Posted by: wasur3naid3 | April 15, 2010

[Pic] Yunho’s message to Monarque

To Monarque
Congrats for the sites 1 year anniversary
Always appreciate your love and trust
No matter what kind of situation,  the love and trust you give me, it gives me a lot of strength…
– U.know

credit: Monarque
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  1. oh..thnk u leadershii..!! i love you..!!

  2. My Baby!!! …
    no matter what!!! We´ll be with you!!!!

    Yunho Hwaiting!!!!

  3. …oh u r the best leader ever!!…take care leadersshi.. ^________________^

  4. yunho i miss you.

  5. “No matter what kind of situation, the love and trust you give me, it gives me a lot of strength…”

    Can we (the fans) give this kind of love and trust to ALL the members and just stop fighting?it’s tiring.

    Hope u’ll get better soon Yunho.Take care please.

  6. love and trust
    i miss you yunnie!!

  7. that’s my man…;_; i love you bb. *sobs*

  8. Yunho!!! I MISS YOU! We’ll always stand by you!

  9. U-know-yah…stay strong & healthy, okay!!
    we miss u & the members perform together on stage again..please keep the good relationship between all u guys as always!!!


  10. Yunho, you always so sweet to fans. I love and miss you so much! Please stay strong and healthy, I will always love and stand by you!

  11. waah love you Yunnie <33

    btw SYC i LOVE your new banner! its so effin' cute!

  12. I hope Yunho didn’t feel like people bashing him only, because actually people bashed all 5 of them

    • ikr? people are bashing all the members… it’s sad :(

    • Yunho is the person who is bashed that most. They bashed JaeSuChun the general, not particular JaeJoong, YooChun, Junsu; but many people bashed Yunho and only Yunho.

      • Exactly! And its ridiculous how some fans still bashed on Yunho even when he did not do anything.

      • Gah…I hate haters…
        Fan who bashed each members is not even a fan…

        Maybe because he’s the leader so many eyes focusing on him…

        I believe Yunho won’t be wavered =))
        He’s strong…
        I believe in him…

        Yunho fighting!!

      • I can’t believe people keep bashing him… or any other dbsk members
        is so hard to walk away if you don’t support some of them?
        so annoying


  14. Love you sooo much Yunho, Your strength is my strength, I will always stand by you! Miss you baby!

  15. We got your back!!!!

  16. Leader sshi we trust and love you a lot. That won’t be changing anytime soon! Please take good care of yourself and Minnie.

  17. Yunho be strong…
    Hope u remember tht there are still many ppl who support him


  18. I LOVE YUNHO……

  19. I will support you and min forever.

  20. I love you yunnie.

  21. Aww Yunho. I love you.

  22. leader shii, we will always love you!!~

  23. Yunho fighting.
    Now is up to Cassie whether still want to support HoMin or not by stop boycotting SME’s product, since they choose to be under SME.
    Don’t bash me please, it’s just a common sense. How could you support HoMin if you keep boycotting SME?
    How they could earn money if no one wants to buy their CD, etc?

    • I stop to boycott SM. If HoMin love SM, I will love SM too.

      • yeah.
        If Yunho love SM, I’ll love SM too. :)
        Plz be happy. Be the one you wanna be, babe!
        I love you sooo much. :)

    • ne I agree with u

  24. Yunnie fighting! I love and miss u…

    I’ll be by side always

  25. yunho…i really want to hug you right now *cries*….dont worry i will always support you till the end…

  26. the MV has been released

  27. there seems to be some hidden meaning behind his message.
    we will give you the LOVE and TRUST.

    thanks for sharing!

  28. @ Rurouni

    “Plz be happy. Be the one you wanna be, babe!”

    I love every word that you said.

    Yunnie babe, be STRONG and stand TALL!!

  29. Man, there is a lot of sites for the boys he?
    Monarque is recent, only one year.
    Glad to see that most of the korean fans stick with them no matter what. : )

  30. Can I ask in SYC? LOL

    Do u guys know any update Yunho website in English? I wanna see ;)

  31. Yunho shi, fighting!!!!
    I always love you, 4ever and ever!

  32. Yunho, fighting~!! Love you~!!!

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