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[Pic] Jaejoong Anan Cover

credit: poplez
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  1. ahhhhhh! im in love! Love, love, love.

    I want this magazine soo bad now!!!! Bout to order it!1

    Gosh He makes any women (and some men) melt.

    Can you say Hottie???

    Baby Jae, lets make love!

  2. KYA!!!

    Handsome!!! Joongie why do you do this to me!! you are too fine!!

    I am finding a website where I can order this RIGHT NOW!!!

    • U can order it at cause that’s where I ordered my copy :). He is so damn hot who can not resist his sexy look XD

      • OMG Thank you~!! I am going order it now!

      • Just ordered it!! I am a VERY happy girl :D

      • I just ordered mine too! Excited to get it!

    • Yesasia’s shipping takes too long, so you might need all the patient in the world for that. lol

      • Naw…it’s not too long for me I ordered my Toki wo Tomete single from them and I got it in like 5~6 days…

        It’s not that long for me :)

        As long as I get this damn magazine in my hands I’m good!

  3. His eyes really draws you in.
    Such a sweet and gorgeous cover!
    Jae, I wanna kiss chu ^3^

  4. OMG!! finally!!
    he looks so beautiful!

    you can talk me about love all that you wan Jae!!!

  5. He has a really cute and innocent look for the cover. I think thats what they were going for.

    • Cant wait for my magazine to arrive! Its the first magazine I have ever bought. Im serious LOL

      • me too

        I’m normally not buying their magazine so this will be first Japanese mag that I’ve bought.

      • Same here!!!!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love this for eternity!!!

    my jae looks so innocent there!!

    thanks for sharing,SYC!! >_<

  7. is this the real one?

    • yes. it is!! :)

    • Yes, this is the real cover now^^

  8. Ohohohohohoho!!!!!…. JJ!!!!…. He seems too hadsome for my eyes!!!

  9. Good thing I got myself a few copies!

  10. -dies-
    he looks amazingly beautful!!

    my dear Jae!!
    i want my copy NOW!!

    and the trans too. .. i wanna read the interview!

  11. i hate it when you look so innocent
    but then your effect on me
    would be totally RATED X.


    • LOL that’s the Jaeffects!

    • his innocent looks turns me on too!! XD

  12. Dies, he soooo beautiful.

  13. love it…can’t wait to get my copy


  14. innocent, and yet still incredibly sexy *_*

  15. KYAAAA….

    I hope my friend won’t fail on a mission to grab this mag for me….

    i wanna see people line up to get this mag kekekeke…poor my friend

  16. he look so natural , fresh and handsome!!

    my heart melt cuz of his eyes!! please always look me like this!!

    ps: today JaeChun come back Korean!! Jaejoongie so hot!! his hair…

    • expecting pics soon!! Been quite a while now that we haven’t seen any Jae’s airport pics. lol

      • His hair rocks in the airport pics IMO~
        He looks so cool.<333
        He cameback w/ Chunnie

    • Really??? im so excited for the pics!!! agree we havent seen jae’s stalker pics for quite some time hahaha

    • for a teaser.. Jae looks hot with this walking style at airport today!! haha!

      • omo he looks soo hot
        that hair…<3

      • he looks damn fine!!!

        Did he dye his hair completely black??? Well it looks Hot!!!

      • Lookin dayum fine there.. But I wonder why his hair is black now since he’s still filming his drama… Or are my eyes fooling me? = =

      • Looking Jae looking good.

  17. *faints*… god, who ever said he needed to take anything off for this magazine shoot? this cover is just perfect. its just so… so…. so Jaejoong. XD
    and thus of course I love it to death ♥

  18. totally looooove it! i’m trapping in JJ eyes and i don’t mind ;)
    sexy and cute in the same time, that’s our JJ^^
    come to my dream tonight babe!

  19. SO HANDSOME joongie ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

    cant wait to see all the full scans…….. omg…..

  20. so cute! and innocent. jae, stop making your fans confused!
    how I’m gonna keep my arguments that jaejoong is a rebel with a pic like this?

    I love it, love it and I can’t wait to my magazine to arrive

  21. *gulp*
    stop staring at me!~ you spell TEMPTATION
    *fangirl squeal*

  22. Jaejoong ^_^

  23. It’s already sold out in some stores in Japan.

  24. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. He looks innocent, but he took this picture on the table, which I find very suggestive as if he were the main dish…yummy

    • typo
      he was/IS the main dish

  26. the cover was less seductive than I expected… and for me, that’s a good thing.. LOL

  27. Tomorrow, i’m gonna FIGHT for it in bookstore !!!

    And on my birthday too~
    *dies of happiness*

  29. He’s perfect

  30. it´s perfect! i love this beautiful cover with our beautiful Jae on it!

    can´t waaaaaaaaaaaait!!

