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[Fanaccount] 101016 JYJ ‘The Beginning’ Showcase in Singapore

Despite the showcase started late and was shorter than expected, ‘The Beginning’ showcase in Singapore overall satisfied me, as someone who came all the way (okay, only one and half hour, but still……..) to Singapore.

The points I love about this showcase are:
1. The MC was so funny. I love that guy! He’s truly funny and not annoying at all.
2. The handsome clumsy/nervous translator of the boys XDDD
Heard that he’s a Korean model in Singapore? not sure. But he was so nervous and I bet he’s afraid of Yoochun XDDDDDD
3. The fans. I so LOVE how everyone fairly stayed quiet during performance of a song and went hype up in between performances. I could see how the boys appreciated it a lot coz it means people do listen to their singing instead of only spazzing around on their looks.

4. the last yet the main point, THE TRIO’S LIVE PERFORMANCES!!!!!!

and this comes from someone who doesn’t even that impressed to their ‘The Beginning’ album before the showcase started, so you must count it on XD. I could enjoy their album much better after I watched the live performances yesterday. I always know that even as TVXQ, our boys always sound better LIVE, and this just becomes another prove of that–especially in Yoochun’s case. He always sounds as if he’s singing with his nose in recording, but it’s not it in live, and that’s my boy! ^o^

MC greeted everyone and asked us to do some fanchants. He then asked “How many luxury edition of ‘The Beginning’ released???”

Fans, “99.999!!!!!”
MC, “How many 9s????”
Fans, “FIVE!!!!!”
MC, “Indeed five is a special number right?”
MC, “Don’t be too sensitive. I don’t mean anything. I just want you to count til five so and call JYJ.”


With that, JYJ arrived on stage! The showcase opened with ‘Empty’.

I feel like it’s been forever since I saw them dancing on stage! And they’re still impressed me a lot with their strong powerful choreo yet stable voices. I always love to tease Yoochun at my fanaccounts who tends to make mistakes during choreo, lol but this time he didn’t give me a chance (damn) since all three members proceed their dance flawlessly.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I like ‘Empty’ choreo a lot!!! Especially the waving hands during ‘Why don’t you let it go, let it go, let it go…”

Btw, I’m not sure what to say with Junsu’s costume ^^;;;; I know something was weird when I saw that boy appeared on stage, but then I laughed loudly once he turned his back (I was so busy last week that I couldn’t even on line and saw their pictures from previous showcases so everything looked new to me)…… WTH?!!!

Oh okay okay, he looks sexy—but that’s because his dance, he could still looked sexy without this outfit, but oh well, from the scream of girls when he showed his back figure, I could assume only me who doesn’t really adore his outfit :P

After ‘Empty’, they continued with ‘Be The One

Junsu and Jaejoong sounded even more powerful than recording in this performance, you can imagine their charismatic scream in every live perf??? Yep, exactly like that ^^–Yoochun took part mostly in low note area, but I have to applause him for being able to sound his voice clearly, no need to even listen it carefully to find his voice as his low note voice sounds as clear as the other two’s high note.

I didn’t remember the dance in this song……….. hmmm….. I think it’s something to do with complicated hand moves or something. Not as memorable as ‘Empty’ in my opinion.

After two songs… the trio left the stage and video ‘To You from JYJ’ was played.


Be My Girl‘ was next presented on stage!!!

A kind of song with mic dance during their TVXQ period, full of sexiness!!!!!!
Junsu was drown in his hip swing dance the most, ROFLMAO. It was during “She should be my baby… *swing!* baby…. *swing, swing* baby~ *fans fainted*” XDD I couldn’t dare to see his expression, I bet he’s biting his lower lips during his butt swing XD

Jaejoong was not as dedicated as Junsu in swinging, he looked shy as he seemed to hold back his smile a lot, kekekekeke~

Yoochun…………. is just being Yoochun.
He’s doing you-must-kill-me-first-if-you-want-me-to-sway-like-that-but-I’ll-give-you-sexy-voice-and-horny-expression-instead :D


I love the part “Wanna love you girl, love you girl, love you girl… Wanna get you girl, get you girl….”, it’s a sweet scene where Junsu moving his body forward to JaeChun saying “Wanna love you girl…” in high note and JaeSu replied moving forward their body too “love you girl…” in lower note–got the idea? It’s the first time they smiled at each other on stage ^^

Next video played was the scenes from their recording in USA.

At the end of the video were interviews with Rodney Jerkins, Malik Yusef, and backing vocals of the album. Everyone screamed when Rodney (?) said something that it’s only few Asians who could work in US, and JYJ had what it takes to break US.

Then the members took the stage again, accompanied by the MC and their oh-so-handsome translator, lol
They came out on stage with a different set of outfits. Junsu in a white sleeveless shirt, black sleeveless blazer, and grey pants. Jaejoong wore a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, and blue jeans. Yoochun got his bat-like sweater from the album cover, with tight-fitting leather pants. Due to the wide collar, Yoochun just basically let his left collarbone and shoulders revealed all the time (God bless you, honey)

I couldn’t remember everything but I’d write ones I thought it’s interesting.

