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[Pic] 100928 Stalking Yunho and Jaejoong

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Do not mistake it as info from SYC

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  1. Jaejoong went to yunho’s musical Goong ?!! T__T I can’t believe it >_< YunJae is real …


    • “Yunho and Jaejoong went to the barber’s named ‘Reka’(the one tvxq usually go) on the same day(28th) but at different time.

      Yunho went there around 3pm then out at 4.30pm while JJ went there around 7.00 pm

      it’s all that.”

      from Amber’s comment below. someone please confirm this. ><

  2. what? did Jaejoong attend Goong? o.O


  4. JAE~ i’ve missed you sfm bb~<333333333

  5. wait Jae went to Goong?

  6. wait really??!! This is no cruel joke is it? ;_;

  7. Wait are you saying that Jaejoong was at Goong or just showing Jaejoong then yunho at goong?

  8. If this is hoax like that picture before I will cut somebody!

    • lol..

      murder in my country is 25 years sumtimes, prision correctional, but i’d like to do one too if this turns out to be as like what you said..lmaoo..

    • i will join the massacre xDDD

      • I will join the massacre too >.<

        @elina esu eisai?? i xenia eimai^^

      • XENIA :D χαχα
        Που με βρίκες κιόλας. Τι κάνεις; :)
        Ας πάμε να τους σφάξουμε μαζί τότε :P

      • HEHE hmoun sigourh pws hsoun esu!! Mou eleipseeees T0T
        Prospa8w..ta exw vrei skoura me th sxolh haha^^;
        Ti nea???? Reee pote 8a er8c Elladaaa?????? *pouts*

  9. <3 Words cannot express my joy…

  10. its UFO time ?

    • LOL nice comment!! ^^

  11. OMG O____O i want to cry~…

  12. omg!! omg!!
    voy a llorar!!
    yunjae figthing!!
    no me lo creo
    im crying

  13. i really hope this is real..
    missed YunJae so much..


  15. OMG!! Please somene tell me it is real!!!

  16. is this real? god I almost got heart attack..if there’d have been a pic of them together, I’m sure I’d have had it…but..I really hope this is real ;;;__;;; I miss them so much it hurts~

  17. I’m nearlly crin’ TT[]TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nearly,pardon me = =;

  18. I KNEW ITT!!!!

    JUST GO BACK TOGETHER AGAIN AS 5!!! (while I’m typing this, I knew it somewhat impossible T~T)

  19. he is our jaejoong????? OMG :(( i shock now

  20. OMG !!!! he really went ???
    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This went seriously “OMG” for me, so adding a Yunjae news, it’s just…


    (this is the most stupid comment I ever made)

  21. did he really go there!?? omg!! aktf!

  22. “at goong musical” was deleted… so JJ did go to watch Goong musical???

    • I noticed that too.

      I really hope so, but my doubts are setting in.

    • Yes it was DELETED!! :O
      *feels hopeless since she cannot understand Korean*

  23. OMG ! i’m really crying now !

  24. OMG OMGGGG really?????????????????????

    Im In SHOCK!!!!

    Im Crying!!!!

  25. I’m dying over here, please clarify.

    on a side note, didn’t Jaejoong compose a song called “Still in Love”????? XD

    Yunjae, please, please!!!

    • since they’re both dated the same, its true??
      Jaejoong saw Yunnie’s revenge kiss XDDD

  26. i am crying like a crazy

    i don’t believe it , its impossible , how come !!!

    plz tell it’s real

    i want some thing good 2 hold 2

    some thing 2 be strong

  27. its dawn here and scream read the tittle >_<
    OMG its true??????
    KYAAAAA just KYAAAA~~~~~~

  28. I thought his last performance was the 19th. did they add dates or something?

    • yes, they add dates. the last one is by next week, i think:D

      • oh. is there a link to the schedule anywhere?

  29. is this for real? it’s not a sick joke ;A;?
    omg, i’m gonna die, if this is real then, there are not reasons for me to not keep the faith forever~
    someone please confirm this before i die~!

  30. i will just believe this

  31. can anybody translate the blog of leebbeuni? i think she wrote clearly abt it.

    • Yaaah pllzzz can someone translate leebbeuni’s post in her blog >_< To clarify our thoughts T_____T????


  33. omggggg i’m crying rite now ;_______;
    please tell me this is true~ gosh ___< OMG BOYS <3

  34. please ADMINS say some thing any thing *sobs*

    SYC pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    my heart is aching I swear….. GOD give me the

    strength ……………….

