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[Vid] 100502 Xiah Junsu Intoxication 3:45min Preview

credit: y810051
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  1. wahhh >_<
    he looks really tired though =/
    thanks for sharing!!

  2. wow love it
    but sorry i ain’t digging the make up

    • the make-up seems a bit too much, doesn’t it?

      • yeah it is

    • LOL. I dont care about the makeup~!!!


      JUNSU~ you. YOU. ROCK. my WORLD. and. my BODY. YEahhhh!

  3. Hot. Hot. Hot.
    I’m intoxicated.
    It’s something different from the usual. So U Go Boy!

    • Gosh, I got killed everytime the ‘touch me touch me’ part. >.<
      Jaejoong, you just got a new competitor for writing sexy songs.

      "I know that you want me"
      Hell yeah~

      • lol. you should check out the lyrics from mypage and xiahtic. enuff to kill you. believe me.

  4. HOT SONG.

    Buttttt..too much makeup, and overtweezed eyebrows, WHAT?!

    • NO WAY! I think The eyebrows HOTHOTHOT .. ohmg, THE MOVESSS

  5. Ok lets inhale and exhale together

    • I give on breathing all together!!!
      Now… if he would kindly hop on my bed…
      don’t know how I can even sleep now!

      • i feel like im watching a porn..

    • Inhale…Exhale….Inhale….Exhale…

      I even almost forgot to breath when I saw the vid XDD
      Junsu is soooooo sexy….lol

      No wonder at the first debut, he’s the one who in charge in sexy luxurious charisma….XDDDDD
      Now…I see it why….

  6. Goshhhhhhhhh
    i love it
    love everything in this PV!
    Juncham..u damn hot!!!




  8. I’m wowed. Everything about it is so sensual, I love the interplay of sensuality and texture. The voice, the choreography, and the atmosphere fits so well. I thought the make up was a bit heavy to say the least at first but it keeps with the theme.

  9. I LOVE the choreography<3 gosh watching this is making me blush like an idiot. He really knows how to play with being sexy. He should actually call the song "sexiah" or something -.-

    • I love your idea of “sexiah”. GO Sexiah!! :)

    • wat abt xiahxiness

      • LOL!


  11. I was drinking water, and for a few seconds I felt as if the water was suspended in time.

    LOL, Akira shocku!

    I think I’ll like this song when its live…

    kinda like how I was never into Checkmate until that hot beast performed it live without any effects and a smoother set of dance moves.

    • KON KON!

      Haha I’m sorry, I just HAD to respond to your Nobuta- reference.

  12. JUNSU = SEX, enough said

    the make-up is a bit…. yea. but it fits the whole atmosphere of the video IMO

    • and i LOVEEEEE only after hearing it once, that’s rare for me LOL

  13. Intoxication is growing on me…First minute I have no feeling in it, but after listening more, I love it.

  14. WoW

    totally love his choreography esp the body movement!

  15. HoT and CooL!!! I love it!!!

  16. Total sex god.

    And because everyone else seems to be commenting on it, I quite like his eyebrows and make-up. Suits the video.

    • I like his eyebrows. and the make-up too! it’s really not as bad as people are making it seem…

      • *shrug* Everyone has different preferences. I like the make-up because it goes with the overall color scheme and makes him look all slick & polished. His lips for instance? Sweeeeet.

      • oh…the lips…don’t even get me started on that…this whole video seriously exceeded my expectations. I mean he’s my bias but I was not expecting something THIS good. Baby is not playing around.

      • He’s not my bias, but I am seriously considering letting him (temporarily) take that spot. This is WAY better than I expected. He wrote this song himself right?

      • I THINK this is the one he wrote? But I’m not sure. the info that was coming out about it was so confusing >.<

        but if it is…Good Job Junsu!

        I've watched this video about 5 or 6 times already lol…I am just in shock at the sexiness of this video. I really am. I can't wait for him to perform this live. The choreography is just…i have no words.

