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[Info] YJP 4th anniversary: Celebrities’ congratulations

Yunjae Petch is the largest YunJae fansite in Korea, this is the card with artists signs in 2008 for the 4th anniversary of YunJae Petch. I found this from some baidu blog and wanna share with u guys :D….Though it isn’t new, but still very interesting, show us that the others artists support YunJae love too…..

1. Eugene (she is Yunho’s favorite member in S.E.S, DBSK mentioned it in The Star show)

Original: to 윤재! 행복 하세요!
Translation: to Yunjae! Please be happy!

2. Moon Hee Jun (Jaejoong’s idol from H.O.T)

Original: 축 결혼.
Translation: Congratulation on marriage. (with a cute little smiley face)

3. Park Heebon (another SM’s artist~~ kekeke)

Original: To 윤재 ^ ^ 결혼 ~ 무척 많이 축하 해요 ~ 늘처음시랑한마음과믿을으로영원히행복하셈 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ아들딸많이낳그! 희본

Translation: to Yunjae’s marriage ^ ^ oh ~ ~ very, very congratulations to keep the original heart of love and trust, happiness forever, kekeke, make lots of sons and daughters ! Heebon.

4. Baek Ga (빽가Koyote)

Original: To 윤재. 결혼 진심 으로 축하 해요.

Translation: To YunJae. Sincere congratulations on married.

5. Kim Kyung Rok (김경록 – V.O.S member)

Original: To 윤재. 축하 드려요.
Translation: To Yunjae. Oh, congratulations.

6. Ha Leen (하린 – Sugar member – I remember that Yunho is close friend with Sugar members)

Original: 윤재 ^ ^ 행복 하세요 ~
Translation: Yunjae, please be happy ~ ^ ^

7. Yu Chae-Young (유채영 – movie actor, singer)

Original: 윤재. 결혼 축하 드려요. 행복 하세요
Translation: Yunjae. Oh, congratulations for getting married. Please be happy.

8. Park Nam Jung (박남정, singer, was born in 1966, active in the 80’s)

Original: 축 결혼 행복 하세요 …
Translation: Congratulations on married, please be happy. . .

9. Park Gun Il (박건일, a member of SUPERNOVA, same company with SG WANNABE, Lee Hyo Ri, SEEYA)

Original: Dear 윤재. 결혼 진심 으로 축하 드려요 ^ ^
Translation: Dear YunJae. Sincere congratulations on getting married oh ^ ^

10. Typhoon (제이, is the trax’s captain Typhoon, the name should be 제이킴, but the book is printed on 제이) (remind me of Taepoong’s name – though Taepoong is so similar with Jaejoong, but leader-shi said it’s based on Typhoon’s name)

Only signed his name.

11. Polo (김상혁, a member of Click-b mix)

Original: 행복하십셔! 꼭!
Translation: Please be happy! Sure!

12.SOY (소이, member of T. T. MA)

Only signed name.

13. Associate Professor of hidden charm (준교수의은밀한매력팀, trio, even do not know..)

Three members signed thier name, and congratulations on the wedding.

14. Kim Jung Eun (김지우 ) (the MC girl in Chocolate show)

Original: To 윤재. 결혼 진심 으로 축하 드려요.
Translation: To Yunjae. Sincerely congratulations on married.

15. Kim Shin Young (김신영, gagman, comedy artist) – she appeared in the same episode with DBSK in Come to play and Mnet favorite (major Yunjae moments there XD)

Original: 윤재. 결혼 축하 드려요.
Translation: allowed in. Oh, congratulations on getting married.

16. li Cheong Ryul (이홍렬- gagman, comedians, MC, was born in 1954, not very active now, seems to be very popular 80’s)

The handwriting “please be happy”

17. Kim Hae Sung (김혜성, actor)

Original: To 윤재 ^ ^ 오래오래 행복 하세요 ~
Translation: TO Yunjae ^ ^ please be happy forever ~

18.Jameson-The cast of Apprentice season 6 (어프 렌 티스 시즌 6 출연제임스선 )

Translation: Congratulations on your wedding and have a happy marriage!

credit: baidu
trans by: yunjae_luv+jlie_ly
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P.S. Don’t post without permission of yunjae_luv@lj. We do have permission! :)
P.P.S. This is posted today, because it is June 10th, their 3rd wedding anniversary. The marriage refers to the Bigeaststation where yunjae said they would want to be with each other if they were girls, and Jaejoong declared they were “married”.


  1. artists supporting yunjae love?

    That makes it OFFICIAL XD lol!

    • YOSH! first, and happy anniversary boys <3 luv u to death!

  2. LOL this is amazing! but i don’t really get it….how did they sign this?!

  3. oh my god…this is totally unexpected..

    im no shipper of yunjae..but this is really cute..
    i mean, i wonder what those celebs were thinking when they were signing it…

    they must have been thinking funny stuff…

    “Oh! Yunho and Jaejoong got married?!”

