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[Pic] 100630 Yunho at Park Yong Ha Funeral part 2

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  1. I wish he comes for behalf his family.

  2. yunho look really devastated here esp in 3rd and 5th pic…i really wonder how are the boys coping…are they good? well?

    after reading park yong ha’s news, i couldnt help but think for a while, his family and his friends all mention that hes a very optimistic person and that he was so normal these past few days. it was then i realise that in the past, all of the ppl who committed suicide or had depression are often being described as optimistic and bubbly ppl, but often they are actually suffering in silence.

    im worried for jae but relieved to hear that he broke down crying, crying out is also a form of releasing stress and with junsu and chun around, im pretty sure he will be fine and continues to be strong.

    to be honest, im worried for yunho and changmin, these 2 often hide their emotions and always put up a happy facade in front of us fans, esp yunho. i really hope they arent suffering in silence, i really hope they have a outlet for releasing stress. i know a lot of dbsk fans worry the most for jae and chun cos they often shows and talks about their vulnerabilities and weakness, but i think we should also concern more of su,ho and min, since these 3 often hides their emotions too, ppl who dont show much of their vulnerabilities are often the ones that arent as strong as they seem to be. pls care and concern for everyone around you, esp your beloved family and friends. =) peace

    • amen to that~


    • amin…

      I hope Jaechunsuhomin are in a good state. Hope they have family and friends who can share their happiness and sadness. Hope they have someone to hang on to. Hope they don’t feel alone.

      TVXQ please take care and be happy…

    • oh, thank you, i think like that too :(
      i’m really really scared
      wish all the best to our boys :(

    • Yeah, all of them had been suffering so so much to an extent that we don’t even know. Yunho who never cries on stage is the one that I’m really worried for.

    • That’s true. I was thinking about that too just now. Depression and stress are often downplayed in many (most) Asian countries as signs of weakness especially for men and I am quite worried for the boys. Hope they find some ways to vent out and be balance.

    • it’s true coz sometimes people who are funny outside seems to be having difficulties inside..especially when it comes to expressing themselves..
      men tend to hide their feelings most especially..CRYING in front of people..
      i just hope that they’re fine and been able to release their worries..
      i don’t know if i’m capable of saying this, but, BE STRONG..

    • I’m worried about them too, they looks so strong, like nothing can beat them, but they are only young men, between the cracks you can see that they are not that well.

    • Amen.

      It’s like you just listed how i am. I have a bubbly personality and i’m a optimistic i always try to see a brighter side in things, but i ahve things i cannot discuss outside the family and sometimes i just suffer alone… I cry myself to sleep but then the next day i can be optimistic.

  3. 2nd pic .the guy looks like sorry for being random..

    • MTE!!!!! I had to look a few more times to confirm he is not Junsu! Lol.

      Anyways, it’s very saddening to hear this type of news. There are lots of korean celebrities who commit suicide. The korean entertainment industry is screwed huh.. >.< Is there nothing they can do about it? =(

  4. let’s just think positive…

  5. Jaejoong must feel really devastated that he could not go to his best friend’s funeral. I would like to think that since Jaejoong could not go, Yunho went in his place. Oh my poor Yongha.. I still couldn’t believe that he would ended his life just like that… I couldn’t believe it was a suicidal case.. he talked to Jaejoong on the phone the day before.. ;_____________;

  6. I hope JJ sent his farewell through yunho bcz he can’t attend his funeral..

  7. after this, i’m really worry about boys. Their family, friends should care about them.
    please stay strong, jaejoong, junsu, yoochun, changmin and yunho, i love you boys.

  8. Yunho looks like he’s about to break down in the 5th pic…. Man, I hate this so much! I hate seeing TVXQ cry!! I’m starting to worry more and more for the boys… I mean something like this can push them over the edge…. Their families should turn to them. But that is sorta hard for JYJ who are in the US… man I wish that they could go to Korea for this. Why must they miss a dear friend’s funeral? Grrr this makes me mad! Ahhh we fans have to show them that we care!!!

  9. ยุนร้องไห้ น่าสงสาร แจหละจะเป็นงัย ได้ข่าวเพื่อนสนิท เฮ้อ…. อายุยังน้อยอยู่เลย

  10. here’s a picture of the guys (minus yoochun) with PYH a long time ago..he’s the one with the white cap on:

    it’s saddening to see all the other artists that attended the funeral openly breaking down and crying in front of everyone..YH is just as hurt, but showing a strong facade…I hope that he’s okay and that he’s able to let it out in private…poor Jae..can’t even see one of his best friends for the last time=(

  11. Even in times like these we are here… Suffering the same pain like u. Feeling so sad about ppl we never knew
    Somehow it’s beautiful. Isnt it?

  12. Why do they allow cameras where people are in such grief about their friend? Yunho shouldn’t have to be photographed there.

  13. I’m so hyper when I heard PYH’s new drama will be coming but now …

    I heard that news in the afternoon and started to worry about DBSK boys in the evening since I saw Yunho’s photos. Those “What if” in my head are killing me. Yunho and Min who appears to be strong, I’m so worried about them. I don’t even wanna think about it.

    Please, to all five of you, just be healthy and happy. Don’t ever thought of giving up. Whenever you look back, you guys have us in your back, supporting you with unwavering hearts. So, please, let’s walk on without thinking of giving up, ok?

  14. This makes me so very sad.. I will miss Park Yong Ha ALOT.. (T___T) I’ll always pray that DBSK Oppa will stay well forever..

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