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[News] Park Yong-ha’s ‘Best Friend’ Jaejoong Bursts into Tears

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TVXQ Member Hero Jaejoong shed tears to hear the sad news about Park Yong-ha.

Hero Jaejoong who is currently in the midst of recording in United States on the 30th has to hear the suicide news of his close friend Park Yong-ha and devoted himself in tears. Jaejoong said, “I really want to visit the room where Park Yong-ha coffin is placed now, what should I do. How could this happen to him.” he stopped as he’s burst in tears. “Yesterday (the 29th) we’re talking on the phone. We’re supposed to meet when I return to South Korea…”

A representative of Jaejoong said, “The relationship between Park Yong-ha and Jaejoong was more than just a close relationship. They tell each other everything. When Jaejoong heard about this sad news in America, he’s totally clueless and was bitter to know nothing about the incidence. The most heartbreaking thing is that he will have to stay in United States and won’t be able to visit Park Yong-ha’s coffin.”

Since Jaejoong and Park Yong-ha both pursue activities in Japan, they have established a close relationship. Staying in a foreign country, they started to share thoughts and opinions which then built close friendship between them for years.

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  1. *hug Umma*

    please make him strong..
    cause lotta things happen at the same time..T_T

  2. Dammit. Why God.

    • so i recently started with the whole KPOP/Kdrama scene browsing and came across this..

      It’s Not Why God… he don’t make people take their own life..
      Wrong guy!

  3. Jae T_T

    hay let jae go back to visit his friend’s coffin Plzz

    we don’t want jaejoong to be so sad.. it would affect him T_T

  4. To many things happened recently.
    I wonder if JJ can endure. Too much for him.
    Please do not collapse, JJ-ah :(

  5. T__________T heartbreaking news, last year was a actress this years is jae’s close friend, T______T be strong babe

  6. please be strong…jejungi….

  7. my baby, my baby, so many things happen to him already, please be strong
    GOD T_______T

  8. he sounds so frustrated!!!… Jae oppa please be strong T______T

  9. Jae T.T
    Please be strong baby….
    We love u … you must take care yourself T.T
    YuSoo ah~ take care your hyung please~

  10. T___T Be strong JJ.

  11. T_____________________T

    Oh dear god, someone cheer up my baby fast<3 I don't know what to say right now.. I'm completely speechless.. Please be strong Jaejoong <333

    "The most heartbreaking thing is that he will have to stay in United States and won’t be able to at least visit Park Yong-ha coffin."

    This. Is extremely heartbreaking…

  12. I am so worried about Jae. Please stay strong, even tho you are goin through a lot. We love you Jae

  13. oh god T^T with all what happen with dbsk and now his bestfriend….

    T___T please be strong JJ….

  14. boojae please don’t cry
    it make me heartbreaking if see U cry
    please be strong

    why lotta things happen when another problem not solve

    he really need Homin now, especially yunho to comfort him

  15. Hope Avex allows him to return to Korea to say final goodbye to his bestfriend.
    Jae, please be strong & don’t forget to take care of yourself.

  16. OMG. T_________T

  17. I hope he can go to Korea, he is a dear friend and it will be last time that he can see him, but maybe it’s better for him to remember mr. Yong-Ha as he was before.
    After all, his soul is not in that body anymore, he is in another plane of existence, a peaceful one.
    Take care JJ.
    Yoochun and Junsu: take care of him.

  18. Oh no T__T I’m incredibly worried about jaejoong right now… With all the recent pressure and depressing news I hope he doesn’t do anythig rash himself.. Please stay strong jaejoong!!!

  19. So sad -__-. I cant help but think of that episode of Come to Play when I read this. During the part when everyone said that JJ was the one with the most celebrity contacts, the MC asked which celebrities he was closest to, and he said Hyunjoong, Park Yong-ha and another singer. Then they had to send texts to their friends asking what that friend thought of them. Park Yong- ha quickly replied and said “You guys are the Cassiopeia of my heart. Let’s get together for drinks, when you have time! Do well… you guys are amazing. Cool guys!” So sweet. You always hear about him and HJ being close, to think that he may have been just as closed to this guy, whos now gone, and he cant even visit his coffin. God. Thats heartbreaking. how can he be expected to record an album with all of that weighing on his mind?

