Posted by: piao | April 7, 2010

[Pic] 100406-100407 Stalking Chunjae

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  1. o… i really like yc’s bag !!

  2. my bbs are together ~<33
    miss JaeChun so much,..

  3. LOL look at Chun’s lips in the 1st gif!!! So cute!!! *kisses Chunnie*

    Soulmate are always together!!! <333

  4. Is that their hairdresser/stylists place?
    It looks like the one they used to go to pre-lawsuit.
    idk i’m not sure, haven’t seen it for a while lol.

    • Yes, I think it is. I heard somewhere that they went to do their hair for some reason. I don’t know yet. But this place is barber shop for sure.

  5. whose apartment is this? it looks familiar

    • the pics are at Chunnie’s apartment!!!
      i’m not sure about the gifs, look similar, i remember all DBSK went to that place so many times in the Mirotic days!!! Hairsalon???

  6. wow stalker fans!
    but it’s nice to see (:

    thanks for sharing!

  7. chunnnie lips looks so yummy

  8. its their hair salon place. called red parlour

    • thx piao…

      tht’s why the place look familiar to us…

      Chunnie is sooo cute

  9. isn’t it red carpet ??

  10. why does he has to do something cute with his lips all the time????

  11. isnt it funny…
    dbsk always go to places with RED on their name…

    now what?

  12. mishhh chunnie nowadays!!~~^^,

  13. is it just me or does jae coming down the steps look extremely HOT?

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