Junsu greeted, “Annyeong haseyo, Xiah Junsu imnida, gomapsemnida…” and the clumsy translator translated, “Hello my name is Xiah Junsu………” when Jaejoong started to laugh and Yoochun protested cutely in english, “Yaa.. you don’t have to translate that!”

ROFLMAO. I could see the translator guy got dumbfounded.

Jaejoong greeted in english (afraid that the poor translator would translate his greet, probably, lol), “Hi, how are you? I’m JJ” *big grin* he always looked to enjoy calling himself JJ, lol

Yoochun who still brought his bubbly mood in the morning said, “Hi guys! Hi!!! *waves waves* I’m…….. (YC’s mind: Micky? or Yoochun? But Jaejoong called himself JJ, so I should be….) MICKY” *not sure not sure* and the MC walked closer to him, saying funnily “Oh, hi.. I’m MINNIE!”

Yoochun went “……………………………..” with his cute deathly gaze XDDD and the MC who I bet couldn’t recognize Chun’s joking expression said quickly, “Eh. I’m kidding.”

ROFLMAO. Good job! Yoochun made two people startled in less than 10 minutes.

MC said this showcase would be JYJ first world wide showcase and even at this venue, they were not only Singaporeans who attended, then he shouted, “Who’s from KOREA???”

*kyaa!!! (few voices only)*

“TAIWAN???? *kyaa!!* HONG KONG??? *kyyaa!!* MALAYSIA??? *KYAA*”

and he went nuts starting to call countries that were definitely not existed such as “SPAINNNN???????”

LOL and fans kept cheering anyway, no matter which country was called.

Then Jaejoong shouted, “Again, KOREA????!!!!!!”


MC: Why all of sudden all of you are from Korea? ^^;;;
(I didn’t scream at Korea though, I screamed at SPAIN ^^)

The question to them were:
What was your recent activities aside from preparing for showcase?

which the translator had the Q translated badly (he mumbled) that made JaeSu confused and Yoochun pointed at him laughing with expression “You said it wrong!!!” and finally the translator said helplessly “You guys (fans) made me nervous!!!!!” lol

The boys went “……” for sometime and this happened at every questions XD
Jaejoong never wanted to answer first so he would either pointed at Junsu or Yoochun “YOU. ANSWER”.

Yoochun volunteered to answer first (he always answered in english) saying he’s with drama, Junsu said he had musical concert (MC: who watched his musical???!!!” Fans: *only few* “Kyaa!” JYJ: *laughs*), and Jaejoong said he had acting before but recently it was preparing for the showcase.

The MC asked them their most favorite dance moves and demonstrated that, and JaeChun went evil as they’re always be, calling “JUNSUUUUUUU~” asking that poor dolphin to stand up (“Why is it always ME?!”) and demonstrate their own favorite dance move, lol (probably it was not Junsu’s favorite, but what’s more important to JaeChun was it was THEIR favorite and Junsu had to demonstrate that XDDDD)

JaeChun: “You should be my….”
Junsu: *sighing as he knew where it headed to* XDD
JaeChun: “Baby…. baby… baby… baby…” Junsu: *swing swing swing swing~*


Next the MC asked about their feeling after finally the album was completed.

At this point, rather than listening to translator, Jaejoong seemed to trust Yoochun’s translation more, lol only Junsu who depended on that poor guy ^^;;;

Junsu was a bit hard to the translator as he kept talking long lines thus the translator could only catch the main point of his words. It was like:

Junchan: U^%^$%$#$@#!$%^&%&^*(&(*(&^&%$@#@!@%$^&%^*&*( …. YYRT$$W#QW@8765$##@@#@#!#
Translator: he said he’s excited about it.

Yoochun: WTF?
Jaejoong: …………………?


Su finally learnt from it, though and he started to say one sentence *wave to the translator to translate*, another sentence *wave again to translator*, and another sentence ^^ baby is fast learner XD

MC asked which member got cried after the album completed, and fans chanted “YOOOCHUNNNN!!!!”

Yoochun pointed himself cutely, then shook both finger and head. Yet as he turned his head to Jaejoong to ask for confirmation that he didn’t cry, he showed Jaejoong’s finger was pointing at him as well, ROFLMAO. Junsu nodded too. Thus Yoochun confessed, “Okay, I ALMOST got cried.”

Jaejoong answered to question about feeling to work with famous producer like Kanye West and he said, he couldn’t believe it until he actually met and worked with him.

As usual, question about ideal girl type. Translator guy did good job during this question for some reasons, lol

Junsu said he didn’t have particular type, he could just fall as he met her and knew her personality. Jaejoong said he loved pretty hands, it doesn’t matter about her looks, but pretty hands.

Junsu showed changing expression and said something in Korean, pointing at Jaejoong. The translator bowed to listen to it and Junsu told him, and the guy said, “Junsu said Jaejoong was a liar.”


Jaejoong got ashamed, but he fixed the situation by saying “…………… and as long as she loves me…”


Yoochun, again, just being a Yoochun, went all flirty saying “This is my first time going to Singapore and when I saw the girls, I go ‘wooowwww….'” MC said, “Then you should just stay longer in Singapore!”

Yoochun, “May………………be?”


Now about their habit during recording, I didnt get this part well, but Junsu seemed to say that actually there was not any special habit, but he always insisted to put chorus at left side.

