Posted by: wasur3naid3 | April 28, 2010

[Vid] Break Out and Wrong Number parody

Funny parodies, made to cheer people up! If you don’t like DBSK coupling such as yunjae/yoosu, please don’t watch! :)

Break Out

Wrong Number
Warning: suggestive content

credit: hydraheiress@livejournal
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  1. I so love this XD

  2. Oh My Goodness! Haha!
    The second one was so rated! Ahhhh! Although, I really liked the part where Minnie goes “Umma, don’t kill my boyfriend”. Don’t know why, but I found it really hilarious xDD


    ♂ + ♂ = ♥

    Muhahahaha!! ☺☺☺

  4. .. wow.. ok i loved the first one.. lol n second on is quite rated xP lmao but its soo frigin hilarious xD hahahah

  5. I don’t watch these type of stuff, but I’ve gotta admit that girl’s pretty hilarious. Wrong Number’s lyrics kinda surprised me, but it was soooo funny!!!

    ~~thanks for sharing. kkk

  6. LOL at the 2nd parody.

    Teenage Angst Changmin and his voicemail going,’You’ve got the wrong number.’ lol. Umma Jaejoong and his protective of his son and jealous of Yunho’s co-worker. “These co-workers are flirting bitches”. XD And Yoosu’s troubled marriage.
    This is funny.

  7. this is so hilarious and funny!
    although the second is a bit rated, but i love it!
    sounds so sexy plus funny…
    umma jae is freakin jealous to his hubby’s co-workers…

  8. I died!!! Omg, both of them were soooooo hilarious. JaeJoong’s got attitude. hehehe. I loved the rap part in Wrong Number and JaeJoong’s first words in the first one. Ahhhhh!

  9. hahah…yunjaemin…one family….lol…
    this is hilarious………………

    lol the Wrong Number parody is super epic~!

  11. the second one was better but it would’ve been better to warn the readers about the rated R content XD I was shocked when I saw it but I don’t have a problem since I’m not a minor

    • OMG! XDD I’m so sorry about that. LOL! I already added annotations babe. I wasn’t thinking of the minors >.> *bricked*

  12. lmao i had sucha good time with both video. the first one was a bit controversial but im glad no one seems to take it out of hand. second one is just epik! i was so surprise to see min7en in there too XD one of my fav couple. i seen plently of wrong number parody but this one made a lasting impression. dolphinator was mad but jae was furious lol n yunnie n fishie XD

  13. Lol!
    The first video was so funny omg. YunJae <3

    The second video was kinda rated..But really have to applaud fans for creativity!!!
    Love the 2 videos!

  14. Min7en… haven’t heard of that couple in a long time XDDD

    the vids are totally hilarious…
    the maker really “genius” in this field LOLss XD

  15. So cool! It’s hydra hahaha. And now having to rewatch the mv of wrong number, it is just awesome!

  16. I love the first vid ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  17. I always love those kind of parody, and those two are really well-made.

    And no problem with rated subs hahaha

  18. omg..the break out vid is so funny! at first i cant stop laughing..and the lyrics really suit ha..but then,when yunho said ‘i’ve made a vow before,if we are separated,i’ll gather us again’..that’s really bring tears to me…oh,i miss them..!
    btw,thanks for shring..and also to the vidmaker!^^

  19. haha.. awesome.. i was smiling watching the wrong no. parody.. haha..

    the break out parody was very heartwarming.. and fluff at the yunjae part..

    tvxq fighting!!

  20. i think the maker of these 2 videos is damn creative!
    break out totally deliver what we are thinking.
    wrong number is a love if it is in fanfic!

    thanks for sharing!

  21. The Wrong number parody was hilarious!!! Wowww so funnny xD! I love dirty Jae <3 :P

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