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[Vid] Making of Heaven’s postman – Jaejoong kiss scene

What did you hear around 0:19 – 0:20 Image Hosted by

credit: kokayz7

ps. same vid as this, but more HQ


  1. ahhhh..he’s a good actor and kiser!!

    choose me baby uh~~~~
    sexy JJ uh~~~

    • GODD~~ >.< That hurts but o-O THE SOUND! WaAaAH BREAKS OUR HEART MORE~~

  2. he looks like a good kisser
    I’m next!!!

    and I won’t be as passive bb ;)

  3. hahaha how many times is SYC going to post this to torture fans? lol

    • ROFL ur comment= A+

    • LOL

      But you’re right.
      I don’t want to see him kissing her but I also can’t help it…gosh what a torture

  4. okay, he looked pissed at the PD saying cut …XD

    watch it at dnbn, the configuration of the site is that the kissing scene is in your face literally….what a torture…lol

    • yeah~ the vid playing on DNBN was in your face and I was staring at it for like 10 times or

    • I want to c T.T …xDD ~

    • ROFL… totally, its hilarious how it seems like Jae gave a killer look to the director after he said cut…lolz…
      Jae looks like a great kisser…we can even listen the sound of their lips parting in the end…
      lucky Han Hyojoo…she was too mesmerized to react…lolz

  5. now i need to be a korean actress. high potential to get kissed by him, or any other TVXQ’s. TT.TT

    sweet scene though. :)

    • and, i can’t act. shoot.

  6. Omg so now I’m actually crying lol
    I don’t know why though…but I am.

    I so want to be in her place *sighs*

    *goes to cry in a corner*

    • and the sound…he’s like really kissing her…

      Girl why aren’t you kissing him??!? such a waste…

      I read somewhere that they had to remake the scene 7 times – he kissed her 7 times – oh the jealousy…

  7. Gahhhhh so jealous, wish he kiss me too! Looks like Such a great kisser

  8. he was not going to start using his tongue towards the end right? OMG he looks like he is going to do something more passionate and tender but thank god director prevents him…. Tell me I am wrong… I feel so depressed right now…..

    • lol I wish he had!! The director should’ve let them be passionate!! I always wanted to see this side of Jaejoong…com’on girls be realistic, no need to get jealous, you won’t get him anyway…so sit back with a bucket of ice cream and enjoy Jaejoong being sexy!!=P
      and please no YunJae here!!! I like to think of him as a perfectly straight man=p

      • Yes no YunJae please >>

        Jae is such a good kisser i wanna be her!

      • Agreed… In my head I wanted him to be more aggressive actually. Ah, I can tell, he is a really good kisser.
        And no Yunjae please. It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

      • Omg I couldnt love you more for saying that!!!! Im not a person that cares for the whole otp couples thing, I see them as five heterosexual males, but to each their own. Jae looked as though he was enjoying himself and rightfully so he is a MAN afterall. Im not one bit surprised he got into, those boys probably arent able to do that often even if they wanted to for fear fangirls may be jealous and mad….sort of like they are now lol. He definitely has had experience with kissing. I wish she wasnt so stiff though kiss would have been way hotter, but im sure she is terrified of the backlash she will get. I find it funny how fans are like she shouldnt have been so stiff and kissed him back but then on the other hand jealous she locked lips with him in the first place. I have my bias to (micky) but 1. I know ill never be with him so no point of jealousy and 2. He is a grown man and can do what he wants. Anywho good for him hope he has more kiss scenes in the future.

      • And if you won’t get him then why do you care if he isn’t a “perfectly” straight man. He won’t sleep with you either way lol

        Jae is Jae, a free spirit, just take him as he is.

      • AGREED 333%!

