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[Project] TVXQ 6 Years Journey: 2004 – Present ep 12

My plan to put an end of 2008 in only 2 episodes seems to be impossible, lol

There are more recording which need to be covered than I thought

Well, for now.. let’s continue with the TRICK project singles that haven’t been written in the last episode: Junsu, Yunho, and Jaejoong.

TRICK project
Nineteenth Japan single: If…!? / Rainy Night
(February 27, 2008)

1. If…!?
2. Rainy Night (JUNSU from 東方神起)
3. If…!? (Less Vocal)
4. Rainy Night (Less Vocal)(JUNSU from 東方神起)

Click to listen the single:

Premium Live : Rainy Night – Junsu

The third most sold out of five, Junsu pulled out a stunning voice with this single.

I like ‘If?!’ but I’d say I LOVE ‘Rainy Night’ ;)

‘If?!’ is typical Junsu’s concert solo song (same league as My Page and Xiahtic), and I always think that the chorus part sounds a biiiittt similar to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal XDD

a funky kind of song, if this song is ever made to a live performance, I bet it would have a cool choreography :D Too bad it’s so short, thus just when I almost got the song absorbing my mind, it has to end ^^;;;;;

As I ever shared in the previous episode, it’s supposed to be ‘Forever Love’ which became the second title song in this single. However, all members found the song too good to be sung only by Junsu (lol) therefore they forced Su to drop it down and searched for his own second title song himself XDD

No… no… I was just kidding with the ‘forcing’ part, but the rest is true. Anyway, not sure whether AVEX didnt really have anything in store at that time or Junsu just wanted to personalize his single as much as he can OR he felt the need to make Yoochun busy by forcing him to arrange his song (*grin*)… Dolphinator inserted his very own self-composed song ‘Rainy Night’ which was also arranged by Yoochun to complete the single.

It’s indeed a simple yet another beautiful song from our golden voice Kim Junsu <3
I think his live performance in Premium Live above is much much much better than the recording one. You can see how he put all his soul in delivering the song… his facial expression and all…….. *sigh* I so love this man! *oops, sorry Yoochun*

He sang it so perfectly to the point people would think that it’s pre-recording event, and not live!!

‘If?! / Rainy Night’ was debuted on ORICON at 5th.

TRICK project
Twentieth Japan single: Close to You/Crazy Life
(March 5th, 2008)

1. Close to You
2. Crazy Life (YUNHO from 東方神起)
3. Close to You (Less Vocal)
4. Crazy Life (Less Vocal)(YUNHO from 東方神起)

Click to listen the single:

Premium Live : Crazy Life – Yunho

I think ‘Close To You’ is the best TRICK project song (underline here that it’s for TRICK project songs which include: Two Hearts, Runaway, If?!, Close To You, and Keyword… coz for solo song, I’d go with my baby’s My Girlfriend instead XDD)

The intro of the song is super cute! XD “Run around turn around T-O-H-O-S-H-I-N-K-I take me high!”
lol one simple thing that makes me loving this song a lot. The overall image of the song is so Yunho, eventhough in fact all members singing it together. I’m kinda curious how it turns like if Leader-sshi singing it all by himself ^^

Not a big fan of ‘Crazy Life’, but cant deny that Yunho put a real entertaining performance on Premium Live stage of this song :D The dance and all, our Leadjah is sure a dance machine! If other TRICK singles have a balance content which is one ballad song and one dance song, then ‘Close To You / Crazy Love’ is the only single which contains both dance tracks XD Now I cant wait to see Yunho’s performance in ‘This Is It’ concert as he will perform ballad songs such as ‘Heal The World’ all alone! That will be his first experience in his entire singing career so far ;)

‘Close To You / Crazy Life’ debuted the highest on ORICON, which was the 3rd! *claps claps*
However dunno why the sales number was slowed down after that~ the single got the least number of sales, but still it successfully hit 20K just like the rest of members.

