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[Pic] 101123 Lim Byung Han Twitter Update

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credit: limbyunghan
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  1. awww so cute!!!^^

  2. his hair’s black now??????

  3. omaigod that Junchan?? his hair not Red? is this photo recent?? its totally made my day after “chaos” made by SM this morning. CUTEEEEEE


  5. cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. junsu looks chubby here.. hehe

  7. Aawwweee.. Junsuuu!!
    Tigger trying to put his paw inside junsu’s nose!!

    And i just cant help to notice the “other” part of junsu’s lower body.. Dat position is just soooo inviting… Gggaahhhh..

    • LOL!!!!!!!!!

      I noticed that too hahahahahaa!!!!! > /\ <''

    • that’s the best part of this pic ><

    • I totally agree abt the lower part…*sorry* for being so pervvy

    • OMG you made my day or morning with your comment
      its 3am over here (gahh i have school) and im trying soooooooo hard not to laugh
      lol i also noticed it i was like
      “dont look dont look DONT LOOK”…………..i looked XD

    • hehehe. that’s the first thing i noticed too……. hehehehe :) :) :) :) i totally blame him for making me this way………..

    • that i noticed too >///<

      • owh babeh!!

    • notice dat too!!!*perv mode*

    • first thing i noticed too^_=
      we are a bunch of pervs!!

    • O.O Wow. Someone was excited to see his cat …

    • 0_0.. That’s position where we all want to sit straddle on his lap and lend to kiss him or rub his *coughingggg** I think I’ll shut up.. *ON Junsu perv mode..*

    • haha…loled at your comments guys.. :P
      i want to be wholesome but…but…ahhh..can’t help it..XDD..why Su baby is sooo sexy…*stare at……..* aish! forgive me God…

      • my feelings exactly!!!!

        these men make it hard to keep respectable thoughts in my head

  8. *cough*ilookdownathispants*cough*

    • i thought i’m the only one who ‘unintentionally’ look at it~ ^^

    • too

  9. No one sees what I see? ^///^

    • Oh fine! 3 comments all at 2:28pm >D

      • And all 2:28 pm comments are about…. *cough*

      • Hahaha.. My vision was attracted to IT immediately..

      • LOL :-D

    • it’s too obvious to not look at too..

      • lol, quoting something from susu “all girls are the same”

    • lol. ^^;;;;
      I did.

      So did I noticed the 3 phones.

    • I saw oh my now I cant unsee lol

    • Oh you perverts. *joins in the club* xD

  10. who is lim byung han?

    • Young-pil’s brother? Just my guess :)

  11. wanna be Tigger~ \>O</

  12. omg.. Junchan !! ><

  13. im seeing “thing” kekke, su ah, did u lean it from jae?

  14. Junsu: Tiggerr i miss u soo much…
    Tigger:*holds out his paw* stop trying to kiss me..u were having so much fun w Mr. Egg.. U even slept w him..i hate u..

    • I love ur comment!! LOL!!!!

      Tigger: u slept with mr. Egg T____T


    • XD

    • loool XDD

      luv ur comment :D

    • LOL

      so cute ><

    • I heart this comment. <333


    Btw Tigger is SMILING!!! <3

  16. I lookin to junsu and the cat but when I scrolled down and saw the phones I was more interested. Hehe sorry for being so hyper about JJ XD

  17. All I saw was a cat paw up Junsu’s nose. And three phones. All possibly belonging to one person. lmao

  18. Can i set in ur lap susu ??! xD

  19. aaaawww~~~~ both are soooo cute <333

  20. susu look cool with any hair color, but i still like black the best

  21. Junsu so cute holding Tiger… after scroll down my eyes….OH My God Sun!!!!

  22. oh guys, did u vote in for our boys yet.
    i’m sorry but i have to say why shinee have more votes then tvxq

  23. JUNSU!!!!!!!
    he is soo making our imaginations run wild

  24. He’s back in black? Going to miss the striking red hair Junsu.

    He’s probably a bit excited playing w/ Tigger. :P

  25. Uuhh…I like his tight jeans…/nosebleed

  26. i was like aaawwww….so cute! then my eyes travelled down and i was like oohhhh…so big. then i saw the 3 phones and i was like…oh, that is so jae.

    hahah…and susu has black hair again <3

    • XDDDD
      Totally my reaction…
      Bout the phoneS…he doesn’t put a protective cover on them…that’s way he tends to break’em XD

      • i’ve always thought junsu is the careful one with his belongings. and is that a PINK phone i see…? hahaha

  27. so cute…happy Junsus is dark again…the red hair was red for me

  28. is this pic recent ??? why does he have black hair now!!!!!!!!!! he looks hot in red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. cats hate being held I know mines hate when I go near his face I get paw smacked lol

    • really, my cat loves being held. maybe just my cat

      • I have two. One likes to be held when its on his time and the other he likes to smack if you hold him lol

  30. tigger…so grown up ea…kyaaahhh

  31. omo JunsuxTigger new couple? ><

  32. Omggggg listen to me friends who are reading this article now…I have a feeling that maybe Lundy read my tweets…firstly,I once tweeter to him in a joking manner..I wrote “oh my god xiah!!keke” and the next day Hindu announced that he would make a ojmygod sun remake!! I wad a bit surprised then…^^ I thought maybe he read my tweet?;) then a few days later I tweeter to him”annually oops!!;)” and that afternoon he tweeter”abjuring haseyo!” and yesterday I tweeter to him again…”oops! It’s bad to dye your hair too’s not good for your hair…you look cool in
    Black hair too!;)” and today…..he really change his hair black!!!!!!> < Omg and guys I am serious …my account is"Cassie_shinki" and my name is Tiffany…I tweeter to him in Korean and you can follow me and check!!!really!! You can check the time I tweeter and the time he tweeter too!!;)

