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[INFO] 100405 March-April 2010 Survey – Most Popular Idol Group Members (Top 30 Ranking)

1. TVXQ – Junsu
2. TVXQ – Yoochun
3. TVXQ – Jaejoong
4. TVXQ – Yunho

5. SNSD – Taeyeon
6. TVXQ – Changmin
7. Big Bang – G-DRAGON
8. SNSD – Yoona
9. Super Junior – Heechul
10. Super Junior – Donghae
11.SS501 – Kim Hyunjoong
12. SNSD – Jessica
13. Super Junior
14. WonderGirls – Sohee
15. Super Junior – Sungmin
16. SNSD – Tiffany
17. 2PM – Jaebeom
18. SS501 – Youngsaeng
19. Big Bang – Seungri
20. Super Junior – Lee Teuk
21. FT Island – Hongki
22. Super Junior – Siwon
23. SHINee – Taemin
24. Big Bang – T.O.P
25. 2PM – Taecyeon
26. SNSD – Yuri
27. 2PM – Wooyoung
28. Super Junior – Kibum
29. Super Junior – Ryeowook
30.2PM – Nickhun

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  1. It’s easy to see how Korean Cass number rapidly decreases recently, because if it were just a slight declining then THAT GIRL can never stand in the middle of our boy. That is so sad….
    I know some Korean fans just run for the new trends and other boy bands with not too much ups and downs like DBSK….
    See that and watch out…every time in your mind, you have to remember that they need you now, this moment, the most….
    Hey Biggeast, hey international fans, hey real Korean Cassies, keep that in your mind.
    This moment is for us to know who are faithful and who are not among all ppl in the crowd used to yell DBSK, used to show off how they loved DBSK in their concerts when DBSK was on the top of fame
    If you just followed the trend and not really loved them, you are free to leave, find some bands and leave in peace.
    Because if you truly love them, I believe, at the end of the day, deep down in your hear…there is a big and warm place named DBSK.

    • I won’t leave them! I know this is the time we fans should support them the most! If the worst happens to them I think I’ll just leave k-pop because the only k-pop group I love is DBSK.

      • Girl, i believe in u, i believe in BIGGEAST, INTERNATIONAL FANS AND CASSIE….well some of them (no offense)….


  2. NO! What is Taeyeon doing at #5? CHANGMIN should have been there!!! No offence to her fans though.

  3. im not surprise from korea that changmin is the last member but …. im impressed that a girl from SNSD take the 5 place

    i feel bad upset stupid and very phatetic

    i know that this is stupid ranking but why changmin IS ALWAYS THE LAST !!????

    he`s ugly??
    he cant sing…he cant dace????

    what that fuck is going on with him for people just dont like as much as the other and that gurl LOL!!!!!?????????????????’


    fuck im very pissedoffff

    • Don’t ever be pissed of because of that, dear. Just see how THAT GIRL clinching on the 5th position and you will know the reason!

      Changmin does not need this to shine.
      He is shining already!

      • but im tired you know is always the same i know that is very childish for me act like that even those stupid things makes cry cause is always the same…and i think that this is worst cause he even take the 5 place….

        i dont know if other fan feels like me about changmin….Im always ask the same thing…i know that he can shine alone..but this is to much

        to painfull T____________T

        i dont belive in cassiopeia that they love changmin not much as the rest…. this is another proof of that

        sorry for said this….. X_________X

      • *hugs*
        please don’t doubt cassiopeia, I’m sure they love the boys…
        I think koreans just like cute people the most? and changmin is too mature while junsu acts like a kid and is all cute?
        i don’t know…
        don’t feel sad *hugs*

    • Don’t be upset! I bet her fans are not as loyal as Changmin’s fans. I bet this is just temporary because SNSD are like everywhere in Korea now. If I could I’d put 1. Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho. They all deserve to be the number one!

      • her fans are loyal and they certainly aren’t as pathetic as some of you fans when she doesn’t get first place on something

    • I find Changmin to be (almost) perfect.He sings very well, he dances quite well.He’s too gorgeous for words.I don’t understand why he’s always last on such polls among DBSK.Maybe it’s because of his snarky personality?(I love his snark too btw :D)
      But 6th out of 30 isn’t bad at all.And SNSD are very popular now (Taeyeon is a talented singer, deserves all the attention she’s getting imo).
      DBSK are rulling this list really.

      • but why they forget changmin and not the rest?

        its okey if that girl is popular in fact i dont even care about that girl….im just shock with this…why is changmin and not other for tvxq???

        why korean always forget about him…why korea medias cut him…why everything??


        -ahhhhh damn so sorry- i want to stop this…plis dont be mad at me…. but i feel horrible now

      • Maca.shim, I understand why you are upset.I also don’t get why he’s so underrated and I hate that he was sometimes cut off from Korean media because ,honestly, I think he has the most interesting personality and he’s the most intelligent of DBSK.
        But don’t despair.He’s still one of the most popular Korean idols.
        I hope he will have many chances to shine in future

      • I’ve seen polls where after asking for favorite member the next question is second favorite member, and Changmin was a pretty popular second choice. From those, and from what I hear elsewhere from other people, Changmin is just a lot of fans’ second (or third or whatever) favorite. Image-wise he has his points, but, for example, he’s neither the worst nor the best as far as vocal and dance skills go, which isn’t as good for getting attention. He is also arguably the quietest member. Obviously he is still pretty popular otherwise he wouldn’t be so high in this and other polls, but those are likely reasons why he isn’t higher.

