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[Trans] 100406 Tohomobile Staff Blog


Evil YonSu~~ (*_*)

YonSu, what are you scheming?


Even the evil YonSu…

Is passionately practicing… (LOL)

After he took off his sunglasses…

He immediately returns to the mischievous YuChun like always (LOL).



Changing location, he’s receiving acting supervision!

YuChun is concentrating and doing his best ☆


YuChun fighting!!

This is YuChun who’s enduring the cold and doing his best.

He showed us his good acting!!
Seeing the figure of YuChun’s who’s doing his best, even when he made a mistake, we staff still felt very warm in our hearts (;_;)

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
translation: linhkawaii @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


  1. got to luv him. Noone can stand this aura!

  2. park yoochun shi,all the best
    we miss you so much…more than words can tell

  3. Why is it that even on the worst of days, as soon as I see him I find myself with the biggest smile on my face?

    Yoochun! I hope that smile of yours will never dissappear.

  4. There’s just something about him isn’t it? You just can’t help but love him!!

    I just hope that the Jap media would put more attention to him.

  5. they should replace that n in Yonsu with o. then we all can live happily ever after.

    • this. :D

    • totally:)

  6. he’s like the sunshine, he brings warmth and happiness on even the dullest days.
    miss you yoochun
    MWAH (!)

  7. There’s a reason why i come here everyday.
    It’s always nice to see him.
    Yoochun Hwaiting!!

  8. Why i read yonsu as yoosu :D
    fighting yoochun! And stay healthy
    Very,very miss u and other members ;)

  9. yoochun is looking really good *drools*

  10. chunnie aww i love the change of expression after sunglass comes off XD

  11. park yoochun! good luck with the drama. i love you… more than i do. :)) <3

  12. aww.. chunie you look so fine! <333

  13. Yoochun will be in a K-drama!!

    Spazzing like crazy right now ^____^

    • Can I kiss you? I am like holding my breath now!!!! You made my day baby!
      I am not les, but I wanna kiss you!

    • omg k-drama????
      yattaaaaaaaaaaaa…..micky HWAITING!!!!!!!

    • whoa double dose of Chunface?

      both the characters he’s playing are rich guys (and so is CM’s character)

    • holy crap! /tears of joy

    • OMG….. Yoochun in a historical drama?????
      I’m %#%$^%&%^#*$@# ……. and he will be the leading role right?????

      • He will be…I am sure…just love him more in modern drama…but as long as I see him, that’s fine!

      • i’m sooo happy, it will be great to see that sexy boy in Hanbok!!!
        and historical dramas always seem attract more viewers than others… ^^

        wish all the best for Chunface and hope he won’t tire himself too much!!!

    • spazzing like crazy over his character, rich, smart, and good looking XD perfect. the synopsis seems interesting but historical drama arent my favs. i’ll of course support him nonetheless. but wahh chunnie is gonna be really busy alternating japan n korea!

    • Good! I like historical drama and I’ve always thought he will look good in one. So happy for him. YooChun Hwaiting!!!!!

      • NO…it still scares me to think back about his hair in The Marked Fence, he looked hot in that one though. I still hope the PD will not try him with crazy hair style LOL

  14. Why does everytime I see the boys in suits in dramas, I will have ‘Wrong Number’ singing in my head and had the intuition that they will jump into the choreography soon? lol.

    *sings* I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong number…

  15. actually, i really like the way the staff described the process xD it made everything cuter and more of a ‘storyline’ thing hehe ^^

  16. He looks like cute mischievous rich boy there….
    *squishes* cant wait to see drama now fighting~~

  17. I love the transformation. LMAO. Everybody really need that.

    You know, I really want to see behind the scenes and outtakes…

    When the drama does get spread online, I hope the company aren’t TOO stingy that they even claim copyright over those clips….
    HP and HTTG were taken down right after they were put up :(

  18. good luck yoochun..
    take care of your health!!!

  19. this guy is pure adorableness! <333

  20. he looks so elegant!
    im melting! XD

  21. what a gemini personality!
    with and without sunglasses, i still love him.

    thanks for sharing!

    • lol at gemini personality xD

  22. Ahhh Yoochun…^^
    Sooo kiddy like smile.. ^^
    Ganbatte kudasai!!

  23. Oh my~
    Evil Yonsu~ haha :P
    He’s still the cute and adorable Yoochunnie after all :P
    Hwaiting oppa~! <3

  24. I’ll wait for see everything Uchun done.

    He look so fine^^

  25. the mirror’s reflection is perfect~~


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