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[TRANS] 101013 SM Files For Temporary Injunction Against Sale Of JYJ’s First Album

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the trio from TVXQ who formed a new group JYJ, will have to put a brake on their activities. SM Entertainment (henceforth SM) has filed for a temporary injunction to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s new album 「The Beginning」.

On the 13th, an official from the legal circle clarified, “On SM’s part, they have filed for a temporary injunction with the courts to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which is waiting to be launched.” The official continued to say, “The reason (for this injunction) is because the issue of the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ and the conflict stemming from it have yet to be resolved. The results from the court decision will have a huge impact on JYJ’s activities.”

Since the end of July last year, JYJ have been at opposing ends with SM over issues like their exclusive contracts. As a matter of fact, currently, the trio are doing their solo activities and kicked-off their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 on the 12th, at Hwajeong Tiger Dome, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo]
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  1. Seriously. F*ck SM!

    • u know , you just read my mind< AGREEE

    • can’t agree more than this

    • :( ur gonna hate me for this but…in some ways i can see SM’s point here…
      Think of both sides..

      Never thought i’d see the day where i’d think of SM’s side of the story. But there will never be a right in a wrong situation..

      Idk, all i know is that if this goes on, things will blow out of purportion..just end this mess already :'(

      • LMAO! u try too hard.

    • couldn’t agree more…

      SME’s just jealous that JYJ’s album got so many Pre-orders… (WAKA WAKA EH EH!!) LOL. BTW, SME got their other artists.. which they love MOAR! so why bother our boys…>..< U can kiss my ass SME!!!

    • Freakin SME always wanting the MONEY all for them and not let our boys benefit from their own hard work.. and also, why now? when jyj already had their showcase.. I guess SME realized that JYJ/TVXQ is still HUGE and brings LARGE IMPACT TO

  2. Is SM trying to ban the sale of the album worldwide or only in Korea? If it’s only Korea, Korean fans can purchase the album online and ship to Korea only. IF it’s a ban on the sale of album worldwide, I gonna burn down SM!

    • I go with you bb…
      burn SM to death :(

      • im prefer hell dear…burn SM to hell

      • count me in :(
        F*ck SM >__<

    • impossible for world wide…i dont know…but i think warner music is more powerful compare to sm

    • burrrrrnnnnnnnnn SM


    • Going this November. Let’s go. Haha.

    • I personally don’t think SM will win this one. I highly doubt the America will give a crap as Warner is much more influential than SM. But then, again, legal issues can be a problem, so it’s not illogical that the album is banned in Korea. Who cares though, there’s something called the internet~

    • I don’t think Korean courts have the power to ban sale of their albums everywhere in the world. But the problem is that they’re the album is to be released through warner music KOREA … so I’m really worried for them. If only they’d managed to get an international company to produce them :(((

      And really, I thought the temporary decision on their court case meant that SM couldn’t interfere with their indiv activities until the case was finally settled?? Then again, I’m not even sure if the boys were allowed to re-contract with the whole SM issue in limbo >>”

      • *their album —

  3. enough already.. just move on with your other idols..

  4. Come on SM! Get a life man!

  5. WTF?! cnt they just leave the boys alone?! y now? y dun they do the same thing when the trio were still wit avex? this is just another bulls*** from them!

    • obviously!sm is bas*ard

    • because honey, SM is a greedy pig, they know when the time to digging gold and when not,
      *rolled eyes*

  6. what about the showcases?

    • thats what i worried…
      IF the court told jyj to pause their activity ‘now!’
      thats also might effect their “world wide showcast”
      omg…the ticket already sold
      so IF this was canceled..
      NOT ONLY;the fans might angry..
      the organizers might take action toward JYJ…
      and THIS might effect JYJ image…

      DAMN SM!!!

      • im scared they might not make it ): my flight tickets cant be refunded

  7. GO to hell SM >__<

    U can't do nothing to our boys…just in ur dreames

    JYJ fighting ~~

  8. …….sigh
    sm do you doubt your other artist so much ? you have alot they can make MONEY for you
    this is sooo much .. like WTH is wrong with them ?????!!!!!! im so MAD TODAY ..
    JYJ we love you

  9. All I can say is
    F*UCK U SM!!!!
    LEAVE the boys ALONE!!!

    Seriously, can’t we do sth bout that? I do feel like we should filed a lawsuit against SM for making us bcm like this.

  10. I don’t care enough abt SM to waste time on it.
    Cassies let’s rally behind them by buying more copies of The Beginning!

