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[Pic] TV GUIDE April issue

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  1. cute cutee cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

  2. The cast look really good together
    and jaejoong looks super cute

  3. awww. he’s cute! I hope we can see his black hair in this drama. can’t wait!

  4. Jae~~~~~ so dorky in your jeans xD! I wanna see this drama NOW!!

  5. jaejoong you make anything you wear look staylish
    i love you so much~
    and smap look good too~

  6. He’s wearing my current fav color combo: gray and mustard yellow!

    So cute!

    And in the standing picture, he’s in the middle! I’m so used to him being in the middle, I get confused when he’s not…

  7. i love his fashion sense.. his cute when he is in the center! lol

  8. So rolled up jeans is the new trend?

    *rolling jeans now*

  9. awww he looks so cute with his hands covering his ears!!!

    Goshh i cant wait for the drama. Hopes someone subs it asap!

  10. Cutie pie JJ…..luv the style :)
    *counting days to 15 april*

  11. I wanna the trans and i wanna HQ pics!!! Ahem, i know SYC will find it for us but still I wanna be annoying >< SYC admins pretty please get it for us.

    I really like the group pic ^^ the cast are all cute. But really…. our jaejoong steal the spotlight. He glow even more in my view. Just look at him all cute and adorable in the middle. He look like evrybody fave little brother. The casts will love him ^^

    Im anticipating this drama so much! Jaejoong Ganbatte!

    • Eita is so tall. His taller than jae or myb w/o the boots at same height as jaejoong. He look so handsome. I think im falling for him. *Get slapped by jae*

  12. ooh more glimpse of the dorama. that dude wit the mustache is kinda hott lol. jae seems to be enjoyin himself n he is definatly gaining higher popularity.

  13. JJ is actually TALL… Standing next to Changmin make him small all the time… LOL

    • BTW, I want Ueno and Megumi shoes

  14. OMO i love photo of the five :D They look cute together XD

  15. i wanna toho to have longer like SMAP =_= ,

    good luck jj <3

  16. Jaejoong Kawaiiiiii ~ ~ ~

  17. AH WHY SO CUTE?!
    i so want to watch this drama soon!

    thanks for sharing!

  18. yatta! beside juri-chan! :D:D:D

  19. oh myyyyyyyy~ <33333333333

    thx for sharing dear! AKTF~

  20. jaejae.. look so happy and cute!
    it’s nice to see these pics..
    i’m happy if u’re happy jae :)

  21. sheesh..he’s cute n adorable!!

  22. Ohhhh………really lovely JJ…..>____<

    I love all of these pic……JJ' s so shinny…..^^

  23. Jaejoongie’s cuteness is killing meeeee~!!!! *dies*
    He’s so cuteee~~~ GYAAAA~~~
    hahahaah :P
    Can i just grab the TV guide? KEKEKEEK :P

  24. My heart is beating for you ..
    GOSH ..
    my heart T^T

  25. aww the dorky cutiepie Jae <33

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