    • I think I remember that, all the boys must be shocked and hurt right now :(

    • Really? When đi that happend?
      I thought he sent the mes to BoA?
      Poor Yongha shii, plz RIP
      And JJ ah, be strong, dont break down, be trong bb…
      Cry all your heart out with the 2 members beside you, and then be strong, my Hero…our Hero…

    • he replyied that JAE was the cassiopeia of his heart …

  20. It was such a shock even to us, I’m sure Jae must be devastated. At least he’s not alone.

    RIP Park Yong Ha, condolences to his family.

  21. share the same worry about JJ T__T
    I know its a lil stupid but why now T___T
    He is even so far …

    Lets send our love and prayers to both friends, just that

  22. Jae…please be alright TT_TT
    I can’t even imagine how he’s feeling right now but I know he is among friends and they will get him through this.

  23. oppa stay strong!! T___T
    it hurts my heart whenever you sad…
    Chunnie Junsu take care of jae okey..

  24. I heard that the record schedule in LA is only two weeks or so, which make it hard for Jaejoong to come back to Korea to attend the funeral… I hope Jaejoong can hold himself…

  25. omg….jae oppa be strong T________T

  26. jae baby ..
    i know how it feels to lose your bestfriend
    be strong ! *hug Jae*

    RIP Park Yong Ha


  27. I cant even imagine what Jae is feeling right now…I dont want him to break..God please be with him… he has gone through so much hurt and pain…why?….JJ…

  28. I’m so damn worry about Jae! I know he’s one of the strongest people out there but there’s only so much one can handle at a time. T___T

    • “but there’s only so much one can handle at a time ”

      *nods* my heart is crying for him, only feel relieved that Junsu and Chun are w/ him.

  29. that is a horrible thing to happen
    RIP Park Yong Ha
    and his family and friends… I hope they find strength to overcome the pain in their souls

  30. #be strong Jaejoongie.
    thanks god, Chunnie and Su are now beside him!!

    i dont know why but i wish Yunho were here to hug my Jaejoongie so tight!!

    • Yunho came to attend Park Yong Ha funeral …. I think he is on behalf of his wifey :(…go to attend the funeral of Jae’s closet friend :(

      If he can, I supposed he will go to US to share this hurt with Jaejoongie :(

      • it was really nice from yunho shi to show up in the funeral since
        jae joong shi can’t do that..

        yunho shi must be feeling so sad that he can’t be there for jae joong shi
        as he always did but i think that he is praying for him and so worried too..

        ah it’s a really big lost , the whole thing is so painful .
        i hope that they can keep holding on and be strong……….TT_TT

  31. umma.. *hugs*
    please be strong…
    i hope chunnie and junsu oppa comfort him there while he can’t attend his bestfriend funeral.
    he have been through a lot.
    be strong and don’t cry, ne?

  32. Jae be strong!!

    • I’m so scared he’ll break. He’s going through so much right now. The past 2 months he’s looked ready to collapse/break down. OMG JAEJOONG!! Please be ok!! I’m panicking. Oh no…

      • I’m worried about him too. He looked so vulnerable lately. I’m just glad that YooSu is there with him.

  33. OPPAA Good is with you!! i am with you!! plasee be sttrong!!

  34. life is so cruel and unfair sometimes. RIP Park Yong Ha. And Jae Stay strong!

  35. pls be strong jaejae…
    i feel like crying knowing this stuff…
    knowing someone close to u is dead is extremely heartbreaking..

  36. Be strong Jae T.T

    And my condolences to Park Yong Ha’s family

  37. Please be strong, dear Jaejoongie :”(

  38. ive been a fan of park yongha since winter sonata.. and i love his loving you drama… T^T..
    i love him as an actor and when i knew his bffs with jae.. i could never been happier.. . its kind of sad when i saw him in so im loving you of LOTTE i thought he sounded great on his vocals and i was really looking forward to his japan tour.
    and now this… im worried for his family because his dad has a cancer, and im sad for him because his suffering over depression that none of his close friends ever knew… i hope wherever he is… he could be happy and may he rest in peace. i’ll still love him and remember as a great actor which i admired…
    Yong ha oppa… be happy! T^T
    and i hope jaejoong will be calm, grieve in peace, and eventually accept his friend death.

  39. It’s too bad :((

    JJ ah, fighting!

  40. oh jae… can someone tell me the other one?

    park young ha, hyun joong and??