  11. i really really hate sm…

  12. The boys for now have the right to do what they want in liberty, why SM can’t understand this?
    It’s so complicated?
    Leave these poor boys alone, please! *tired*

  13. i agree. i bought more copies from yesasia! i will give them away as gifts

  14. aish! Fuck SME!
    your so immature..grow up pls!!

  15. oh myyy
    i hope someone can send a bomb to that ceo house

  16. Leave them alone. Pls pls concentrate on Homin omg pls

    • can’t they see this? The more they do this the more pple will boycott them. Everytime I think abt this my heart breaks for Homin.

      They have better things to do right?

      • Agree with you, dear…
        I miss Yunho and Min so much >.<
        I really hope they can make a debut like this but SM is only focusing in JYJ -.- .. I want them to sing..

        F*CK U SM!!!

  17. Now who’s money-greeding?
    who’s talking with this kinds of selfishness?

    You just can’t see the boys having more success while you lost your billions, right?

    F*** sm…just go to HELL!!!!

  18. i dont want to have anything relate to sm now, sory, i know sm artist have nothing to do wih this, but i really really dont to to read “SM” again
    i will buys as many jjy album as i can

  19. I have no word left to say about this.

    SM, u have no human kind, at all. Pity yourselves.

  20. Oh, the beggining sales hurt your pride so much SM?

  21. SM F… YOU!

  22. Yeah,why can’t they spend more time on promoting HoMin and advancing their careers than trying to stop JYJ from living their dreams?
    if their showcases gets affected,im gonna be damm pissed !!
    we just wants to see JYJ,why do they always have to get in between us cassies and our boys?!

  23. They do this to JYJ and then what happens to HoMin? THEY DON’T EVEN GIVE THE 2 WORTHY PROJECTS.

    My poor DBSK.

    Seriously, with almost everyone trying to bring them down, they should make their own company.
    Let’s see who’s gonna come first and negotiate for a collaboration. Jeez, lame.

  24. You can’t stop talent. I listened to the tracks on youtube…..this album’s gonna SELL.

    SM is seriously gonna walk away from all this with a really bad image. The fans are only gonna support JYJ more now that SM shows more of its true colors. What happened with JTL can’t happen again today with the internet and all. So get a grip, SM, you don’t have the control that you once did, and you are only going to lose more with each day going by……you can’t stop talent, nor should you expect to, anyway. We are moving more and more towards the age where individual talent is going to be recognized and rewarded, no matter how traditional or collective the culture or country. People love JYJ. There’s a reason, and you can’t stop that, either.

    The music is good. It’s going to stand for itself. My only concern is that the boys are under too much pressure, but honestly, I am PROUD of them. Making a stand for yourself and what you believe in is never an easy thing, and they are doing it. GO JYJ. You’ve got my respect. Laws change with time, but courage is timeless.

    • Thumbs up to you!
      And, yes, my utmost concern is their pressure.
      At the same time, yes, so proud.

    • A++++++ for you!!!

      BTW, just curiosity though…what happen to JTL?

    • A+++++++

    • A+++++++

    • You pretty much sum up how i feel!!!

    • Agreed!


      Canadians fans please join
      Current #: 800

  25. Will it effect the world tour?!
    OMJG… Hopes it won’t…

    SM won’t be success… Its a WORLDWIDE album, SM won’t be able to do anything to this, and I’m pretty confidence in their popularity~

    Sometimes I worried about Yunnie and Minnie, how would they feel… Must be saddening for their brothers… T^T

  26. What the f*** is wrong with Sm? What the crap. They’re just jealous that jyj is doing so well without them. And though we shouldn’t care about Sm enough to care about it, but this will affect the boys! Everyone can see that they’re so exciting about bringing everyone their new album! And now this, I swear I will curse them to my grave, because they’re just pure evil people. What the he’ll, move in with life already and stop picking on jyj!
    P.s can I ask something? Though Sm filed this injunction, is this confirmed? And even if the album us affected, the worldwide showcase isn’t right? The agencies can’t blame jyj for this, if they want to seek compensation or whatever, they should go straight to Sm!
    Whatever Sm!!
    HwAiting oppa deu~~

  27. grrr…HEY SHIT…WHAT U WANT TO DO ACTUALLY HUH?PLAY GAMES?if u want to play games CASSIE HERE TO PLAY WITH U!!!…what ever happen we still with JYJ…thank u..

    • thumbs up

      We will burn SM down with all our RAGE! And then run into the flames and rescue Homin and place them in their rightful position with JYJ

      Then we will climb Mount Everest and point in SME’s direction and LAUGH

  28. talking abt greedyness? now looks who’s greedier?
    if jyj succeeded they will take an action to cut,
    but if jyj failed maybe they just sit down and laughing.
    since yesterday, I already made my mind, me against all SME thingty. though I love some people (artistes) in SME but considering what sme did to jyj these couple of days, I think I will not turn my head to sme again. hope jyj will be stronger with all these obstacles.

    now or never! jyj fighting!

