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[TRANS] 100407 ANAN April Issue – JeJung’s View on Love

Beyond the Perfect Prince-Like Appearance

With his trained figure and sweet decent features, one look from him will make you breathless. The idea of dating JeJung has made the hearts of countless young girls beat for him.

Starting from April 2010, he will debut as an actor in Japan on a new drama by Fuji TV, ‘Sunao ni Narenakute.’ This will be his first solo activity, and this has attracted a lot of attention from the public.

JeJung – At first, I wasn’t able to believe it, even after I received the script itself. Only after I met up with Eita and the rest during rehearsal that reality began to sink in; I felt really nervous. (laughs) Though the staff and cast members told me that it will be just fine, that I should just be myself and relax, I still felt the pressure of acting. I hope I can get used to it sooner.

In the drama, JeJung portrays a young doctor from Korea who falls in love with a girl (Haru by Ueno Juri) he gets to know through Twitter. It is a heartrending character who is in a one-sided love.

Unrequited love – of course I’ve experienced that; that’s why I feel really close to the character I’ll be depicting. I’m also the type who will want to follow the girl I’ve fallen in with, no matter where and when. I will take extra notice of those ‘tough’ girls who would say “I’m not interested in you,” even though they are. I might be an M-type* in love. (laughs) (*T/N: M = masochist. According to Japanese culture, you can either be an M-type ‘masochist’ or an S-type ‘sadist’ in love)

Being frank and warmhearted are some of JeJung’s charms. He spoke up about his past relationship without avoiding it.

There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.

The Type That You Dislike

The arrogant and unreasonable type of girl

I look forward to a normal type of romance. I’m good with housework, be it cleaning or cooking. I want to do all these for my lover. But if she is to say, “Then, you can do all of them,” I will be disappointed. (laughs) I would like it if she will say, “Let me help you with some.” It doesn’t matter if she’s not good at them. I will be happy as long as she tries.

He continued to talk about relationships. He experienced love at a very young age, and he wasn’t shy about confessing.

Confessing face to face and saying “I like you, let’s date” is really difficult. That’s why I will think of other ways to do it. For example, dropping a love letter in her bag secretly, or leaving a note saying “I like you” in a lunchbox for her – it’s better this way. I love thinking of ideas that will surprise her and seeing her shocked reaction. Now, I don’t really have the chance to confess, but I like to wishfully think of such a situation whether ‘she’ will be surprised or not.

How about continuing this kind of wishful thinking? If you have a date in Tokyo, where would you take her?

(JeJung answers immediately) Odaiba! I pass that place often because of work, but I never get the chance to visit. Therefore, I would like to go in private. The night view from the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s very suitable for dating. The kinds of dates that I would like to try are probably all normal things, like walking across the busy Shibuya junction hand in hand, visiting the 101 shopping mall, and so on. I’m really looking forward to this kind of dating.

Lastly, let’s focus on the drama JeJung is currently filming and hear what he has to say about it.

Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.

* * * * *

ANAN – Behind-the-Scenes

The whole photoshoot was shown to everyone!

“I want to eat ‘Pork Chop Bento’!”

JeJung said this right after the shoot and made everyone burst out laughing. To present a perfect figure, he had restricted food consumption since the day before the photoshoot. Therefore, we prepared for him the ‘Pork Chop Bento’ that he likes.

It’s my first time being on a cover alone. Even though it’s not much, I still need to exert a lot of effort for it. I’ve been feeling anxious since yesterday…

During the actual shooting, he wanted to show a perfect expression. At the beginning, because of the cheering of the female staff members (‘Awesome!’), he felt embarrassed, that’s why the shooting had to stop. As the shooting continued, the scene entered a more relaxed atmosphere. He faced the camera and said ‘kimchi’ with a V pose and sang (that was such a wonderful voice!). The playful JeJung then slowly opened up! During the shooting, he discovered a toy hammer that was popular these days, and was playing with it happily. That look of his left a deep impression on us.

In order to shoot something that he has never tried before, JeJung himself participated by suggesting ideas as well. In fact, he was the one who requested the soft perm hairstyle.

At the end of the photoshoot, he passionately shook hands with all the staff members and said that he wanted to enjoy his reward, the ‘Pork Chop Bento,’ happily.

Source: ANAN April Issue + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
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  2. *squeals* how cute can mama JJ be? that’s why i love him so much because he really knows what a girl wants.. for instance, he volunteered himself to clean and cook for the one he loves, he would appreciate it if the girl will make an effort to help him.. this kind of statement from a guy just make me go to heaven in an early age.. hahaha.. just messing..

    i LOL when he said that he want Pork chop bento.. XD typical mama JJ.. i hope he did have fun in the photoshoot and as well as acting in the drama.. so hwaiting mama JJ..


  3. he so cute *-*

    I’m so in love with him

  4. oh jae2,,you are so cute and honest as always~
    fighting for your drama!cant wait >.<

  5. Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.

