Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 7, 2010

[Pic] Psed: Yoochun SungKyunKwan Scandal

These are psed pics, quite good ones, though XD

Almost believe that they’re real!

Yoochun is definitely brave to take a historical drama for his upcoming work… hope it goes well, baby!

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credit: dnbn
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  1. pic are not real ? waw… i cant believe it too !! it looks good !!

  2. no large forehead? *hammers the wall*

    • YEAH2! I anticipate that thing… *giggles*

  3. The third pic! Chun looks so ~pretty~

  4. i love the 3rd pic!!! <333 its look sooo real!!!

  5. I think he has a good acting skills. His expression and all is really good.
    Historical Drama is super challenge, I couldn’t believe he accepts to play this role. It’s just surprise me. Anyway, I hope he will do well. Can’t wait to see the real photo of his wearing traditional clothes.

  6. the ps-ed skills are great!
    it’s looked really REAL.

    thanks for sharing!

  7. chunnie looks really good! hehe those psed skills are awesme

  8. it’s an idol historical drama


  10. i just realized with all those costumes, we will probably miss his forehead XD

  11. when i saw the last pic i thought I saw Rain Oppa~~ *_*

    oh chunchun with less forehead

  12. hahahaha…this is soooo cute!!!
    Chunnie in hanbok…
    *spazzing over him*

  13. Luv third pic, so charisma ;)

  14. i love the second and the third pic..lovelove..
    looks like its real..

  15. lol..I think he will be a cute scholar =P

  16. Looks so real~ O__O
    What a pro!! XDD
    He looks gorgeous^^
    Thanks for sharing~

  17. wooo! He looks handsome with
    korean typical clhotes! *-*

    I’m looking forward for the drama! *w*

  18. Whoa! It looks so real! =O

    Tks4sharing ^___^

  19. They looked almost real~!
    Gyaa~~ But i want more forehead :P
    LOL hwaiting Yoochunnie oppa~! <3

  20. Chunnie is so handsome! ^^

  21. Cool PS works *thumbs up*

    Yoo Chun ah~, try on that kind of drama sometime when you are ready! I am more than ready to watch XD

  22. Yoochuniie..I believe u can do it boy!! AKTF ^^

  23. Omg I think Yoochun looks good in that seriously ^^

  24. I loved him with his long black hair and traditional clothes in Masked Fencer, maybe it will be something similar.
    Work hard Yoochunnie!

  25. LOL““ i thought it’s real when i saw these pics then i thought to myself since when did he took these photos. aha… cute though

  26. more n more yoochun!!

  27. Gud luck chunnie! we chunniefan will always support u from behind

  28. love micky!!!!!!

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