Jaejoong replied, “Me, I insisted to put it at right side.”
Junsu, “Yeah me at left side.”
Jaejoong, “While me at right side.”

MC to YC, “What bout you? You put it in the middle?”
Yoochun, “No. Up side.”


I guess since everything was in English, Yoochun got himself better attached to the atmosphere, he had major laughs here and there from leaning back on his chair, swaying his head backside, and fumbling out his chair. He’s all bubbly!

Junsu was cute too, but he couldn’t be as free as in Korea, probably to reply questions.

While Jaejoong, he’s still in his shy mode, eventhough he didn’t seem to shy when he frequently half-opened his leather jacket during interview, made the girls screaming, he grinned naughtily, and pulled his jacket back on XDD I think he’s actually feeling hot in that leather jacket, lol

MC asked fans to do ‘Be My Hubby’ project we’ve prepared in the beginning of event, before the boys arrived.

JYJ looked confused as they couldnt listen to us screaming clearly, but Yoochun confirmed, “Annyeonghaseyo… Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu?”


JYJ: Annyeonghaseyoooooo

Then we sang in fail to ‘Ayyy Girl’. It should be like this: we sing “Ayyy girl….” JYJ helped, “Try to be my baby” and so… but we just….. you know, fail, lol. Yoochun said, “What kind of singing is that?” Jaejoong and Junsu laughed.

So they asked us to do it once more, and it didnt get any better, just a bittttt better but not helping at all XD yet Yoochun showed his appreciation by clapping his hands and smiled widely while Junsu tried his english for the first time, “VELLIE GOOD.” Fans “KYAAAAA!!!” Junsu got excited (I succeed!) and said again, “WONDERRFUL!”

Jaejoong and Yoochun laughed (together with the rest of us) XDDDD

Jaejoong then introduced the next song in Korean. We heard words like “SungKyunKwan Scandal” and “Chajatta” so we just screamed in excitement after he finished his words, the translator who almost translated Jaejoong’s words closed his mouth again, lol Someone needs to hug that man, I volunteer, after Yoochun doesn’t see me XDD

Chajatta‘ was the best performance that included all fans in union. We sang together during chorus, and waved hands together (alright, everyone was waving light sticks, actually, but I didn’t have one so I was waving white paper ^^;;)

I was dazzled to Yoochun’s high voice during “Saranghae, nol saranghaeee~” he’s still good at it. Jaejoong finally got all happy expression during this song, his voice in chorus stole my heart. And finally I always LOVE Junsu’s low shaky voice!

Then the trio left the stage once more, and there was an interview video about each member talking about their pursue in the future.

Junsu–appeared handsomely–said something like it’s been his dream to stand and sing on stage, and even now it seems that his dream is accomplished, he still wants to live in this dream as long as possible, hopefully til forever.

Jaejoong–appeared gorgeously–said that his wish was to sing together with the members on stage, thus he felt happy to join JYJ. He realized that he couldn’t be a singer forever (and WHY IS THAT, baby?) that is why he tried to do a lot of things other than singing as well.

Yoochun–….. and his forehead–said he loved how he could become free expressing his soul on stage, and he wished that it could be continuing like that.

Ayyy Girl‘ finally took the stage!
I don’t really like ‘Ayyy Girl’ before, but this live performance changed my mind.
The song has addicting beat and sexy vibe dance too, and all parts I didn’t like in this song sounded shockingly great live.

Yoochun tried to cover the rap part, but he didn’t remember the lyrics (LOL) so he just repeated every ending words in each line.

At the end of performance, Yoochun represented his buddies saying in English that it was regretful that their time was short in Singapore, but let’s meet again in a CONCERT next year!


All three said thank you together and Yoochun added, “Always Keep The Faith!” and

there we proceed to the final song, ‘Empty Remix

Everyone got wild, and rushed over to the front. Me? I stayed at my place since I was close to stage already (okay. I just don’t like running) yet I stood up on my chair!!

We’re all jumping and singing together, it was a real fun final stage!!!

They exited the stage at the same way they entered, through a stage lift in the middle of stage. We screamed “ENCORE!” but in the end had to accept that the showcase was indeed over.

Phew!!! Finally! That was my showcase report!
I believe Legra had tweeted all along the showcase for you guys? It was an exciting moment, I didn’t even realize that it was only 45 minutes as it’s just perfectly packaged. They’re great entertainers and singers that wouldn’t make you yawning even at an interview session :)

Hopefully I will be able to meet them again real soon, even better, holding the other two members along with them too ^^ Definitely if they’re holding a concert next year, I will come!!!

Good bye for now JYJ, please bring even more great music for us!!! (^o^)/



  1. woots!!just like how it went!!thanks to this post!=)) the part where yoochun shouted “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH & STAND UP!!” woots!!hahaha!! totally ignore the quest’s rules..hahah..we all stand up and JUMP JUMP JUMP!!=))))

  2. first!!

    very nice showcase in sngpore but today we fans in malaysia got a promised from the boys they will COME again
    for a CONCERT!!!! NX year summer…kyaaaa….scream along with fans!!!!!

