Posted by: piao | April 8, 2010

[Vid] 100328 Stalking Yunho

with the This is it! crew

credit: haruka51915
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    • lol, poor fangirl. its my God’s glee feast .

    • but this video was made by Yunjae fansite.

      • I know it was made by amour yoonjae..but still..have u seen the pic which is Jae and prob Yun together???they said they meet on Yunnie’s bday and I am looking at the pic right know and it;s the same place !!!!!!!
        Is this in Korea???OMO

      • difficult to judge, I cant remember that pic in detail.

    • which photo u r talking about? If u r talking about this one:
      This pic is being confirmed that was taking in late 2007.

      • yes, it is. it seems to me the place is the same.

        Thank you for link.

      • Of course not 2007 !!! Yunho’s hair back then were much longer than in the pic.
        Yo can see in Purple Line MV. Purple Line was shot in December 2007.

      • I didn’t say it clear enough. I should say the pic is being first shared among the fans at around late 2007 an early 2008. So it was taken before that.

      • hm if it was late 2007, it should be bonjour paris era. sigh i don’t know, nobody knows whether it’s true…

        purin, where do u get your info from?can u share with me?

      • There was a discussion about when this pic was taken in the yunjae bar in baidu few days ago as there was a rumor saying that the pic is recent. In that discussion, someone recalled that the pic was being circulated among yunjae fans privately long time ago. And someone actually be able to dig this pic out fr her computer & confirmed that the pic was being saved in her computer in Jan, 2008.

      • From Yunjae’s hairstyle, colour & length, I’m very sure it’s recent (early Feb 2010).
        From a valid source in Korea, it’s said that the pic with a fan account was “leaked” from Yoonjaepetch last February and it makes Yunjae fans feel sorry about it, because they don’t want people or SM found out that Yunjae are often meeting secretly. This case is so sensitive. And I understand if Yunjae fans tends to cover it up.
        I still don’t believe if somebody said that it was from 2007-2008.

  2. He is so humble.. and u can see it just in his actions.. <3 everybody loves Yunho of course.

  3. i loved the videoo!!!
    thanks so much for sharing!

    I LOVE YUO!!!

  4. whats the title of the song? love it..but i love yunnie more..XD

    • If i remember correctly its Jewelry’s Love Story ^^

  5. omg… i’m so happy that he meets a lot of people and is busy. it’s so heart breaking to see if he’s alone
    i hope he’s happy wherever he is

  6. Yunho<<<3

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