  33. *sees the hair*: “lol he dyed his hair again, now it’s black”
    *sees the kitty*: “omo Tigger is sooo cute”
    *looks down down down* : “OMG JUNSU!!! What are you so excited about? lol”

    God it’s like an invitation…GOD GOD GOD first Jae and now Su..really are they trying to kill me?!? I mean, us, Cassies :D

  34. sorry about my previous post..I type it on my ipod and it sounds a bit weird…I will type it again. here…(must readdddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Omggggg listen to me friends who are reading this article now…I have a feeling that maybe Junsu read my tweets…firstly,I once tweeted to him in a joking manner..I wrote “oh my god xiah!! keke” and the next day he tweeted and announced that he would make a ohmygod sun remake!! I wad a bit surprised then…^^ I thought maybe he read my tweet?;) then a few days later I tweeted to him”annyeong oppa!!;)” and that afternoon he tweeted”annyeong haseyo!” and yesterdy I tweeted to him again…”oopa! It’s bad to dye your hair too’s not good for your hair…you look cool in Black hair too!;)” and today…..he really change his hair black!!!!!!> < Omg and guys I am serious …my account is"cassie_shinki" and my name is Tiffany…I tweeted to him in Korean and you can follow me and check!!!really!! You can check the time I tweeted and the time he tweeted too!!;)
    I am not some random fan and I am not lying….^^/ haha junsu I love you^^

  35. o.O

    • ^ this! haha! DAEMUL indeed!

      • Daemul bigtime” LOL!

    • LOL… i finally realize after my friend told me the exact part
      absolutely daemul

    • LOL!!!!!!! Daemul!! XD

  36. hehehe <3

    thx for sharing dear!!

  37. uhm….i’m sorry but my eyes went somewhere else instead of his face or the cat. oh wait, i’m not apologetic enough because i like what i saw anyways =D

  38. waaahh
    so cuutee junsuu

  39. AWWW~! THIS IS TOO CUTE! >.<

    SuSu, why are you like this? xD

  40. whay i love him so much, why?

    love wont make you cry or ask why, oh why


  41. woah nelly, susu’s packin’

    kitty’s cute too

  42. woww…junchannn!!your hair is black now!
    waiii so kyutttttttttttt! X)

  43. LOL at upper comment :D

  44. ls. vote : THE BEGINNING by JYJ

  45. OMG Sun!! I love this pic…
    Su lower part is *cogh* really Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. He killed me by his butt, and now… O.o”

  47. ………….. His pants……….

    Omg didn’t the person who uploaded this realize it 8D?

    • I mean… It’s really REALLY obvious xD

  48. Big???
    I can see it too…. lol

  49. yesss I love his black hair and everyting about him

  50. Urghh, I keep slipped back staring at this pic. (6 times already) *end up save pic so I can look if I’m thirsty for Junus* LOL!!! Now It hit me.. start thinkin, ermm Junsu sit there with kitty with his nice bulge soo… WHO TAKING PICTURE OF JUNSU??? 0_0 Yoochun perhap? *Yoosu moments hidden* Ya never know.. 0.o I swear if I am Chunnie, I would took this pic of him, to just drive fans nuts with Junsu caught hot moments. xD

    • I think junsu didn’t know someone took his picture. I’m sure he would be careful about his XXX.. if he knew it

  51. OMG JUNSU.. You are seriously too HOT to handle!

    If I am the person taking this pic, I think I will have the urge to pounce on him.. XD

  52. Jae-bulge….Jun-bulge….im thinking to much

    • me too….. XD

  53. lol thats soo cute XD i think tigger is smiling too look at that catty grin! pervert! lol

    i wonder who is taking the pik. i clicked on da credits but twitter says page don’t exist. well that person is hella lucky to witness sucha innocent and cute moment of junsu n tigger….. n that BULGE! >///<

  54. I’m byung lim is young pil’s brother… He’s also the one that took a video of tiger and leo that spreaded on youtube… Check his twitter, there are a lot of Junsu’s cats pictures in it…

    And yeah. Oh well.. The bulgeeeee.. And this is the cutest pic ever, and I don’t even a cat lover.. I don’t like cattttt.. :(

  55. I was wondering why this post got 100 comments, I see it’s little junsu’s fault :D

    • lol! Could someone point me to the Jae-bulge pic? The prob with me and Jae’s pics are that I get captured by his face… lol

    • yeah! me too..then i noticed ‘IT’…and now i’ve like a 100 megawatt smile plastered on my face! lol

  56. it looked like tigger ‘resist’ on Junsu,
    if it’s me …i just ‘surrender’ xD

  57. Tiger: No, hyung(oppa?), you’re not kissing me. Now get out of my face plzkthx.

  58. ok, everyone have said it all. Just wanna add… Seriously, are they like handphone dealers. They are always so handphone-rich! Haha!~

  59. Junsu’s so cute!
    I love him with black hair!

    I wonder if the other two dyed their hair too now.
    I want to see a black haired JJ again!


    ‘The Beginning’ by JYJ for Best Billboard Album of the year please…..

  60. Junsu ans kitty so cute!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

    thanks for sharing

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