    I love this guy……I tear up at some part of this interview….I now know how much i miss him and the rest of dbsk…

  6. I agree~ the stage is where he’s trully belong.

    his character in the drama is really interesting.
    Being humiliated by his boss and an unrequitted love.

    It seems he’ll give me some suffering watching him like

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    I wanna see when JJ said that he wanna eat ‘Pork Chop Bento’!……

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  9. “There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.”

    Is he talking about his best friend/soulmate Yoochun??


    • We can dream. :D

    • It certainly would fit them well.

    • The name YUNHO came to my mind easily. =)

      Soulmate is love too! <3

      Either way, all I hope for Jae is his happiness.
      We will stand by you, Jae~ ^^

    • Actually, I did think of Yoochun.They just seem to match :P

    • omg! my JaeChun heart is exploding

  10. ‘Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.’ – Jaejoong I love you so much~! <3

    'In fact, he was the one who requested the soft perm hairstyle.' For real? It suited him though~! he looks adorable~ Don't you think so? <3 Jaejoongie~~ Hwaiting~! <3

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  12. Gosh, somehow this interview left me feeling all warm and sadness at the same time. lol Damn you Jae, now my expectation for guy is even higher now.

    • Tell me about it. JAE is like the perfect guy/bf ever to have.

      There are prob countless HOT dudes with personalities that needs work.
      Sadly, personality is what attracts me anyways :X


  13. …the stage is where i truly belong….

    my dear jaejoong, the one who always have touching lines…

    i wish to hear you sing on stage too, the 5 of you…

    toki wo tomete is just too heartbreaking….

  14. thank you for the translation!

    • we didnot translate it XD

  15. hurm..i dont want to cmment on his ‘..i belong to the stage’
    but this! ‘In order to shoot something that he has never tried before, JeJung himself participated by suggesting ideas as well. In fact, he was the one who requested the soft perm hairstyle.”

    hurm?so jae is the one who want tt soft perm hairstyle..ohh,so jae,u know tt u looks hot and sexy in tt hairstyle!! or maybe it’s actually papa yunho favourite hairstyle? LOL >_<

    • LOL!
      Indeed…Jae is seducing a certain someone using this photo shoot XD

  16. and I have a feeling, that unlike Junsu, he’s not that type who likes to sing on stage alone. I mean, Junsu is one for solo, but for JJ somehow I have a feeling that he feels more comfortble with other people’s arm to cling on to or a thigh to rest a hand at during interview, or a face/eyes to see during singing.
    This is just my feeling though, body language/habit wise ^^

    • agree. jae sounds beautiful in his solos, but i feel that he seems happier and less lonely while singing group songs.

      jae was made ‘lead singer’ in the beginning but rather than grab all the limelight, his voice is like a harmonious web that catches all the other 4 voices and make them sound more beautiful.

      jae has always said he loves the sound of dbsk the most. I rmb in a jap interview he said he did not know why he became a singer, he sang because he loved singing with tohoshinki.

    • @shakee & la: i agree with both of you.

    • the stage is where all five of them belong. dbsk is jae’s life and he loves his members very dearly of course he would prefer to stand on stage with the others. but that doesnt mean junsu doesnt either. i know everyone is always saying he is most likely so succeed as a solo but that doesnt mean he want to go solo nor does it mean he prefer having the spotlight himself over the members. im sure all members feels that the stage is empty without each other.

      • no one said junsu doesn’t, calm down.

    • right. i agree. he is created not to be alone. hwaiting, Je..!!

    • all the members shine on the stage but I have no doubts that they want to try other project by themselves to get some growth. Depending on what happens with the group, I think we could expect something from him that has to do with music after his drama. But yes, I’ve always felt like he’s the one who’s the most attached to the group.

      As for Junsu, I hope people don’t have the impression that he wants to be solo and prefers singing by himself than with the other members (besides, he never really had a real Solo project before; he always sang with somebody). He is independent and can handle it though.

  17. I love how he was shy and embarrassed at first and then he slowly opened up and became cute and playful. That is just so Jaejoong <3

    Loved this interview, thanks for sharing.

    • So true… I can actually feel and picture his transforming reations from being shy then playful inside my head.

      He’ll feel shy and start covering his mouth while laughing… then BAM he’s gonna start being really talkative and dorky.<3

  18. …i think Jaejoong-Oppa just said what the the rest of the boys were thinking…they belong on the stage and they are happier together. I don’t think jaejoong likes to be alone and is shy despite his looks…we all know that but whenever he’s with the boys, he’s more confident with himself. Now i kind of fell he’s lonely, he’s saying random things Junsu-oppa and Changmin-oppa would say.