      • The choreography tops Xiahtic’s in terms of Junsu-centric sexy, basically. God, I hope he does this live very, very soon! I keep rewatching it too and have yet to stop…

      • This choreography pawns Xiahtic’s big time.

        I think just about everyone is replaying this video over and over again lol. No one was expecting this. No one! Just wait until the real HQ version comes out…it’s gonna be all over.

        and I really do like the song^^ I can actually understand the Junglish~ I am so happy I bought this single.

      • I will die when the complete HQ version comes out. Die. That or get pregnant.

        The English bits are fine to my hearing. His pronunciation is good, and nothing stands out as being wrong grammar-wise. We’ll see once the lyrics get released of course, but hey, he managed “intoxication.”

      • Girl what are talking about?! I think I’m pregnant already XD

        After watching this video for the 2349685659 time, I just realized in the first verse he said ‘foreplay’…he is really trying to kill me.

        And remind me again? Junsu is supposed to be the ‘pure’ one? Are they sure about that??

      • Pure sex maybe.

      • MTE

    • His ring, incidentally, looks very much like one Jaejoong’s been wearing for awhile. Wonder if it’s the same brand or just a lookalike.

    • i cant believe that he was the one who said OH MY GOD SUN in AADBSK3

  17. The choreo….. O.O

    Junsu knows how to use this assets….. Gosh… Not diggin the make-up but so love the overall affect of his… sensual moves. ^^””””

  18. omg..this is soo cool although the makeup is a little bit too much and its make him look older..but its growing on me and the choreograohy are totally cool..i’m digging this song and excited for live performance

    • *choreography

  19. Junsu you are HOT, SPICY AND SMEXY..

    yea i want you baby
    i wanna touch you baby
    and i wanna **** you baby..

    this dance is incredibly sex exp the wave and some strong pop..
    junsu you make blush like a red apple>//<

  20. Who wants Bi Rain qith Junsu like this?

    • I love Bi and Junsoo 55555555555555

      Like father and son >.<

      Both really hot for me and both of nice and cuteness too ^^


    sexyyyyyy! i seriously cant breath. o_O


    I agree with everyone XIAH=SEX=SEXIAH!!!

    I love the makeup, I love the eyebrow, I love the moves, I love the song, I love Junsu!!!

  22. Junsu is a sex God..enough said..i like his eyebrows tho..very neat and sexy and sensual..wahahah..the moves??i dont have to explain about that anymore…=p

  23. YouTube needs a ‘repeat’ button, not just ‘replay’.

    • MTE lol but then i don’t think i can stop watching =P

    • LOL i’ve repeated it for 100 times already. totally HOT… there’s so much energy when he perform…. totally love love love it…
      Fighting Junsu….

    • LOL. I so agree. It’s so tiring to click on the replay button for so many times.

  24. i think i have a fetish for his hands..awwww…the long fingers and the visible popping veins on his hands…Junsu!!!

    the close-ups.. O_O
    plus the hip moves on the floor………

  26. Hey guys, you know what???? Luckily there is ONLY Junsu in the vid. Imagine all FIVE of our boys in there… all the people on earth would be swimming in a sea of blood *nosebleeding*

    Is it me or did i recognize an AtoZ dancer??????????

    • AtoZ’s Gunyoung went to Japan to create dancing step to them.

      • Sorry for the late reply, Thanks for your information



  28. u know wat ??!! , im totally bleed O.o ,, lol ,, seriously 1st time admitted being like this over any one ,,,loooool

    I LOVE IT , the vid, song, choreography, make up , lightening , porn , sex , ……., & JUNSU ,, wow ,,*comma*

    good job boy , he did this , actually the whole album have his touch , hope a lot will love it with the other 2 amazing songs ,*claps*

