Joongki and Min Young i miss all four in SKKS T^T i want see them doing the be my girl dance XDDD

  22. I’d love to see Ah In dancing to Be my Girl

  23. Guys pls vote for all JYJ categories

    • Already vote, hope they win.

  24. Yoochun & Yoo Ah In is so cute and sweet ne. ^^

  25. omg SMALL chunchun!? so he IS small!

    *blushes* *hides*

    • oh my god sun!

    • what are u 2 talking about? i dont understand.. lol

      • i’m talking about the size of his…..uhm….*blushes* you know…guy part? =D

        *runs to hide*

    • good imagination, you guys so fun…

  26. he dancing be my girl? really?
    ahh…wanna see this man dancing hohohohoho…
    please give us fancam xDDDD

  27. omg so adorable, i love this friendship <3

  28. Aww..another adorable friendship. I’m glad Yoochun’s gained another good chingu because of SKKS drama. I’m quite confused, when did Ah In called Yoochun all the cute, sweet nicknames..”Yoochun-ah, Chunchun, Small Chunchun, Yoo Sweetie”. I thought he just called YC name randomly.

  29. Someone pleases loan me some money so I can go to Korea and go to the concert. I promise I pay you for 5 years!! slow but I will pay back every penny of it!>< .. I wanna cry TT

    • don’t cry bb, you so cute I cry with you alright? but no money hahaha


  31. SKKS casts are so cute…these two are especially close…someone needs to fancam him dancing!

    I’m really glad Chun changed Ah In’s view of idols.

  32. This is such sweet news..its nice to read of their close friendship..& it would be cute too see a fancam of him dancing..i hope that micky is able to keep in contact with all the cast from the drama..
    *Alou..anya*..syc admin*!..^_^ you all are so funny in your comments..they really made me laugh..syc Thank you for sharing ^_^

  33. lol…
    They’re so cuteeee
    hope SJK n PMY come…
    n they’ll dance together
    how cute they are?

  34. ooh man yoo ah in is so funny whats up with all the pet names XD im so glad they bonded.

    use the “OTHER” field to write


  36. Yoochun is so handsome!

  37. awwwww~this is so sweet <33333

    thx for sharing dear!!

  38. “Yoochun-ah, Chunchun, Small Chunchun, Yoo Sweetie”

    ChunChun??’ xDDD LOL ok that was CUTE <3
    BTW i feel so depressed cuz i wont have my laptot this weekend….WHY THIIIS WEEKEND! I was anticipating this concert one month ago…God tell me why? T____T

  39. i wanna see geol oh dancing to be my girl!!!together wif d other skks casts also!!!it’s gonna be fun ^^

  40. OMG Yoo Ah In is soooooo HOTT!!!! i fell for him when i started to watch the drama of course my love yoochun was stronger LOL
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay makes me happy that are good friends and that he is supporting yoochun if someone is reading the comments in this site
    and good luck guys on the concert it seems like its gonna be AMAZING!!!

  41. I think it’s so nice if Ah In call Yoochun by these lovely nicknames .

  42. […] from Yoo Ah In news “You must practice the dance before you come, please do not come […]

  43. Ooh, celebrities are supporting JYJ… Or rather, Yoochun in this case but all the same, YAY! I wonder if Duobangshinki will be there… I think I saw/ heard a rumor/ news that Changmin actually went to support Junsu for his musical…

  44. Yeah SKKS love! And I love the celebrity friends of theirs that will be attending ^____^


    ‘The Beginning’ by JYJ for Best Billboard Album of the year please…..

  45. yoo ah in is so cute…. he calls chunnie “small chunchun”……. ahhhhh so cute!!!!! Garol!!? <3

  46. it’s nice to know their close friendship. chunnie’s nicknames are cute!

  47. hahahhahaha~ Ah in is younger than chunnie but treating him like a younger brother. such bromance…

  48. so nice :)

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