Posted by: piao | April 8, 2010

[Pic] 100407 Paradise Ranch Update

credit: baidu
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  1. Minnie!!!!!!! <3

  2. long legs… woa…

    • lol thats what i was thinkin too wahh look at those lean slim long legs

  3. T_T

  4. Will this drama air already?!!!!

    • i was wondering the same question..
      is kbs going 2 broadcast this drama?

  5. changminahh

  6. changmin changmin changmin!!!!
    cnt get enuf of him >.<
    when is his drama gonna be aired eh?
    cnt wait to dwnld! wohohoho

  7. i love all of his outfits in this drama.
    suit our model min!

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Man, I hope Minnie can act. I can’t deal with the build up and then disappointment after. so….

    *Changmin fight-o!!!* ^^

  9. haha its ok if he cant act ~ we all love him and support him~ just loook at this as a new experiment and we all should try new things in life even tough we are not good at it right^^

  10. changmin Ahh~!!

    CawaII ^o^

  11. Minnie kawaii :X

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