TRICK project
Twenty first Japan single: Keyword/Maze
(March 12, 2008)

1. Keyword
2. Maze -JEJUNG from 東方神起-
3. Keyword (Less Vocal)
4. Maze (Less Vocal)-JEJUNG from 東方神起-

Click to listen the single:

Premium Live : Maze – Jaejoong

Here comes the rocker Shinki! XD

Well, no surprise that Double J’s ‘Keyword / Maze’ got the highest sales if you already listen all songs in this single. It has those cool tracks in one package!

‘Keyword’ is a bright song, I like everyone’s voices here. And you can hear Yunho’s high pitch around 02:14 – 02:16. Actually the tempo is kinda boring, but Tohoshinki’s voices make up all the flaws :)

If Koreans had already tasted the rock image of Jaejoong from his prior performances such as ‘Footsteps’ and ‘Crying’, then it’s Japanese’s turn to get one with ‘Maze’! Jaejoong specially requested for this kind of song to be his solo Japanese track. ‘Maze’ can be anime soundtrack right away! I remember someone ever made Maze MV with cuts from Japanese anime and it suits so well <3 (too bad I cant seem to find the video again in youtube). He sounds superbbbbb here >.<, the scream at 03:40 – 03:44 O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;

and I love how he smiles a lot during the live performance too ^^ The best scene of a performance is when you can see the performer do enjoy the stage from his/her heart.

‘Maze’ comment video is also my most favorite!!! How Lord Voldemin makes Jaejoong highly nervous O.o;;;; and all of sudden sabotage ‘Maze’ promo with ‘Two Hearts’ is an epic! XD

oh.. now I already started it.. okay, let’s see the rest of promo videos too ^^;;;;;

Lord Voldemin’s promo himself runs smoothly until Yunho interrupted by saying, “Wait wait wait… why why, Changmin’s single release date is right on my birthday?!” and the smart magnae replied coldly, “Because I’m Changmin-sama.”


Ghost Jaejoong came in and out in Yoochun’s promo XDD

that cutie blond, lol. All of sudden he mumbled “Ni papa mama shen ti hao ma?” and all Yoochun can do is XDDD

I LOL-ed hard when Yoochun appeared saying “so you guys better check it out…Junsu’s amazing solo song. It’s called Rainy Night… right??!” and Junsu responded… “What did you just say?” XDDD maybe he was afraid Yoochun had just sabotaged his promo XD But then Yoochun continued, “The song is good, but Junsu’s voice is… &%^%$^%” and cutie Su laughed innocently yet quickly shoved Yoochun out of the scene XDD

Junsu is indeed a proper promo mate ^^
His only disturbance was his powerful EU KYANG KYANG at the beginning of his appearance and then he did well accompanying Yunho promoting ^^

Twenty second Japanese single: Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta
(April 23, 2008)


1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
4. 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)


1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. Clap!: Soul of Soul Remix-
4. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
5. 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)


1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. 千年恋歌: Korean ver. (천년연가)
4. 千年恋歌(Japanese karaoke)
5. 千年恋歌(Korean karaoke)
6. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
7. 千年恋歌 (Less Vocal)

click to listen to the single:

Sennen Koi Uta

There are 3 versions released for this single ^^;;;;;;;;

Can I categorize ‘Beautiful You’ as blues? I’m not really a music expert, but I ever listened to some blues songs that have similar atmosphere as this ^^

Indeed, it’s a real good piece–I like the guitar place at the beginning of the song, members’ deep sexy vocals, and the gentle dance……… ‘Beautiful You’ MV is also gorgeous as ever! The fact that I dun favor 2U’s hair styles in this MV is whole another case (they’re in the midst of The 3rd Live Tour ‘T’, and those styles were those two concept….. which I HATE >.<).

The live performance of ‘Beautiful You’ in T concert is also one of the best! Junsu’s adlib at the end of the song O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

We ever talked about ‘Sennen Koi Uta’ right? It’s the Japanese version of ‘A Thousand Year Love Song’ and just like its Korean version, it also becomes ‘The Legend’ soundtrack in Japan.