  29. You’re a shame for your country!

    I said a while ago that I wanted the boys to succeed and for you to see them. I wanted you to see how much money you won’t get your hands on – and here it is.

    You see now that we’re still here? You see their success?
    What, you thought Cassies would abandon them and believe you?!? Not in a million years!!!

    F*** you SM!!!

  30. SM, just let them go!

  31. Seriously, WTF is wrong with SM ?? O_o

  32. I truly hate SM .
    I worry about JYJ :(
    JYJ fighting , Cassiopeia fighting !!!

  33. ROYALLY PISSED!!! SME IS SUCH AN ASS! wait i take it back since they are lower than that.

  34. Ok, I’ll get more copies for sure. fighting JYJ (^-^)

  35. Thats right! SME underestimate Cassies as “fan girls”. Think that they will forget about the members and move onto other SME groups.

  36. ridiculous.

    thanks for sharing.

  37. Oh Gawd!!! SM, you are jealous or what??? Wake up yr bloody idea!!! Leave JYJ alone for god sake!!!
    JYJ Fighting!!!

  38. i read the comments in akp and managed to strugled abt a hundred, yes, unbelievable.
    I am just so full of bitterness right now.. and my tears wont even flow.
    I should just ban myself from going to that damned site.

    • Yes, i hate that site too. But i can’t stop to go there. Just to protect the boys.

      • yeah, can’t help it.
        we should speak our mind to those antis and haters.

    • yes, sometime I feel guilty when visiting that site. lol.

  39. I don’t think this will make the boys Worldwide Showcase affected a lot and SM will not win this case in court also. The boys before making this album consulted this with their lawyers and if this was against law they would not do it.
    Please do you really think that after one year of law battle with SM they would now do something not consulting it with their lawyers first?
    This is just SM poor way of deleting the release of the album in Korea and make Cass feel restless.
    Not to mention that this album is released under well known american music company so I doubt they would sign with the boys if it was against the law >__>
    I would just say SM is again using media play to make Cass feel insecure and use court to delay the release of the album >___>

    • thumbs up

  40. I’m kinda glad they make this move…hahaha…

    that’s just another legal tactic, everything then will be decided in court, no chitchat now…

    peace talk…psssst.. out the window…….
    as we can see, nothing can stop them now…

    it’s not gonna get easier.
    they will shed tear a lot, we will shed tear along with them…together….

    we will have each other…

  41. Whattt???
    SM (CEOs) lies temporarily (coz permanently they will stay in hell) in the street junction coz they knocked against a big bus which made a loud sound of KABOOM???
    *bad-at-hearing “granny” here*
    (maybe this is just my imagination of what the SMs will go through ;-))

  42. every happy news about jyj today.. i need to prepare myself to cry on the next day…

    just like before.. haiz

  43. wow SM…jealous much?

  44. TVXQ fighting!!

  45. SHIT SM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK!!!!!

  46. well what did we expected from sm? i mean i know why they behave like that. jyj is going to make a HUGE amount of money with the new album because it’s AWESOME.
    sm just wants the money. doesn’t care about the people.
    i think they aren’t able to stop the fans anyways. for me i will support jyj no matter what. -___- i seriously hate sm. if they just would give the boys what they wanted and let them be tvxq again they would make so much money. such a stubborn childish behaviour

  47. why so i laughed so hard? =__=

    I think It gonna take a few minutes to believe it .

  48. Seriously SM? Can you guys get over already?! No offense, JYJ popularity is rising up and now suing them??

    GO JYJ + HM = TVXQ!

  49. Honestly they are no longer acting like a business..but a bunch of four year olds sat on high chairs..this is so disheartening..& its such an act of spitefulness..i dont understand why they wont just let them be..and do the best they can..fight-o jyj..i hope they wont take this too much to heart and loose what they stand for..all cassies are behind them 100%
    Thank you for sharing.

  50. SM=INSECURE. hahaha.
    Why just now?
    Can’t they just accept that JYJ can still be VERY successful even without them
    and JYJ can be MORE successful outside SME..
    which proves that what TVXQ members are now,
    what they have now.. their fame and success is because of their talents and NOT just because of SME.

    (who said that if not because of SME, they wouldn’t be known?)

    for me, whatever entertainment company they work, they will still get known. it’s because of their VOICES.. not only with their looks. And Cassies aren’t weak.. :) We’ll still be supporting TVXQ no matter what.

