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[Vid] 100626 ChunJaeSu at LAX

part 3

part 2

part 1

credit: rieggosweetaspepper


  1. Wish I was there…

  2. lol~ so Junsu wasnt carrying any of his baggage and Jae was pushing that stuffs?

    • ikr such a cutie! Su is like “well im the maknae here, hyung” XD

  3. I WAS THERE!!! wow you guys are fast O_o
    but yeah, su was all up in the front, leaving jae with the luggage (that i almost got run over with)
    ughhhhh, i still cant believe i saw them with my own eyes >.<

    • so how was it ?? !: ) ,, share a fanaccount if u could too ,, xDD

      u r really lucky ppl TT

      • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they are in my continent but so far away from me T_T….come to Perú guys!!!

    • ghina, you’re soooo lucky!!
      You must be really happy now…

      I wish I can see them with my own eyes too~~~

      Thx Rieko for the fancam ^^

      • My fanaccount is up on soompi. It’s not as detailed cuz frankly, i’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact tht I JUST SAW 3/5 OF DBSK!!

        They were on Asiana Airlines, the 11:30 arrival :D

    • Which airline was it? Asiana or Korean Air??

    • I was there too! :) It’s been 5 hours but i still cant believe it either! the news about their flight was so sudden that i didn’t have anytime to prepare my heart. hahah Are you still in amazement too??
      Did Jaejoong oppa’s eyes look sad to you? or maybe it’s because he was tired or sick? when i saw his eyes, i felt bad that everybody was crowding them. :(
      It was my first time seeing them in person and, OMG!, I didn’t know Junsu oppa’s butt was really that big! I’ve seen pictures of his duckbutt but i thought that people might photoshop them a little. But noooo its all real! hahah
      Another thing I noticed is that they seemed really relaxed. i’ve seen their past airport photos and it seems like they walk fast and with a lot charisma. Today, they had a lot of charisma (in my eyes of course ^^), but they were walking pretty slowly/leisurely. It was a new perspective of them!
      After seeing them, I want to talk to them now! maybe i’m being greedy. hehe ^^;;

      • I didn’t know Junsu oppa’s butt was really that big!
        aww you are so cute!
        you girls are very lucky, I envy you all a lot >.<

      • yeah, i still cant believe it. it was so parents were like “are you okay?” when i asked them to take me to the airport at 5 in the morning XD
        i couldnt look any of them in the eye (‘cept chun cuz of the glasses) T^T im naturally shy so just looking at his face made my eyes drop to the ground.
        i felt bad too but i just ended up mumbling “sorrysorrysorry” everytime i took a picture (x.x)

        and OMG JUNSU’S BUTT!! i completely forgot abt it (he was all the way up front!) i didnt get to see junsu much, how was he?
        and yes, i have to agree, they seem rather relaxed (or maybe just sleepy?)

      • I want to see his butt in person too TT^TT
        JJ’s eyes and Chunnie’s forehead.

        You guys are so lucky!!!!

      • which airline gate (w/e u call them) were you waiting at?

      • lmao haha cute comment i wanna see duckbutt in real life too! omo the fancams sound so cute lol. bigeast are really cute.

      • @ghina
        i still cant stop thinking about it. haha
        Junsu stuck with the managers the whole time. (i think Jaejoong and Yoochun were having trouble doing that because of the luggage.) He seemed relaxed. he was walking the most leisurely out of the 3 of them. the way he walked was really unique: his strides were long and when he stepped, he stepped with his heel first and brought his feet down until his toes hit the ground. im wondering if he always walks like that! he seemed like a little boy- cute and kind of shy/quiet. *^^*
        I was waiting at Asiana arrivals. Asiana had only one arrival gate so it was easy to find.

