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[Trans] 100825 U-know Yunho & SHINee To Participate In Donation Ceremony For War Orphans

On the 31st, U-know Yunho and idol group SHINee will be participating in a donation ceremony held for war orphans at the 2nd DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government complex.

This ceremony, which takes place before the official opening of the film festival on 9 September, is held in aid of all the children around the world who became orphans because of wars and had to endure hunger and hardship because of it.

It is planned that photos of hunger in times of war by UNICEF (Unite For Children) will be shown and a donation ceremony will be conducted.

At 3PM on the 31st, U-know Yunho and SHINee will be there as donation ambassadors.

A representative from the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival said, “For the film festival this time around, ‘peace’ and ‘life’ are the main objectives, thus we planned a ceremony for the building of a fund,” and “The involvement of U-know Yunho and SHINee will increase the awareness and participation of this charity project among the citizens.”

Source: [SPN + BaiduTVXQ + Gyeonggi-do]
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  1. yunho have such a good heart.

  2. >/////////<

  3. That’s why I love my yunnie bear.

  4. Yunho has a heart of gold.
    They has chose the perfect person for this event, Yunho surely will be enourage more ppl to do charity work and donation.

  5. so cool my babe *_*

  6. kinda off topic but yunho look so pretty in that picture ;P

    • me 2… ^^

  7. .Woww…. I hope people will donate more since Yunho oppa will be there… Yunho oppa!! Hwaiting..

  8. sweet hearts

  9. Yunho as The Greatest Role Model ^^ <3

  10. saranghaeeeee :3

  11. Yunnie~~~ So sweet. He’s already so busy. >.<

  12. Yunho looks hot in that pic

    *cough cough* what is UNICEF doing? I understand that children have been orphaned after war but RIGHT NOW children are being orphaned as we speak through the numerous floods that are hitting Pakistan. I am not saying those children don’t need help too but the UN is a global organization and these kinds of past issues should have been dealt with already?

  13. Our Yunnie has such a caring heart!!! He is such a great role model for his fans! I’m sure Yunfans will greatly support this event!

    Thanks Yunho for being so caring and giving towards those in needs!! <33333

  14. He started young, I hope he can keep this wish to help others close to his heart always.

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  16. omgosh. My dad’s the president and co-founder of DMZ Forum. LOL.
    I wish I could meet them… ):

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