    RIP Park Young Ha

    • I think he says Ha Dong Gyun, a member of Wanted. Although my Korean knowledge is only like 50% I’m pretty sure that’s it.
      RIP Park Young Ha.
      Aww our poor baby. Hopefully he can get past this quickly :(

    • @patty Ha Dong Kyun, a singer i believe

      • carli and cerci… thank you

  41. be strong JaeJoongie oppa !
    I wish YunHo to be with you right now TT.TT

  42. Jae eomma..please be strong..we’re here always supporting you..r.i.p park young ha

  43. For some reason, Jaejoong has always looked vulnerable for me. He looked about to be broken during Rising Sun period, maybe because he lost so much weight and leg problem. He looked so sad until 3th album, but he gradually became bright during 3-4 album. But for the last one year, once again, he faces so many sadness. I wish Jae would not break down. When Park Yongha, who always smiled, could suddenly break down like this, how much burden Jae is carrying as a son of two mothers and the oldest of TVXQ? I wish no more burden, no more sadness, no more antifans bothers him.. Jae! Stay strong and stay happy. I pray forever for you.

    • …..+1

    • Yes, you’ve said it perfectly. I hope things will be smoother for Jae because he already carries so much stress and burdens. It’s been a tough year and things might get tougher still. Praying with you that Jae will remain strong and that people will soften their hearts should they ever feel anything akin to dislike for this wonderful, sweet boy.

    • +1111

    • Again, beautifully said!

      And that’s why I’m so worry about him. Gosh, if he has all the members with him… then I wouldn’t worry too much. But we’ve seen him broke down for the first time just a few weeks ago. And now this news also…. I’m praying people around him will shower him with extra loves and help him through this.

    • yes, really well said!
      Jae, hwaiting! T__T

    • THIS!

      i’m really…really worry about JJ condition right now,
      at least there is yoosu beside him, so he’s not felling alone……

      JJ….please be okay bb, T^T

    • i dont know what to say
      i kinda teared reading your comment because you put all my thoughts into actual words

      & i just wanna give all you guys a hug ~
      especially umma ~
      i cant imagine how tormented he must be right now };

  44. here’s the Come to Play clip where PYH txts Jae:

    JJ’s question: “what do I mean to you?”

    PYH’s answer: “you’re the cassieopia of my heart”=(

    • forgot to mention that it happens at 3:15.

      • And here Jaejoong says Park Yongha is his closest friend. (around 1:27)
        MC: Who are your closest friends?
        Jae: Park Yongha, Kim Hyungjoong of SS501, and Ha Dong-gyoon.

    • poor him TT^TT

      Jae’s closet friend…it’s too hurt T^T

  45. *speechless*
    Why flooded of crisis must be thrown to him ? Doesn’t he get pain enough ??
    Someone pls let him back to say last goodbye to his friend ! He seems he could be bricked last 2-3 months ,,,,, (sobs)

    Hope to see 5 boys go to Park Yong Ha sshi’s funeral .

    Yunho ah , though you can’t fly to USA to be with JJ but I believe you can find the way to contact him . He wants you the most this time ,,,, in fact “always”

    Yuchun ar , Junsu ar , pls take care of your hyoung ..

    OMG , Korean entertainment business is f**king terrible !

  46. Umma TT______TT….I feel so worried about him T^T

    This is too shock T_T….Park Yong Ha is a great actor and a kind person T^T….hope he can in peace in heaven :((

  47. The only thing that can cure Jae’s heart is for him to be with all his brothers again. He’s happiest with them…

    • agree with what you said

  48. Look at Jae’s facial expression in this video 4:27.

    The MC is asking, “how do you react about internet replies?” Hero said, “I have never left a reply myself, but if there is any anti-reply, I just leave the page, and try not to look at it.” When he says it, he unconsciously so defensive and lonely. Today I watch this again, and my heart is broken. I hope anti-fans stop their unreasonable bothering…

    • T-T
      We can never stop those haters….
      I just hope that JJ won’t be serfing the internet too often.
      He sould not encounter such thing.
      Good bless our JJ

      • i hope jj find this community
        and see for himself, he got so much love from us.. :)

  49. SHOCK!!!….We’re all crying with him..

    Luckily, Jejung is with his beloved brothers right now.
    YC and JS are very reliable and strong…They will take good care of their loving brother.