    Jaejoong you are soo cute despite the pain yu are going thru, thank you for trying to make us believe you are okay and don’t worry because sooner or later you would be on the stage with you four younger brothers singing to your hearts content…, though i do not want to say this, Maybe, to rid your loneliness, you myt find your future wifey….

    –>Sorry Yunho-oppa, just had to say it<–

    • no need to say sorry to Yunho oppa, he has same wish as you.

      • No offense but will you please stop acting like you know exactly what YUNHO think?!

    • Yukki, overacting much?
      Most fans here assume to know how the boys feel anyway.

      • LMAO ‘Vicky’ you are so predictable.

        but anyways, it’s getting quite annoying how she always act like she knows and can read exactly what’s on his mind. Like oh please, give me a break. He’s her God, not the other way around

      • You are extremely predictable too ;)

      • yes he is my god, you are right.

      • thank you vicky.

    • i feel amuse with this yunhofan. From all her previous comments since the time she was at DBSKSLEEPLESSNIGHT till when she move to SYC, she clearly dont like jj ( i said “dont like” , not “hate”), i see she still read and comment on jae’s post. and i dont need to say that sometime say something unpleasant. well, still dont understand her. anyway, no one can resist jaejoong so they have no choice to pay attention to him huh

      • but…. she didn’t said anything bad about Jaejoong. At least not this time

        anyway, I love how you can easy identify yunho fans in any post…
        I wonder if they are all the same…

      • of course, i did not say she hate him, i just feel amuse. well i know her cause i am a long fan and i read her comment alot on dbsksleeplessnight, allkpop, youtub, and SYC. i just read but not comment. this is the first time, hehe, i just feel some kind of funny

      • i see
        but i wrote bad my comment, i didn’t mean it as that yunho fan
        but yunho fans in general
        all fans amouse me at some point

      • I come back and want to say hallo,

        if my comment can amuse you, I will contiune this job.

        You are right, Jaejoong is not my cup of tee, , but if JJ’s fans dont attack my God in first place, I will never attack their Idol.

        You can contiune following my sprint in every fansite. I am happy that you pay attetion to me. :D

      • @ yunhofan
        God lord you again? Even if this time you didn’t insult jaejooong, I really thought you understood what I wanted to tell you last time. too bad your attitude haven’t changed

        Aish, oki, show me the last time a jaejoong fan insulted yunho in a post here please, so I can ask the moods here to ban you both, thank you.

        or is just an excuse of yours to bash jaejoong?

        And for Jaejoong fans: don’t be so sensitive!

        For Yunho fans who don’t like jaejoong: you can always skip his news.

        For Jaejoong fans who don’t like Yunho: you can always skip his news.

        GROW UP

        All of you

        Yukki, darling, please if yunhofan comments piss you off can I ask you to not replay to her? Is not like she will go anywhere. And it makes me a bit sick that we can’t enjoy anything here because of the comments.

      • yes, if she didnt mention Yunho’s name that way, I will never comment in JJ’s post.
        bec she mentioned my God, why has she need to say sorry to my God????????

        thats why I left my comment, ok?

      • you guys understand, here he is talking about his past one-sided love , so no need to mention Yunho’s name, ok?

    • @yunhofan
      remember what we talk last time that bashing jaejoong won’t help the situation?
      are we cassiopeia like that?
      you said: Jaejoong is not my cup of tee
      so please, don’t read jaejoong post, i bet that will help you and us too

      second, I think she is a YunJae fan, and she said sorry to Yunho because she wants jaejoong to marry…. or something like that lol she wasn’t insulting yunho was she?

      I know here you didn’t write anything bashing jaejoong here (so I don’t know how the mess started!!) but again, if someone said something like bashing yunho, report it to the adms, or ignore it… don’t start a the drama

      no wonder people think dbsk is dying with the fans jumping each other throats like that

      • I know there are always someone bashing a member somewhere, I feel sad that this happen.
        But if we all try to stop the bashing may be we can have a nice place here, and I really hope that include you in the future posts, and maybe you help me change my view of some yunho fans, because is not fair that I stay away from him just because I can’t stand some of his fans.

      • ok, I follow your word, your are understanding.

        I am not JJ’s fan, but it doesnt mean I dont understand JJ,
        it doesn mean I dont understand his feeling.

        I always thought, JJ is mama in the group and take care of other members, but he is also a young boy who need to be took good care of, thats why when he return his own family, he acts like a little boy in front of his sisters.

        he is the one who suffer the most in this lawsuit, he is in delimma.

        I said I am very very very biased Yunho’s fan, you can say he is my God, I dont deny it and thats why I cant stand ppl who bash him.

      • Your own words, when you said jaejoong is not your coup of tea…

        And I just feel like you are waiting for people to say something you don’t like to start bashing Jaejoong… that is why I ask you to stay away from his post. I may be mistaken and please don’t take offence in what I’m saying.

