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[News] The Last Work of Five? TVXQ Movie Theme Song to be Released in DVD

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The recorded song from popular Korean group which announced their hiatus in April this year, TVXQ wil be released in DVD.

The movie where the song becomes soundtrack, ‘Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu’ (released September 11th) will release its advanced tickets together with the DVD, in which video digest and theme song ‘With All My Heart ~ Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu’ are also included. The price of DVD is ¥ 2000. DVD is limited on sale nationwide starting July 15th at 10 am through Loppi, Lawson. While buying the DVD separately (without movie ticket) will cost ¥ 1000, this could be the ‘last work’ that contains the five members’ voices.

‘With All My Heart’ is recorded in TVXQ latest album ‘BEST SELECTION 2010’ that was released in February, another version of the song was recorded as well.

source: Sports Nichi
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addition from Sanspo:

The DVD will contain 3 different versions of “With All My Heart – 君が踊る夏” (only music, the members will not appear). One version that is hinted that, while the original song uses both violin and piano as its main instruments, this other special version will have only piano play through intro to deliver a simple yet delicate feeling.

Video digest will lasts for 15 minutes and the song is inserted as it is, for 5 minutes length.

PS: don’t mind if there’s a line that tends to exaggerate everything, in the end, they’re just trying to promote their product with boastful ad.


  1. as expected.


  2. I don’t like the word ‘ last ‘ T.T

    • the “last” T__T

      wrong words for our DBSK

      The BEST Work of Five

      • Agreed! No offence~

  3. what’s with the tittle?! last work of five?!

  4. i don’t like ‘the last’ words

  5. Yeah I kinda went T_T when I saw the title too :'(

  6. I dont like the phrase :[

  7. ahhhhh………….

    yes, hopes are burst into bubbles it seems. T T

    and the headline somehow hurts me inside. last work of five? Noo…….it is not. they will be more and more in the future (pray deep and hard!)

    whatever it is, this is a good way to still keep THSK’s popularity alive in Japan and around the world.

    Hmm, i feel sad now.

  8. i don’t even dare to read the news… T.T

  9. i hope we dont exaggrate thing…its says..this “COULD”…the word doesnt confirm that this is the last work from them…

  10. :(

  11. oh…well…..
    *turn off the music*
    party is over……
    *goes to sleep*

  12. agree with SYC Admins. Eventhough i dont like the word ‘Last”, it’s for ads purposes I think

  13. I hate how its being released as a TVXQ dvd…

    the drama doesn’t need this level of advertisement. its a little over the top.

    • btw, I love that pic.

  14. They probably said “last” as “The latest thig they did as five” (since With all my heart was the last “new” song we discovered)

    But no speculation on the future

    Keep hoping cassies and AKTF :)

    • *thing

  15. pleasa change the tittle…really dont like ”last” word…make me wanna cry~

  16. Lalalalalalalala…. watching beautiful Love ep 6 and 7
    Nothing right now can dampen my sprits…..

  17. oh my god



    no way …

  18. “The last”?? people promoting their products -,-

    Thanks for sharing~ C:

  19. “The Last Work of Five?”

    Even it have [?] doesn’t it bad to say that thing?!?!

  20. read this article without feeling, galz…
    i hate this…


  21. Please media…..don’t exaggerate things too much… hurts ;_;

  22. okay, okay so it’s the last.

    SO FAR.

  23. just great. just now i had my hopes up. now its *kaput*

    i’ll AKTF, tho. blindly it seems, but i dont care.

  24. I think it should be ‘latest’ than ‘last’..
    Because TVXQ will be back in the future..not under SM i wish..

    • Hehe yes! Aktf! :)

  25. it’s not the last work~ huhuhuhu..

  26. well, the last until they do something more
    what ever

    • *agree with u. nodding head*

  27. well..
    for now, it’s the last and it’s the truth…

    but who knows with the future??

    *still keeping my hope and faith here..

  28. join us trending #AKTF on twitter?
    so much people do this right now…

  29. Eek… way to exaggerate and be overdramatic…

  30. what’s with the ‘last’ word?
    i really hate it if it’s true.

  31. it´s not gonna be the last!!!

  32. so it has the original song, and 3 different instrumentals? that sucks… i would’ve been more excited if they included their voices for those versions..

  33. The word “last” is just to boast up the dvd selling. . .how unintelligence they can be. . .cassien n bigeast n other unofficial fans all over the world can’t be fooled U know?

  34. aigoo..why should they use this phrase ‘this could be the ‘last work’ that contains the five members’ voices.’
    sigh sigh sigh..unhappy still but yeah..sigh sigh..

  35. Using dramatic phrase for ad is not nice =___=

    I dont feel like buying this product after what they said,

  36. i don’t want to be the last!!!! i want forever five!! hate the ‘last word’!! they forever won’t be last…

  37. Yeah I hate the way they promote it.. The last? Oh my god sun hell NO

  38. Its not the last and we know why-

  39. last or the latest? hmm. *worries

    ktf (i will, anyway)

  40. No. This will NOT be the last.

  41. Last is rubbish! They will come back for sure :) AKTF!

  42. I hate when they say its LAST…

    Keep my faith~!
    The word ‘Last’ will never ever exist for TVXQ in my world…
    They will still singing together even when they’re 60 years old!

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  44. forever won’t be the LAST!! they will be releasing more and more..we have to KEEP OUR FAITH!!

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    A lot of word that I couldn’t tell
    I want you always exist and accompany me in every step that make me believe we’re mean each other
    Even the time can take my body but I want you to know i always yours that love you eternally…….
    I want to continue watching over an eternal happiness
    Please don’t forget, I’m waiting for you

    for our beloved dbsk
    it doesn’t matter where you are, being together or not……

  46. what a great promotion!! -,-“

  47. exaggeration. pfffttt~

    i rly just wanna slap the writer of this article.

    i blv in them. we will see them together again.

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