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[Pic] 100523 Lotte Ad

more info later

credit: baidu
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    Im so happy seeing this picture :D

  2. Hello there gorgeous!
    they need to be kissed

    • the drama, I can see it coming
      Don’t like it, there is a always a scroll button ^^

      • @JaeLuver
        you haven’t seen my “wrong comments” XDDDDD
        don’t worry, it happen to all of us no need to feel embarrased

      • Hope there’s no drama. Just picture with 3 cutie <3

      • Now I would definitely sign THAT petition xD

      • Sorry, wrong comment xDD LOL

        Oh .. I’m such an idiot xD

        Well, this is embarrassing … *hides*

  3. OMGOMG..adorable!

    • i can see ur tattoo jaeeeeeee!

      • +1 to Alou

        LOL petitions are everwhere XP

      • yes you can!
        Jae needs to take off his clothes now!
        I will sign that petition

      • @alou : petition for jj to take off his clothes ? count me in !! lol…

      • +1 to Alou~

      • join with Alou XDDD

      • signed!

  4. Aigoo~so cute!!Their hairstyle are kinda similar xD

    • I think they will not change hairstyle until their next DBSK comeback, with new concept ;)

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know how to express my feeling right now but
    JYJ is on the runn XD

    Well,, I miss seeing them together as 5 but
    if this is the most they can present us. Then
    I’ll accept it with all my heart.

    Anyway,, I miss DBSK so much T^T

  6. hi there cuties !!

    lol…each of them have their own style in covering their eyes…

  7. I want them as 5 BUT THIS IS SO CUTE. I LOVE J.Y.J I’LL CONTINUE SUPPORTING YOU GUYS soooooooo cute esp jaebaby :D

  8. OMG!!!!!


  9. (Osum x3) * 1000000000000000000000

  10. cuteness overload:D

  11. Adorable MAX!
    /squish them

  12. Sexy/dorky/cute men.

    My heart is going Boom Boom Boom.

  13. i stop breathing without realized! so beautiful..

  14. beautiful pic..!!i miss my chunface…but still ….
    the pic…not complete….*sigh*

    • yeah..

  15. JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can see your bone..
    eat more umma~

    cute pic!!!
    can’t wait to get more and more!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  16. they look so squishable lol~ stunning pic, hope that homin can join them soon. (please dont burst my bubble and say they wont etc etc.)

    jaechun looks like twins again lol :D i love what jae is wearing, the necklace is pretty~ + the tattoo!! i wanna c whats below the AKTF tattoo~

  17. JJ soooooooooooo beautiful gd…He’s really a cool beauty guy!!! XDDD waiting for more info :D

  18. so cute^^……..jae oppa luv u so much!!!!!!!

  19. I’m going to rape Jaejoong.

    • Can we do a gang rape? I like to join badly.rofl~

      • me too

    • I’ll bring ropes.

      • oooh! Mirotic reference xP
        We all know what we were thinking when watching that MV

      • cecilia stop it
        my brain can’t take all that
        oh my jae
        tied up
        so hot

      • A cookie~
        Well… a JJ!Tied cookie…

        Gezz~ JJ!, May you put a nicer expression, plssss?

  20. Is this for LOTTE DUTY FREE?

    Too happy to die, it been a long time. :”D

  21. I like the colors :) it has a calm & friendly feel…

    At least they are taking this photo together to promote Korea through Lotte. DBSK is always part of Lotte Ad. Hope SM allows the other 2 to film this too. I don’t mind if they film separately, I want them 5 to be recognized for their hard work in promoting Korea as DBSK members :) Although DBSK can’t be active now, but their faces are enough to continue promoting TVXQ :D
    Thanks to Lotte! and SYC!

  22. JJ YC twins right ?? hahaha

    so cute >w<

    • They are soulmates!

  23. JAE’s NEW TATTO!!!
    i can see that!!!

    • ya2…i can see too…hehehhe

      • Can u make out what does it say?

  24. looking at this pic, i just realised how much they have matured in terms of appearance.

  25. *was casually looking through the photo and then…*


    I wonder what’s the theme for this ad. Why the one hand see no evil? ^^

  26. They’re so cute.<333

    JJ is wearing my favourite necklace.^_^

  27. CUTENESS. <3

    I wanna see Jae's tattoo!!!!!

  28. They look so good! I love that Jae’s palm faces outward…there has to be a personality trait associated with outward/inward facing palms. My palm faces outward when I cover my laugh. This means Jae and I are soulmates!! (Ok, no one try to disillusion me of this fact >.<)

    And Chun's cardigan: ME WANT!
    Su is exuding maximum charisma again ^3^

  29. cuteee !! ^0^
    i see jae’s tattoo !!! hehe

  30. ♥ i missed them ~
    even though it seems a little empty . .

