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[Pic] 100911 Homin – SMTown in Shanghai part 6

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Happy Yunho ^^

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*bites his arms*

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cutie smile

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*licks all his sweat*

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  1. my handsome pls smile more

    • -got cut again D:-

      anyw TY for sharing~ these pictures are great :)

  2. He looks kind of wistful in some pictures..I hope he can be truly happy :\

    yunho-ah please place your happiness first before the fans’ T___T

  3. damn. my crazy love. just cant get enough of him <3

  4. his eyes…. its like he is remembering everything all over again. >.<

  5. yunho ah~ are u ok :(
    you can completely cry if you want,please don’t restrain yourself and hold back the tears anymore :(

  6. Yunho, please be happy baby!
    We will alway stand by u.

  7. He looks…..
    I never once questioned his decision of staying with SM, but now, seeing him like this…I can’t stop wondering why he did it, why did he choose to stay…

    I’m sure he has his reasons but if he’s suffering like this then..why? Is it really the right decision? If the right decision will make you suffer this much, then…how can it be right?

    There are those pictures in which he’s smiling and I should be happy seeing him like this but…why do I feel pain instead of joy?
    Maybe I’m blind but I really can’t see him being that happy.
    His smile…this smile breaks my heart. It’s like he’s smiling like this just for us, just for his fans…

    • I don’t want to sound overly-defensive but have you seen Junsu and Jaejoong lately?
      Some people was praising their handsomeness and awesome performance in A-Nation, I was only seeing sad sad eyes and forced smiles.
      Those boys look worn out or sick and we know that they aren’t having a lot of activities to look like that.
      If JYJ’s decision was the right one, why are they suffering because of it?

      Every one of them made a decision that broken them apart, every one of them is feeling that separation.
      I think that Yoochun and Changmin are starting to heal maybe because they are more adaptable, it will take some more time for Junsu, Yunho and Jaejoong.

      • Why do you bring up Junsu and Jaejoong?
        I didn’t mention them simply because in those pictures I can see only Yunho and Changmin, not the other 3.

        I know they are suffering too, I’m not blind, I’m not stupid, I’ve seen them.
        I don’t know what’s the right decision, I didn’t say that their decision is the right one – I was just referring at Yunho and Changmin.

        I don’t know what’s good right now, I don’t know if believing the 5 will reunite is good and not in vain, I don’t know if they will be able to perform again, I don’t know what are they feeling right now, what are they thinking, I don’t know all these things…

        But I do know that I will hope until the very end for them to reunite, I will believe that someday, maybe not too far away, they will be singing again on the same stage, under one name.

      • ‘Every one of them made a decision that broken them apart, every one of them is feeling that separation.’

        The one thing I don’t doubt is the sadness of ALL 5 at the band dissolving. Both sides publicly called out to each other to stay, at different points in time.

        I don’t get why fans must pick a side to hate. Sadness, confusion is ok..but hate? It boggles my mind.

  8. When Yunho is performing on the stage he looks genuinely happy, he forgets everything.

  9. Yunho’s awesome!!! hehe
    So handsome!! Love you Yunho oppa!!

  10. I love chinese fans so much right now! Those giant glowing signs are just EPIC!! Yunho must have been touched by them. <3333

    BTW, is it just me or Cassies were holding giant-size glow sticks? @__@ Where can I get one???

  11. wow~!!!!

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