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[Trans] 100729 Japan CD Sales Drop By 7%, Total Revenue ¥120.6 Billion For 1st Half 2010

A market research of the music industry conducted by SIP revealed the CD sales for the first half of 2010. The total sales for singles and albums was 120.6 Billion Yen, which was a drop of 7.4% from the same period last year. Although the revenue from singles increase by 1%, album revenues decreased by 10%.

For top artist revenues:
No. 1: Tohoshinki – Approx. ¥2.3 Billion
No. 2: Arashi – ¥2.2 Billion
No. 3: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – ¥1.8 Billion

Source: [Nikkei Economic News] + [baiduTVXQ]
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  1. 2.3 billion yen = $26.6 USD
    O.O Impressive!

    • forgot to add the million mark? XD

      • lol~ so phail! (>_<)\

        Actually, Avex is cheaper than SME, didn't you know? If SME pays in peanuts, Avex pays them in fractions of peas (think Jack and the Beanstalk w/ Micky Mouse) xDD

      • *Mickey Mouse

        damn you Yoochun for influencing me!

  2. Omo… Their absence is making things inconvenient. *blames SM*

    • SM should get torched.

      • yeah bring SM on fire,,I mean literally:)

  3. They sell more than arashi?

    • Arashi released only 2 singles on the 1st half of this year while Tohoshinki released 2 singles + 1 compilation album.

      Album price is about 3 times higher than singles’ so it’s not surprising that the sales number of Tohoshinki would be higher than Arashi, even though Arashi single sold more than 600k for each.

      I just don’t want THSK fan said that we can surpass Arashi. It’s not realistic and defame the other group in some sense. But yeah, we can enjoy our number here. Why can’t we just compare with THSK sales last year?

      (Sorry to reply under your post here.)

      • “I just don’t want THSK fan said that we can surpass Arashi. It’s not realistic ”

        IA~ sometimes we can be really over the top over things like this. There’s a lot of things to consider than just the figures really and Arashi’s album actually sold more than a million but it was released last year and still selling until now.

        Arashi also dont release singles per single. JE has their rotations. They dont pit their groups against each other. It has a flow AFAIK~ Im more familiar w/ Kattun like 2-4 singles a year and one album and a Tour concert.

      • thanks for clearing out things.
        if only more people would hear this

  4. Surpassing arashi!

    • not quite like that, dear.
      please refer to the above comments.

  5. hey! Toho sell the most?

  6. Ok, OMGGG! I can’t believe there’s a day I would see them surpassing Arashi. Maybe Arashi hasn’t been releasing much or whatever reason it is but them with no promotion can reach such numbers are amazing. I wish they (all members and both companies) could see how high they can reach if the five of them are together. They can reach a negotiation with less group activities and may focus on solo activities but still keep the group alive, that would bring much more profits for everyone. Just my wishful thinking T_T.

    • Mine also! They can keep the group alive and still have their solo activities. I mean, they can use 4months in a year for group activities and 8 months for solo activities. That should satisfy all involved, even fans.

  7. woah they sold more than ARASHI..that’s something:)

  8. OMO…I thought that I would NEVER see the day that TVXQ would surpass Arashi. I always thought that since arashi is purely a japanese idol group, and they’re the TOP group there too that TVXQ would always be second or third under arashi. This makes me soo proud of them!!

  9. yea!!!proud of our boys!!!

  10. How important is Tohoshinki to JP music industry?
    See the chart and you’ll know…
    TVXQ has surpass Arashi..
    They are legend indeed!!

    • See the sales and you’ll know whats the truth.

      TVXQ never surpassed Arashi~ TVXQ had more releases than Arashi.
      Interms of ‘sales figures’ Arashi kicked Toho’s ar$e.
      Arashi’s revenues all came form their single sales. Basing on that, Arashi actually did a good job bcoz singles are cheaper than albums. Just 2 singles and they pulled out a whooping 2.2 Billion YEN

      • You forgot the fact that our boys haven’t been active in Japan for the entire year whilst Arashi obviously have.

      • Srsly I didnt, but it seems some of you actually believe that Tohoshinki can surpass Arashi. Im not even a fan of Arashi as in hello~ IDK if anyone remembered last time when some of Toho fans were boasting that our boys would definitely kick Kattun’s ar$e on the Oricon chart.
        Survivor /Rescue? Look what happened and fans were making excuses of this and that.

        Obviously Arashi is really a top idol group in Japan. Their doramas/movies/CM’s/ etcs…. its their territory. The fact that Tohoshnki is doing a good job esp. in recent times is already amazing . I just dont understand why some still need to make them look better than some Jpop groups. Can we just all be happy insteda of ‘they surpassed Arashi blah blah’ when its not even the truth.

