Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 8, 2010

[Pic] 101108 Junho Twitter Update

사랑하는 우리가족사진~뮤콘 끝나고^^
Our lovely family photo~ After music show ends.

credit: iamzunoya
shared/trans by:


  1. >///<

  2. awwww happy family!! God Bless them…I like Papa Kim, he’s so cute!!=P

    • and not to mention, prolly one of the nicest person on earth!

      Junsu is handsome ^^

      what was written there, btw?

  3. Junho has a twitter acc??

    I never know that….

    Well, I guess Junsu and Junho’s parents must feel really blessed because they were given two handsome and talented children…

  4. for one moment I thought that our Leader hade a twitter too hahaha
    such a nice family :)

  5. Junsu looks like his Papa :P

  6. I think something missing, oh right daughter in law, father in law let me introduce my self,
    (I’m jaejoong bias, but since joongie was taken by yunnie and junsu was taken by chunnie)
    so I will take junho, hohoho

    • lol… Junho is more handsome than Junsu but not as kawaii ^^

    • LOL!!! >__<

    • because of your comment.. YOU WIN!!

  7. Junsu’s mom is very beautiful!!!

    His dad looks so kind..and Junsu just looks like him!!

    Lovely family :D

  8. happy family

  9. I think I saw Junsu’ dad many times on fancams taken by Cassies in airports during JYJ showcase tour, or that man was really really looking like Junsu’ dad :/

  10. Junsu’s pretty mum!

  11. what’s his twitter?, tell me please!
    and , I love that family <3

    • his twitter is @Iamzunoya ;)

  12. mom seems to be very happy..^^
    while dad looks so macho!
    Junho… you didn’t hear the 1,2,3 cheese or you just don’t wanna smile?? ^^
    or is that the way you smile?? ^^
    and Junsu… *kiss*

    • he is in his ‘charisma pose’ mode XD

      one small happy family ^^

      • ROFL. I was thinking that exact same thing. >v<
        Good thing he's in charge of it, right?

        His mom is so pretty. Su's eyes look like hers in the picture.

  13. lovely family…
    i want to be a part of this family *gets bricked* lol

    Handsome Su..and mama Kim is so pretty :D

  14. Mother Kim….looks like…one of my lecturers lol :D

    But I can’t believe she’s still so pretty despite her age, guess she didn’t win Miss Korea for nothing ^^

  15. Whoah! My family! =P

    Seems that they’re standing according to the height. ROFL

  16. just by seeing the photo makes my heart warm~

    i couldn’t imagine how happy i will be if someday in the future i stand in mama kim position, with my beloved husband and two super gergeous and kind sons :))
    i’ve said this several times, having my own family like kim’s is my dream XD

  17. Man… God bless Mrs. Kim… Junsu and Junho have been a handfull… XD

  18. their mom is beautiful. well what do u expect from a former miss korea XD

  19. sry junho but junsu looks so freaking hot in here =X

  20. awwww..its such a loving family picture..junsu & junho’s mum is very beautiful..and they both look very handsome..its lovely..Thank you for sharing ^_^

  21. I love this family pic! It is so sweet ^___^

    I want to see the other members updated family pics now…..(I’m so greedy……….goes and dies in a corner)

    send a letter to Oprah, Ellen, Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, Today Show, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America please ^___^

  22. Haaa~ >///<
    so lovely family ♥

  23. WOoOoOW… So much difference! Junho is tall n manly!

  24. beautiful family~ kim umma is so beautiful. her sons are so handsome. kim appa is so warm and have a gentle fatherly feel.

  25. Love this picture of the Kim family…they all look so fine. Mom Kim is beautiful. They’ve raised two very outstanding sons! Thanks for posting. You do a great job, SYC!

  26. junho and junsu look even more alike nowbecause of the hairstyle! yes i know they are twins but they used to have diferent styles
    ps. junho is hugeeeeeee

  27. my child’s future uncle, grandma, grandpa, and ofcourse, father.

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