        Is like, you don’t see my comments in Yunho news, because I can’t stand some yunho fans, and because I love him and I don’t want to hate him because of some of his fans, I prefer to skip the comments in his post, may be you should do the same with jaejoong news

      • it takes time to change my short temper. sigh.

      • no, its my right to know more information as a fan. so I will read every post in my limited internet time.

        By the way, almost all Yunho’s fans dont say anything bad about other members,
        this is difference with JJ’s fans, plz backtrack all post in last 7 months, you will understand it.

      • if it takes too long time,

        just search news about Yunho’s MJ tribute concert,

        you will understand what Yunhosfans went through.

      • I know is your right, I’m not telling you not to read the news, just asking you to please stay away from the comments in jaejoong posts if you get annoyed so easily, besides, you said you are not jaejoong fan…

        I don’t want to point fingers, but trust me I’ve been here for a while, a while enough to not like some fans an unfortunately most of them are yunho fans (I also dislike some jaejoong fans). There are very sweet yunho fans, but since I know that some of his fans upset me,I stay away from them as much as I can. Is what I suggest you to do too.

        Ilook, all I want is to have a nice place for fans to enjoy DBSK, and sadly the kind of comments here make it so hard to have peace

      • ok, you have been here for a while, I think you know what Yunho and his fans went through, thats enough for me. I although want to peach since long time.
        some brainless and shameless ppl make me lose my temper easily,
        they used 8 months to breed my this bad habit. Now I have to get rid of this.

        thank you for advice.

      • I welcome you and your name in every post about Yunho, I hope I can read your comment in every post of my God.

        ok, see you around.

  19. ohhhh you commented very fast looool
    oh i was soooo happy when he said “The stage is where I truly belong” that means he really wanna stay with TVXQ and sing with them again that makes me happy thx oppaaaa for making me smile
    and what he said about LOVE made me lol coz i’m the type of girls who would say “I’m not interested in you” even if i am, i don’t really know why but that’s what i do everytime XD everybody thinks that i’m arrogant and unreasonable coz i’m a little crazy but i’m not that really made me laugh.
    JJ is a very normal boy i love the way he talked on this interview Oppa I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!

  20. the stage is truly where he belong along with the other members. and they all know it. though they are branching out to other fields, particularly acting, but one day they will be on stage together again and in all thier full glory.

    i wanna see jj playing with the popular toy lol i like how honest he is in the interview.

  21. ” There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. ”

    Is JJ talking about YH ?? haha

    Thnx for the trans !!

    • hahaha XD…love ur idea XD

      “Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.” —-> Make me miss DB boys to death…I have cried already ;___;

    • nooooo…i don’t want YunJae to have these Unrequited love

    • I’m thought about yunho when he said that..^^

  22. “Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.”

    That’s sooooo touching ;___;
    I wonder if he is missing doing performances in stage as TVXQ/DBSK/THSK just like us~
    Jae, you give me the warmth in my heart this night, thank you so much^^
    And the ‘Behind the Scene’ part is really cuuuttteee XDDD aw aw aw aww.. Haha

    Thanks for sharing~ ^^

  23. How cute!!!!

    “During the shooting, he discovered a toy hammer that was popular these days, and was playing with it happily”

    This part make me smile and imagine him playing with a toy hammer happily just like a little cute boy (^o^)

  24. aww~
    so cute~
    thnxs 4 sharing syc~

    love him so much~

    dbsk 4eva :)


  25. reading Jae’s Unrequited love story make me wanna embrace him…awww~poor baby~

    still…i wonder who that person is…hmmm…

  26. Ahh…Jae…
    You are soooo awesome….

    Singers are always the best when they’re on stage..
    I hope Jongie wish will be come true asappp..
    *of course Jongie’s wish is our wish too =))*


  27. i fell in love wif him…again! ^_^

  28. I LOVE YOU, JAEJOONG! I almost cried reading this interview… I really miss their voices. The stage is where all five of them belong… T.T

  29. JaeJoong, I love you I love you I love you!!!!

    I fell in love with him at first sight.. long time ago.. he’s so tender. I though this kind of people exists only in drama and books, but JJ is real!

    Wah but the problem is, everyone loves JaeJoongie. Every-one! You’re a real heart-stealer JJ.
    I wanna kiss him. D: This pic is so cute <33

    • Only now did I noticed the words in bold. [ I was too affected to JJ’s speech about love ] And he said he still wants to stand on stage!! Awww JaeJoong!! I hope the hiatus will end soon and JJ was happy again!!
      *inserts lots of love here*

  30. “the stage is where i truly belong”

    I love that. So touching.

    Jae, I can be any girl you want me to be!

    Gahhhh. I love him even more!

  31. yes jae….
    the stage with the other 4 is truly the place u belong

  32. i dont know what to say…..i just love KIM JAEJOONG!

