Posted by: sharingyoochun | October 17, 2010

[SPAZZ] Yoochun in Running Man

In Running Man Ep12, Joong ki and the other cast’s received a punishment, wherein they had to wear hot pants.
Since Joong Ki had to film SungKyunKwan, he took pictures wearing the hot pants as evidence.



  1. lol wott? LOLLL XD

  2. hahahaha..they are so funny!!=)

  3. omg LAWLLLLL.

  4. Haha, he has such scrawny legs, although I can overlook that ’cause he’s just too cute. : )))

  5. ROLF…

    they r crazy XDDD

  6. Lol

  7. OMG..that’s funny

  8. lol


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  9. hahahhaha~ wat happen actually? why dey got punished?

  10. I saw that pic before of him in those hotpants and wondered if he dressed like that normally. Glad to know the story. That is a severe penalty for a guy to have to dress like that.

  11. idk what to say. but he looks malnourished =/

  12. ehhhhh?!!! O.o lol

  13. Oh my!!!! Song Joong Ki….

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