With ‘Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta’ became the first on ORICON thus made two consecutive ORICON 1st after ‘Purple Line’, Tohoshinki broke a record that was held by Ou Yang Fei Fei (Chinese singer) 24 years ago for the first non-Japanese Asian singers to have two consecutive ORICON toppers.

Twenty third Japanese single: Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?
(July 16, 2008)

1. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
2. Box in the Ship
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (アカペラver.)
4. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Less Vocal)
5. Box in the Ship (Less Vocal)

click to listen to the single:

One shocking piece from Tohoshinki in SUMMER 2008. Instead of kicking out a bright summerish single like ‘Sky’ and ‘Summer’, Tohoshinki made a surprising move by promoting a slow ballad filled with heart breaks, ‘Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?’ — I need about 2 days to completely remember the title without being mistaken O.o;;;

Everyone fell in love with this ballad song right away! The song, the lyrics, the voices….
Even until now, many famous Japanese artists still mention ‘Kimisuki’ as their favorite song from Tohoshinki or at least the first Tohoshinki song which made them to know this group (kinda ironic to know that actually it’s still ‘SUMMER’ single which held the best sales record out of all Toho Japan singles ^^;;;).

Yet one thing I remember about this song, was that….. it took quite sometime for the boys to finally made a good live performance of ‘Kimisuki’. I dunno why, maybe the song was too hard or whatever.. but they tend to sing nasally at each end of line.. which is kinda annoyed me ^^;;;;;;; (they didnt sound like that in recording, of course I demand the same thing for live).

The first ‘Kimisuki’ performance that reached quite approval from me (as if I am Simon Cowell XDDD) was this one below, from Music Fair stage (Tohoshinki always has their best voice performance at this show among any other TV shows, someone should tell me why ^^;;;)

Music Fair

‘Kimisuki’ also becomes song for ORONAMIN C CF later in 2009. This CF was the first Japan CF that is actually starred by Tohoshinki ^^

Well…. it’s still summer afterall, right??? Of course we still need to cheer up!

and that’s the use of the B-side track in this single ‘Box In The Ship’! Go reggae this time! The o-eo-eo part is really addicting, lol.

Yet, eventhou it’s a up tempo song, the lyrics is actually the other way round ^^;;; ‘Box In The Ship’ is actually also a heart breaking song, and has the same theme as ‘Kimisuki’ XD What a way to trick us out!

When it suddenly begins to rain
the umbrella and my shoulders gets wet
It can’t be help, in the dark, I secretly embrace you
There’s nothing to say as it is

‘Box In The Ship’ was used to be Universal Studio Japan’s roller coaster Hollywood Dream the Ride
theme song, kind of benefit of the appointment of Tohoshinki themselves as USJ Goodwill Ambassador earlier in March 2008. Well.. I guess the USJ management didnt really care about the lyrics and just went with the rhythm as well XDDD

Around this period, TVXQ only came back to South Korea for The 14th Dream Concert on June 7th, 2008, while the rest they spent wholly in Japan to finish up their 3rd live tour T.


*______________________* ouch my eyes are sore! I shall stop by here for this week!

And I havent had my dinner yet, kekekkekee… shall grab it now and for you guys who havent eaten also, go eat and be healthy!

I must sleep early today as work will start again on Monday~ Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  1. question: the sales that was mentioned, it’s the first day of the oricon chart right? becoz the latest ranking in Oricon, If../Rainy Night is the highest cd sales followed by My Girlfriend.

    • yeah, junsu is the highest selling now, but jaejoong had the highest first day sales if im not wrong.

    • Well, the sales number is of course still counting, but it was the number of sales during the common counts of an artist single which usually lasts til a month :D

  2. i love maze. that song is awesome! but doushite is different from the oronamin song right? it just followed the style of the song but it’s different right?

    thanks for this! can’t wait for the next one!