    • attend the showcase in KL?write your fanaccount for us please…i browsed SYC every one hour to read JYJ’s fanaccount in KL…pic and vid too^^

      • lol me too

        I need to schedule time in for homework too

        The first thing I do when I wake up is check SYC

    • s’pore showcase is so much better than ours (m’sia), i think, but maybe bcz i’m not vip tix holder. our translator is a bit better than yours and yoochun the ones among them that are comfortable enough to speak in english so he talks a lot, which is AWESOME!!! during q&a, Junsu is busy with the translator and Yoochun is busy having good laugh with the MC which makes Jae kinda lost (?), but that just me.

      • totally what i have in malaysia they didn.t even sit..the mc part quite rushing..

      • @hanie, yes i think that singapore showcase is more fun

        and Jae was REALLY LOST at KL showcase yet it was soo cute XD

        even at the yes or no question he asked the other members, Jae-aahh the question is for you lah!!! I still remember jae said something in english but i couldnt understand what he said..i think he said something like “I something something something Malaysia” XD people just kept screaming.

        and i cant forget the part when yoochun said “I love you lah, We miss you lah” yoochun is killing us with his cuteness.

      • hmm but i tink jyj oppa smiled more brillantly in kl showcase commpared to singapore. >.< (just my opnion) but srsly , i dislike quest very much. they made junsu cried n returned earlier th previous time junsu came with junho to sin for showcase. . and furthermore, some of the vip holders used connections to get th tickets. i really hoped they would be managed by other companies instead of quest instead !

        oppas must keep hwaiting . KYAA ^^

  3. thanks for the extremely detailed fanaccount.

    haha. i went for the showcase too but i was quite bothered that jaejoong didn’t smile as much as yoochun & junsu did. but after reading your account, my feelings changed 180 degrees. haha.

    i was so high during the whole SC that i kept on smiling like an idiot.

    hope that when we go for their concert next yr in SG, i will have a chance to meet SYC admins ^^

    • “i was quite bothered that jaejoong didn’t smile as much as yoochun & junsu did.”
      Me too~
      But I do really feel better reading this fanacct ^^

    • me too~~ :)

  4. I wonder the pink wristband that JJ took is Thai’swristband “we love the King” or not..
    I’d surely cry if it’s like I think..


    • yes, it is. It is pink wristband ‘we love the king’. I love you so much JJ T___T

      • We love our King
        Love JJ
        thank u very much

  5. I love your fan account. It practically brought me back to the concert itself. Thank you for sharing~! They’ll forever be the best for me :)

  6. lol… yoochun and his forehead.

    glad you had a great time! i’m jealous you got to watch the showcase and walk beside them in the airport. ^^

  7. Nice fanaccount! I enjoyed reading it <3! love the boys~

  8. Shinta… Thanks a lot :-)
    *hug you*
    Once again I say… you always have that interesting way to tell stories! I very luv this… so detailed and funny…
    Luv You! :-)

  9. thank you very much for your account, really. I feel like I am at the concert too………..
    it is so funny and…….ah………….I love it
    Chunnie is too cute here, it is a pity that Jae and Su cant speak in English, rite………..

  10. Omg your fan-account was indeed enjoyable. Love it! <3 Glad everyone had fun. ^^

  11. I like this coverage of the showcase. I like this article. I love it that this just made me recalled what happened to me, to us magically last night! Awwww~ >.<

  12. Wow. The best fanaccount I read.

    Thank you for sharing!

    I can’t wait for our turn :>


    Always Keep The Faith. :)

  13. Oh my! Your fan account is so detailed! HAHA you make everything sound like its happening again! And i thought everyone screamed at the question when the host asked who watched the musical. Lol i screamed like crazy although i didn’t go. Lol.

  14. I love your fanaccount. So detailed and cute. <3 Was thinking back about everything yesterday, gosh they gotta come back!!! ^^

    I love Su's 'VELLLLLIIII GOOD' Junsuuuuuuu <3

    • me too i loved the fact that i could experience su’s loved english!

      he’s got an aptitude for singlish! they have to come sg moar!

  15. i super love this fan account! thank you

  16. the difference between jae’s butt and junsu’s butt is very OBVIOUS.

    great fan account btw.

  17. finally! ur showcase fanaccount :D
    same like other comments, feels like i’m in the concert itself^^ ur fanaccount is really enjoyable and fun to read ;)

    thanks for sharing <333

  18. lol this fanaccount is cute

  19. I didn’t know it was shinta you! I was laughing throughout the whole fan account LOL. junsu’s swing swing IS SO SEXY KYAAAAAAA. I kept staring at him HAHA. The boys are just too awesome. And I can totally understand how does the translator feels, who wouldn’t be nervous beside jyj! HAHA. just love the sc, and they are so good live <333333 wanna go to their concert next year, see you guys there ^^ AND ADMIN YOU'RE SO DAMN FUNNY HAHAHA.

  20. Q envidia…!!! muero x verlos..!!! XD Xunie X3


  22. thank you shinta sweetheart! your fanaccount is so nice!

    i didn’t mind the MC too like some did, i thought his emcee-ing was so fail it was amusing.

    this account brought me back to the showcase itself. *saves*

  23. This report is so effin amazing! I laughed out loud reading it. This story is vellie good~

  24. Unnie….

    you n oppas…both r cute ><….this fanacc is tottaly cute, I'm grinning from beginning till end!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    Ps: Please consider to make a novel or something, u r good in writing!!