    & i do rmb some others here ,, lol , BOA , & sekaine – san ,, lol , dont know why but junsu look like him some times ,, O.O ,, ,

    exhale & inhale too , i should live ,, lol

    & now im waiting for better Q & full vid. ,,, just woooow

    • his move ,, *faint again * ,,

      im going to learn dancing for this song ,, lol , i LIKE IT ,,

      • & i love how it look so simple yet O.O at the same time ,,

        i already memorize all the song ,, lol , JUNSU wat r u doing ,, i want to be in his dancers team at least ,, -_-

        should stop spazzing my self here ,, going to dance again ,, lol ,
        tell me wat u want , hy hy hy ,,

  29. HOLYYYY! Whoa, Whoa! Total nose bleed!

    The immense amount of jungrish used in this song really bothered me. The song is sexy but the engrish killed it for me. Not the good time of killing either ://. Otherwise the sexiness of this video distracted me from it +_+. Omgggg, I really, REALLY do love the choreo!<3 Plus Su baby is looking mighty fine :q____


    BRB /DYING 2343259074 TIMES.

  31. i’m in a pool of blood right now, anyone plz drag me to the hospital….

    but LOL at Jungrish!!!!! XD

  32. Oh shit I think I just died. BRB DYING TOO. Those hip-thrusting moves. Gahhhh. I can’t wait for my copy.

  33. his lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait for the performance

  34. is soo hot, i agree it felt like watching porn.
    but somehow, i feel sad.. our xiah is evolving isnt,
    i miss the innocent and charisma junsu.

    • Oh. c’mon, porn? There wasn’t a single girl in the video, and like, barely any nudity. Junsu just happens to be the master of seduction, damn can that boy *move*.

      But yeah, I know what you mean. Cheer up though, I’m sure the hyperactive, clueless, adorkable Junsu is still in there somewhere.

      What can we do, boy’s all grown up. Has been for a while. And I’m totally going to enjoy it xD

      • IA. this is hardly porn LOL
        i’ve seen underaged japanese boys pole dancing in concerts =_=

      • Haha, why does that remind me of random JE concerts? With the glitzy, tacky, blinding outfits?

    • Pure and innocent Junsu is still in there but now it’s time for sexy and charisma Junsu! might be we can see him in offshot. LOL! :)

    • aww i know what yu mean. we seen alot of manly beasty su lately, so i do miss the cute innocent sweet su. but THIS make me speechless n completely INTOXIAHCATED XD though i was blushing n embarass like madd.

  35. i…dont..expected..this….

    is he..wants…to..kill…me……The New Sex GOD…

    uoooh….major hiperventilating..major nose bleeding, someone please call ambulance…im dying rite now…

    • LOL!!!

  36. OMG OMG OMG OMG can i say FUCK in here cause after OMG FUCK comes tomy mind
    this is fapable material man FAPABLE!!!!
    the lyrics and dance os like OGFUCK!!! lol
    hell yeah i say now baby
    i will show u my madness all night long lol

  37. OMG now that i think about it OMG the live performance is gonna kill me i wont be able to watch it without dying!!!

  38. is it pathetic that when the the dancers appeared i was hoping they are yunho, jaejoong, changmin and yoochun?

    i wish you all the best junsu~

    eventhough you are super sexyyy in this vid, you are still our dolphin^^

    • maybe this the 1st time since their solos & all , i dont think of others XDD , cz i was in line of dead maybe ,, lol

      now that u mention abt it , imagine this was *group* song ,lol , i wonder how they will look dancing all like this : ) , it will be like 9095 for me , my head & eyes got traumatizes being looking & catching all XDD

      • I agree, this is his SOLO, so it’s not remind me about others. Just enjoying his music.

      • OMG!

        now i’m imagining the rest of the member dancing like that!



  40. can someone pull me back from my laptop?
    i really love his dace,move or anything
    hot song hot dance hot babe…

    • with his cute eenglish oop! English

      so sorry i’m so shake.

