Posted by: wasur3naid3 | April 2, 2010

[Spazz] Changmin and Yunho in Sunao Ni Narenakute

Do you see them? Upper left corner!

If you look watch this video, you can see also the entire Best Album poster at about 0:09!

credit: Yotada@sharingyoochun+dirah9311
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  1. spotted!

  2. awww! haha!! saw it now : )

  3. !!!!!!!!!!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wooooooow !!!!

    spaekless T^T

  5. I saw it!!!!! Always Keep The Faith.

  6. Sharp eyes!

  7. i notice it too! XD

    btw can`t wait for this drama!! ><

  8. well you can see DBSK huge poster in shibuya at 0:10

  9. ahahahhaha SYC admins are so cute!

  10. zOMG…sharp eyes!!!

    Always keep the faith!!!

  11. saw it!
    Thanks syc :3

  12. *grins* Good eyes to spot it ^^

  13. huhuhu….keep it up sharp eyes ;)..

  14. lol what a coincidence!

  15. sharp eyes really ..haha

    so cute ^^

    cool!!! changmin & yunho in jaejoong’s drama ..

  16. that’s what i call smart advertisement!

  17. they really did good shooting in shibuya at the exact time when there was their poster ^^

  18. lolz, the title had my HoMin love screaming! X’D

  19. Lol It’s like subliminal messages XD

  20. haha. maybe d producer are a fan?



  21. LOL
    that’s the tower when BEST SELECTION huge banner hanging there XDD ♥

  22. Oh My God!
    I’m so surprised!!
    Proud of THSK!!!~ ^^v

  23. lol!! proves that no one can escape the presence of tohoshinki!!

  24. omo!!
    seriously!! fans should work for CSI!! lol
    but then again~~ TVXQ needs us more… ^^;;

    that was a good spazz! ^^

  25. spotlight!!

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