    • U guys read this

      is it true?? I mean Junsu broke a chair?? O.o

      • O___O that was kind of scary.
        But I honestly dun believe Su baby will break a chair?! I mean, Junsu have been performing for so many year, and there due to be mistakes here and there..I mean nothing will be perfect everytime right? Even if he was upset because he did a mistake (honestly, JYJ was awesome ytd, the sound system sucks though) he wouldnt go to the extent of… breaking a chair?!
        And alright, I don’t believe Quest suck to that extent. If they were, Zuno wouldnt come back for a 2nd showcase yeah. Well, that’s my opinion.

        And there’s definitely alot more than 1000 ticks sold, it’s not like really alot of them were given out.

        That blog, misleading IMO. But yeah, up to people to believe :)

      • erm… honestly I don’t believe this … too much negative and I don’t like it …


      • Thanks for sharing the link!Read it and find it absolutely absurd.The author even admit in one of the comment that she’s not a fan of dbsk/jyj.*pffft
        I think we shall just trust fanaccounts posted by syc,more reliable:)

        lol,I even wrote a comment there(I’m too hotheaded lol) but I have no idea if she’s going to publish it.

        @yjcms Totally agree with you!

      • @yjcms:

        Yes, u r rite!! Maybe Junsu did upset abt something else but imagin he broke a’s just too much! n Jae soak him self in cold water…ehehehehehe…maybe she’s being delusional ^^;;;

        @Minniemine: n I feel offended !!!

      • that’s one hell of a crazy fanaccount lol.

      • This wasn’t a negative account of the boys. She’s mainly feeling angry that Quest handled the entire showcase poorly and our boys had to work with a very mismanaged schedule. On top of a press conference that asked questions they were told not to ask and the sound system not working to tickets being unsold, it’s no wonder our boys were pissed off. Quest hired third rate MCs and translators that asked stupid repetitive questions and did not translate well. On top of which, various accounts were saying that they weren’t hydrated and were hungry and ate cup noodles (don’t know how accurate that is).

        I’m furious. But not at our boys but at Quest and at fans for begging them to go and then not fulfilling their part of the bargain by ensuring that seats were filled. I would never ask JYJ to come to my area unless I’m positive that the seats will be filled. Otherwise, I don’t want them to come. I’ll go to them instead.

        That blogger was not badmouthing our boys at all. She said they gave their all to their flawless performance (technical difficulties notwithstanding) and that the only reason they pulled through was to make their fans happy. They are so grateful and appreciative of their fans. This totally warmed my heart. The Junsu breaking chair and soaking in cold water part wasn’t to say Junsu had a bad temper but that he’s a perfectionist who felt disappointed that he couldn’t give his best to his fans because of the mistakes of incompetent people that organized the showcase.

      • @Cecilia

        yea I got her main point and I wasn’t offended. Yet reading her blog, I felt so bad for the boys and I really hope she was overreacting, because I don’t want the boys to suffer and get upset like the way she described it.

      • I agree with everything Cecilia just said. Fans need to remember that these men are human. They feel emotions like anger too. And it isn’t just Su who is a perfectionist it is the other two too. Their perfectionism is what got them this far and got them this many fans.

        I can actually imagine them getting that angry. I myself, am a pretty clam person, but the nonprofit company that I have been working with for the last 6 years just changed its management and they are screwing everything up. Some of the things they are doing make ME SOOOOOO angry.

        So with that amount of chaos happening behind the scenes……and that much un-professionalism I would be super ANGRY too. Hence the broken chair……

        And they ditched the boys at a hotel without feeding them all day? O__O
        Next year when/if the boys come to Singapore……fans at Singapore must make arrangements for them on their own………or bombard QUEST with VOLUNTEER requests etc. I don’t want to hear another report like this again.

        Also, I actually believe this fanaccount. This person is a dancer so this person probably knows whats going on behind the scenes. I mean even some fans heard bad things about QUEST’s service that day…… if info even leaked out to fans then it must have been really bad……

        I hope the rest of the countries will please the boys! We and the organizers must keep a smile on their faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Canadians fans please join
        Current #: 1010

      • @Cecilia. You’re absolutely right!
        And that’s why I was always skeptical about them visiting it all.

      • I’m embarrassed by my hissy fit. Needless to say, I’m emotional about these boys. Let me retract my words: I don’t blame the fans. It’s not their fault that they’re enthusiastic and thus projected to organizers that there’s more of them than in actuality. I just blame the organizers, period. They should have done their homework and made sure things ran smoothly. Even if they overestimated the number of people attending, there could have been better ways to both promote and sell off/give away the tickets.

        According to my Singaporean friends, DBSK isn’t as well known in SG as some other kpop groups and especially since they’re not currently active. This is also the first time that members of DBSK have performed in Singapore. I’m grateful they had the opportunity and that despite zero promotions in this country, they had such a good turnout. My friend also said that from her perspective, the venue was pretty filled and it seemed unlikely that only the amount reported by that blogger was sold. Yay <3

      • i dun really like the the blogger’s tone. i’mma take it with a grain of salt first. we all know junsu is a perfectionist but violence is totally out of his character. yess he usually appears cold n distanced in airports but we had another fanacc saying he was happily chatting nonstop to yoochun before they exited the terminal. so i’m having my doubts.

        th author is rather vulgar with her words and responses to her readers. i understand quest management totally sucked. been reported by lots of other fans. i do feel really bad for the boys. the only thing i can agree on with her is that the members will do anything for thier true fans.