      • Fans are being happy about the fact that Tohoshinki DID sell more than Arashi did this year – saying stuff about how Arashi being a top idol in Japan and etc doesn’t change anything. Fact is that the boys sold more than them. Period.

        Obviously everyone knows that the Japanese music industry is so tough and competitive but what’s so wrong about some fans feeling excited about this news, especially today?

      • “Fact is that the boys sold more than them. Period. ”

        Fact is they dont~ THSK’s revenues are higher but they didnt sell more.
        The fact is Arashi didnt release an album whereas THSK had Best Selection + A/B sides compilations.

        Who said you shouldnt be happy and excited? Its another thing to be OTT about something that isnt.

      • Omg big deal sheesh. What’s up with being so negative about some fans being so called ‘OTT’ about what the boys have achieved? Did someone employ you to be the police or something?

        Better to be overenthusiatic with no negative intention than to be so critical all the time.

      • nah~ just noticed how this fandom could be exagerrated about anything the boys could achieved.

        lol~ all the time as in wtf?! Its better to actually know bits about the issue technically than just spazz all the way.

      • *have achieved*

      • Well this fandom has very unique and different fans so deal with it.

      • And it doesnt hurt If I dont feel like going w/ the flow.geez~

      • Course you can disagree with what people are commenting about but to accuse fans of being over the top in their reactions and then bringing in stuff about Arashi selling such and such figures and etc? O.o

      • Why is OTT reactions negative to you?
        I can really be OTT myself if Im so into it.duh~

      • YOU’RE the one who said over the top reactions aren’t appropriate by TVXQ fans over their achievements.

  11. Tohoshinking jjang^^

  12. geez~

    Statistics are damn liars~

    Its easy to figure out why Toho surpassed Arashi but if anyone will actually look deeper its not what it seems to be.

    • yeah agree totally with you
      it’s misleading that way.

  13. They still manage to get that much even when they’re inactive like this. This is what I called the power of Gods of the East. Please come back soon boys, I miss you so much. <3

  14. ok let’s compare:
    -Tohoshinki: no activities, 2 singles and 1 album

    -arashi: 2 singles, their drama, their apparence tv, their tv program, etc..

    So 1+1=2 2+2=4 and this one i think… arashi have a bit more activities than our boys. Even if our boys released more cd than arashi, they did BEAT them with 100 million difference between the 2 groups which is quite amazing for non japanese group. I don’t know why some people have a hard time believing the statistics…
    Ah, i almost forgot, our boys will beat them on a fair battle, i don’t know when tough, but they will do it. :)

    anyway, this is just my opinion, do whatever you want with it. ^^

    • “I don’t know why some people have a hard time believing the statistics”

      Technically the statistics showed dealt w/ albums and singles revenues.

      Both Arashi’s 2 singles sold 500-600K ++ each based on Oricon figures and still counting. Albums price > singles. If you want a real breakdown you’ll be more surprised why Arashi’s revenue came 2nd unless whoever did these stats actually included sales from both groups from their past releases that still selling to date

      Both groups actually did great on what they achieved.

      • At least we know which group is more talented in terms of vocals, dancing and composition skills.

        Sale figures? I don’t really care. Both groups are doing well, but it’s the Toho boys I love and admire.

  15. Please vote for TVXQ :


    thanks for sharing!

  17. This is tvxq fansite, I think its damn fine if we want to say anything good about our boys, maybe its true tvxq not surpass arashi..yet, but I feel a bit annoyed when people start defending other group here. Realistic doesn’t mean tackle every single fans who said tvxq better than lalala. Cmon..its syc not allkpop alljpop or any other general k or j pop website

  18. srsly? if you’re not tvxq fans why are you here?
    hmmm you might wanna go spazz about ‘some other artist’ in their own forum, not here : )
    saying that how many have ‘your’ artist been active? 10? how many have our boys? 6? not counting the 7th since they stopped promoting 6 years compare to 10 thats something to think about if they can sell this much in 6 years they can probably surpass ‘your’ group in 10 years if they’re together and active ; ) and oh! not saying that our boys aren’t Japanese and still can sell THIS much…

  19. Tohoshinki perhaps can’t surpass Arashi but JYJ will. I love both Tohoshinki and Arashi, it’s just that our boys always come first to me. Just wait till JaeChunSu are everywhere all over the Japan TV. For now Arashi is everyone’s idol in Japan but who knows for couple years later.

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