Posted by: wasur3naid3 | April 14, 2010

[Spazz] Yoochun apartments

Korean apartments, named… YOOCHUN?!
Image Hosted by

Would it be nice to live here?
When people ask you “where do you live?”
You can reply “Yoochun!” That may give them the impression that you are highly obsessed very much in love!

Image Hosted by
Maybe buying a house buy those apartments would be better…
Then when you are asked “where do you live?”
You can say “by Yoochun!”
In that case, you many get lots of envious looks from fellow fan girls!

Image Hosted by
YOOCHUN EVERYWHERE!!! Isn’t it lovely???

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credit: mickybar


  1. My Gad did they actually name it after Yoochunnie?
    The boys shud live there >.<

  2. HAHAHA omg brilliant.

    Thank you so much for this, admins <3

  3. OMG, are you serious? But it is private owner or government’s???
    Yeah, I live in Yoochun’s house already but I will talk to him about this!

    *get slapped and bricked by SYC unnies*

  4. wow… the place looks pretty old though.

  5. LMAO!!!

  6. lol)) but I want to live WITH Yoochun))))

    haha)) but what his name means in korean? *curious*

  7. so if i live there, i’ll be inside yoochun?

    • That’s what I was thinking!
      but… it doesn’t seem possible..
      unless you are a guy and he bottoms…. *slaps perverted self*

      • O.O *dies..

        LMAO!! OMG!!

      • haha i didnt think it was possible too, but the idea of an uke!Chun seems very tempting 8’D

      • ahahahha! perverts!!! he will faint if he reads this! dont give Jun-chan any wild idea girls!

    • lmao i was thinkin that too! i want to live in yoochun with yoochun hehe if that made sense. what a great way to advertise the apartment ^^ n the building is so cute. hehe the top of the apartment looks like a little robot

  8. lol….I admired who is the owner??…maybe she/he is chunnie die hard fan??…so mmmm…hehe SYC unnies have a new rival…the BIG one XDD *gets shot*

    • I wonder that too kekeke
      maybe the owner or the owner’s wife or the owner’s daughter is die hard fan of Chunnie kekeke…

      But I wonder wht the meaning of 유천 anyway???
      I try to translate it and the result is “type thousand” kekeke….


      • It means that there is sky. Literally “Has Sky”
        Yu is “has” chun is “sky”

        I’m pretty sure this is just a coincident XD they didn’t actually NAME is after in. Its really popular in asia for apartment names to be “_____ SKY”

      • With this the song kiss the baby sky… Gets sence because could be kiss the baby chun… So, kiss the baby yoochun!!!!!! lol

      • @ Dora : Aaaa.. wakatta =))
        Thank you…

        @ Denza : Yeah..somehow its related to our Chunnie =))

      • I’m not really sure…..
        I think
        It means hidden weapon….
        If micky Yoochun…….
        Anyway I would really love to live in that apartment!!!

  9. where do you live? yoochun… lol
    it’s cute right??
    love that’s apartment….

  10. No matter where i live, if i can live with chun, don’t mind at all :3
    I hear a bad news just now *sigh*

  11. ehhh….. i dont want that YOOCHUN house,i just want to live with YOOCHUN… lol

  12. LOL! I hope Yoochun sees this!

  13. lol.. i wanna stay thr..
    mayb all cassies should buy a unit and then we can have all cassies to “stay in chunnie” hahaha..
    *slaps self*

    • should be really fun! stay with all cassie and proudly say that we live at Yoochun! ;D

      maybe they should be a region called Dong bang Shin Ki and all of the apartement, streets, houses, shops shopping amll etc shoud be name after them and their songs XD

      okay i’m officially lost in my own fandom

      • well…im in actually..hahaha

  14. this is so crazy! i wondered what will be yoochun’s reaction when he gets to know this.
    maybe he should buy it and let all cassies stay together!

    thanks for sharing!

  15. *i’m laughing my heart out*..

    where do you live?

    funny answer but make my heart flatter juz by thinking n saying it~ LOL

  16. haha LOL maybe the owner was yoochun’s fan

  17. nice neighborhood ^ ^

  18. Lol you made me laugh ^^
    I wanna live there. By Yoochun. keke

  19. So! When will they build “Junsu” apartments ? xD

  20. I’m researching on various ways to improve tenant relationship vis a vis management companies. At the moment, a tenant find an apartment for rent and the relationship stops there. I’m curious to know what will happen if the apartment locator is able to develop a profound relationship with the management company which he can relate to the future tenant. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

  21. thats really cute:) <3
    i live inside yoochunnie:) <3
    some fan girls will get crazy:P

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