  31. hi handsome guys..
    chunface almost killed

  32. i’m soooooo loooooooovvveee the picture :D the three is cuuuutee >.< and handsome always ;)

  33. i can just see Minnie and Leader-ssi looking and smiling at them beside the photographer. I can just see them..DBSK forever<3

    Always keep the faith.

    • A+ :)

    • + <3<3<3

    • yea..same here..i can see min and leader-shii,each standing beside JJ..>.<
      now,sumone wit great photoshop skill,please photoshop HoMin pic into this pic..!haha

      • Yep, Minnie’s probably laughing at his Junsu hyung whom he thinks is trying to hard to look charismatic.(As always)

        DBSK FTW.

      • Yes they are at each side, yep!

    • LOVE your comment <3

    • *hugs soojin for the cute comment*

    • very sweet cmnt honey :’)…*hugs u*

    • soojin08: your comment makes cry so hard T__________T i miss them TTTT

  34. the photo is cuteeeee….
    but the feel is sooo empty….TT

  35. Yoochun has big

    • he has small face ^___^

      • i dont think so, her face big

      • lmao haha yeah his forehead xD

  36. Mixture of feelings >__<
    I miss them as 5 T__T but this pic is soooooooo cute XD

  37. JYJ aah… the way you post with your hand gesture

    like that — very interesting!!!

    I like this picture :) Unique

    SYC — more, please.

  38. Cute pic~~~ Hope to see more soon!

  39. Aww .. this is such a cute pic ^^ (although, what are they doing?? xD what up with the hand? haha … oh well, it’s still cute ^^)

    and did Jae add something to his tattoo? cos I thought ‘Always Keep the Faith’ was just on one line but I think I see the beginning of two lines … or are my eyes deceiving me?

  40. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ok … this is completely random and irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything, but …


    xD Sorry, I just noticed it and was amused so … ^^

    • WHERE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺

  42. Awww~
    JaeChunSu make me smile ^______^~
    they’re so cute!!
    wait for more info..
    Thanks SYC, luv u!!~

  43. junsu! smile please.. no need to charisma in this pic.

    • LOL! I can’t agree more XDDDD

    • oh aomnp…I agree with u!!

      su su please put some cute dorky smile face next time okey hon ^_=

  44. so cute ><
    still patiently wait for all the five boys together again..

  45. One hand ~ 5 fingers ~ 5 forever ~

  46. The picture is not complete..
    I want them as 5 and get some pose like this..

    But this is too cute >.<
    Let's take off their clothes btw, lol

  47. I LOVE this pic but still feel something missing without Yunho & Changmin…T.T

  48. @SYC admins
    Could u pls delete this totally random and laughable troll’s comment??Thanks very much!!!!
    This is a very cute pic!!!
    Its obvious they r just so comfortable with each other!! :)
    Needless to say,someday their other 2 bros will make this pic complete!

  49. please delete my comment too
    that comment for loser

    • oh thanks

      • OT but your avatar is SO ADORABLE ^^

  50. @Cecilia,aomnp,yjcms

    U didn’t say anything wrong but I just blocked/deleted that girl IP address so your comments will sound a bit random lol

    so I just delete your comments okie ;)

    • Thanks admin!

    • hi SYC, i have idea.How about that pic u guys insert HOMIN just for fun.. i mean one is original and the other one is photoshop…it would be great spazz for us…plzzzz

      • We’re not great at photoshop (in fact I’ve been busy cropping my head in Making of Beautiful u when YC carrying that girl) lol

        anyway we’ll try our best to find the photoshop pic okie

    • Yeah sure :D
      So nice of you to inform us <3

      Thank you so much!

    • baby, is it me or does JJ have 2 tatoos?
      Wasn’t “always keep the faith” supposed to stand on one line?
      What is the thing that look like a gun?

      • he does
        it another message and is longer but we don’t know what it is

      • maybe
        always keep the faith
        on Chompoo and Jaejoong


      • its not a gun lol There was the one on top of always keep the faith and the one at the bottom of his back. i hope he we find out what it is soon!!

  51. Cute ♥♥♥
    I love the theme for their pictures…

  52. OMG! THey looks soo good!!!

    And Jaejoongah, you’re soooooo beuatiful!

  53. erm… cute but incomplete ;__;

    *rips Jaejoong’s shirt off*

    i want to see his tattoo badly T^T

  54. i so so love this pic. the atmosphere so nice and peaceful. its calm my heart
    incomplete or not, fans should use to this cause there will be more pic like this to come. not only 3 but also 2

  55. lol.. jae ALWAYS has to show more skin XDD

    luv him to death >_<

  56. Mix of feelings right there, they look good, I’am happy for them, but it feels so incomplete.
    Something is definitely missing and it will take time..