  9. OMG …. okay WAY Asian Hottness Overload!!!
    I could watch that for days. I am so incoherent right now AHHHHHH….. I want Jae in a french kissing scene next…. but I think I might explode…. Asian Hottness Overload will get to critical point….XD

  10. OH GOD! I can’t stop watching it : D!

    • I KNOW!!! My eyes find this 0:22 sec of film the best thing they have seen in months!!! (well other than SM town LA)

  11. Erm am I the only one that wants Jae to do more?
    All the Cassies are like “Fuuuu NO T_T” And I’m like “Kiss the girl! WOO HOO!” If I was the director I would have been behind the monitor, drooling like an idoit, and would not have said cut until Jae and the female lead stopped themselves and said “okay this is ridiculous” … ke ke ke

    • omg girl me too! It was so hot…. I want more kissing scenes for Jaejae. He seems like an awesome kisser. :Q____

      • me three!! I wanted something more passionate!! Damn the director, ruined the entire moment…No wonder Jae was pissed!=p

    • You’re definitely not alone!! XDD~ Jae’s way of kissing her was the start of French kiss, its just the director was stupid enough to say cut when Jae started to deepen his kiss.

    • you’re definitely not the only one!!
      i am so frustrated with the director saying “cut” at this moment…why oh why!!! the kiss was starting to be very very hot when he said cut… i think Han Hyojoo was about to return the kiss too..

    • More! I want More!!!! *cries in a corner*
      I feel like someone has just taken candy from a baby… and I’m the baby….

    • Me six!!! LOL.

    • I say it in the LQ vid. too xD ,, YESS , i want more , hehe, & idk why , keep imagining tongues there XDD

      • Me seven!!!! hahaha^^
        I want More~~~~


    • Me nine!!! Yeahh!!

    • so i’m the 10th…

      wahaha :D

      more! more! more! XDD

  12. HAWT!
    Jae stare to the pd was like saying to him:now that am having fun u say cut?????!!!

    • I know! That look to me was said this.

      Okay, I have been in a tiny ass apartment with 5 other guys for the last 6ish years. I finally get to kiss a girl, no strings attached and no Cassies in my hair because this is acting. I get to the really good part, the passionate part, and you… say… cut…. GRRRRRR Imma gonna hurt you in your sleep…..


      • aww i loveeee ur comment bb<3

  13. OMGGG
    It’s sooooo HAWTTTTT!!!!

    He’s a really good kisser!! XDDDD
    I wanna be kissed too Jae-boo

  14. lmao at the reaction! i found the kiss hot XD i like han hyo joo but i wished she would have reacted. lol jae bitchface when the direct stop him from advancing.

  15. I say we make a mob with pitchforks and torches and camp outside the director’s house with signs that say “Kae needs Deeper kisses… Cassies want to see tongue….”

    have I gone too far…..
    This video has got me hyper…. gah I wish there was a hot asian near, I’d kiss him silly!

    • oh god, typos fail…..T_T


  16. i absolutely love his expression at the end. and oh…dear god. even looking at his jaw line makes me wanna reach out to my computer screen in the hopes of stroking it!!

    • +1

  17. That girlll!!! T-T

  18. Hahaha I love that pop sound when their lips parted =D

  19. Said it before and I’ll say it again, best Korean movie/drama kiss ever.

    • A+++++++++++ ^^

    • hella yeah!

      in K-dramas or movies, usually u’ll only see some lip touching
      oh come on, that’s NOT a kiss!

      but then again, why should it be jae bb who did it? *sob* >> back to fangirl mode

    • Your right. I think thats why ppl are somewhat agitated the director stopped it. He was good!!!! Ive only seen two other kisses that I thought was hot like this, Yunho’s HTTG kiss and Rain Bi kiss scene in Full House…..because thats how men kiss damnit!

  20. I wish the camera was in his face instead of hers…I want to see his expression >.<

  21. I heard it! I heard it!!! >.<

    …. why did the PD cut it off~

  22. oh, finally, a HQ version of this kiss…gotta download it right away….put it in my ipod….watch it anywhere i go…..drool….

    • I know right?! lol. I have it on my phone and I just watch it over and over when I’m alone…..y-e-a-h, guess I’m a perv now :s

      • oh, i’m glad i’m not the only one…lol…

  23. I’m so jealous :'(

  24. when i heard the sound, my heart HURTSSS!!! :'(

  25. lol even though JJ was shy at the beginning…we can definitely see that he improved A LOT at the end. XD

    must be really delicious…these plump, rosy lips…*_* UNFFF…*runs to take a cold shower*


  27. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


    but i don't like the voice around 00:19-00.20 T.T

  29. T.T …T^T…T_T..Cut..cut..cut

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