    • Actually I just realized he’s singing in english after replaying 5 times hahaha
      Too absorbed by su’s sexiness…XDDD


  41. LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPH!!! and emphasizing on his lips…

    haaa! the way i see it, junsu was actually promoting intoxication while he is in singapore. the tank top, the whole black/ airport outfit, the shades… LOL.

    • lol his airport outfit muahahhaha xD

  42. can i just say i smell sex sex sex everywhere? LOL

    *gets kicked

  43. I feel…hungry xD

  44. his hands..are, really sexy. excuse me while i relearn how to breathe

  45. JUNSU-AH! I am now questioning your purity! -twitch-

    “Kiss and touch me baby…”
    “… Make love .. ”
    “.. Foreplay .. ”

    -Twitches like crazy- HOLY CRUD TOO HOT MAN! DD:
    I am OFFICIALLY intoxicated! Anyone else?!


  46. he look so tanned..
    or is it the make up?
    nvm… i still love him..

    junsu is finally showing his charisma huh??
    i can feel it so strong!!!
    go junsu!!! im intoXIAHcated..

    thanks syc

  47. iono bout japan…
    but if he performed this in kr there’s undoubtly gonna be an uproar lol
    i mean the fans scream at every little remotely sexy thing he does!
    this choreography is like a collection of scream worthy moves followed one after another!!

    i mean… hip thrust… bodywave… on the floor…
    i count at least ten screamable moment just from the preview haha

    side note: i really don’t agree that it’d b a better song with the 5… yoominho is “sexy” not so much “sensual” lol
    i think only jae n js fits that and honestly i can’t imagine jae pulling off those moves… haha

    • I love when he [they] performed in Korea, Cass are really cool at cheering.
      For upbeat song I love the Cass way, and slow song I love Bigeast way [cass way also good]

    • yeah i agree. even if the five did perform this song it wouldnt fit only junsu can pull off the vocals the dance moves n the sex appeals in how he did it. the members have one part of each but cant fufillit overall.

  48. I LOVE HOW THE VIDEO IS SO SIMPLE THAT IT ACTUALLY BRINGS OUT THE MAX OF JUNSU’S HOTNESS. i couldnt take my eyes off him at all. and his dance is so powerful that you dont need any flashy costumes or lame editing to emphasize on it.

  49. OMG..This is better that all porn vids I’ve watched..
    It’s just OUR Junsu’s style..
    And the song is RnB it already CDS..why took so long to arrive??
    Cant wait for live performances..its gonna be a BOMB for sure..

    • Forgot to say..but Im already IntoXIAHcated..

    • lmao just how many pron vids did yu watch? XD

  50. So.friggin.sexaye! I want you baby <3

  51. the way he MOVES…For GOD sake,,he took my purity >.<

  52. let’s make it to the top of the Oricon chart once more. Fighting Junsu, Junsu power , Toho power…. (^-^) The song is freaking awesome

  53. i think my innocence is gone just looking at this!! aish.. how am i too look at him as a dorky duckbutt again?? he intoxicate my pure brain.. aish.. darn junsu!!

  54. lol our dolphinie is grown up man now.. hahahaha…

  55. Junsu’s dancing makes me go WOW as always…

    Hmm but the make-up’s hmmm makes him looked tired(?) esp his pale lips….but still love how his body roll like waves, will savour the song when I listen to hq audio..

    Thanx for sharing ^_^

  56. IMHO this is much more outstanding compared with the ballad! Well R&B has always been my weakness.

    Japan doesn’t really have anything that sounds like that right? I hope it makes a big splash!


    • this is a quite common R&B-ish song IMO, but junsu’s exceptional singing+dancing+stage presence is… as far as i know, not that many in japan (for guys anw) LOL i have a feeling he’ll be the male boa ^^
      i LOVE LOVE LOVE the song xDDDDDDDDD
      and the way he moves his body is……. =Q___________

      • yeah thats what i thought too. the rnb style is new to thsk fans n dbsk fans but th style here is kinda common but the way junsu perform is just exceptional!

