Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 28, 2010

[Trans + Pic] 100426 SPUR Editor Blog

Shooting is over, it’s nearly 9 pm. Cheers for the good work!

As TVXQ inactivity was announced, in May XIAH Junsu will release his solo debut single. About Junsu san’s single which is on sale on May 22nd, will be featured in the July issue. When Junsu arrived at studio, he was so tanned, seems that it’s to convey the fearless look in him.

Just the day before, he had a promotional video shoot until midnight, thus he must felt really tired, yet when he was in front of the camera, while murmuring along his solo song, he started to pose.

There is a theme for this latest shooting… oh, for this May 23rd, should be to observe the fun atmosphere, however once the photoshoot finished, I feel the result is more like a mode-kind of theme.

Afterall, the Dior Homme suits really matched a lot.

credit: SPUR Editor Blog
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  1. LOL…MIB Junsu.
    what is SPUR?another magazine?

    • the same magazine where changmin appear before alone

  2. love the tan XD

  3. oh
    he’s so tan

  4. sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  5. Junsu, a very busy man =D

  6. He’s sooo tanned hehehe
    but stilll…..smexy Junsu XDD

    • nods…maybe he’d been sunbathing lately…

  7. taned junsu looks sexy

  8. junsu was really busy in Japan with many photoshooting. I don’t like him too tanned, but he looks cool.

  9. he does look tired, the eyebags… =(

    he’s featured in a lot of mags, and he’s looking hella fine in the latest two mags so far ^^
    anticipating for SPURS !!! junsu+ suits = UNF !!!

    thanks for translating =)

    • and i don’t mind tans, it looks good on him xD

    • it’s just private outfit,I think.

  10. taned junchan……looks definitely HAAWT to me ;) can’t wait ur album >.<

  11. really tanned!

    thanks for sharing!

  12. Junsu’s so tanned!!!!! Thats HOT!!!!!

  13. su does look tired. stay healthy baby ^^. i must be the only one who doesnt like the tan on him XD. dun like him doing to the tanning salon too much. hopefully he stops after the promotions.

    spur had hawt! piks of min. can i just scream minsu since i miss them so much. XD

  14. tanned!

  15. may 22nd is my birthday :D
    my happy birthday present from junsu!

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