    • haha of course it has different lyrics, but the basic melody is taken from kimisuki ^^

  3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう and Forever Love helped me to know about TVXQ, and i really love these two songs ^^, thanks 4 your hard work, rest well & be healthy our beloved admins ^^

  4. ^^ yea, i remember it was junsu, yoochun, jaejoong, changmin, yunho (i’m not sure about CM & YH, actually) JS and YC’s singles sometimes just appear out of nowhere on the charts LOL
    beautiful you and doushite !!! two of my most fave singles from them ~<33333 doushite is definitely a toho classic xD
    i love reading this, thanks for sharing ^^

    • was referring to O.O
      forgot to click the reply button, sorry -_-

  5. this post really remind me, when i started to know more abt TVXQ existance after listening to PURPLE LINE. Then RAINY NIGHT made me fell head over heels for junsu huhu

    n abt the legend ost,i had THE LEGEND drama vcd late 2007, when i realised i kinda like the ost but hv no idea who sang it at d opening for every episode. only after they released d japanese ver ost, i found out TVXQ sang it.huhu

    keep up d good work shinta admin ;) really enjoy reading this post

    • lol

      I always hear that TVXQ fans knowing them from popular hit songs such as Rising Sun, Purple Line, Kimisuki, etc..

      maybe I’m the only absurd one who knew them through Christmas song ‘Noel’ from their Christmas Gift from TVXQ album ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  6. kimisuki and beautiful you are two of my fav toho single ! :)
    kimisuki is really addictive =_= which is kinda crual cuz you can’t stop listening to it lol

  7. Great! Another chapter ^^. Thank you for your hard work, Shinta, I really love this serie.

    Doushite always amazed me because of its power to atract the people. I mean, I love the song, it’s really beautiful, but it seems to have something that catch everybody at first sight (except me ^^;;), all the people that I know or who I showed doushite fell in love with them after listen to this song (And it’s the same with Mirotic, but this song also catched me at first sight =P).

    About Beautiful You, from what I know, it’s blues. Despite I like the song and I love Su’s adlib at the end of the song at the live tour, for me, the performance is boring and I dont like the choreography ^^;;, I considere that this is another song to be sang with mikes and suits, like “No?”, but it’s just my opinion.

    From the trick serie I just likes the solos, especially Min’s solo wich is my most favorite solo out of all (as much as Colors is my favorite japanese duo), his vocals are amazing, he can go from a very low and husky tone to a very high one like if it is easy O.o, just amazing, and he improved a lot for The Secret Code final in Tokyo Dome.

    • hehe I like slow dance like Beautiful You, it has the sexy vibe just like My Destiny choreo XD

      but I dun think Beautiful You can be a mike dance song… the chorus rhythm is too fast for that? O.o?

      oh, Minnie is just simply amazing singer :D
      have you watched him singing live? I went to MIROTIC concert the last time, and Changmin voice was just simply pure, stable, and beautiful <3 I even ignored Yoochun when Changmin was singing XDDDD

  8. wahh i wasnt aware of the oricon ranking of the trick singles but i always thought junsu single sold the most or from wiki anyways. i usually dont like the other songs that all members sing but if is my favorite from the TRICK. so junsu single was definatly my favorite especially rainy night live premium. not to mention its a yoosu peice ^^

    maze n my girlfriend comes in second. i got real addictted to my girlfriend lately lol n i use to be to crazy life. wild soul will always impress me with changminnie range. that boy is just beyond incredible.

    at first i didnt like beautiful yu but it really grew on me. n sennen koi uta is love. i love this version more than the korea ver. n of course kimisuki brought to many new fans to thsk. its a song that makes everyone love it.

  9. hello shinta how u doing…?

    well, another brilliant post from u as ususl
    now let me comment in some point here…

    -“chorus part sounds a biiiittt similar to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal XDD”
    omo I thought the same thing here, except I didn’t know witch mj song was it, it’s just the whole style remind me of mj.

