Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 1, 2010

[Vid] 100630 Park Yong Ha News

0:23 Yunho

credit: granite2200


  1. I just really dont like the press esp. in a situation like this. They’re on their mourning state and theres loads of cameras flashing all over their face.

  2. sooooooooooo
    sad ,, @_@

    yunho look like sad

  3. Jae.. Look at your yunho he need your hug so I’m I T_T

    • I think Jae who needs a hug :'(

  4. Yunho’s face looks so sad. No doubt yunho was close to Jae’s bff. I’m so sad… This actor’s strory is too tragic. Argh. I hope no one blames themselves. This type of thing can’t always be seen.

  5. its so sad >< *sigh*

    • too sad and looks like yunni is so in shock >< poor them

      i was shocked too *sigh*

  6. Sad day indeed.

  7. it hurts everytime i hear news about people committing suicide. esp. when these people are so much loved by their fellowmen. =(( let’s offer a prayer for the repose of his soul. =((

  8. omg! this is so sad…U_u
    la verdad k me sorprendio mucho esto y por pero creo k es suicidio?O___o
    wow esto es muy triste no lo seguia pero tenia buenas actuaciones com en sonata de invierno (winter sonata) IM SHOCKING RIGHT NOW ! yunho oppa dont be sad!! smile oppa ! We will pray for his soul

  9. can’t the press be a little considerate? they are grieving for their friend and they make such a big thing to see the artistes etc crying/sad, stop flashing those cameras!!

    Poorn Jae T_____T he is so far away he cannot go

  10. huhuhu. Umma and Appa should comfort each other at this trying times *bawls*

  11. Dang, the cameras are all in their face !
    They can at least be considerate, and leave them alone.

  12. RIP Park yong ha you will b missed!
    Hope you have a better life in heaven.
    Yunho,Jae nd the others I hope there’ll b ok. Hopefully there’ll b positive. (hugs DBSK)
    But seriously he shud hav talked 2 someone, he didn’t hav to die….seriously,cudn’t he do that??

    nd WTF is with the camera’s there…it a FUCKIN’ FUNERAL…jesus, ino it there job but give them some room =(

  13. ow.. :( yunho… please dont be sad.. :( please be strong… yunho :'(

  14. so annoying!!!

    at least they (press) can used a camera without blitz, OMG this’s a fucking funeral!! what the hell r they thinking….-___-“

  15. wow… i just heard about this tragic news earlier at work. i totally did not expect this to be related to our members. yun looks really tired. the flashing lights are really annoying. korean entertainment industry is too tragic,

  16. SAD…

  17. i find those reporters kinda rude because this is someone’s funeral, and they are crowding outside the room where they put the coffin. How could one rest in peace like that?!

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