  57. cute ^_^

  58. Desperately wanna see the added tattoo above AKTF one on Jaejoong’s chest!

    Curious what he added more…maybe “Jaejoong <3 Yunho" *got bricked* LOL

    • lol,

      the position is already quite fitting *wink2*

  59. warm ~~

  60. AH! Cuties! Lol.

    (Yoosu, anyone?)

    I don’t know how to pose for pictures, I think I’ll test the one eye covered pose! XD

  61. This is too cute ~~ I love it!
    But at the same time, i really miss YH and CM… Hopefully we’ll see the 5 together again soon ^^

  62. Incomplete pic…..It should be 5.

  63. seeing this picture give me a bunch of happines…
    even now the whole picture is not complete…yet…but I believe it would…someday!!

  64. super cute! ^^

  65. it does feel incomplete..especially because this is lotte and we’re so use to seeing the 5 of them doing this ad together….it’s like JCS have taken over their past group activities…from this ad, to the Dome….but definately like their pose here…have no idea why they’re covering their eye, but it works…haha.

  66. homin need to take together a cute picture like that *-*

  67. cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    they have different way of covering their eyes
    and i like the half mysterious smile of jj

  68. please excuse me while i squeeeeeeeeeeeeee, *squishes them*


    JAECHUNSU~ XD god~ i miss seeing them together, well i wish to see them again 5 but for now this is so good

    I MISS THEM, and they look so cute~ JUNCHAN smile please~ T__T he didnt smile much these days in his pics

  70. AHHHHHH I’m soooooo SOOOO happy to see these 3 together!!! Hope we get more of these in the future :D (hopefully all 5 DBSK members!!)

  71. ahh Tattoo!!!! I want to see what he added on top of always keep the faith. how about you take off your clothes Jae? =3

  72. im no so good with PS TTTTT

    i use PAINT xD

    i luv 5 forever~

    • sorry for my poor skills….
      *kiss for SYC ADMINS ;P*

    • lol
      cuuuute! Haha I love it!

      • kisses from Chile n//////////////////n

    • Awww! You even made Yunho’s head smaller b/c of his small face <333

      • yes :3

    • lol that’s cute! thanks!

    • so cuteee :D

    • that is so cute!

  73. Cute pic <3
    Yoochun XD

  74. sooooo lovely and cute

    thanks a lot ^_^ you are always make us happy

    kiss ^_^

  75. Jaejoong is always teasing us by showing only some skin and covering the part we wanna see the most…He does at so many places: magazines, airports, and etc.! I so wanna see what he added to the AKTF tattoo!
    This picture sort of calms my heart (prolly cuz of the atmosphere or sumthin) even though it is incomplete. I will keep my faith that our 5 boys will return, and when they do, their comeback one of the most epic comebacks ever in K-Pop history!

    This is really random but…I wonder how Jaejoong would look in a semi/half ponytail w/ his current hairstyle?!?

  76. the pic is looooooove <3

    yoochun is soo handsome and cute ^^

    and the charisma junsu <333

    jaejoong..ahh T_T…soooo beautiful..i love u my angel <3 i want him naked XD

  77. hero looks soo yummy <3

  78. why im always late -_- ,,

    love this photo <3 ,,

    & finally a clearer version of jj *above AKTF* tattoo ,,lol,,, now could any one read it ??!!! plzzz

  79. Jae i wanna see ur tattoos. just go topless from now on since its summer haha. Cant wait for more info.

  80. […] [Pic] 100523 Lotte Ad more info later credit: baidu shared by: […]

  81. wanna see them more!

    cutties!! << 3333

  82. cuteeeeeeeeeeee~!!
    2 more will be perfect!!
    hope v can see 5 together asap~!!

  83. so incomplete!!!!! TT^TT

    Chun’s lips always turn me on XD and Jae’s bare chest * drools*

  84. Gorgeous boys are gorgeous.

    Jaejoong. Have my babies.

  85. Hope you 5 together
    Jaejoong so pretty -///-

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    [Only] of the thankgiving concert and made tour for”Junsu / Yuchun /
    Jejung Thankgiving Live In Dome” Concert If you interest you can click
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  86. they’re smiling, even a bit *sigh8 i feel relief… nice picture, dear

  87. Cute !

  88. here i am, all alone…listening to junsu’s kimi ga ireba…n i saw this post…looking at the pic, at junsu, at jaejoong, at yoochun…n slowly i saw yunho, and changmin…with the same pose, the same style…all 5 of them, smiling together…isk…

  89. thanks
    JaeJoong So Cute and YooSu >_<

  90. this photo is really good, ah i miss him(JJ). they look so cute. JJ please do a photoshot in nude, please!!!!!!!!!!! so i can look at your naked body, your tatto and the crown jewel, please !!! lol

  91. aigoo these trio…

    • they are what? o.o
      cute and loveable of course!!!

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