    -“The intro of the song is super cute! XD “Run around turn around T-O-H-O-S-H-I-N-K-I take me high”
    I just love this part, it give me a strong urge to kiss chunnie dunn know why :p

    -“‘Maze’ can be anime soundtrack right away”
    I thought that too when I heard it for the first time, and subconsciously I thought of ‘vampire knight’, I think MAZE would be a greet soundtrck for this anime.

    -“and I love how he smiles a lot during the live performance too ^^”
    omg that exactly what take my heart away each time, he was too happy and he was enjoying him self to the max, that what makes his performance shine even more than it already is.

    -“Can I categorize ‘Beautiful You’ as blues?”
    I remember minnie said once that beautiful you is a combind between blues, rnb and jazz all mix in one song that’s why he love it so much, and I think that’s exactly whay he choose it in the best selection album. And about 2U,’ hiar I have to agree with u about chunnie, but I loved yunnie’s hiar I think that kind of hiar fit him well.

    -“Yet one thing I remember about this song, was that….. it took quite sometime for the boys to finally made a good live performance of ‘Kimisuki’. I dunno why, maybe the song was too hard or whatever”
    I don’t know why u didn’t like there performance in the dome I thought it was greet, I never see thim perform thise song well as thay did in the dome, I thought it was perfct.

    sorry for the long comment but I just wanted to voice my opinion.
    and thanx agine for your work deer
    have a nice dinner….now I’m hungery.

    • >> I don’t know why u didn’t like there performance in the dome

      opps you’ve must be mistaken me.
      The thing I said here: it took quite sometime for the boys to finally made a good live performance of ‘Kimisuki’

      means it took sometime for the boys to finally made a good live during the promo period of the song ^^ There were Music Fighter, Music Japan, etc at that time, but the stage at which finally they made a great perf was at Music Fair.

      Dome was already far far away from those promo period, and of course they’d adjusted to the song even more. They even made a great performance during a-nation 08.

      • hmm,O.o did I just skip an entire year
        sorry, me jumping to conclusion ;p
        I thought their preformance in a antion 08 great too but as I said
        I never seen thim preform it as the dome…it’s just left me in awe.

  10. I really love Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou ^.^
    Well, that’s the first song I heard from TVXQ XDD
    Jaejoong was singing the first line, right? So when I saw the PV, I was thinking like this “whoa?! Isn’t that Light Yagami? 0.o”
    LOL he’s really resembled with Light (from Death Note) in Doushite PV, isn’t he? XD
    Haha, my imagination is going crazy :p

    And of course, I can feel the atmosphere from that song T^T
    Really sad.. T^T
    But still, I love this song at the first sight~

    Thanks for sharing ^^)/~

  11. Oh yes. Kimi Suki is the song that finally made me took notice of this korean group after years of thinking Jaejoong is a guy or girl. (lol) (And Love In the Ice is the one that made me go wow!)

    どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?The title is a tongue twister. When I first heard the song, I always find them trying hard to finish the words in the lyrics. Like you would be breatheless after singing that 1st verse. lol. Even after taking japanese classes now, I’m still trying hard to say the title right. I wonder how long did it take for them to memorise it.

    Music Fair, yup, I always find that its a pretty awesome music programme. As I was a newbie fan then, when I first heard them singing My Destiny, with the awesome HD-ness and the sound and harmony, I loved it!

  12. i love the TRICK project XD
    i was really impressed with Junsu`s self composed song!!(i almost cried when i watched the vids with the trans) he is amazing! and the live perf was EPIC!
    Yunho`s move in Crazy life`s live >///< i wanna hug him <3<3<3 and Lord VoleMin appeared again XD

    beautiful you < … it`s AMAZING and the boys`s voices fit so well with it … it was created for be singing by them … and another #1 on the oricon chart!!

    i didn`t knew that ‘Box In The Ship’ was used to be Universal Studio Japan … that is great ! ^^

    thanks so much unnie! you`re the best! <3 and sorry for the poor english v_v

  13. Thanks for yours born to Cassopiea.

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