Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 6, 2010

[Pic] TVXQ Cellphone wallies

SYC readers always shared us nice stuff

elejac made this cute HP wallies ^^ (240*320)


  1. wow thank you~~~

  2. omg *O* hotness overload..i wont be letting go of my cellphone!

    thankies for these yummy wallies 8D

  3. hhii wheres the first pic of jae from? =)

    • From AADBSK 3 (:

  4. ouch my eyes *O* > *points to the 1st&2nd pics*

    thanks for sharing this^^

  5. First pic..look like jaejoong oppa have breast-???-

  6. love this collection, they’re so hotttttttt…..thank you so much!!!

  7. Woahhhhhhhhhhhh so many choice *_*

    Thanks !!!!

  8. waaaaaahhh… me likey all

    (in dilemma,donno which one to choose as my phone wallie)

  9. aww these are lovely! thanks syc and elejac!

  10. junsuuu kakkoooiiiiii
    ♥ ♥

  11. Junsu Beyond cute!!

  12. love you SYC

  13. Thanks a lot! ^0^
    All they’re so cool!! >///<

  14. i spot yunho’s man boobs! XD lol joke2.. they are tiny now~
    thanks for the wallies

  15. thank so much!

  16. wowww thx .. i’ll put it in my cell ASAP ..hehe

  17. yay! thank you so much

  18. lol..jae’s moobs is bigger than yunho’s…..

  19. wow!! a big big thank you for it very much!!

    thanks for sharing this ^__^ *kisses*

  20. *q*

    thx for sharing dear!

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