      • Maybe he was mad he had to wear a man dress lol. I agree with Cecilia.

      • Dearests, the blog is password protected.. is there a way for me to read it, pls? Thx.

      • @Cecilia
        I agree with what you said and I know that the author didn’t bash the boys or anything.hahaha.Like I said,I was too hotheaded to react that way.But I truly enjoyed the showcase and hoped that the boys did too.I might be delusional but I will be upset if the boys really didn’t want to be there like she said(I know quest sucked with their management but what she said was a tad too ridiculous.Oh ya,I kinda have a little bit of encounter with that same author in jpop years ago so there’s a reason why I strongly doubted her reliability):(I mean,I was happy to see the boys smile during the showcase so I hope those smiles wasn’t a facade or anything:)
        At least it’s locked now so case close.

  25. Shinta, you’re good with your memory! *thumbsup*
    I can’t even remember parts of what had happened. (Too busy staring at Jaejoong.)
    Thanks for refreshing my memory~ ^^

    • Esp love the way you describe their ‘Be My Girl’ swinging.

  26. jae seemed to be depressed ytd actually.
    i was rather annoyed by th mc n translator .
    th mc like , keep cutting away yc’s lines whn chunnie wanted to say more.

    th transalator didnt do a great job actually. trust quest to save money on professional translator and engage their own model as translator instead -.-

    but the W project was a splendid success. (: the hubby project was super epic ! gawwt, i so badly wanna us to do much btr. maybe its because we didnt have much time to really know the song ayy girl DD;

    andohh, poor junsu was constantly being pushed by jae n chunnie to ans th q. jae didnt smile much durin whole trip in sin. i am suuupr afraid that they are put off by stalkers. cus there are arround 24++ vans stalking thm at the same time D:

    just hope we wld leave btr impression n show more love for them nxt time thy come for the concert

    • From the fancam, I think I saw him smiled alot during “Be My Girl”

      So don’t worry too much. He might be exhuasted or thinking how to be good at English or wandering in his own thought XD

  27. Thank you so much. I really enjoy reading you fan acct.

    But for the rap part in Ayyy Girl, I don’t think YC can’t remmember the lyrics. I think he just want to honor Malik Yusef who did the rap by not trying to rap over it. So he just rap at the end of each sentence like he being a chorus and allowed everyone to hear Yusef voice. ^ ^

    • agree with you ^^

    • lol umm i really doubt so ^^”
      that’s what rappers do…
      u don’t rap OVER someone’s voice Xd

  28. OMG! You are so lucky to be able to be there!
    I’m from Spain too, so I wish they could come here during the World Showcase Tour…
    I want it so badly~~ sniff

  29. Best fan account that I have ever read.
    Felt almost like being there myself at the showcase while reading this fan account.
    Thank you for this wonderful and full pack detail ^_^

    Always keep the faith… JYJ and DBSK

  30. i really envy you Shinta!!!
    gyaaahh,, lucky you could met them..
    i wish they would come to Indonesia..

    seems like a great showcase they had there..
    i’m exited too while i’m reading this acc..

    ohh,, i wish i could see them for real on stage,,
    maybe next year in their concert???
    aaaaaa!!! have to save money from now on~~~

  31. What a cute fanaccount, so fun reading it ^^

  32. loved it!! thank you >?/<!!

  33. this is like my very very first time finishing reading such a loooooooooong fan account. i love your writing! its so funny! the way you described things! and you made me so excited again, after i finally managed to calm myself down abit. damn.

    and i finally found someone who appreciate ahken’s joke! most comments i here around is tt he is too lame. ~.~ but i really find it soooooooo funny! i laughed so much throughout. at the boys and many other things! XD

    cant wait for their next visit!!

  34. Wow.. Shinta you literally captured ALL of the memories and made me re-live them all over again. You are amazing! ^^

    I am missing the boys now.. I really hope to see them come back to SGP for a concert next year!

  35. Great fanaccount… i so enjoyed reading it…
    and i wish i was there…and in Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur…and all the other showcase to come…wow

  36. LOLed at the “He’s doing you-must-kill-me-first-if-you-want-me-to-sway-like-that-but-I’ll-give-you-sexy-voice-and-horny-expression-instead” HAHA!
    So adorable!

    Yoochun made me horny for sure, he was so hot.

  37. Thank you Shinta!

    Your fanaccount always make me smile.


  38. may i ask how long is the showcase?

  39. Best fanaccount ever so detAiled (: I still can’t take my mind off last night. When the showcase was over n I walked out the hall,I felt like crying because I miss them already

  40. they’re so cute!!!including d translator oso.hehehe i think spore showcase is more organised n mayb a bit longer than msia (esp during d interview part) msia, there’s no chair for them during d interview n it’s really short…but d boys’ performance definitely is da best!!!

  41. I heard a romor that during the Singapore concert they said they were coming to Europe as well. I am assuming that the Spain comments above are what the rumor starters actually heard.