  35. IS IT REAL?! OMO! YUNJAE IS REAL! i’m crying now. my day start with joy. i hope this isn’t hoax.

  36. Please please tell me this is real because I’m crying right now and I want to believe this so much T_T

  37. Someone traslate leebbeuni’s blog pls?
    Everyone is dying to know wat this is.. pls?


      *bowing like crazy*

    • I did a translation from google ’cause i dunno Korean… but the result is so…


      Admins please Translate the bloooooog!!! ;____;


  39. YAH! dont make me happy!! absolutely make my day!! *3* chu~ yunjae! yunjae! yunjae!

  40. I almost suffered a heartattack but I’ll wait the translation >__<
    Though I already texted to my best friend with this news xD

    Hope this to be true!! *crosses fingers*

  41. Omg my babies…….
    I’m gg to stalk all yunjae sites when I’m back from school, please let this br true.

  42. I am going to start crying can anyone verify this pls?!?!?!

  43. OMG pls someone translate her blog PLEASE!!! I’M nearly freaking out here xDDDDDDDD

  44. Yunho and Jaejoong went to the barber’s named ‘Reka'(the one tvxq usually go) on the same day(28th) but at different time.

    Yunho went there around 3pm then out at 4.30pm while JJ went there around 7.00 pm

    it’s all that.

    • is that all? way for the mods to get us hyped up for nothing.

    • awww! :'(
      Thanks for translating ;___;

    • i hate the real life

      miracles doesn’t existing

      i feel kindness ab myself

    • YJ appeared at the same places but in different times alot of times lately? Do u see anything fishy here ?

      Just scream YunJae is the best…kekekke….

      and stalkers never give details about their meeting :D, just ok with “appear in the same places but in different time”….but we can sense that they must be meet…keke

  45. heartbreaking…

  46. ^ is that all? :(

    im nearly crying… i need something to hold on to T.T

  47. Dun worry honey, JJ always support Yunho in all his performances.. :)

    • \(´▽`)/ \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ \(´▽`)/ happy for chunnie, finally 2 digits rating, last nite ep rating was 10,2 %. Go chunface!
      Sorry for my rant here.. :) can’t help it >.<

  48. She wrote this:

    재중말고 윤재라고 쓰고싶다..

    김재중은 5초보고

    정윤호는 뮤지컬까지 봤는데

    제목은 재중이고 ㅎㅎ

    레카 레카 뮤지컬

    정윤호 레카 슝슝

    보자마자 저 옷은 !! 마잭 LA 출국 당시 보던 옷이다! ㅎㅎ

    윤호 나오는거까지 보고 밥 먹고 잠깐 돌아댕긴 사이.

    김재중 레카 슝슝

    ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ아나 포퐁 눈물ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    들어간지 10분 됐는데도 나올까봐 걍 떵줄 <..

    빠른걸음으로 레카 도착.. 홈스테드에서 궁디 들썩 들썩..

    뮤지컬 시간 다 되어가는데 김재중 안나와서 2차 똥줄

    7시까지 있다가 정말 가야지 하는 순간

    6시 59분.. 레카 아웃 ㅠㅠ

    정말 고맙다

    그래. 이런거라도 보여줘 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



    개호수니가 이런거 보려고 여태 기다렸냐며 눈총 작룔-_-+


    이쁘기만이쁘구망. 레카 나와서 바로 집. 굿굿!

    나는 택시타고 이촌-


    헝 ^ㅠ^~~~~~

    피곤해~~~ 젤 기억에 남는 대사군

    Someone plz translate?

    • can u give me the link plz ?

      • Ola bb is that u? here:

      • eeeeeehh , did i kno u ?
        sorry ><

      • Are u hitomi2oo7 in lj?

      • no sweety ^_______^

        but nice 2 meet u anyway

        i am a huge yunjae fan ^_______~

      • Wahhh mianhae T^T I confused you with someone else :P
        Ahh nice to meet you too!
        I am a huge YunJae fan too♥

    • I just went to Han Bo saw the original, the translation of the original bloggers, then the next. That title is written in Korean rice in the matter, but she is to write curd, and just look at the 5 seconds and then go to the musical cousin, but it is written in it want to subject, 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon cousin to the Leica beauty salon, and yesterday was actually wearing clothes that wear that dress the United States abroad, there is the cousin then went out to eat from a beauty salon. Committed in time of cousin go into the Lycra in. . . That meal had been downstairs in the middle and coming musical opening the eyes of all. . . Determined when 7 came out in 6:59 to come out finally. . . I really appreciate in the medium, although only 5 seconds. . . But give the look has been very satisfied, after the in home beauty salon out of it rice to go directly to the musical playing field to see the musical. So not in the musical to see Yunho you, but bloggers on the same day in the same place to see it allowed, but at different times.

