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[Trans] 100921 Yoochun’s First Kissing Scene In SungKyunKwan Scandal


In KBS2’s Monday/Tuesday drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], Seo Hyo Rim (who portrays Ha Hyo Eun) and Park Yoochun (who portrays Lee Seon Jun), will have their first kissing scene.

Park Yoochun, who received a secret order to solve the riddle “A lotus blossom in full bloom”, met Seo Hyo Rim, and with his elegant, attractive appearance and character, he stole her heart from first sight. In the face of his rejection, their love story will unfold with her not being daunted and actively pursuing her love.

In the episode of [SungKyunKwan Scandal] that will air today (21 September), unable to conceal it any longer, Seo Hyo Rim shows her true feelings for the cool man of principles, Park Yoochun, in a dream-like first kiss.

Earlier on, a delicate love story was taking form between Park Min Young (who portrays Kim Yoonhee) and Park Yoochun, and with this new relationship forming with Seo Hyo Rim, a full-blown love triangle has been revealed, causing a boost of expectations from the viewers.

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    • ME TOO :D

      If I see a tight lipped kiss I’ll be very disappointed tho’

  3. ahh this is not the kiss that I expect!!! :D
    This drama will kill me, I want to watch it everyday :D

  4. here is comes our playboy!!! kiss every girl you meet along the way chunchun!!!
    *blow you a kiss*

  5. meh…Its just a peck on his

  6. LOL Sun Jun looks so shocked! Hyo Eun is adorable hehe~

  7. How many triangles in that drama? XD
    Love it!
    7th episode was awesome, 8th one will probably be epic! can’t wait to watch it.

    I don’t like watching drama, but SKKS, Playful Kiss (gosh that scene at the convenience store XXXD) and Gumiho are really good!

    • it is not exactly ti-angles, it is very difficult figures xDDD

  8. Go Hyo Eun!!!

    as long as it is a cheek kiss okie? :D

  9. i was excited to open the link when i read “kissing scene”…but this is not what i call a kissing scene…lolz…its not even on the lips…
    Sun Joon might keep his lips for Yoon Hee…

  10. wait,, the girl kiss on his cheek or his lips??
    anyone who has watched episode 8, please tell me ..

    • cheek~ and that’s enough to annoy me =.=

      • oh I think I’m a little disappointed.. =.=”
        but YeaY just on his cheek!! :)

    • He hold her up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He is such a gentlemen!

      Falling deeper!

      GO HYOEUN!

      • HYE EUN *wrong typo*

      • YES!! go HYO UEN ;)

  11. Get it, girl!!! XDD

  12. …woooo…a kiss on the cheek.
    (giggles to self about how innocent that is)

    K-Dramas usually have what I call wax-figure kisses. It’s like holding Barbie & Ken together for a smooch.

    • Really funny description. I sometimes wish they would either skip it or do it right.

      • Hey Lisa,

        re: “I sometimes wish they would either skip it or do it right.”

        Ain’t that the Truth! The wax-lip kisses are such /FAIL. These dramas work themselves up to the peak of passion …then it’s delivered with a kiss no one would ever want to receive. Who kisses without moving their lips/mouth? …lool

        p.s. recently I’ve been surfing around various K-dramas ’cause American TV is so lame – and HOLY SMOKES I watched one that I couldn’t believe was made in Korea – and was apparently popular enough to win loads of awards, for both actors and production.

        … the love scenes were extremely graphic – with nudity/copulation. (I’m full-grown, but since many readers here aren’t I won’t leave the name of the drama) but the kisses were more like devouring each others faces and the love triangle was two men…and then the woman later. O-O
        Honestly — there seems to be no MIDDLE GROUND…it’s either Ken & Barbie or….in your face nekkid. (those wacky Korean censors) :)

  13. cute:)

  14. YAHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!

  15. this is kinda off topic

    everytime i watch SKK and see this girl x song joong ki – i remember their chant “music bankkkk”!


    10.13% TO BE EXACT.


    That’s what I read from sungkyunkwan baidu bar. xD


    • WOW
      Let’s party ^o^

    • O.O


      can u give me the link??

      anw Congratz Chunie Bunny XD

      LET”S PARTY !

    • PARTYYYY!!!!
      Cheezz cake & COLA 4 all!!
      lets drink COLA till pass out!! :D :D :D

    • HHH ,, love u xD ,

      Lol ,, so happy that we reach the *2 digits rating * XDD , even for once & alone ,, xD

    • *throws confetti* alright guys, come to my house and I’ll serve u a really delicious food!!!!

    • thats awesome! ratings are increasing ^_^ im really happy with the steady progress.

    • damn I’m late coming to the party,….
      Join the party with you guys, its not over right? XD

      too bad, last night I heard someone said that the rating of episode 8 is 3%, this shocked me and then someone replied ‘no its 6.3% I have heard from blablabla’..
      ‘well, this is better than 3%’ … no, it’s still bad news for me.. =.-”

      I decided to sleep.. when I wake up, oh what a beautiful day to start!
      Thanx lovelyday to restore my smile..kekeke

      • According to what I have read, last episode ratings (7th episode) were 8,7% or 9’7% (it depends on the source) 6,3% was several episodes before.

      • it is AGB: 7.9%
        TNS: 8.2%

    • nono the rating is 8.2 :(

  17. Gahhhhhhhhh…

    such a lucky girl…

    it’s just a kiss on a cheek but that cheek is belong to one of 5 man that I want to kiss for whole of my life…so yeah she’s indeed lucky >.<

  18. I don’t think there will be some real kissing in SKKS. XD It’s a drama for the younger generation in general and we talking about a country where censorship put restriction on “under my skin” as inapropriate for the youth… They’re even timing the lenght of a kiss in an adult movie. LOL So yeah… No kiss for Chunnie. :D

  19. everytime she makes an appearance, she reminds me of us fangirls….XD
    how cute crafty she is….XD

  20. โอ้วววว ไม่นะ พี่ปาร์ค

  21. Not to ruin the mood, but last nite eps was dropped a bit to 7,9 / 8,2 (we have 2 sources, AGB and TNS). It’s not a really drop, coz dong yi and giant(the highest ones were dropped 3% to 17 and 20.
    It’s bcoz of the chuseok programs last nite..

    성균관 스캔들 화이팅!!!

  22. Omona.. Yoochun ah xDD.

  23. I read some translated episodes [from a chinese site] of chunnie’s interactions with the main lady, and boy, those were some scenes… they will never put that to the real act, enough to make the ajummas blush. ha ha….

    It’s a pity the lady who does the translation is not continuing anymore, as some idiot did not give her credit as she requested when taken out from her site.

  24. at the first thought, i was thinking, “so fast?” but lucky it’s just a peck on his cheeks!

    thanks for sharing!

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