    I wish Zimmerman listened to us international fans more. Our FB pages are growing huge too.

    In one of the previous videos that someone posted JJ was asked about his trip to BC too with Hyung Joon. What was his reply? (I am really curious)

    I loved your fanaccount by the way. I don’t think JJ didn’t not smile much. I think he is like that in real life. Every time there WAS something to laugh or smile about he laughed and smiled but he didn’t do it unnecessarily. Which makes me love his smiles even more cause they are precious.

    Chunnie and Su are cute with their smiles.


    Canadians fans please join
    Current #: 1010

  42. What’s Legra’s twitter account btw?

    • errr.. She was twetting using syc twetter account ^^
      SHE WAS WITH THE BOY IN THE PLANE!! and she smiled at Yoochun and he smiled back XD

      • Omg so lucky! I will die with no regrets if they smiled at me

      • ah i see
        goes to syc twitter account

        thank you

  43. Wow so detail, reading this it feels like I was in the showcase. Thanks Shinta for sharing :)
    JYJ fighting!

  44. You wrote really great fanaccounts and reviews xD Made me LOL so hard!

  45. thanks so much Shinta!
    i love your fan-account.
    it´s so fun to read!

  46. i enjoyed reading your fanaccount ! it literally brought me back to the SC last night XDD

    like many, i was bothered by jaejoong’s lack of expressions, but after reading it, i feel so much better ! <3

    also, can i know where are you seated at ? to be able to see their facial expressions & reactions so well :D

  47. the translator must be a bit …. since Yuchun knew English (of course) ^.^ don’t be too harsh na~

    in “baby swing” (be my girl) Yuchun is also like that in Thailand hahaha I biased Yuchun but Junsu really drag me (who wasn’t right ?!!)

  48. :O OMG!! I think I’ll have a heart attack! :O micky loves you! thanks for tjhe post! :D <3<3

  49. hahaha!!!! that was so funny!!
    best fan account ever!
    the translator was very weird lol!
    I whish I could be there! *o*

  50. “VELLIE GOOD.” ,, XD

  51. OKAY GUYS JUNSU LOOKS SO PERFECT AND FABULOUS IN THAT OUTFIT. especially the back view. BEST PICTURE IVE SEEN ALL YEAR. his arms muscles and in general his upper body is so defined right now! im rly rly rly captivated by it hahhah. so yeah haters to the left! :D but i know all my dear cassies love and support JS no matter what.


    no but seriously. i think its a great outfit that highlights his great body and fabulous ass. ahem. im so proud to be singaporean and that these guys held such a smashing showcase in singapore! too bad im living in aussie now. sigh!

    thanks for the fan account! rly excited to read it. :D

  52. This is an amazing fanaccount, thank you so much! But no, you’re not the only one who thinks Junsu looked ridiculous. I love that boy to death but lol srsly? That outfit did absolutely nothing to highlight his manliness. But, omg, I cant totally imagine him yelling out “vellie good” and “wonderful” and getting all excited xDD And the way he moves his hips :Q__ (Also, I spot duckbutt in the last picture <3)

    Jae is perfect flawless beautiful godlike etc etc. I really hope he isn't too sick/ down lately. They must be under a lot of stress, but I'm sure the support they got from the Singapore fans totally made their day :D

    AND AWW YOOCHUN ALMOST CRIED!!! CUTIE! I'm so glad he was happy and excited and slightly snarky <3 And his horny expressions literally crack me up. I get tears in my eyes and everything <3

  53. yes! I love the choreography to the song ‘Empty’. I thought they looked cool ^_^. anyways their other dance moves silently invite us to pounce on them. seriously, hip thrusts and sexy body waves? FUCKKK NOSEBLEEDS! i swear my senses went numb that instant lol

    im pissed at Quest for everything. i’m disappointed and upset that the boys were not treated the way the should’ve been treated. nonetheless, I still appreciate and admire them for the wonderful performance they gave us! (though I was disappointed the concert only lasted an hour; was expecting more, duh. teehee)

    anyways yoochun, my bias, pls rest well. pls take care of your Junsu and Jaejoong. Though my friend and I laughed at your chunglish, I STILL LOVE YOU AHHAA <3

  54. I love this fanaccount.
    Thanks Shinta for sharing this with us.

    Wish there would be a lot of fancams.

  55. Thank you for sharing. It is really nice to know they are loved in Singapore!

  56. OMG~~~~
    Shinta, thanks alot for your fanaccount!
    I’m sooo envy you…

    and definitely u're really humorous hehe
    love it!!!

    and… seems the organizer did suck while not treating JYJ properly… aish… i hope JYJ wont get really upset, fans will cheer them up more than anything ^^

    TVXQ rawksss

  57. very good fanaccount…i was all the way at the back (Cat C) so I couldn’t see the expressions of the boys. your account has not only made me relive the night, but clarified a lot of things for me. it’s like i’m brought back to that night again, except this time…in Cat A seats first row!!! :P

    anyway, I cried when i saw the interview of them talking about what singing is to them, what performing is to them. the most honest and touching interview i;ve seen in awhile

  58. lol nice fanaccount!!!

    btw, i really wanna rip the buttons off of Jae’s white op so i can see more skin lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  59. I am really happy with the two articles Allkpop posted today :)

    Homin is releasing their album next month
    (But they are calling themselves DBSK still for the new album………..that is not right for me……….DBSK is 5 not 2)
    And they released the interview questions asked by reporters to JYJ in Singapore
    (they left out what happened at the end of the interview which I like teh best aka the fact that the interviewers asked about the lawsuit when asked not to)

    • Oh but Homin prob. asked the 3 about using the name DBSK beforehand……and it is probably fine with them………

      • Err do you really think so? You saying that you can actually imagine SM going “Hey HoMin, is it okay if you call yourself DBSK? But do you want to contact JYJ just to make sure they’re fine with it?”

