Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 6, 2010

[Pic] Changmin – Spur fanart

thanks to yoohee.shim and minshim

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  1. i love this fanart~ so manga style

  2. omo it really looks exactly like the photoshoot.s the eyes n mouth ahh so handomse!

    • typo handsome*

    • 2nd u!!

  3. wow!!! that person can publish a TVXQ! manga already!!! i’d totally buy 10 copies of it!

  4. Awesomeeee…
    I love the first draw

  5. awww changminn-aah xD the fanart is really cute ^^

    thx 4 sharingg

  6. cute..!!the 2nd fanart look like a character frm a manga tt i read..i cant rmmbr the title of the manga,but it all the characters hav the fruits Orange,Apple,Kiwi,Lemon,etc…

    • Le Gardinie~???
      somethng like tat the the title??
      If it is…
      I bet u Malaysian or SG,
      I read the comic in Bahasa Malaysia…

  7. nice art!!!

  8. awww sooo cute!!!

  9. I spotted talent and creativity!! This is really good!
    Luv the 2nd fanart ^^

  10. So cool! Someone needs to do a Bl manga of the boys lol xD

  11. AH~This is amazing!

  12. yay finally *3*

    i luv those fanarts <333

  13. AMAZING! O.O

  14. its pretty^^


  15. omooooooo… little prince shim is so handsome…n OMYGOSH this fanart is COOOOLLLLLL…

  16. sugoi desu!!!! jouzu–!!^^

  17. sooooooooooooooo beautiful~~~ ^o^

  18. holy shizzz first one omfg so real :Q_____
    pleas draw some yunjae xD

  19. awwwww ^^ so cuteee!!! <3

    thx for sharing dear!!

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