  33. true he was born to live on the stage WITH the other 4 ^-^ well the stage will be quiet for a while until yah all 5 got ur break and come back even better than before yah?^-^

  34. I really liked this interview. It was short but jaejoong seemed more open than usual about his thoughts on love (which I doubt include yunho or yoochun). I look forward to his drama debut.

    And can we please not start useless arguments on this page. It would be really nice to explore this site without all the hooplah. Please, as a reader who doesn’t comment but enjoys the work on this site. Some of you are making it hard to enjoy. Please think before you write.

  35. to yunho fan…please calm down >__<

    nice interview jaejae ^^

    we love u !!

    • i’m yunho fan too but u are making yunho fans look soo bad T_T

      the leader love his member so please respect them!! and she just said(sorry yunho)

      it’s not a big probleme

      • I never see you name when others was attacking Yunho, so I think you dont know about what happend in the past 7 months.

      • @Yunhofan
        why you are here??
        didnt I tell you please go away
        this is JJ`s posts not Yunho
        you talk like if only yunho was bashed
        i read so many times after and before lawsuit
        how some “tvxq`s” fans bashed JJ indirectly o very directly
        and I didnt go crazy acussing
        what about metheougliest?? didnt she is Yunho´s fan too
        she is always talking crap about JJ in allkpop, SYC and many places
        did you can give me a JJ`s fan name who was more crazy like she?? and what about you?? you are almost in the same level of metheougliest to me…
        this is why I didnt post on Yunhos´s news
        i respect leader shi, but i cant stand his fandom

      • @yunhofan: you talking like these past 7 month JUST YUNHO who’s suffering alot. get ur mind, everybody, i mean all five of them also suffering.
        and that methegodASS is yunho fans and i can’t count how many times she/he attack JJ post >.<
        btw, i luv the interview nad JJ sounds sooo cutie and sweet ;)

  36. Jaejoong is always a nice boy!
    The girl who will marry with him is sure to be the luckiest one in the world!

    PS: Thanks for the trans~

  37. i am so so so happy reading this article!! :) the feeling of having something you want very badly to be confirmed, finally being confirmed is just…exhilarating! i love you jae..n i love dbsk :)

  38. In a way I sort of understand what yunhofan said.

    It is sort of exhausting reading about anything either Jaejoong or Yunho do and immediately a Yunjae fan will mention the pairing. Sometimes, the obsession for that pairing can go too far. If this is about Jaejoong, no need to be bringing a Yunjae bias into it.

    That said, is the interview really so small? The questions were ok, but I was hoping to read more about Jaejoong’s thoughts. I really like what he has to say. He seems so honest, and his views even in a relationship with a girl are so realistic. He’s really a great guy.

    • nods.

  39. He’s the sweetest person. I just want him to be happy =]

    • You’re a sweet person for saying that.

  40. luv him even more now!!

  41. discovered something: most yunho fans (but not Yunjae fans) ‘don’t like’ JaeJoong and vice versa.

    I see that at woman’s instinct: jealous at potential object of love of the man she likes. they feel threatened by that person.

    • I’ve noticed that a long time ago too.


    • it’s not like that actually….let me tell you what happened to me…
      yunho was used to be my 3rd fave member after jaejoong and yoochun, i fell in love with him after watched him performing checkmate on mirotic concert, he’s hot, he still is. i already know about yunjaeshippers back then but it was not really matter to me, even i’m not one of them.
      but then this fantasy about yunjae is getting crazier (in my opinion). i don’t wanna bash yunjae fans, so i decided to skip all comments regarding yunjae. but as i always read all post related to jaejoong, those kind of comments will always appear and i feel annoyed by it. once again, i don’t wanna bash yunjae fans, but i have right to say what i feel about this fan’s fantasy. in my eyes, five of them are all straight guys who loves women, not each other, in romance term, i mean.
      but this fandom over yunjae made me just…i don’t know how to say it, lost appetite (?…LOL…) for yunho. i still like him as one of tvxq members, but not like before. why not to jaejoong ? well cause he’s my number 1 bias. so it’s not that i’m jealous with yunho or something, it’s just….you know…but it’s absolutely not jealousy…
      once again, peace to every body, whether you’re yunho bias, jaejoong bias yunjae fans, i really don’t wanna start war or something, just my opinion…

      • I’m kinda the opposite: Jaejoong is my love and bias and along the way, I became a Yunjae fan. I liked Yunho but I grew to love him even more after becoming a Yunjae fan because fellow fans would point out sweet and caring moments between the two of them. How could I not love a guy that cares for Jaejoong (as a friend, I don’t actually believe they’re “together” but it’s just fun to fantasize)? Hence, through Yunjae fans’ influence, I grew to appreciate Yunho more ^__^

        However, I do sometimes wonder how non-Yunjae fans feel about us commenting on Yunjae all the time. It must be slightly annoying at times and I will try to not comment on Yunjae repeatedly. I can relate because in another fandom, I’m not a fan of a very popular couple but people just kept mentioning them all the time which made me tired. LOL