    The US is not too far…yet he is on an important duty. How could a young man can manage to work well amidst this sadness?

    Hope he can walk over this miserable period.

  50. omg
    i love his act especially in one air & winter sonata

    oppa in shuck now so me ….he lost friend..he must miss him…
    oppa cry if u want but be strong and pray for him
    thanks godd he is not along in US
    yoonsu Take care of him

    And my condolences to Park Yong Ha’s family

  51. too many korean celebrity commit suicide =_=

  52. TTT_________________TTT

    my JJ…… TTwTT

    pls let our JJ go back to his close friend’s coffin, please please~ last time betwenn them…


    be strong my dear TT^TT

  53. May you rest in peace, Park Yong Ha.

    Jaejoong ah, please be strong! :(

  54. i cant believe this …he always looked so bright VV


    • Jae , be strong bb ! <3

  55. i hope jj will be alright soon..
    i hope he will grow even stronger..
    oh, jae…

  56. Don’t cry my lover.
    Pls be strong Jaejoong.
    It’s too heartbreaking.

  57. Oh my gosh, YH just attended the funeral…he looked devastated!!=*(

    • By saying YH,do you mean Yunho?or another YH?

      • it’s our precious leader yunho, bb

      • yes…Yunho…I’m glad that he was able to attend the funeral on behalf of his brothers at least…he looked really sad and like he was crying..and to think that leader-shii never shows his vulnerable side to us makes it that much tougher to witness…I hope Yunjae are able to stay strong through this devastating experience.

    • T_T..saw Yunho’s pics..
      *crying in a corner*

    • I just saw the pic…..and yes,our Yunnie looks so…..sad…..I can’t imagine how bout Jae ;_;

  58. TT _ TT

    please be strong jaejae

    my heart’s broke when i see your tears

    yunho ah ! can you be with him right now ???


  59. It looks like… for Jae…life is too hard…

  60. OH MY GOD. :((

  61. Our poor baby Jae. Oh my god how this must be hurting him so much amidst all the troubles that he has to endure right now. I can’t even imagine how his heart must be feeling right now. :( Poor Jaejoong. Poor baby… he’s become so emotionally vulnerable :(

    May Park Yong-ha rest in peace.

  62. ok im very scare now, please jae, please be strong
    YC ans JS please stick with him, dont let him be alne, i dont want him o think negative
    OMG, im so scare right now

  63. Jae bb please be strong!
    and my condolences to the family & friends of PYH

  64. I’m so worried for him. I don’t think that he can handle any more blows. Even the strongest will falter. Be strong jaejoongie <3

  65. Jaejoong stay strong!! T_T

    in behalf of Jaejoong.

    thanks god.
    RIP Park YongHa

    • yeah :(

      He is on behalf of JJ :(

      Please in peace, Park Yong Ha -sshi :(

    • My opinion wouldnt be popular at all but can you guys just leave it for once?

      Its kinda insensitive that you’re turning this whole thing again into your YunJae. Couldnt Yunho attend a funeral since he know this person himself w/o somebody being dragged into it? You dont even know if he attended this funeral in behalf of Tohoshinki much more Jae.

      I wonder if some of you are actually taking this very thing into your hearts or you’re excited to see a YunJae or whaetever.

      • Agreed
        Sometimes fans tend to overreact with this couple thing.
        Like you, I too believe that Yunho attend to the funeral on his behalf, not Tohoshinki or Jae’s behalf.
        Now everything they do or wear has to do with the others…

        Whatever, I’m so concerned about Jae now that I don’t really care about the YunJae thing.
        I just wish that all the members were together now, it’s a very difficult time for Jae.
        I know how it is to lose a close friend and how hard you surpass this…and for Jae things are much more worse, there are so many things going on…
        Can’t do anythng but pray for him to be strong and to surpass this as soon as possible…

        Rest In Peace Park YongHa!

      • and how do you know that he didn’t attend on their behalf?….so what if fans think that YH is going there for himself AS WELL AS for his brothers that could not attend?….I find it a very normal reaction…’s not necessarily about just Yunjae…it just so happens that JJ is closest to PYH and YH attended the funeral…so what if fans are happy that this somehow connects Yunjae together?….we’ve been deprived of JCS and HM being together for so long..i don’t see why it’s so insensitive.