    Sent on a phone using

  51. kiss my ass SM they made it SO GO TO HELL they won already!!!! SM YOUR HEART IS EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY~~~~~!!! lol and we don’t caaaaaare XD!!!! i’m sooooo excited about the Album!!!!!

  52. Tsk Tsk SM. Your pathetic! Fangirls will be gunning for your asses now. They call the shots in Korea but in America they can forget it. I see this as nothing but a calculated move to force JYJ back to their company. They want to break them down so they will come crawling back. Well forget it!!! I’d rather see them happy from SM even with legal woes, then miserable in a place they don’t wish to be and slaves to a company that could care less about them. Shame on you SM for being so heartless and cruel.

  53. international fans now need to show exactly how much love they have for jyj. i will wait for the day kim young min gets on his knees on the stage of JYJ and begs for forgiveness.

    • We will all wait for that day!

  54. i was afraid it was sme that was intervening with the distribution process when the news said something about another company hindering the production…..

    seriously sme is so insecure n chilidsh. do they ovbiously have nothing better to do then cause problems for everyone else?

    • Me too, I was thinking SM has to have something to do with it. Who else there would not want JYJ to release the album?
      They need to find another hobby and stop bothering the boys.

  55. :/ seriously this was my worry from the beginning. And now it’s clear that SME probably had a whole lot to do with the Avex situation as well. I don’t know it SME even has a valid chance of getting the injunction but I really wish JYJ had gotten their cds to be released an international company so that SME couldn’t harass them in this manner. But you know what, they can still take a leaf out of Epik High’s books and go indie, setting up their own online shop for fans to buy from. That will do the trick.



    And I think they delibrately chosed the day after their seoul showcase to file the case.
    Which makes them looks so BAD..

  57. YAA!I heard the court over ruled against SM!!So yeaa JYJ won <333

    But I dont get it though, werent JYJ free to do their own stuff or was it only for acting & stuff? 0_0

  58. SM, from the lyrics of Empty i give you:

    Your heart is empty
    And you’re so cold
    You don’t care about you and I
    Your heart is empty
    You won’t let go
    But I’m walkin’ out this life

    Why can’t you let it go
    Why can’t you let it go
    (Let it go, let it go)

  59. I’m thinkinh of re-enact the September 11 tragedy…
    only this time..the only building that will be burning down to the ground is SM!!!!!

  60. Looks who act like Mafia, of course not CJeS.
    SME, you should put your money, mind & effort to produce good solo albums for Yunho & Changmin instead waste them to bother JYJ.
    And stop act like a drama Queen.


    • Where?

    • WHEREEEEEEEE????????
      i die of happiness if it’s true!

  62. SM NEED to realize that they can’t hold JYJ down. I mean, those boys are going to be successful regardless of watever stunts they pull

  63. WTF??!!

  64. wanna join me to wave “SHIT FOR SME” banner?

    • u really doing it? like really?really?

  65. I maybe immature, but i think SM is a LOT more immature than i am.

    seriuosly i cant stop asking myself WHY SM do all this sueing? what’s wrong with them???????

  66. Does SM not have enuff problem with their karaoke business or sumthing? y do they go n mess with our JYJ??

    I have been wondering y is their “the Beginning” album being pushed back…so this is the reason..f*ck SM…get a life pls….stop bothering our boys….geezzzz

    If SM doesn’t release the album….guys, pls count me in if you guys decide to burn down SM….^^

    JYJ hwaiting….!!!

  67. pulak dah…

  68. F word for SM!!! damn bloody company!

  69. SM tried to mess up SKKS’s OST just coz the trio were involved but it didn’t work.. This time, the monster’s trying to mess with their album and I say IT WON’T WORK. The more SM tries to drag the boys down, the more fans will support them.. Shove this fact right through your thick skull,will you SM.
    These boys have been nothing but professional through it all.. They are working their assess off -their tears mingled with sweat, and fans see it. We acknowledge it. We appreciate it. We love them more each day because it. They asked us to keep the faith, and we hear them – loud and crystal clear… Nothing you do and say will make us turn our backs on them..Actions speak louder than words, and their actions definitely speak very well of them than your words do for you…


  71. WTH!!!get a life SM..from the money of this battle, u should spent it more on ur artist..sheesh..

  72. Go F*ck yourself SME!!

  73. Is there nothing to do beside make the trio suffer?

  74. Please, I really hate it when tvxq photos of five members got cropped because of the current situation of jyj and else… Or add a bold line between the three and two or whatever


  76. Just die SM!!!

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