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[Fanart] Jaejoong & JiJi

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  1. Oh gosh..someone needs to tweet that to Jae. That is hilarious, and I can so picture him doing that. Props to the artist.

    • lol u’re right. i’ll try to do that. thanks to the artist

  2. LMAO~ Poot jiji. Mean JJ

  3. hahaha yeahh~ tweet to Jae xD

  4. aaaaaaa CUTE!!!

  5. awwwwwwwwwww :)

  6. Cuuuuuuteeeee~~~ :D

  7. Omooo.. CUTEE~ (´ω`○)ノ
    Both jae and jiji..!

    Yes, this pic needs to be tweeted to jae :D

  8. it is cute!!!!!!!

  9. OMG, so cuteeeeeeeee! i can actually imagine him doing that ^^

    props to the creative cassie! XD

  10. OMFG THAT IS SO BLOODY ADORABLE *starry eyed* goodness… i agree with ryu, SYC, you HAVE TO tweet this to jae!!!!! xDDD we all should tweet this to jae xDDD so freakin cuuuuteeeee *_____*

  11. lmao XD cute. but poor jiji.

  12. Haha this is priceless

  13. so cute~~^^
    jae definitely should see this! :D

  14. omg how adorable, I bet this happened~ lolol ^^

  15. haha so cute..i can even spot ‘chang’ hanging to jae hp~~^^

  16. Hey, I helped you all tweeted the pic for him and thank you to the artist.

  17. Awww.. XD
    Men are stupid… I asked about everyone I know that owns a cat and we all agree that you don’t put a cat on a tredmill…

    But still, Jae is cute… But JiJi is SO the master.

  18. OMG there is an anti JYJ who sent those messages to JYJ
    (@6002theMicky I have every confidence in Yuno and Chanmin. I don’t have every confidence in J\J. I love Yuno and Chanmin. I loathe J\J.)
    (@0101xiahtic Let’s go saiban. Let’s go saiban. Let’s go saiban. All keep the fake!!!!!!!!!!!)
    (@mjjeje All keep the fake!!!!!!!!!!!)
    I didn’t understand the other messages she has been sending but that’s sooooo damn ruuuude!!!
    Here is her twitter —->!/yuchannnnnnnnn

    I think she’s Crasy!!! O.O

    • that is why they dont open a twitter account when twitter is being lauched and popular..

      I hate the antis!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hope the guys won’t give much thought to it and simply block the retard

    • Lol, she loves Changmin so much but can’t spell his name correctly? lol, and like the boys will care, they’re probably used to antis spouting this crap

    • Define: Bullying… If a person doesn’t get their way, they make you out to look or feel like the bad guy…like you are the wrong one. What you can do: Be firm and tell them that their bullying tactics are inappropriate and unacceptable. Is She working for SME or Avex ? or on her PMS? or get paid from relatives that working for SME? humm…

      Keep your eyes open for these behaviors and continue to stand your ground to ensure that you aren’t a victim of manipulation.

      I guess You can deny or allow those antis in tweets setting.

      JYJ fighting!

      I like this fanart, Jiji, treadmill, JJ with his cell, & hidden cat food..Hehehe….epic fun ….. :)

    • Seems like she deleted her stupid messages… Good for her.

      • yep better for her!!!!

    • They are just sad people that filled themselves with hate…it just pitty their lifes….must be filed with nothing for them to do such sad things…the boys will know better then to laugh those words off.

  19. soooo cutee!!

  20. omg, this is too cute! I think Jae will like it if he sees it. ^__^

  21. XD

  22. LOL cute!

  23. awww so adorable :3

  24. awwww..the fan art is so very cute..poor jiji ^^..jj’s so funny..Thank you for sharing ^_^

  25. LMAO poor cat XDDDDD
    I can’t believe he actually did it .. he is playing with the poor cat hahahaha XDDD

    so damn adorable XDD

  26. thats so cute…poor Jiji!

  27. he’s tweeting isn’t he?..ahh..adorable:)

  28. eu kyang kyang XDDD

  29. OMG….lol i could just image jaejae doing that..he love loves taking pictures…before it was of himself and his cat…make jiji do all the wonderful pose for great pictures….lol

  30. ROFLMAO at this!!

    Jae, please never change your dorky self.♥

  31. This is so cute….><

  32. too cute :”X

  33. ROFL!!!dats exactly what i imagined before XD

    he must see dis!!!

  34. awwww :3 cuteeee!!!

    thx for sharing dear!

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