Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 21, 2010

[Info] 100721 JYJ Rules mu-mo Ringtone Chart

Starting July 14th, JYJ ringtones are available for exclusive download at mu-mo website.

and seems that all the 4 tracks are gaining popularity to see from this mu-mo ringtone rank ;)

source: mu-mo
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  1. That’s awesome for JYJ to get 4 positions!

    I’m also impressed that 7 out of the 10 positions are artists from AVEX so it’s totally awesome. <3

    • Oops, I meant 8 positions are from AVEX. Even better. LOL

  2. how can we download?!! omgg I’m so excited xD congrats!!!

  3. I miss DBSK so much!!! When will the JYJ worldwide album come out? I got DBSK deprive already.

    Yunho! Changmin! Jaejoong! Junsu! Yuuchun! I miss you guys on stage so very much it hurt like hell!!

  4. Wohoo…Congrats to them.
    Cant wait for their new albums. EXCITED!

  5. TOHOSHINKING! 4 out of 10, awesome.

    thanks for sharing!

  6. Congrats!!!!! their 4 new songs are there right? YES!!!!!!

    • omg i really hope so >< lol

  7. W = the song that keeps me going.

  8. Awesome!!!

    Congrats boys ;)

    I wanna have W ringtone too >.<

  9. TohoshinKING~!
    JaeChunSu hwaitng~!! Oooh~!! And GRATZ~!! ^^

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