      • :/ thank you for saying it. Everyone has their otps but it seems so callous to be be going on about that in a suicide post. And I’ve been seeing such comments in nearly every post about Ho attending the funeral.

        RIP PYH. Jae, this can’t be easy for you at all, but please stay strong or lean on your friends or family if it gets too tough.

      • sheilapiglet~

        “we’ve been deprived of JCS and HM being together for so long..i don’t see why it’s so insensitive.”

        lol~ your comment is really aahhh……whatever.

        Have a good day.

      • that’s the worst come back I’ve ever seen…lol…if you have no other words to say than “whatever”, there’s no point replying.

  67. Plz be strong Jaejoongie !! ~ why so much pains thou his life right now.

    God bring your friend to the better place.
    So, plz clam & walk forward.

    Cheer U forever n forever<3
    Take care yourself.

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  69. Appa came to attend Park Yong Ha funeral…since umma cant go there :(

    This is so sad :(….and umma must be heart break rite now T^T…poor umma ;___;

  70. my sincere condolences to Jaejoong and all Park-shi’s family and friends. it is ever so saddening to hear of such an even and not being able to be there to say your final goodbye.

    I pray for YooSu to take care of heartbroken Jae.

  71. OMG I’m so sad T_T I’m crying

  72. baby……u must b so sad….b strong!! *hugs*

    thx for sharing dear.

  73. be strong jae…
    *don’t know what to say*

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  75. Jae be strong… T___T
    You have brothers, family, friends, and fans who love you dearly….
    Take care baby…

  76. when i heard the news of park yong ha, i was afraid that one of our guys are connected to him. i totally forgot abt come to play when jae smsed him. awww jae, hugssss

  77. Gosh, this was so unexpected. I never would have expected this. R.I.P PYH. We lost a great man. =(

    My deepest condolences to PYH’s family and friends. Jaejoong… ;[

    The trio couldn’t attend the funeral but they sent flowers. Pic:

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  79. YooSu please please please take care of Jaejoong!

    I don’t want to imagine the pain he must be feeling. I don’t know what to say. I feel like crying.

    • I actually cried,I really think we dont have any idea what Jae’s been going through right now esp. that he talked to him n the 29th.

      But I can find comfort knowing Su and Chun are w/ him.

    • yup…. yoosu please take cake of jaejoongie!!!

  80. please let jae go to see park yong ha for the last time..,

    i dun want jae to feel any regret..,

    yong ha-shi is jae’s best friend n he is the first celeb/non-family member to knew about this news..,

    huhu T_T send jae back to korea please.,

  81. I feel so bad, there’s so much JJ had taken so much in the past couple of months. Its only a relief that YooSu are w/ him ~ pls take of him guys.

  82. …..OMG…..RIP jae…you can cry and grieve but…please take care:(..he will be up there in heaven looking over you cuz ur his buddy:) this reminds me of Suchan’s Beautiful Thing’s “for that life is too short of a journey” hmm so many korean stars committed suicide :(

    • OMG CORRECTION* – I meant RIP Pary Yong Ha!!..and Jae you can cry….

  83. omg jaejoong pls pls be strong!! i’m scared, so scared that jae will blame himself for not noticing Park Yong-ha’s depression… of not being a good best friend… i’m worried!! really worried for jae T^T

    esp. since yunho is not by his side… yunho has always been jae’s strength & a friend that jae can really relied on…

    yoosu pls take good care of jae!! as strong as a person can be… there’s only this much one can take… love u jae baby…

    RIP Park Yong-ha-sshi….

  84. I can’t believe Park Yong Ha passed away like that, makes me wonder why. May you rest in peace, Park Yong Ha. My condolences to his family & friends.
    I hope JJ can be strong too. GBU

  85. the scene where dr. cried hard when linda died…

    …i feel sorry for jae..


  86. Oh my God..

    Why are these things happening to him all at the SAME TIME??

    He seems vulnerable and fragile any moment now, he’d just break.. i hope not…

    JaeJae please be strong..I hope they let him visit his best friend..

    JaeJae please stay strong.. YooSu please be strong and stay beside your umma..he needs you the most now..HoMin too..please

    Im so worried for Jae..really..i hope he gets through everything that’s happening..

    RIP Park Yong Ha

  87. Sean (from Jinusean) and Jaeson Ma ask YOU to pray for Korean entertainers:

    I think this is in light of Park Yong Ha’s death.
    RIP, Park Yong Ha.