      I got it from Baidu.
      It’s translated by Google because i dont know Chinese T.T

  49. I wonder if Reka is how they get news and messages to one another. God, why does this feel like Romeo and Julliette…. XD

    • “Romeo and Julliette”
      LOL! XD

  50. Hope someone clarifies this soon ;_;

  51. No, jaejoong didn’t went to watch goong. They just went to Reika on the same day at differnt times.

    • If this really happened then it’s a really sad thing…like the movies when the couple never meets but they are going in the same places… TT^TT

      • nai re sei! den mporw na katalauw giati to postaroun xoreis metafrash!
        Afou 3erpoun pws emeis oi yunjae fans trelanomaste gia ka8e paramikro pou ginetai -.-
        8a pathoume kamia kardia kamia mera gia to tipota. xDDD

      • Yeah T_T I imagined the same.. it’s like in a drama when they desperately want to meet (again) or they wait for each other but they walk a way at different times.. :( aaah i wanna cry T.T

      • Ah Elinaaaaa TT^TT kai re gmt oi alles den to metafrazoun >.<
        To idio eixane kanai kai me ta tweets tou vromiarh tou matsuura..
        dn borw na katalavw gt dn to metafrazoun???les kai 8a tis kakologhsei kanenas.
        An dn 8elane as mn to kanane post e3arxhs.eleos dld -.-

      • Isxuei -.- kai einai polu mlk auto p kanoun..les kai a tous poume: EEEP mas eimate psemata pws sunanth8hkan..WTH???
        vlakeies vlakeies vlakeieeeeeesssss >..<

        *prp na ma8w korean ASAP*

      • LOL m efage ta comments gt egrapsa k alla endiamesa.
        prp na milhsoume gt gnk exw info gia yunjae 100% sigoures ;D

      • hi baby~~ dun worry, JJ is supportive wifey, like i said he supports all his hubby’s performances… ^^

  52. I just wonder why the admins decided to put the photos without any information making us think things and for other things like the gossip magazin they tried to say what the magazin talked about.

    I thank you for your hardwork but I can help feeling disappointed.

    We trust in everything you publish, so please, be careful with this kind of things, more on this time

    • nods..

    Please translate what the blog is saying…PLEASE..

  54. Man, is it Goong or Reka?
    Because Cassies all over the internet are spazzing… I don`t know what to believe…

    There should be a blinking red sign over my head that reads `Confused Cassiopeian`

    I refused to get hyper and then crash to the ground. It happens too often. *waits for official report/translation*

    Anyways…. Always Keep The Faith.

    • The blinking red sign that reads `Confused Cassiopeian` has been over my head all year really…. XD Lawsuits are very complicated…..

    • I am just as confused as you are..that’s why we need the TRANS!!!
      PLZZZZZZZZZZ TT________________TT

  55. they went to “Red Carpet” yesterday but different time, just 30 minutes after YH left the salon, then JJ entered there. I was the one who saw both there.

    • GIRLS! At DBSKnights they said this:

      “The one who took the photos did wrote in her blog that she’s sure Jaejoong watched Yunho’s musical. But that’s what all she wrote.”

      DUNNO WHAT TO BELIEVE…Just plz someone translate the whole thing..

    • 30 minutes? geez.. i wonder if they knew they’d be there.. or it was a coincidence.. or a secret meeting? aaah yunjae we want you back T.T

    • @nobody lol i replied to u when i was going to simply post a comment..but how do we know u tell the truth? =.=

    • what is that “Red Carpet” is exactly ?
      salon? or restaurant ? or wat ?

      • a salon.

  56. i want to believe that jae really went to yunho’s show,,
    with the other speculation,,
    im not so sure anymore..
    i want it to be true!!!

  57. lol @ coment
    desperate yunjae deprived fans
    u guys funny :)
    Oh ignore me, just speaking my mind :-D

    • Well deprived yes =.=
      but it’s a really unpleasant feeling and hurts TT^TT

    • It’s not funny, it’s sad. How can you be so heartless?
      I don’t stan the couple but I understand the fans pain.

      Karma is a bitch, you should know that by now..

  58. wow!!~
    So I can expect a new haircut from Jaejoong??
    Looking forward to it..

  59. I’m on my vacation to see YH’s musical. Then I went to see him at his salon before the show (all 5 usually go there). Around 3pm YH went there and left at 4.30pm. Then about 30-40 mins later, JJ went there and left at 7pm. And I had to rush to get to the musical in time(8pm).

    • that’s exactly what i heard.

