Posted by: sharingyoochun | August 3, 2010

[Vid] 100802 Newton Chart Best Male Idol Group

credit: SmilionFul2nd


  1. TVXQ!!!!!!! ^^

  2. There isn’t Shinhwa O_O

    • I’ve already seen them =)) 8th

    • They’re top 8 on the first vid. Teen Top performed T.O.P.

      • must’ve been typing at the same time ~ can’t delete.. ><

        Congrats to the boys! They're really no. 1! Just hearing Mirotic at a recently aired show makes me happy lol. Watching this makes me miss the boys so much (again). I wish to see our precious five performing together again sooner rather than later.

  3. oh my god :’). im so proud =D

  4. what an exciting show (:
    – i never know T.O.P stands for twinkling of paradise… SM and their weird engrish =___=
    – woah, ss501 #9 ??? and suju #7 ??? thought they’d at least be in the top 5
    – december singing g.o.d sooooo well
    – woots BB #3 =)
    – H.O.T !!! (well, actually, JTL !!! lol sorry, i’m a bigger fan of JTL than HOT)
    – and OFC our DBSK is #1 !!!!! AMAZING O___O and the red lights ^^

  5. yay, congrats for DBSK!!!!!! DBSK reigns 1, no doubt about that.

    clap clap clap.

    ah, hearing the fans chanting the song again make me miss them much more.

    but, ZE;A kinda ruined the song a bit. *sigh*

    no offence.:)

    still, DBSK, manse!!!

  6. omg… i’m so proud, they’re in 1st place…XD
    they have to be together….waiting for your comeback guys, it’ll be amazing!!!!

  7. TVXQ~!!! ^0^

  8. *PROUD*!!
    many nice songs from a few years back and the current ones, but still TVXQ the best!!

    thanks for sharing!

  9. OUTSIDER performing!! ^^
    *heheh…he’s my nephew fav..* not really enjoy ZE;A performance..BUT…hell ALL I CARE…DONGBANGSHINKI NO#1!!! hahaha

    anyway..errmm…the two guys singing G.O.D’s song..are they the group member?*sorry hv to ask;juz wan 2 knw..coz m not really familiar w/this group*

    • that’s December ^^ they’re a singing duo, they debuted last year (:

      • ahh..tq ^^

  10. Woof~! TVXQ won!!

    Did the guy do the screaming part? or just posing..
    What I heard is Minnie voice nia…
    And Joongie’s ‘yeahh yeahh~’ …
    I want TVXQ back T^T

    • he was lypsing … XD

  11. If only DBSK were actually there to sing. ZE;A kind of…welll…to be honest…ruined the song *sigh* SORRY ZE;A! Keep trying…like A LOT (please)


  12. *scream wif d crowd*

  13. I’m soooooo glad that they still sings the code cheer soo well and powerful ><//!!
    It proves that TVXQ is still #1^__________^


  14. awh, dongjun is doing junsu’s parts! kekeke <3 ze:a really needs to step their game up, though D:
    i'm so proud of out boys :D

  15. Min’s shout part is lypsinged, right? o_O

    The chants make me miss them (TVXQ).

    • is there anyone who can do Min’s shout part? XD
      i DOUBT that ^^

      • xDDD You are so right.


    • they’re ZE:A,..

  17. well,..honestly,..I hate the performance,..sorry ZE:A fans,..
    junsu’s “I’m breaking the rules again” part,.he ruined it,..
    and the devil’s ride part! again apologize to ZE:A fans here,.

    anyway! I am so happy that our TVXQ is number 1,..well what can I say,..^^

  18. DBSK #1. ZE:A not so much. Sorry but I think another group deserved to do this song…

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