  88. THIS must shock Jae most…

    i REALLY HOPE AND PRAY Jae(and other members) didn’t fall in such same depresion…

    Frm wht i read… Jae somehow blame himself for NOT SEEING what had happen to his BestFriend..

    But(i PRAY KIM JAEJOONG,PLEASE READ THIS!! also Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu…)

    “Although NO BODY EVER know how much pain YOU been enduring all these long…


    ALTHOUGH WE(Fans) might SHARE the pain…

    RIP Park Yong Ha…

  89. T_________T JJ pls Dont Cry ..WE are here standing next to you & feeling how u feel..

  90. I feel so bad hearing this news.
    When I heard about his suicide, his name seemed to connect with TVXQ for some reason.
    Jae will have a hard time. It’s not easy to get over a death of a close friend. I hope he stays strong.
    RIP Park Yong Ha, and deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  91. i can’t imagine how sad jaejoong is..
    he can’t even see the coffin of Park Yong Ha..
    jae be strong..

  92. I’m in shock.

    So many K-celebs commit suicide.

    And Partk yong ha i never heard anything bad about him, how could a bright person like him commit suicide, there must be another ugly reasons other than because of park yong ha’s father desease. if someone commit suicide because your parents got cancer than it’s not right. but who knows how worst was park yong ha depression. So R.I.P park yong ha -shi.

    in korea the majority of suicide came from the actors/actress, i never heard from any singers comitting suicide

    wish jeajoong to stay healthy and strong to overcome the difficult time

  93. sooooo worried about him >_<

    RIP park yong ha T_____T

  94. soo many things to face with..

    jae please be strong. He must feel so lost right now.. I feel like crying with him..

  95. Sigh I just have to check the news again despite having to work – I got worried about Jaejoong. I have never been worried for anyone except for my family members and my boyfriend :( There are so many things that happen to this boy recently. Can it really get any worse? Oh please God, take care of him and the rest of the boys.
    Oh Park Yong were such a talented actor and I like your acting in Winter Sonata. TT.TT Gone too soon. Rest in Peace.

  96. kim jaejoong…

    i believe everything will be fine!!

    be strong …we love you!<3

    i cant say anything T_T

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  99. This must be really hard for him..
    Uljima oppa..
    We’ll always support you

  100. This is just what Jae needs in all of this court TVXQ seperation stuff… a lose of a dear friend… man this SUCKS!!! :(

    I hope that the boys will cope alright with this…
    Rest In Peace Park Yong-Ha.

  101. i still cant believe the news… i was so in love with winter sonata back then, that was the 1st kdrama that made me love kdrama n all about korea… i was so in love with all the casts… and yes, when i heard about his dead, i remeber jae n how close they are.. i also remember the come to play episode too (where he texted jae back)… so sad… RIP, PYH… Jae, pls be strong… my condolences to his families n friends… TT_TT

  102. Sometimes life is so short…. sigh
    Rest in peaceful sleep Yong-ha

    Hope Jae is gonna be ok. So many sad things happened in his life.

  103. Sh!t I totally understand how he feels
    my own friend who I’ve know my whole life suddenly passed away recently (we’re only 17) … It’s a feeling so sh!tty like I didn’t talk to anyone for a week and to think he can’t even go to his friends funeral or visitation. Man I feel so bad I can’t even think how bad that is )))):

  104. this is the moment why i hate park yongha d great actor — cause he covers all the pain n bein so bright for his closest pal =((

    be strong jae

  105. Awww, I feel so bad for Jae because he can’t even go to the funeral. Oh man this is just so sad because I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. Just be strong jae *hugs*

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  107. JJ oppa be Strong & Hold on please . . WE LOVE U



  108. I feel really bad for Jae. Isn’t there someway he can go there just to see him, to visit his coffin, and then go back to the U.S.?

  109. ah. I just noticed the date of this. and that Yunho went. I wish Jae could have gone.

  110. baby be strong!
    here we are with you
    junsu and micky Oppa stay with him in this sad time …
    I hope everything is going the right way SOON:(cause it’s a difficult time for tvxq
    I’M SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM….he’s so sensible just like a baby…
    God is with u all guys!!! God bless u all:)
    with love
    from Italy…

  111. Ah – of course RIP PARK YONG-HA


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  113. On νa dire quee ce n’est pas inexaϲt !

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