        I highly doubt so, as HoMin has to follow SM’s instructions, and I definitely don’t see SM’s management asking JYJ for any permission whatsoever. Besides, I don’t think HoMin, or any of the boys even had a choice since they don’t own the rights of the name, SM does. Sorry for bursting your bubble

  60. thanks so muc for the fanaccount. it was super hilarious! i cracked up so muc at your yoochun description n junsu swing swing swing XD

  61. <3 this acc ^^ thx u so much honey!!!

  62. Okay I totally ROFL at

    Yoochun…………. is just being Yoochun.
    He’s doing you-must-kill-me-first-if-you-want-me-to-sway-like-that-but-I’ll-give-you-sexy-voice-and-horny-expression-instead

    :D:D:D:D i was there too and i agree with you but the way you phrase it is (Y) LOL.

  63. I now their style for this album was strange…but that thing they gave to Junsu is just..over the top…. O_O

  64. Shinta really did a good job on writing fanaccount, i feel like i was there watching them ^^

    well, i always a fan of SYC’s fanacc ;))

    the mC and traslator were really funny ^^;;

    ahh… from whut i read so far, S’pore showcase really great compare at my place, Malaysia…
    aishh~ my friends complain much >.<

  65. Wah! I love your fan account! It’s so detailed and I agree with you that Ayyy Girl sounds damn good life. I was not a fan of that song too. That’s why I failed to sing along. :(

    I was not sitting as close as you did so, I was kinda lost druing the interview. Either that or my eyes were mostly just on Junsu. *dazed* Haha… Thank you so much!~ It refreshes lots of memories. I’ll save this report well!~ <3

  66. this is very goood…….i will go in shock after seeing all of these

  67. i m curious how fans know dat the boys aren’t treated properly by the organizer?? u mean just by looking at them u can tell?? fans like to exaggerate. consider yourself damn lucky dat despite their legal issues, the organizer is still willing to bring them in!! most companies dun like to associate with such actually. so for tis i gave the organizer the thumbs up!!

  68. thanks for sharing this Shinta to read your FA…i’m grinning bout the part when you said ” Yoochun…………. is just being Yoochun.
    He’s doing you-must-kill-me-first-if-you-want-me-to-sway-like-that-but-I’ll-give-you-sexy-voice-and-horny-expression-instead :D

    wahaha..your FA made my night :P

  69. wow! thanks for the fan account shinta :D

  70. thanks for this lovely fanaccount I laughed a lot ^^

  71. Aaaahhhh i miss the show~~ i wanna be there again~~ ><

  72. OMO! I love your fanaccount ! thank U! as always, u r the best shinta! i love ur “reports” since in multiply~!! ^^

  73. Here is the video of our adorable dolphin do his sexy dance. He body is sex, no lie. Jaejoong’s and Yoochun’s too :D

  74. can’t stand xiah clothes. it bugs me. it’s so ugly. they should have let him wear something else.

    • Hey dear! I love it. It’s very sexy!

  75. Thanks Shinta for the review-with-lovely-sense-of-humor as always. I really enjoy reading it.

    At first, I was worried about if they would feel lost in translation because of English. Finally, I’m very happy to hear the boys had a good time in SG. Thanks for SG fans’ warm welcome, love and support for JYJ.

    p.s. Actually, I love guys in white clothes but this time Junsu’s outfit makes me think the black ones they wore in the showcase in BKK isn’t bad LOL.


  77. This is an amazing fan account, i love LOVE how you wrote this! XD Your reactions would just about mimic mine if if I’d gone, I love how you didn’t just adore everything they did but laughed as well ^^

    “Yoochun…………. is just being Yoochun.
    He’s doing you-must-kill-me-first-if-you-want-me-to-sway-like-that-but-I’ll-give-you-sexy-voice-and-horny-expression-instead ”

    LOL! And the clumsy translator too, haha!

    Glad you guys had heaps of fun, and that the boys intereacted so much with the audience!

  78. thks shinta, your fan account is good and make me feel so real. it is like a recapping of the showcase again! i was there and although in CAT-C but the last song make me feel so high and excited! hope they come again!

  79. actually i tink the white cloths Junsu wear on that night looks sexy and outstanding to me~~ ^____^ i juz can’t take my eyes off him the whole night especially when he make a hip thrust~~

  80. i’am not cassiopia But i miss TVXQ so much.I just hope everything’s gonna be Ok?U make me worry about U.i don’t know what i should to do next? I just need to know,what happen with U.

    Ps. i’ll waiting for yr answer.i know it hard But i believe it can be.

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