  4. wahhhhhs yoochun’s english is soooo pretty :D in part two
    anddd i can’t believe jaejae accepted the flowers <3

  5. I got a little dizzy watching LOL
    But WOW they were soooo close ahhh!!!

    My heart can’t stop to beat

    ahh even though i am very happy for fans
    I think they should keep their distance >_<
    a few cm at least .. I feel kind sorry for them…

    btw… lol at the jp ajuhma

    • Yes we were a bit close but I think today’s crowd kept room for their personal space. As far as I remember, none of the fans pushed themselves/each other onto JYJ. There was just a lot of running and cameras in their faces… I felt rly guilty for aiming my camera towards their faces so I kept on mumbling “sry >.<" But for some of us, this is really a once in a lifetime experience so it would be rly hard to hold back..

      • i find that yuor apologizing really cute lol. not to mention polite. i appreciate it that. i know jyj does too ^v^

      • that’s good to hear! props to u all fans there <33

  7. This is so funny! The girl walking along Yuchun wearing his shirt

    • lol ikr! haha she waz all on him like look at me!

    • hahah yeah! that was so funny! XD

  8. It kind of broke my heart since I never seen them before with my own eyes…I wish I could be there….Lucky people :)

  9. sorry but.. it’s a bit annoying when people walk so close. i feel sorry for them.

  10. Lucky lucky lucky!!! I wish I was theeeeeere!! :'(
    Just seeing them from afar would have been enough…

  11. jj seems to be in a really good mood. I missed them at the airport today, but does anyone know which hotel they’re staying at. I just want to see them in person once, and I’d probably be too shocked actually get that close them >.<

    • omg! DOES any1 noe?? i’ve been trying to find out…but T_T

  12. I am soo jealous, you have no idea ergh >< At times like these I wonder what I'm doing in Australia.

    • +1 -___-
      soo sad i couldn’t be there i’m only 400 miles away and i have family in LA that i’m visiting in a few -weeks- =_= heart = broken

      poor jj was falling asleep as he stood at the curb :(

  13. OMG the fancam was so close…and clearly too
    Wish I was there…oh mo lucky fans…
    But JJ looked so smd…tired..wonder what happened to him~~

  14. u girls are soooooo lucky, got to see them that close, i want it too T^T

    keep update girls ;)

  15. omg omg omg!!!!


    thanks for sharing ^^

  16. WOW. The distance was so damn near! I couldn’t imagine how much I would have reacted if it was me. Arghh lucky fans.

    The last video was hilarious. Jaesu was talking casually, when the fans screamed they immediately turned their heads away. Junsu was swaggering like a gangster! Lol. Such a dork.

    • lmao haha gangster junsu? haha

      • Nothing less should be expected from Hardcore Su. :D

  17. im so jealous the fans are so near them!!! i cant believe it. i always wanted to stalk take piks n see them in real life lol. yes im quite scary XD god im burning with excitement. i need to go to miami!

  18. JaeJoong seems to be very tired.
    Yunchun looks very smart.

    Thanks for sharing ><

  19. I almost died watching this

  20. i read that jae smell really really nice,did anyone try to smell him ? >-<

    • LOL, i just got this image in my head of these fangirls just randomly sniffing at JJ.. oh my god that would be too hilarious.

    • HUHUHUHU……Some people got to smell him *bawls*

      • Your pic is making me want a doggie! I actually went on to look at dogs even though I knew I couldn’t get one T_T

    • Really? He looks like he smells nice. Yes, I can tell by looking. It’s a gift!


    excuse me im dying from jealousy here….

  23. ahhhhhhhhhhhh YOOCHUN ^O^
    i’m so jealous now, they r so lucky >.<

  24. omg jaesu both wearing black, with masks on and holding roses, why do i find it soooooooo cute ? ^^

  25. damn i didnt manage to look at the other 2 fancams =(

  26. oh..the videos have been removed. oh well..i saw managed to watch a vid of them posted later.
    somehow, seeing them on video, so close makes them feel human to me. haha..i don’t know how else to say it.
    jaejoong, junsu, yoochun oppa, i wish you all the best in this project!! :)

  27. […] [Vid] 100626 ChunJaeSu at LAX part 3 […]

  28. yoochun: “woah woah.. excuuuse me” GAAAHH SOOO ADORBALE.. LOL

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