    • I can understand how you feel…just calm down…and don’t cry…your words break my heart!
      He is perfect, everyone can see that…it’s just temporary cause SNSD is everywhere now! I believe that others’ fans leave a lot as well!

      But i am sure, his drama will show all of them how talented and perfect he is.

      I also found his personality is really special, cute. I love him a lot…and this survey is not exact all the time!

  4. I’m kicking some on ass out of the 5th possition
    I’m sure once his drama is aired Changmin will be up there in the top 5
    As all dbsk members deserve.

    • unless his drama flops

  5. nooooo….i want changminie on the 5th place …grrr…but still happy :P
    no wonder,our boys are pretty amazing :)

  6. you guys should notice SM’s intention since long time ago, its same case with HOT->Shinhwa->DBSK->SNSD

    But dont worry, the boys have bigest, Japanese fans are very loyal and mature, chinese and international fans are loyal.

  7. But this still pissed me off.

  8. No offense intended to snsd and tae yeon.I like tae yeon, but this is just pure shocking.How can they be separated on the rankings :(.Its always been them 5 on the top 5 and always will be.

    • not for changmin now…he…… not as the rest i guess…. =________=

  9. I don’t really care about stuff like that anymore (but ngl, I’ll be upset when/if Taeyeon gets the number one position though because I’m not crazy about her) since those numbers fluctuates with group activities.

    Most of the boy groups are losing fans and the same goes for the members fanclub’s (DBSK may have lost around 10 000 fans in the past few months but BB and Suju lost around 8000 so Cassies are not that bad). Girl groups are on the rise.

  10. What. The. Fuck. *Excuse the language*

    How in the hell did TaeYeon get the number five spot???

    This may seem really childish of me but i don’t care! Changmin should have been in the top 5 with the rest of the boys!!! God he is so under-rated!! this irritates the crap out of me!

    • yeah I totally understand honey~
      It just seems unfair sometimes…

      *Gives you a big hug even though I don’t know you :) *

      • thank u T_T

        *hugs back*

    • you can understand my pain TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • She worked her ass off, that’s what she did.

  11. lol…taeyeon win over my precious min?? nvm dear… always #1 in my heart~
    and the other 4..i’m not surprised…dbsk rule!! haha

  12. Haha. Everyone’s so serious business about random poll.

  13. LMAO at the Taeyeon hate. Just be happy all the members did so well in a random poll.

    • Seriously, all the “THAT GIRL” nonsense is ridic. She’s a person with a name.

      • I agree; I really love Taeyeon and she is one of the best singers out of all the girl groups, if not THE best so she doesn’t deserve having people speak of her is such a derisive manner. This girl worked really hard to reach her current position and on top of that, managed to lead a group of nine girls with very different personalities.

    • Seriously, these fans are annoying. As a fan of dbsk AND snsd, this type of shit is pathetic. Taeyeon has her spot because she worked damn hard for it, to the point that she had to go to the hospital two weeks ago. So what,
      changmin is six. That’s still 24 spots higher than a lot of other popular idols. The Changmin pity-partying is so stupid.

      • wowowow take it easy…SORRY FOR BE AN ANOYYED FAN for all of you people….god!

        for god sake….in this place we can just give the opinion..i dont even said anything bad about THAT GIRL (i dont even know and even care how is writte her name sorry?)

        ….and thaks for support changmin as the others REALLY

      • The name is right on the list…whatever, there’s no point talking to you.

      • lol at you :)
        thats all

  14. Im sorry for Changmin`s fans
    but we all know he is the least popular from TVXQ in Korea
    Its such a shame
    because he is handsome, he can sing
    what more you can ask
    I even like his witty personality…the evil maknae
    but still being on top 10 its good, I mean he didnt do too much activities all this time, compared to Taeyeon who has many solo activities, that girl always is sick and fainted many times for overworking…We shouldnt feel sad for Changmin, he still has many support from fans, and I know he`ll shine when they decided to release his drama. I hope he improved alot his acting, its his only solo activity..he really need success.

  15. they ALL ar n°1 for me!!
    go Changminnie!
    we love u!

  16. For the people jumping on the Changmin fans for getting upset…try to understand them a little.

    I mean even if this is a random poll…It still stings for them because Changmin is arguably the most underrated member

    I’m a Junsu-biased fan but I do understand why they are upset…I mean this usually happens all the time with him…

    • The thing is, being the least popular member in the most popular band is no big deal. He’s still way ahead of a lot of other idols. I love him too, but the complaining over a silly ranking is hilarious. If my favorite member is last or not on a poll, I move on; as long as I know that I like them, the general population’s opinion doesn’t matter to me.

      Also, some of the fans were being hostile and condescending towards Taeyeon when it’s not even her fault that she has so many fans. :/ Some people here need to grow up.

  17. Its just a poll. no need to whine about it
    and no need to bash other artists.



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