Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 30, 2010

[Trans] 100630 TVXQ’s ChunJaeSu Sent a Wreath of Grief

Singer and actor Park Yong-ha was found dead at his home on the 30th this morning. A cellphone cord around his neck was suspected to be one which stopped his breath, it’s presumed that the actor was committing suicide. Many fellow artists were reported not be able to hide their sadness during the funeral. The members of group TVXQ who have been enjoying much popularity in Japan along with Park Yong-ha himself, sent a wreath to the funeral service place and wished him a rest in peace.

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  1. i thought it was only from the trio?

    • as I read, it’s YES! ^^

    • yep, it’s only from the 3 members who couldn’t attend…I’m surprised that CM didn’t go also…I guess he wasn’t as close to him.

  2. I’m feeling so sad for him..

  3. RIP~

    I wonder how’s the trio are doing in the US?
    I can find comfort knowing that they’re together, knowing that Jae will be taken care off by Junsu and Chun.

    Im guessing Jae might have some talks w/ Hyun Joong. He’s in this funeral too, he might have come as a friend and in Jae’s behalf too.

    • eh actually hyun joong was not the ss501 member that went to the funeral today as reported in the news, it was hyung joon, his other member in ss501 that went, hyung joon went with his bro ukiss’s kibum…i just saw their pics and they were like crying seen with red puffy eyes…

      or unless hyun joong did went but i didnt see any of his pics so im guessing the news reporter might have mixed up their names…

    • @Yuna
      Its funny yet bitter how u assume Hyun Joong might have attended also on Jaejoong’s behalf whereas Yunho couldnt have possibly done so.(Im refering to one of ur comments in the previous post).
      Lets leave YunJae out of this,ok?
      Also,I really believe that all of YunJae fans(I,too,am one of them)never meant to turn this tragic happening into a YunJae “reuniun” or “evidence”.
      As a matter of fact,Park Yong Ha was Jaejoong’s best friend and one has the right to think that Yunho paid his condolences ALSO on his behalf(as well as Yoosumin’s).

      • @italiangirl24 i totally agree.

      • italiangirl~
        simply bcoz HyunJoong’s Jae’s BFF and the talk during Come to Play when Jae mentioned both KHJ and PYH. Arent Jae and KHJ living together based on some reports?He even accompanied Jae in Canada last time. I dont even like Hyun Joong but I suspected it might be like that but then again, he wasnt there so there you go……. you know I dont mind being slapped by facts…

        If you like to defend your fandom then go on… I’ve nothing to say about it. Problem is you cant possibly speak for everyone else dont ‘ya think?

      • @Yuna
        No problem in sight here. ^^

  4. I feel so bad pour Jae right know… I’m glad Su and Chun are with him, I really wish he could hace come to the funeral.

    About Yunho (and Hyun Joong), I don’t think they necessarily came in Jae’s behalf. Yunho probably knew Park Yong from their Japan days as well, even if he was less close to him than Jae…

    Anyway I hope Jae and the others will be okay, a close friend suicide must be terrible… >.<

    RIP Park Yong ~

    • yes, all the members knew him…’s a picture of the guys (minus yoochun) with PYH a long time ago..he’s the one with the white cap on:

  5. this is just so sad..

    i’m sure jae would have wanted to be there in person..

  6. man, this is shocking.
    RIP park yong ha. he’s a really talented man.

    hopefully junsu n chun will take care of jae, i’m sure they will.

  7. i can’t imagine JJ felling right now….must be really sad T___T

    please be okay JJ, we luv u……

    my condolences to his family…

  8. too bad they can’t be there
    my condolences to his family

  9. jj Hang on there

    my condolences to his family

  10. this is just so sad…
    and PYH is still so young, too =(

  11. I agree w/ your last sentence.

    Maybe there’s a reason for everything that we dont exactly understand. Can we atleast leave it like that?
    Like why PYH committed suicide in the 1st place? What about ALL the people who care and love him?

    Maybe its hard not to be judgemental of other people. But I guess its better if things are left as it is esp. if we dont exactly know what they’ve been going through. Jae is in US, its not as if he’s just there like everybody else plus he has commitments and he’s still a professional.

  12. It’s just like when I had a final exam and couldn’t go to my beloved grandpa’s funeral. I still regret till these days.

  13. Dang, I wonder how the trio is taking it. Jae must be taking it real hard, because that’s his best friend and he can’t even go to the funeral T_T Hang in there Jae T_T

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