Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 31, 2010

[Pic] 100331 Changmin filming Paradise ranch

Can you see my lord??

*gets bricked by Changmin*

credit: maxbaidu
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    he look so much like a prince charmingggg~
    only missing the white horse LMAO

    thanks for sharingggggggg

  2. this Paradise ranch drama firming for too long right? i want to see it now, from what i know ( i watch korean drama a lot cause in my country, korean drama is popular), they firm drama and broadcast it at the same time as they are filming or at least 1 month later. why CM drama take so long, he star filming at november right?

  3. even jj have more promotion about his drama xDDDD

    im just waiting for changmin drama promo but in korea its look like very difficult :s

    changmin im waiting for you baby T_T

  4. minnie lord ? 55555 so far – -‘
    thanks for sharing ~

  5. lord changmin! i’ll be your ranch’s shepherd. i’ll be your maid. i’ll be your driver to bear museum. i’ll be.. anything you want

  6. I’m here to LOL))) kkk)))
    but really are they going to broadcast this drama… it would be funny if Jae’s drama starts earlier.. lmao)

  7. to be honest
    i am not really care if min drama will be broadcast late from the schedule
    as long its have quality and worth it to be watch

    i really have a high expectation for this

  8. Yup Yup spotted Min ^^

  9. hehe ^^

    thx for sharing dear!

  10. we see you my lord!!
    arent you the one in the huge overgrown black jacket?? xDxD

    thank-you~~ ^^

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