      • lmao I was like Cecilia before and now I’m like ka_vie =)
        I understand ur feeling ka_vie
        to all crazy yunjae’s fans: if you trully believe Yunjae is real,you don’t need to talk about yunjae everywhere and everytime like that lol it just proves you are lack of confidence in their ‘relationship’ lol

      • You know I really don’t understand why it bothers people like you so much. I’m not trying to be rude but I’m saying I don’t get it. It like jaechun fans have been getting bigger or more like omg jaechun yada yada ya and no ones like omg I hate when jaechun fans do that! Of course this could be because yunjae fans do it more….cause they have a bigger fanbase which means more people to speak about such things. But I just don’t know why it gets to you I mean I see junsu name just pop up in the other’s memebers stuff like aloooot but It doesn’t bother me. Personally I feel that each person has a right to say what they want and feel how they feel about members. Like yunhofan not like jj I mean its useless to post in his stff and kinda…stupid (no offense) but thats her opinion so oh well just. I mean so yunjae fans can stop saying yunjae but then people will just start on the next couple and you will get annoyed again. I don’t really think they should stop to be honest. I mean no stops people from bashing yunjae fans. I think if you really liked yunho nothing but him would change your mind.

      • i like what you two have said–nice reasoning o.o

      • @akria : i can see that there are other couples paired by other fans, like jaechun or yoosu, or homin, but i never found any s**ual fantasy about them, i mean like they think that they have done “it” already. or sometimes when jaejoong is close with other guy, yunjae fans start to say, “oh, yunho must be so sad…” or “i can sense that yunho is jealous now….” or something like that.
        when they’re talking about jaechun, people tend to see them as best friend, for yoosu, i sometimes found their comments about this couple is cute and hilarious but i never, never found fans having “dirty” fantasy, like yunjae fans do.
        i never say that i hate yunho now, but i see him differently now, i can’t help it…once again, i still respect yunho a lot, but i don’t drool over him anymore, like i used to…that’s all. i don’t know why, but that’s what i feel. i’m sorry if my posting offend you or anyone, i just wanna clear up about jealousy that someone said above, that’s all….

      • @ka_vie
        Wow for some reason I found that so offensive…dirty? First of all there are people who see all of those couples in a sexual way (just look it up) second yunjae is just the most talked about cause they’re the most popular as I’ve said before. Thats the thing that annoys me about fans they always think people have to fan like they do so people see yunjae as a couple-couple and not brothers so what?! What does that have to do with anyone but that person? Yunjae fans come in all forms some that sees them as friends some as brothers and some as lovers, its everyone’s own choice how you view them. Two men or women together to me isn’t dirty (it could be because I’m bisexual though) nor is sex it’s just just a form of affection just like straight sex. I never post stuff like “oh yunjae” but it bothers me how everyone has to jump on yunjae fans back and say rude things(like Cecilia’s comment) just because they do. To me they’re no better than yunhofan come in here and being rude aout any other member, every member is apart of dbsk and so is every pairing even yunjae so tey’re fans should be shown some respect, they love them too just view them differently. Yunjae fans don’t make rude comments about fans that don’t like yunjae so why jump on their backs just cause you don’t see it the same? Personally I don’t care how people feel about yunho jaejoong or yunjae or other fans I just think that everyone should be respected. How many people said yoochun in this post refering to jj’s comment about love? but no one cares. It just annoys me when people are all like “oh my god yunjae fans get on my nerves!” do they know how much they probably get on yunjae fan’s nerves?! Some things is just not right t say, its hurtful and unneeded.

      • @Akria: I’m not attacking Yunjae fans, I’m one myself ^^ I’m just saying that I could understand if some people who are not Yunjae fans don’t want to see Yunjae comments all the time. Maybe keep the Yunjae comments to a more reasonable percentage of total comments? I’ve made Yunjae references several times in my comments but I’m going to tone it down a little in the future because they exclude non-Yunjae fans from the fun…

        I’m not even sure why my comment became controversial? If it was rude, like you said, then I apologize.

      • O.O Actually I put the wrong name….I meant to put Yumi but put your name cause I was reading over all the messages again and typing fast so it was an accident. Sorry., I didn’t mean to.

      • ^ (^__^)

      • @akria : okay, i’m gonna stop here and not gonna reply to your post explaining my feelings again, cause i seem to start a war with you. i try to respect everybody, whether you are yunjae fans or any other couple fans. i never bashed any comments on yunjae before even if i don’t like it. i didn’t mean to start bashing now, when i just want to make a point of my opinion.
        you are entitled to your opinion and so am i.
        peace to everybody…

    • Actually when I visit yunjae fan sites most yunjae fans are jj fans first then yunho comes in second or 3rd. But I don’t really understand the hate that people have for either person truthfulliy I mean I’ve heard ppl say oh I like yunho more because of JJ and that I like jj more because of yunho but I don’t see a reason to hate either.

