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[News] 100830 Popular Dramas To Air In Latin America

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A Peruvian television channel has recently acquired the rights to broadcast well-known Korean dramas and have been noted as taking yet another step forward for the Hallyu wave.

Kpop fans in Peru could not believe their eyes as a recent commercial aired throughout Panamericana Televisión. Announcing them as ‘coming soon’, a commercial showed various upcoming dramas to be aired throughout the fall and next year, “Coming soon are the some of the best Korean productions. Viewers will be captivated by some of the most intense story lines.”

The commercial included KBS‘s Boys Before Flowers (Las Flores Salvajes/Wild Flowers), MBC‘s Strike Love, KBS‘s Summer Scent (Esencia De Verano), MBC‘s Heading To The Ground starring DBSK‘s U-Know Yunho (Sin Limites/Without Limits), KBS‘s Full House starring Rain, and KBS‘s Spring Waltz (Ella Es Una Mujer/She’s A Super Woman). The channel will begin their Korean broadcasts with MBC‘s Queen Of Housewives on August 30th.

After the news slowly began to spread among Kdrama communities in Latin America, fans could only comment with excitement. A fan commented, “I’m really amazed that those dramas are coming all the way over here, I can’t believe this is real…I can’t wait to watch!”

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  1. hmm Wild Flowers LOL

    but yay for leader-ssi!!

  2. its good, our boy’s drama in there too..
    drama is drama..
    don’t have all looked good, important thing that we can enjoy it .. ^^

  3. Peru’s fans are so lucky because they can enjoy all these great drama. I want to watch HTTG on my TV too.

  4. >w< My god so lucky~! I would love to watch dramas on my tv~! lucky Peru fans~! i don't think they will show anytime soon in Australia =w= i wish they did though; yay for yunho~! hyun joong~! and lee min ho XD

    Thanks for sharing

  5. that’s really great ^^

    I’m from Romania and it’s been about 3 years since we’re having kdramas aired here, the only problem is that they are always historical(geuk) ones. So yes, god damn it, Latin America Cassies are so lucky *cries out* I want U-know on my TV too

  6. that’s awesome! congratulation for ‘heading to the ground’ casts and crews then! :))))
    while in korea it got bad rating, in latin amrecia it gets great anthusiastic! in my country its not that popular too..

    yeah! keep spirit leader-ssi!

  7. Wow… Perú fighting!! I’m gonna look my tv cable channel list… maybe I have this channel… ^^

    WHY NOT IN CHILE??????????? U-U

  8. Wow, my fellow Peruvians are really something.
    I have been watching Korean dramas on a less popular channel for more than a decade already, but apparently a lot of people think that this will be the first time a Korean drama is aired in our country. Unbelievable…

    • Forgot to say, I’m excited to see Yunho on high definition. xD

    • Opino lo mismo.
      Ya he visto varias en TNP pe’ esta vez las va a pasar Panamericana asi q’ epero q’ mas gente se vuelva fans de las novelas Coreanas. ^^

  9. Fullhouse is hilarious! I love Rain so much <3

    Latin America is hella lucky!

  10. Bueno, ayer ya empezaron a transmitir las novelas en panamerica el tiutlo en español es la reyna de las esposas…sino me equivoco …estaré ESPERANDO ver la de nuestro lider!!!

    I think that korean dramas here in Peru , there are many people like to see them, because there are many places in Peru where sell them

  11. yep guys!! yunho will be in my betroom! hahah yoochun dont get mad i love you more! but my tv is in my betroom! im so happy but i prefer watch them with subs coz i love the entonation! but i have to enjoy it!! and guys belive it or not here in Peru Kdramas are pretty known! many people like it! and of course our boyz too!

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