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[Trans] 100407 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

I was in the midst of some business trip, I don’t know, I don’t get such kind of report. RT @yukaaaaa1987: @masatomatsuura Is is true that TVXQ had an interview in South Korea today?
I want to hear words from their mouths soon!!!

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To all TVXQ fans. We’ve done everything that is possible. As for anything we couldn’t do due to some reasons, I’m really sorry.

Each person is different.
RT @yuribon0825: @masatomatsuura May I ask you something? Why artists always want to be actors too? As for Yuchun participation in drama however it’s still delightful, yet he’s going to be in South Korea historical drama… It’s unbelievable somehow (T T)

source: [max’s twitter]
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  1. it’s so nice to read that avex’s CEOs give time to reply to the fans,..

    shows how much they value them ^^

  2. poor Mr. Matsuda, i hope he doesn’t get annoyed at fans
    fans should understand that he can answer that kind of questions

    • *can’t

  3. “To all TVXQ fans. We’ve done everything that is possible. As for anything we couldn’t do due to some reasons, I’m really sorry.”

    For some reason, I don’t like the sound of this.
    It’s like something really bad had just happened.
    I really hope I’m wrong though.

    • It’s kinda frustrating isn’t ??
      I don’t really take it badly… My interpretation to Matsura’s twitter is kinda sound like this: “Even though Avex staffs have already done their best, but still the decision is on SME’s hand…”

      So lets hope SME will have some heart too..>.<


    • yeah..i feel like smthing bad going happen soon by his words.. i wish not..
      d boys muz be together always..keep d faith together guys..

  4. like so, a best CEO.
    he even took his time from his busy schedule to reply to the fans’ queries.

    thanks for sharing!

  5. :(

  6. this is scaring me. i hope i wont see any bad news tomorrow. AKTF!

  7. aww max is always nice… and i know he’s done everything that he can…… what’s left now is just to see the result of everything….but no matter what happens i’m so glad that our boys have met even for once such a nice person as max……
    always keep the faith
    thanks for sharing :))

  8. I dont know… His twitter sometimes give me calm, sometimes worry. :/Anyho,responding to that fan’s twitter, i dont think yc or other tvxq boys are that want to be actors.i mean,they prefer music im sure. I always think of them as musician,not idols. Its just that they dont have much choice…

  9. Awww
    I know everyone is worried but the fans should leave the poor guy alone. Everyone should be calm and wait for the lawsuit to be over in Korea.

    He can’t do anything now its all upto SM so people should stop bombarding him and frustrating him.

    It can get annoying when you have explain over and over again the same thing.

    • you express it better than me…

      sometimes i wish he doesn’t have to answer to all kinds of questions, you know…

    • I couldn’t have said it better!

    • applause

  10. I don’t know whether he gets annoyed by the fans or not but I do feel that he’s tired.

    Imagine yourself sitting in front to ur laptop and has to answer all the questions which, to me, all pretty much the same. Even some question isn’t relate to the case but I don’t think he knows or has to know the boy’s personal life/thought. As I used to comment about this before that it seems like he really wanna burst everything out from his very own mouth but he really can’t do that. If he could, I think he would do it long time ago.

    And the last message of his states that “To all TVXQ fans. We’ve done everything that is possible. As for anything we couldn’t do due to some reasons, I’m really sorry.” It’s really sound like he is so tired of everything but still not gibing up yet (just tired) but I understand that they’ve done they very best. I don’t know what would happen to in the future but I will always keep my finger cross and pray for them to be able to get through this big strom smoothly.

    Like he said that each person is different, so we will never know what each of them is thinking or what they really want.

    Maybe they just wanna throw everything behind and walk into the new path, or maybe they did give up but they come back and fight again, or maybe they are waiting like us that always been wating for them to come back with their truly smile on their face. WHO KNOW RIGHT?

    Five of them are human too, they can feel tired, happy, greedy, enthusiastic……Give them sometime to challenge themselve with other things. Music is in their blood, I believe that when that time comes they will definitely come back to music for sure.

    So, all we can do now is just be patient just bit longer and if you think you’ve been waiting long enough. Just think that it just wait for them a bit longer….and maybe you will find it’s easier to wait for them this way. And support their solo works until the day we can see five of them standing on the same stage again as THSK.

    God Bless!!!

    • applause line

  11. please support AVEX/him and TVXQ as best as we can…

    they have done everything they can as they have been saying over and over..and i think we have seen their sincerety ….

    so on top of solving this delicate and complicate issue, we better not be a pest much…

    best we can support them in our ways as fans should be; buying singles/ albums, couraging messages, etc..

    that’s what i think….

  12. in jj’s sleepy mind: just follow the crowd,… follow the crowd.. zzzZZZ….

    • oops. wrong page. HAHA!! sorry

    • lol, so funny.

  13. matsuura san is really kind. i really appreciate him replying so kindly to the fans bombaring his twitter. i dont think he is annoyed with the fans because he is a fan himself and knows how we feel. but he is tired. poor guy really done everything in his power. whatever the results we have to support them n keep believing.

  14. I wonder how tired he is, but he always trying to do his best >.__<
    I'm a bit scared but I'm trying to be positive thinking, I hope I can be like that for a long time
    Aah~ everyone, Hwaiting!! As long as I can do it, I'll always support you!

    Thanks for sharing~

  15. I don’t understand… i’m really worried

  16. urm what is wrong with Chunnie wanting to take part in a korean historical drama?
    i don’t get why the fan must put the T_T emoticon?
    should’nt we be happy for Chunnie?

    • I think maybe they still can’t accept the fact that the members are embarking on their solo activities now.

      I thought it’s great that they’re trying out acting and all. It’ll definitely be good experience for them. And it’s not like they can’t act~ XD

    • I think she didn’t mean the drama, but more like the possesiveness “chunnie should be here, why did he return so fast?” like that xD

  17. I think that fans are just wondering why the majority of the members are turning to a career in acting and drama, as opposed to music, because one of the most important charms of TVXQ was their music. But hopefully this means that when they’re ready to get back into the music scene they’ll reband?

    But yeah, Matsuura-san seems really exhausted. His messages sound pretty final, like he did his best to no avail, and there’s nothing more he can do, and he’s sorry and that’s that. Poor guy. Really makes me feel like it’s over though D:

    Besides, we know they ball’s not in his court anymore (it’s either up to the members now, or SME), so it’s probably really annoying that fans keep asking the same question over again. Not that I blame them.

  18. It sounded like smthn bad had happened. T_T
    Always keep the faith!

  19. What this guy says sometimes is kind of… foreboding? Like ominous, a bit? But, he does work hard to talk and communicate with the fans…

  20. “@masatomatsuura Is is true that TVXQ had an interview in South Korea today?
    I want to hear words from their mouths soon!!!”

    After watching them in the airport today I have a bad feeling about this…

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