  31. Apparently anan is not as stupid as i thought, ruining his angelic image in a low way. They twisted it… Jaejoong… So innocent., so wrong…. This has greater impact than yamapi’s tasteless nude photo… I salute u anan… *call 911 for life resucitation*

  32. something wrong with my connection, i can’t submit my comment =__=
    i love anan so much right now

    today airport pics

    • ohhhhhhhh finnaly~ maybe i’m too crazy :X
      sorry for double post

    • Thank u! Baby is getting so skinny! Hmm wonder why he’s back in Korea while promotion for his drama is about to start.

      • he’s back with yoochun as well
        wonder what happen because it seems sudden

      • Could it be group statement about the current status of DBSK?

      • @Cecilia
        i don’t know, i hope it’s not something bad
        but if it’s really for statement, i guess we have to wait till changmin back from jeju, he still there right?

      • yeah….sth must have come up….
        ….sth needed to be taken care of as a group…

    • are you sure that it´s from today???!!!
      his hair is black!! it´s black! -dies-

      i love it! he looks .. PERFECT !


      • yes it’s today
        you can see the tag^^

    • There’s more airport pics from soompi:

    • he has his black hair back!! <3

      • Oh em geee!!!! i spazzed when i saw his black hair!!!! This makes me realized how i miss his black hair. :P

  33. innocent yet a sexy face at the same time O__O the way he looks at you is innocent but his facial expression is sexy i dont know how to describe it but >_< seriously i love this cover now!!

  34. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa…thanks god I alreday ordered it!…can’t wait that damn magz arrive safely in my hand…..god i’m dizzy of his innocent yet seductive face grrrrrrr….mami…mami…mami…mami….>_<

  35. cute….i wish i’ll find sexy pics inside magazine, as they preview before…but still…he’s cute…

  36. SO CUTE~!!!!

    I’m SUPER relieved that Jaejoong’s anan photoshoot isn’t anywhere near rated or compromising. I don’t want his clean image to be stained.

  37. Damn. Seeing the cover makes me want it.

  38. WOW! Just WOW! The pics was really damn great! The expression was full with emotion. The eyes just draws u in. DAMN! I cant even imagine how does he looks like in real life. Imagine if he stares at u blankly like that in from of your face and smile a bit upon catching our eyes….Geez….we might as well doing nothing or die happy. BUT I dont wanna die!!!! Coz its too early to die and left him to others.

    I really like his face hehehhehe and I believe all of us in here as well ^^ UBER SEXY! Cant wait to watch the rest of the photoshot. Must be DAMN AMAZING TOO.

  39. I wonder if i can get this at the Kinokuniya bookstore or something. I want! D:

  40. waaaaaaaaah i was hoping the cover would be a topless JJ, i guess not Y_Y..
    he looks like a baby^^…my bad boy image of him is gone XDD..


    • tsk tsk tsk,….. this is innocence go wrong, my son. Innocence go wrong. Look how innocent Jae looks on that table with T-shirt like that and face like that…. *referring to the photoshoot*

      Innocent, right? rawr

        innocent yup he is but sexy HUH? Just how did he manage to pull that off. I just dont understand. INNOCENT+CUTE+SEXY+SEDUCING=FANGIRLS ARYTHMIA!

      • lol, yup innocence go wrong haha, just how clever anan is, instead of giving us the naked Jaejoong, look at what they’ve done , aigooo …

  41. PERFECT!! but do u guys know how many pages about JJ in this magz? thanks for info xD

    • ^i agree with is perfect..& all the pictures are..
      Jae looks so cute in the cover picture..but also very handsome..
      & he has really beautiful & distinct eyes..that have a way of drawring you in..Thank you for sharing ^_^

    • Heard he’s gonna has 8 pages.

  42. one word – Unbelievably C.U.T.E!!!!!!!!!
    ok so that’s 2 words >.>’

  43. ^^ those eyes~I love <3 I love u so much J..pls come to me xD

    thx for sharing dear!

  44. super cute….JJ…><

    I'm really exciting about this mag…..tomorrow he will come….hahaha…….

    Thanks for the cover….^^

  45. SEXY!
    i want to see the full one soon!!

    thanks for sharing!

  46. Yay! I want an entire photobook of this!!

  47. joongie u look great!
    sexy+cute+hot at the same time *__*
    i miss ur black eyebrows.. *bricked*

    he got strong rivals ^^; all the hotties from holiwood~

  48. JAEJOONG IS SO HOT+HANDSOME+ADORABLE!!!!! Cant wait for the rest of the mag to be out!!!!!!!! :3

  49. owh yummy!!!!! =p

  50. DO ME JJ – NOW!

  51. kim jaejoong …..your my hero im not a fan more than that in next years i will come to seoul hope see you really oppset about you dont do this to yourself it hurts all your fans blieve me thi isnt right ok?pleaseeeeeeeee….dont hurt my heart!!!

  52. jeajoong always that!!!!! he always handsome, very very kool!!!! KYA……………………………….he so g……r……….e……….a……….t……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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