    • i think this one is real..
      arghhhhhhh….. its like star-crossed lover…
      nooo im miss yunjae so muchos~~~~~

  60. Maybe they leave love letters for each other/secret messages, *my fantasy running wild*…i just want YUNJAE together , love them so much ;)

    • There shud be a fic like that. Makes a good plot, R(yunho) and j(ae)liet

    • the admin is hiding something…>_< lol , JUST like me…..hahahah… PS: YUNJAE IS REAL…. just believe in the Admin~~~~(IM SECRET)

  61. this was cruel~

    but oh well, you don’t need to see it, to believe they’re still contacting each other C: oh gosh, we all know how much yunho craves for jaejoong and vice versa when they’re apart xD

  62. emm..what if there’s 2 different stories?
    i mean.. they did went to the place different time and jae also did went to goong?

    as @nobody said, jae left the salon at 7 and the goong started at 8pm. maybe then someone else saw him at goong?

    what we need is the other fanaccount^^

  63. *SIGH*
    Translation please (puppy eyes)
    Cos the only thing that came out of babelfish is:

    Re-as re-in instead of Yun wants bitterly. Re-in Kim 5 seconds sees, Really Yun lake, until the musical sees but Subject re-middle ear [ley] car [ley] car musical Really the Yun good [ley] car [syung] [syung] Sees that cloth!! At at that time of E jack LA departure from a country is a cloth which sees! where Yun be born blowing until the thing tries rice eating moment to go round, between caught fire. [ley] car re-in Kim [syung] [syung] knows but the gun [phong] a tear The [tul_e_kan_ci] 10 minutes becomes but will come out and to see [kyang] [tteng] will decrease


    • @__________@???????

    • I dont understand T.T
      Someone tells me the truth >___<
      I've scream after seeing this topic T^T
      I want it to be true, Yunjae T^T

  64. We normally don’t translate the stalking diary. However we read it and it’s the blog owner who went to Musical Goong

    • *sigh*
      You dont know how hard is this for me
      Cos 1: My native lenguaje is spanish (español)
      2: My translators are really lame
      3: Im going nuts

      but this line is interisting

      In spanish (thank u Babylon)

      7:00 Debemos ir al mismo momento
      6:59 horas. . El coche fuera sugiere sugiere
      Y muchas gracias.
      “Sí, mostrar esta.
      La máscara no ayuda a ocultarle”

      in english

      7:00 We must go at the same time
      6:59 hours. . The car out it suggests
      And thank you very much
      Yeah, show this.

      [Jaejoong’s pic]

      The mask does not work to help him to hyde

      45 MINS!!!!!!!!!!


      SO LAME!

    • Well unnie it’s not nice keeping the fans in the dark..since you went all the way making this entries why don’t put the trans also??
      Is it so difficult??
      Many ppl are feeling really down because of this.
      Would the trans be so bad??
      A lot of ppl are requesting it.

      • うちはbabyfox9

        check your email ^^

      • @うちはbabyfox9 honey baby, i know u are yunjae deprived, we all are too, but u know korean cassies are really protective now, esp with yunjae, so i dun think they would anything in their blogs.. :) so calm down, like i said before yunjae is even better now days.. :) no need to worry.. ^^

    • admins… I have an email too… ;)
      Just in case that you want to share something
      *puppy eyes*

    • please unnie, can i have the translation?
      promise to keep it secret

  65. Whatever……..
    Somebody must be crazy if they try to separate the precious friendship like TVXQ have…..

  66. ??? is this true? if so, which part?? So Jaejoongie went to see Goong AND they went to the same hair salon? (L) I miss them so muchhh:(

  67. yaaaaaaaaaaaata .. really I’m happy now :)
    yunjae yeah please keep friends forever ^^

    thanks for the news :)

  68. happen or not happen *i’m sure it happen xDD* i believe in their relationship ;)

  69. i read somewhere that Yunho was exceptionally good at his last performance, was it because he’s inspired since his Jae was watching? could be, coinsidence but i like to believe it’s true. somehow Jae can’t help but see his Yunho. I love these two. andyeah you’re so right, they are like Romeo and Juliet, forbidden to see/talk to each other. we are so in love with this two, their love story is much more exciting than any best seller romance books. YUNJAE fighting!!!

    • A++++++

    • A++++++++++++++++++++

    • <3 your comment

    • A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  70. i think they both know these, just not allow to be going together.they must be planned this before to make a lot people confuse…damn.. my yUnjae must be suffered a lot

  71. for a certain time being I was going crazy but.. no matter, for me 5 is always 1 everywhere..

  72. Its ok I believe in their LOVE, im sure they are always in each minds, no one can break that bond…YUNJAE FIGHTING!!!

  73. say what??!
    if that’s a joke, that ain’t punny.

  74. I saw Yunnie’s last photo of his Goong perf that SYC posted.. If u really paying attention to the pic, some of it showing Yunnie’s eyes that always looking to his right.. I wonder if there was “a-precious-person-at the-audience”… and Yunho’s expression is very very bright at every pic!! XDDD
    so.. I knew,, there must be his beloved person whom wacthing him..*coughBooJaecough*

    YunJae 4Ever Love~~~~XDDDDD

  75. are they met that day ?l hope yunho still wait jaejae until he come.yunjae fighting we will support yunjae forever.

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