    • “discovered something: most yunho fans (but not Yunjae fans) ‘don’t like’ JaeJoong and vice versa.”

      Way to generalize.
      How many years do you have in the fandom?
      I have 4 and I can tell you that you are very wrong, most of Yunho fans like JJ a lot.
      In fact, I can tell you that most of the fandom (not counting JJ fans) has JJ as a second bias after their own bias.
      Why do you think that JJ’s couples are so popular?

      If you don’t believe me, check Soompi, Livejournals, Youtube and forums.
      Yunho fans adore JJ and many of us love Yunjae.

      I know that some fans are acting CRAZY lately (yes, I’am talking to you Yunhofan and I don’t even consider Metagodess because she is only a troll that rile you up pretty easy) but some or you are oversensitive and overreacting.
      Nobody can say ANYTHING about JJ because it means we are ANTIS or even worse you think that only Yunho fans are the ones doing the criticism.

      Times are uncertain right now, why waste yout time in petty thoughts about our 5 dearly boys?
      There a lot of people that is working against them, wanting them to fall, even their own companies can’t be 100% trusted.

      Love or at least respect the 5.
      That makes you a DBSK fan.
      If you can’t do that, why are you here?

  42. WTH is happening here
    someone is going crazy AGAIN

    Im happy that JJ knows he belongs to the stage. So this means probably he can make in the future, a comeback as a solo singer or with all his dongbangmembers.

  43. “There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.”

    It’s like Jae’s hinting about his one-sided love with Yoochun XD

    Lol. Jae is so cute :x

  44. Jae is so adorable !! i love that he always show his love for the music!!
    we love him on the stage too!
    can´t wait to listen his beautiful voice in a leve performance again!

  45. “There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.”


    I like this interview. I love how he gets embarassed. It’s so cute.

  46. “The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.”

    He really knows how to make fans happy.^^
    And I know this is what he truly wants either, but fans feel happier if they say it themselves.
    Love him for having the guts to be honest.

    I’ve noticed this since a long time ago (since 3 years ago?) that Jaejoong is the one who is the MOST attached to the group. It’s hard to miss an interview of him without mentioning the members or the group or even his desire to sing on stage.
    Remember MAMA? I think he mustered up an enormous amount of courage to mention Yunho & Changmin in the most subtle way as possible. This really shows how much he loves them.
    Typical umma Jae.
    Love you sooooooooooooooooo much.

  47. @Yunhofan im getting sick of ur crap talk about how Yunho fans suffered in the last 7 months but do u ever stop and think that Jaejoong fans also suffered from ur crap “yunho is my god ‘ talk damn i think NOT! so just chill cause every fans of each members suffer not only Yunho fans. so for those who uses Yunho name in their comments feel free too post cause its freedom of speech so dont worry about ” Yunhofan”. TSHK AKTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. yunjae :D
    yusoo :}
    minie :)

    we always keep the faith

  49. hello SYC_piao…im sorry to ask this full interview? thank you

  50. ah whoever be his lover will be so lucky, he can cook!
    and he still loves singing, we will love to see standing on stage again! (:

    thanks for sharing!

  51. To all JJ’s angels:
    Most of the time I am silent lurker at this home. But I feel oblige to give my opinion after reading some of the msg.

    Please allow me to clarify that, MOST if not all Yunho’s fans are mature and they love other members as well. We feel hurt when our fav member is criticize just like you. So respect each other and always give word of encouragement.

    BTW Congratulation to SYC admin of the new HOME

    • if only all yunho fans were like you. I know there are many yunho fas who are mature, and sweet but not all, as you can see…
      you feel hurt, as we do too, and we get tired, really tired at the same people always picking up at jaejoong… frustrated.
      I just don’t get it, if you don’t like a member, just walk away. But why do we have to deal with the same people over and over again doing the same thing?

      funny enough, i consider myself a DBSK fan, are there others dbsk fans left?

  52. i love the usual jj is very frank, each of his interview, i can totally relate it with myself, damn…i love him more

    although it’s a bit sad on the part where he said want to sing in stage..seems like he misses the stage so much…poor him and tvxq…i hope this problem will be resolve soon…and all five of them can rejoice together and shine brightly on stage..gosh i miss those days

    jj hwaiting
    tvxq hwaiting
    cassie hwaiting
    avex hwaiting
    sm go to hell…lol

    tfs syc :D
    and congratz with new site
    i’ll visit it often

    • His frankness just kills me..*-*
      it’s just way to cute and sweet and realistic… and what u said superbol: relateable.
      I just kept nodding my hair in agreement and grinning while reading the love relationship part.
      -sigh- WHoever the lucky girl may be.. she will have so much fun (even if it’s tiring) to clean with him…and just really enjoy that ‘heavenly’ date that he described… <3333333333
      JAE JAE JAE…. i love him sooooo much more now……..