    • LOL second that XD,

      They married in Japan right? so the artist in Korea must be really shock XD

      Heebon’s message was the best
      “to Yunjae’s marriage ^ ^ oh ~ ~ very, very congratulations to keep the original heart of love and trust, happiness forever, kekeke, make lots of sons and daughters ! Heebon”

  4. O.O *SHOCKED!!

    ok. I’m not gona lie but I never thought it was real… this makes me THINK it IS… 8D lol

  5. ROFLOLMAO!!!!!!!


    I cannot stop laughing!!!

  6. lol!! someone showed me this today!! xD

    I was like Yunjae fans are crazyyyyy!!!! xD

  7. keke, so? even other celebrities know about yunjae

  8. comments at no.3: isn’t she the girl that got the role of psycho girl twice in banjun theatre?? lol xDDD

    • Heebon ? Yeah, it’s her. She’s from SM too…

  9. happy anniversary for yunjae!!!

    can i ask abt other couple *married* anniversary?!!!


    • yoosu anniversary at 26 juli ^^

      • is yunjae’s anniversary today?

      • @kecikjer: yunjae anniversary is 10 of june

      • @KL thanx! forgot to read the paragraph at the bottom ^_^v

      • lmao thanks for letting us know but may i ask how this date was decided?

      • 26 July of…?

      • How did u know the date? I dunno anything about it…

      • omo gomen typo type date

        i mean 29 juli is YOOSU DAY

  10. wuohh all bleassing YUNJAE ~~~

    OMEDETTO for YUNJAE 4 anniversary

    keep loving until old ~~

    make more kid ne *wink*

  11. These celebs MUST know YunJae is real to sign and wish them like this.

    Don’t you guys think it will be very awkward and even can makes someone pissed off if you wish TWO MEN having a happy marriage unless you are sure that they are in relationship?

    • Or they know how crazy shipper fans are so they do it to get it over with…

    • hehehe I thought they were joking/playing crazy!! xD

      • I dont think this issue can be joked about =.=

        If our boys do some fanservice for fans, it’s ok. If fans imagine something about them other than pure friendship and brotherhood, it’s still ok. But if it’s from other artist, I dont think they will make fun like that.

        So if they really did that, no doubt they know YunJae is real.

    • I agree :D
      When Eungene met Yunho several days ago at the concert, I wonder if she asked “How’s your wife?” LOL

      • LOL
        i love ur comment

    • Dear, don’t take it too seriously.. we never know. You can’t fully assume that YunJae is real because other artists sign these kinds of stuff. They might be signing it for the sake of signing; or just to please the fans and congratulate them for their cute efforts.

      I personally think they’re straight, and I don’t like people shipping the boys together..cause it kinda makes other people (especially ignorant non-fans) misunderstand them and think otherwise about their orientation.
      However, I’m not saying that it can’t be real..because one knows right?

      That’s why I’m commenting back:) I hope you’re open to other possibilities. No hate here okay? Just saying what’s on my mind. :)

      • @soojin08
        “I don’t like people shipping the boys together”.
        I dont intend to be rude but to that I reply “who cares?”loool
        Jokes apart,I like it when ppl voice their opinion,so nothing wrong with that.
        Still,dont drag “other ppl” into this…and DO NOT call them “ignorant non-fans”!Who r we to call them that??That would be bossy and mean of us,wouldnt it?
        Uhm…other possibilities…yes,I agree with u.No doubt.
        Nevertheless,facts r facts.So at the end of the day,whether ppl believe it or not,yunjae is real.Enough said.

    • @italiangirl24 Sure, whatever you want :)

  12. that’s so cute ^^
    congratulations, YunJae!!! i love you ~

  13. @Meo and Jlie :D thanksssss!
    Its early morning already in Japan so yes…
    HAPPY 3RD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO UMMA AND APPA!!!! *throws hand lotion+sexy underwear for them to catch and celebrate all nite long*
    Okok…Ill stop b4 the ones I’m thinking of(love u all girls and cu on msn!!!rofl)will shoot me…

    • I love your comment hun!!! YAYYYY!!!!!
      Happy Anniversary to Yunnie and Joongie!!
      May their love last forever~♥♥♥♥♥


    Lmao. *laughs*

    that’s so cuuute!!

  16. lmao the fans are so creative.. i bet the artists must have felt so awkward signing it HAHAHAHAHAHA =))

  17. what the….?!!!O_O

    • i’m a chunjae shipper but this O_o

      well…happy yunjae anniversary then xD

  18. LOL..

    happy anniversary, YunJae!! ^^
    pls stay strong…
    also…to YooSuMin xD

  19. Happy anniversary to Yoosumin’s appa & omma!


    fans is simply awesome!!!

    gokkekon omedeto gozaimasu ^.^

  21. LOL!!! Congrat to Yunjae’s 3rd Anni XDDDD I love this book!!

  22. Oh the YunJae marriage! Be happy forever you two XD

  23. Happy wedding anniversary to the sweetest couple ever ~♥

    Yeah… everybody supports them~

  25. hahahaha this is super cute!!! happy anniversary yunjae!!! love u guys!

  26. love them because they’re just too sweet! (whether it’s true or not.. i don’t really care, by the way)
    Happy 3rd Anniversary, YunJae..

