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[Pic] epop- Malaysian Magazine Sept Issue

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about their chosen place for 3hree voices

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There’s a news that feature BoA’s tweet the picture of her with Yunho which had a translation of what BoA said

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In this page the tittle said “U-know would like to form/built an artist training center!”

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This page they talk about 9 head figure flower boys,
9 head figure means those who had a height that is equal to 9 of their head height which is perfect for modeling, of course our leader-shi yunho and the tall magnae were mentioned

On the U-Know box it said that “U-Know wear the prince costume during the press conference. when we look at U-know’s figure,we realize that he look handsome/good in any clothes and the prince outfit also made him look smart”

On Max box ; “During debut days, Max was just at same height with the other members. Max always drink milk and exercise to made him taller. Now, he’s the tallest member in TVXQ!”

and Max – the magnae is the tallest among all the ikemen ;D

Although this is an old issue but on epop chinese version 265 (july 25)

the cover was Yunho and there’s also yoochun ^^

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article about yoochun with his drama beautiful love and in this page they also talk about Xiah Junsu new solo

And for epop-Malay version august issue, There’s a free TVXQ poster

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There are many freebies, we select to show you JYJ envolope

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thanks to musfirah


    thank you SYC for sharing this ;)

  2. hehe.. i already bought it.. n of course i choose jyj raya envelope ^^

  3. i already bought it and i love it :D

    ps:/ i’ll keep those sampul duit raya. not gonna give it to others. hehe

    • me too!!! I would frame it for sure! haha XD

    • LOL me too! XD

      epop love TVXQ no matter if it the malay nor the chinese ver., almost every issue there MUST be a TVXQ-related story/news. even the staff admit it they’re fans of TVXQ ;D

      but i’m not epop fan, i only buy it if they had TVXQ as their cover or freebies that had TVXQ face or their poster LOL

    • yeah me too!! I went to bookstore today wanting to buy e-pop and was so shock to see the JYJ sampul raya! ^_^ how lucky me!! straight away grab a copy and pay at the counter.. now i’m so happy!!! (^o^) there was also SNSD version, but of course i’ll take our boys..thanx e-pop!!!

    • Can this magazine be found in the U.S.? (to be more specific, around Los Angeles since this is where I live) I really want that poster.

  4. OMG so much stuff and pics, I want it, I want it!XD

  5. omo isnt it cute

  6. YAY!!!Already bought it,thanks to my lil sis…^^

  7. hahahahha~ JYJ dominate Msia too
    n it’s quite a suprise dey made it to duit raya’s envelope even. none of d local artist hv been b4.

  8. I wish I could have this mags… *right click save pics*

  9. mak kau~ gerek seh~ jyj become money envelop i want it !___! where i can get it?

    • buy the latest epop magazine…you’ll get free 5 ‘sampul duit raya’…
      4 choises….dbsk, suju, 2pm or snsd^^

  10. i got it!!! ngeee~~~~ ^_^
    n of course i choose JYJ envelope !!! lalala~~

  11. already got it…super happy…weeeeeeeeee~~!!
    and thank god i got JYJ envelope…coz only 2 units were left with that envelope…\(^^)/

  12. i already have this… but the poster is not from epop.. its from a magazine name YG… u can see the logo written i love YG.. its chinese magazinecalled YG.. !!

    • oh you’re right! i’m sorry dont blame syc for this, gome *bow*

    • is the poster was on YG mag. Sept. issue??

  13. i have the envelope!!hehehe..gonna keep it friend bought e-pop for me n she didnt want to give it at school cos she said i’ll go crazy as soon as i saw it..hoho she’s right..i went crazy the moment i saw junsu’s face xp

  14. nak beli!!!!!i want dat angpau raya!!!!but i can’t find d mag in 7e near my office..will carik in midval tomorrow..hopefully still ade T___T

    • im going midvalley tomorrow as well. leave me a copy ok? Meet u there? ><

      • lol…u guys better fast~

      • bought it!!!thanks to my sis..hehehe

        i’m so not gonna give d angpau to others =p

  15. SHIT! its already sold out!!!! giler ramai nyer kipas-susah-mati ek?

    Where I can find a copy!??? I want it!!!

  16. I have the poster in my bedrm wall woohoo!!

  17. T_T

    will drive and find this magz just bcoz of u yuchun!!

  18. aaa..!!y i’m on holiday now?lol..i usually bought this mag at shop near my college..and i think by now,it’s already sold out!i want tt sampul
    i cant believe ‘selamat hari raya’ and jyj are in the same place..LOL

  19. I know this is a bit off topic, but talking about JYJ, aren’t they scheduled to have the Lotte Fanmeeting today? (3rd Sept.)

  20. So cute

  21. omg!! i need to buy it fast! every magz abt TVXQ sold out fast!

    where i’m gonna buy it. bookstore at my place didn’t sell epop. oh gosh! need to go to KL.. damn *o*

    • if u go to bookstore/magazine stands dat sell k-pop (no matter wat version/language) they sure have..unless outof stock.. try magstore, mid valley maybe have..

  22. wahh i love this mag already! me want it TT,TT how can i get it? any website that sells this n ship internationally?

  23. bought them already!!

    there’s only 2 selection in my place, 2pm & jyj
    nasib baik^^

  24. i’m totally getting me those!!! Though i’m pretty sure they’re sold out T-T

    btw it is so wierd to read about jyj in malay >_< haha maybe its just me XD

  25. wow~!

  26. hehe.. i alrdy bought dat e-pop!! plus i bought YG sept issue too (altho i didnt understand nor read Chinese writing)hehe
    in YG have stories on SMTown n of coz HoMin.. HoMin pics almost 2 pages! hehe
    i am so happy, i smiled all the way home..
    ^_^ <3

  27. i juz got it!!!!i will never used the envelop tht have JYJ pic..hehe..will keep it

  28. OMO. I’m so getting that mag for the poster ;DDD

  29. kpd majalah epop malay nie…
    Sye nk tnya mcm mne nk lnggan isu2 lps majalah epop yg sye dah ktnggalan nie???
    Hrp mjalah epop dpt mmbritahu sye…

  30. hey guys~is this issue still selling now?i really wanna get those green packets and the snsd poster~can u guys tell me are they still selling it now?when and where?thx guys~

  31. omg!!! nak smpul wit raye jyj!!!!!

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