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[Trans] 100505 A Famous Customer in Bossa Nova Shop Harajuku


Hi, long time no see. How are you?

How did you spend your holidays?

(few sentences omitted)

Today, there was a customer who came in the evening,
for the first time in a year.


That’s him ━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━!!!!!!!

“Hi, long time no see. How are you? Looks you’ve been busy.”
“I’m OK~!”
Well, my “you’ve been busy” should have been a foolish question.

Hideo-san (alias) has a very frank personality, super nice looking guy.
He is a customer from years ago.

The other customers who were accidentally there seemed to have difficulty in breathing.
They weren’t making sense when talking. (Lol)

“Did you walk here again?? Were you all right??”
“Of course I’m OK! It was a long time since I last came here, so I got lost!”

Oh, Hideo-san (alias) hasn’t changed, he’s still so adventurous.
He came right in the middle of the busy and crowded holiday week. (Lol)

“Oh, the accessories have changed much.”
“What? They will mostly change after a year! Hideo-san!!”

An hour quickly passed by.

Hideo-san!! Please come here again~!!
We will always cheer and support you~~~~~~!!!

source: BOSSA NOVA & Bossa Harajuku blog
translation: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Do you know who is ヒデオ???


  1. Ehm..I don’t understand..Hideo san wa dare???

    • I suppose it’s Jae..but why Hideo-san?? おかしい :\

      • Maybe hes not allowed to say his name?~ ^^

    • 英雄(HERO) ←this kanji is read with “hideo” in japanese person name.

  2. Someone with accesorries.. Jae or js.. Hehmmmm…

  3. uwaaaa!!it’s JJ ryte??hoohoho…he wore it during music station was it??hoohoh^^

  4. Jaejoong?
    he is in Japan right now right?

  5. did you read everything in this article? even the tag?? XD

    • LOL at the tag..Just noticed..but why Hideo-san???? :\

      • ヒデオ is hero in manga.

  6. Ahhh… you tagged it as Jaejoong as much as I was pondering. lol.

  7. Hedo san is Jaejoong!

  8. if u read H2 (writen by Adachi Mitsuru), u know Tachibana Hideo is one of the two heroes in this manga.
    and his name mean hero in Japanese!
    so Hideo is…

  9. of course it’s jaejoong. he is a regular customer right?

  10. Ohh shoot!! Didn’t read the tag.. It’s JAE!! Ahhahaha

  11. what a way of maketing!!! the fans will flood to this shop for sure!!! lol

    • Hahaha yeahh! I was looking at the crown pendant Jaejoong wears, it’s already on backorder status, lol.

  12. oh so that’s where jj got his crown necklace!! the one that he always wears!

  13. Of course it’s Jaejoong! Look at the pictures; he always wears those onyx rings and pendants (:

  14. its jaejoong

  15. BossaNova should give Jae big discount :)

  16. I believe Hideo san is JJ.
    but this “The other customers who were accidentally there seemed to have difficulty in breathing.” is that make me curious. with whom JJ coming to the shop was my big question.

    anyone have their guess???

    • I think wht he/she means tht other customers who already been in the store before JJ came… They might be really surprised seeing JJ in the store, to the point they couldn’t breath and talking non sense…=))

      • Oh I see. maybe i can feel the same thing too.
        when I see JJ walk in front of me.

  17. At first..I thought of JJ but then,,,Hideo???
    Who is tht???
    My japanese FAIL…XDDD

    Accessories got to be JJ’s related =))

  18. LOL @ those customers!
    I would’ve been hyperventilating/screaming at the same time if i were them

    • but when I saw DBSK walking pass. I stopped breathing and thought I was in heaven

      I didn’t scream though =.= but after I realize this is not a dream then I screamed (in my heart) so loud and called everyone lol

      • haha..i nvr met them yet.but if i do met them,i think i cant sream and even talk.maybe stop breathing,just stare at them blankly..struggling wit myself to keep awake,and not faint..haha

  19. jaejoong huhu><

  20. I guess it Jae~<3

  21. of course it’s jae…^^

  22. ahaks..

    jae and his accessories..
    no wonder he’s so pretty ^_^v

  23. saw the tag XD

  24. Lucky I wasn’t on that store.
    IF I were there, Jaejoong must be kidnapped already.

  25. *in

    Sorry, typo

  26. hahahhaa~
    looking at the picture i was like…”it must be jae….”


    thank-you for sharing~ ^^
    to think he spent an hour looking at the accesories!
    he really loves them!! ^O^

  27. jaejaeee…….

  28. awww my Jaejoongie!
    I wanna see you!
    I love you Jaejoong ♥♥♥
    Definetely I should buy something from that place!
    As soon as I have money of course ;w;!

  29. “Ahhahahaha!!”

    Lol. That’s Jaejoong laughter for you. <3

  30. a walking distance!

    hmmm…..JJ wanders on the streets looking lost, i wanna be the one who take him there XD

  31. Joongieeee!! I wanna see him…

  32. That’s him ━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━!!!!!!!

    ^ LOLOLOL I love this spazzy blog post from shop owners/employees. Cuuute <3

  33. of course is jaejoong xD

  34. Hideo-san = Hero = Kim Jaejooong!! Hideo is in Japan for Hero and Hero is Jaejoong!! Yah I love him and I love the accesories ♥♥♥

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