  27. cassie are totally different from others..LOL.. i think it is more than 1 page..

  28. Kim Kyung Rok *-*
    He’s my friend in facebook xDDD

    YooJae *-*!!
    So famous, cute, lovely (and reaaaal xd) *u*

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to YunJae!!! *o*!

  29. omgoodness! Fans are so creative and funny~♥ Their celeb friends have great sense of humor xD

  30. Happy wedding anniversary Yunjae ♥♥

  31. Hehhh????!!!!! This…is….. :shock:
    zOMG… Never expected this hehehe
    happy anniversary for Yunjae…

  32. im speechless =-=;; the yunjae fans really amaze me w/ their creativity and ‘power’ to be able to get something like this…

  33. er….wth.

    • What’s up with this??..if u don’t like it plz don’t leave “this” kind of comment.. >.<



  36. lol it shocked me in a creative yet strange way. gotta admit yunjae fans are crazily in love with the thought of them being in love. well thats fine im open to possibilities too.

  37. Ah! That’s so awesome!!!!!! LOL

    YunJae 4ever Love ♥

  38. That totally made my night, Yunjae shipper are amazing ! :D
    Happy Anniversary YunJae ! ~~

  39. omg!

    this is epic

  40. celebs supporting YunJae love ! ♥♥

    yayy, some of those are so funny xD especially Park Heebon-sshi’s one xD make lots of sons and daughters xD definitely a YunJaeshipper ;D

  41. Omg, the leader of H.O.T signed it LOLOL

    I wonder if YunJae saw this? XD

    Happy Anniversary Umma, Appa~ May there be many more good years to come

  42. Wow, I never know that lots of artists willing to sign & congratulate Yunjae on their wedding anniversary.

    SYC, thanks for sharing this.

    To YunJae, happy wedding anniversary. Pray both of you could celebrate it together.

  43. OMGAH! Hhahahahahaha! This is so funny, i can’t stop laughing! hahahaha! So cute. How’d they get all the signatures. @_@. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! <33

  44. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I died, is lovely!
    happy anniversary my beloved jaejoong and yunho

    Please be happy forever

  45. Even I like Yunjae, but to be honest, I still not comfortable to see this, dunno why.

  46. This is cute and funny even though I’m not a Yunjae shipper. I wonder if anyone of them took it srsly or what their reactions were! LOLZ

  47. Well, They are pretty much official I see.

    Congratulation, my lovely Yunjae! Yes, I support Heebon! Go make many lovely daughters and sons and have a blessed marriage!

  48. I’m a Yunjae shipper but I don’t think this means that they are official in the eyes of the other idols. I think it’s still a secret if yunjae is truly real.

    If only though…

    • Also wasn’t Kangta Jaejoong’s idol? From H.O.T?

      • yup.. but didn’t jae also idolized hee jun?

  49. Excuse me for asking this….But how can I get the permission from yunjae_luv@lj??? This is so touched so I wanna post it at a forum in my country…Pls tell me know ^^

    • Here’s her livejournal account so you could ask permission, which I don’t believe she’s got prior permission from YoonJae Petch to share in the first place, what with her requirement for others to seek HER permission.

  50. Everytime when I watch this Yunjae airport clip, I am in teary eyes:

    This was fancam after the lawsuit.

    There is nothing compare to you two’s friendship, be it be lovers, members or brothers.

    Happy Anniversary, sweethearts ^ ^


    so lovely !!!

  52. hmm….I bet Chunface’s signature is hidden in there somewhere.

    • hahahhahahaXDD
      who know??he’s da ultimate yunjae shipper after all

      • lol!

  53. LOL

    this post really lift my mood (from grumpy to happy2)

  54. happy annyversery yunjae =)

  55. AH I love this alot :) Happy anniversary YunJae ^^

  56. I’m surprised Yoochun didn’t sign. :))

  57. lol i love yunjae, but this is as false as it gets.

  58. can i just say.. yunjae Petch is AMAZING!

  59. omo this is sweet:)

  60. oh this is so… gah!! I love yunjae over and over again XDXD

  61. yunjae petch is the best yunjae site there is~!! =)

    happy anniv yunjae!! whether real or not, i don’t really care!
    as long as my yunjae is happy! =)

  62. awwwwwwww
    can i post this on in yunjae thread?
    pretty please >_>
    can u ask yunjae_luv@lj since i dont have an account?
    plz rely fast

  63. xD this is amazing!!! *o*
    u___u im proud to be a yunjae shipper!! ><

  64. O.O seriously? Artists signed for it by saying the word “YUNJAE”?

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  66. Reblogged this on ♫ Khoai Khoai's ♫ and commented:
    Ah >/////< So cute rite?

  67. Reblogged this on shoujoyeoja and commented:
    eeeehhhh!!!! they are so real!!!!!

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  69. oh how i miss this :’)

  70. […] 3. For YunJae Petch’s 4th anniversary in 2008,they got several celebrities to sign a book congratulating YunJae on their marriage HERE […]

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