  53. being newly in this fandom make me learn more about the boys

    as in process..also hv to accept/learn abt their fans, especially the ‘couple-fandom’. i knw theres a good and bad abt it [and i don’t want to argue abt bad one]

    in fact[i’ve seen/learned] the good thing is; it drew the fans to grow closer and supportive..

    Why? sample; YunJae’s fans TEND TO SUPPORT both AND also the ‘da-kids-YooSuMin’

    also goes vice versa for the others ‘couple-fandom’

    i knw; some might think sickly/weird abt their fans…but THE ADVANTAGE here…preventing the Fans fall apart as i see…Fans are starting to Compare/feel Jealous among another…

    last but not least; im SO SORRY for poping-out-of-nowhere..[being a new fan] and i know i hv no right to change ur view… *bow* also my bad gramma engrish :D

    hv a nice day->PEACE-> outttt…. ;)

  54. LOL xD
    the comment section here in SYC
    would go crazy especially if it a Jaejoong post ^^

    ps: I <3 U JAEJOONG-ah,..

  55. whatever guys*points to comment above*

    jae is sweet..:)

  56. lolol <3 JJ's too precious <3
    Thanks for the trans ^^


    AKTF <3333333

  57. oh my..lotsssssss of comments…>_<
    hurm,i didnt know tt cmments bout yunjae in any jae or yunho post can iritate non-yunjae fans?lol..because i'm not even yunjae,yoosu,jaechun or watever couple shipper at all..!i love all the members equally(ok,biased to chun of course^^)..and i just enjoy read any cmment or fans imagination bout any couples(just not too much)..for me,all tt couples just show how close they are wit each other.sharing,caring each other.that's it..!i know that they are NOT GAY..!*roll eyes*

    so,here i can say tt,eventho all those couples shipper(not all) talks lots about their biased couple,i think it's just for fun.fanservice rite?not like they are really together or anything..frm all interview tt i read,we can clearly say tt ALL 5 MEMBERS LOVE GIRLS/WOMEN..^^

  58. yunho fans need to chill. is there a rule that said that yunjae fans can’t comment in a jaejoong or yunho article? none right? so if you don’t want to read comments of couple paring, skip it and don’t think about it. why if it’s jaechun, yoosu, homin, etc no one is complaining? be fair guys.

    • I so agree. That seems to be the thing people don’t understand.

  59. I love Jae and Yunho the most.

    I’m not a fan of Yunjae though.

    I like them as individuals and for entirely different reasons.


  60. oh,gosh.. guys.. please, can we make peace with each other ? arent we all fans of DBSK? they love each other, why must we, as a fan of them, dislike any member? i mean, i would sad if someone said bad things about ppl whom i consider as important for me, and i believe our boys too…we know jae care toward his member n he is closes to yunho, and we know how care yunho to jae, we see it so many times… so… i mean, come on guys, in time like this, we suppose to show the boys our support n not bashing n angry toward each other. so, please, stop this, the boys dont need this… =(

    • well, all of this just because of 1 PERSON who are crazy/jealous over Yunho/Jaejoong. this article is about jaejoong talking about love is now RUIN because of her. i have nothing to say anymore, i have enough of this fan. now i hardly read comment section of YH’s post anymore

  61. I’m tired and hurt enough…
    while the boys fighting their destiny in this music world, WE, FANS, are choking each other neck to speak that they are the right one..

    just ignore, ignore and ignore of anything…

    the boys will be hurt..

    one question: Do you want this fandom to split up?? because if we keep all the mess, I believe there will be no more TVXQ in the future…

    you say you love them but you bash the other member!!

    DON’T !!

    I am yunho’s fan, JJ’s fan and definitely Yunjae’s fan..(I love ALL MEMBERS equally)

    I rarely comment, but it hurt me when each member’s fan bashing other member’s fan..

    please.. just IGNORE!! no reply back!!
    the those troll will go away…
    if u keep reply, they will be TOO much happy to bash more…

    please introspection yourself… don’t talk back..
    let have some peace in here..

    I love this site, and I pity the admins.. (Plz think about their feeling)

    DBSK !!! FIGHTING !!!

  62. omg jae with juri XD i can’t wait!

  63. okay thats it! i have stand it for soo long and now i reached the limit. Kim Jaejoong i’m officially going to kidnap you to and secrect hideway with me!

  64. awewwwww~~~ joongie is so cute!! ^^
    making everyone love him everywhere he goes!! xdxD

    we love you too~ and his words about wanting him to sing~ *O*
    he is truly an artist~ he is truly a member of TVXQ. he is truly jaejoong~~ ^^

    awwwww~~ and he requested the perm!! ^^
    so cute!!

    thank-you SYC unnies~ ^^

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