Posted by: sharingyoochun | August 20, 2010

[Spazz] Yoochun endorsing same bag with other celebrities

Yoochun spotted at the airport with Mode Creation Munich (MCM) bag.
Last month, 07.24, his hyung Rain was also endorsing the same bag at Shanghai airport.

Micky, we know you’re probably happy now^^

and also the same as Hyunseung,the Beast member XD

Whoaaaaaaaaaa I want one


  1. this bag loves to place in hot places :P

  2. Omo me too! *wants*

  3. i wantt one!! where can you buy it?

  4. I WANT THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. omg i want one!!!!!!!!

  6. OOOH. I WANT.

  7. That “one of Beast member” is Hyunseung. :)) <3

    • Thanks ! lol Chompoo admin and I failed at that! XD
      This will be edited ^^

  8. i want one !

  9. That’s a really nice bag ^^

  10. I want it ! >U<

  11. this bag is too expensive T_T

  12. i want one…….

  13. Ok you guys just take the bag! Leave the owners for me! I want both BiChun! My top 2 fave Kpop boy endorsing same bag! <3

  14. Sweet!
    I had seen Taeyang wearing the same backpack but in red. This color is just as nice.
    I guess it’s currently a hot item among
    K-celebs. xD

  15. yeah,the design and color looks so nice !!
    how much is it?i bet its too exp for me T.T

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