  57. Our Junsu is upgraded already 555

    So sexy follow “Intoxication” concept ^^

  58. I’M SPEACHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The song is okay imo. Love xiahtic more. At first, I thought its gonna be a dance song but its actualy a RnB. Nit a bad song but just okay. But his dance so sexy!
    Charismatic Junsu is back. I cant imagine how the live going to be.
    I probably will floored. xD~

  60. dies.*full stop~!

  61. aigoo..forgive me for my sins..huhu..hotness

  62. ohai sexiah 8D

  63. xiah honey..

    yesterday i saw you as a cute angel boy…now i see you as a sexy man or may i say i see you as sex symbol? ~get slapped by yoochun~

    i love the choreo,agree with someone,i must saw it twice because first i didn’t get anything,after replied the video,i was agree he did a good job with his solo,congratz dolphin =)

  64. rated 18+
    I recommend all fans under 18 get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Wait, I am not over 18 yet!

  65. “Baby what you want?” = Make Love
    “Baby who you want?” = Junsu
    “Baby touch me” = OF COURSE!

    Junsu is a MAN!!!!!
    The MV is superb!
    I agree with the above…
    This is porn…
    They rated it….
    Only above 19+ can watch…..
    Can’t stop watching it…
    Uhhh Jae u got a rival…

    This is what we called HOT!

    • No!!! make it 18+
      Or else I’d have to wait an entire month before I can watch it!
      wait… I’ve already watched it like thousands of times!
      forget age limit!

  66. WOWWWW love love love it!!!!! so HOT!!!!!!!
    I love his cute accent!!!
    But I can’t stop laugh to “Baby do you want me?” (*thinking YESSS!!*) but Junsu says “Oh NO NO NO” (*T______T WHY?????*) XDDDDDDDDDD

    • lmao haha i was wondering why he said all those no after tempting us! haha that tease!

  67. changmin: WHO IS THAT???? GIVE ME BACK MY JUNSU HYUNG!!!!!!!

  68. come here for scream again!


    thanks for sharing!

  70. The song is pretty good. I like it.
    And I’m even more impressed because he composed it himself.
    Love the choreography. ^^

    Wish he’d let his eyebrows grow after this.
    His natural eyebrows are prettier. ^_^

  71. Good Job Xiah!!
    I like so much the choreography
    he entered in my top list about best Korean dancers, he and Yunho..
    the only thing i want to burn now its his clothes, its like he is wearing the same clothes forever…

  72. I love the floor moves the most! And the song is jjang! Go Junsu, go Junsu, GO GO GO GO GO Junsu!!! XiahXy~

  73. sexiah! all hail xiahnism! i replayed the vid so much! lol it just blew me away. i really couldnt stop my jaw from just hanging. junsu have turned so sinful! i notice there isnt a female in there XD so happy i can now die happy.

    im so impress junsu compose wrote n arrange this. not to mention he produce it n also took part in directing it XD xiah junsu is the death of me.

  74. Junsu is very ugly. No matter how good his voice and dancing skill, you can still deny how ugly he is. VERY FUGLY!!! If you’re going to erase this stupid SYC admin, i’m going to hack you blog, that’s a promise.

    • Honestly, I think it’s okay to say that he’s ugly. That’s your opinion. As long as you’re not making it seem like the only reason to love an artist is because of his looks, lol, which I’m pretty sure you’re not.

      Junsu isn’t very good looking, from an objective point of view (I know because I’ve asked lots of people who aren’t the least bit interested in Asian music), but I think his fans think he’s hot because, well, he has his moments, and because we love him so much xD

      Also, don’t worry, I don’t think the admins would delete something like this. But it’s not nice to threaten =/

      Just curious, are you a fan?

    • woots, don’t hate coz he’s maddd talented ^^
      keep bitching, you just make me love him MOREEE =P

    • When i showed my sister the Mirotic MV she chose Junsu as the most goodlooking.

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